Obviously Flawless Professor Fat Shames PhD Applicants

Geoffrey Miller, professor at NYU, tweeted an encouraging message to all you seekers of higher learning who might be carrying a few extra pizza pounds:

Obviously that tweet has resulted in ongoing “WTF??”, despite the fact that Professor Fathater has deleted the tweet and even made public statements:

My sincere apologies to all for that idiotic, impulsive, and badly judged tweet. It does not reflect my true views, values, or standards.

Obviously my previous tweet does not represent the selection policies of any university, or my own selection criteria.

Oh, ok, let’s all forget it then! Or how about the selection policies for professors get changed to forbid them from discussing students?

  1. avatar Hog Sloth

    Well, he’s in evo psych. Of course he’s a dickhead.

    • avatar Reviewer #2

      Ha! Amen Hog Sloth! I was writing the same thing as you were posting your comment and it’s nice to know I’m not the only person who thinks that.

      • avatar Hog Sloth

        Ham high-five!

        But yeah, evo psych ruins everything for everyone. It’s why we can’t have nice things.

    • avatar True

      That’s just what I was coming to write.

    • avatar Evo Devo

      He didn’t have the willpower to complete a doctorate in a real science. I’m amazed he’s so thin.

    • avatar misseducation

      It really does explain everything.

    • avatar cramps

      Could someone please explain the connection to me? Until today I’d never heard of evolutionary psychology.

  2. avatar Reviewer #2

    Dear asshole professor,
    If you don’t have the judgment to stop yourself from tweeting something like that, you are too stupid to do good research.
    An “obese” professor with a PhD, a kick-ass cv, a federal grant, and a damn good job
    p.s. Fuck you!

    Also, here is one of his latest publications:
    Costa, R. M., Miller, G. F., & Brody, S. (2012). Women who prefer longer penises are more likely to have vaginal orgasms (but not clitoral orgasms): Implications for an evolutionary theory of vaginal orgasm. Journal of Sexual Medicine (advanced online publication), 1-10.

    He is an “evolutionary” psychologist. This subfield of psychology includes more sexist assholes than you would believe. In part it’s because there is no way to study current human behavior and link it conclusively to evolution. So they settle for doing a bunch of shitty surveys about how women are controlled by their menstrual cycles and men are supposed to have a lot of sex with a lot of women.


      Oh yes you need only to look at Randy Thornhill and Craig T. Palmer to realize that “evolutionary” psychologists have issues.

      • avatar Scrumptious

        MYS, if your username is in reference to P. Diddy’s “moisturize my situation to preserve my sexy” on the old ProActiv commercial…I just need to tell you…that I love you.

    • avatar True

      Yep. I read some of their shit about rape once by mistake. Shudder.

    • avatar liverty5

      Wait a minute, he still subscribes to the horribly outdated theory that there’s a difference between “vaginal” and “clitoral” orgasms? Darling, talk to some real doctors, and welcome to 2013!

      • avatar TurkeyVulture

        Yeah, or just talk to some, you know, WOMEN.

      • avatar anadyne

        He’s a man before he’s a professor, clearly. How gross and tiresome that he’s judging his applicants on their looks.

    • avatar j

      Sounds like the plot of a porn movie to me. So that’s what his awfully important professor job is about


  3. avatar Sister Friend

    Very nice. So, Dr. Geoffrey Miller, a tenured professor at University of New Mexico, a man who is in a position to decide which students are admitted to the graduate program at The University of New Mexico, and who is a regular blogger for Psychology Today is announcing here that he actually runs Google and image searches on potential admits to his program, judging them not by their academic credentials, but by their perceived weight.

    Oh, look – he was thinking about taking on a graduate student for Fall 13. I hope that person doesn’t do something academically stupid, like plagiarize a paper, or gain 5lbs.

    • avatar x-designer

      Well shit. It’s one thing I’m from NM that my husband disses on the education that NM lacks in but now this stuipid shit makes our University even more worser. Yes hubby. I said. Worser. Ugh. I hope the UNM Lobos take a nice big bite out of him with an ass chewing.

  4. avatar cg1990

    Wtf is right.

    Got this from a lovely thread yesterday:

  5. avatar The Cabinet of Dr Bobby

    Men like him make my skin crawl. Disgusting.


    So glad you caught this. For some reason people think that these public forums (facebook, twitter, what have you) are private and that they won’t be held accountable for what they say on here. I know people at a law firm who have been taken to task for behaving inappropriately on public forums (letting out hints about clients, or complaining about a case) and I’m not sure there are policies in place to prevent this behavior other than shaming and taking them to task for it but that is after it happened. I guess here is a self monitored policy – good judgement?

    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      There’s the GA bus driver who was just recently fired over his FB posting (about a kid not getting to eat lunch) …

  7. avatar Dr. So Fat So Overeducated, PhD

    Nope. In fact, I believe overconsumption of carbs and writing of dissertations go hand in hand. My thesis was personally written on Dunkin Donuts half caf, maple frosted donuts, and multiple tins of rescue remedy pastilles (black currant, natch). Would have been even more carbs if I had drank more, but alas, I was nursing the thesis kitten. tumblr_mcu1mtBxx11rrpsd7.gif

    • THESIS KITTEN. *dead*


      • avatar Dr. So Fat So Overeducated, PhD

        Yup, my boss refers to her as “your little cell culture side project.”

        • avatar seven-dollar sandwich

          And, with whom would I rather hang out? You, fellow fatty. And your Thesis Kitten.

          And your highly evolved brain. Assholio’s has skipped a step or two.

        • avatar WildTurducken (aka notapusy)

          If I have children, this is what I’m going to call them.

        • avatar ratherbeinmelbourne

          I think I love you AND your thesis kitten!

      • avatar Cara

        I ate so much Taco Bell in grad school.

      • avatar snarkyrunner

        You found the source of my avatar!

    • avatar PoppingBaubles

      Right? I (only) completed a thesis but I can tell you that not caring too much about my diet afforded me the time necessary to devote to researching and writing. On the flip side, I was “thin” in undergrad yet completely consumed by an ED and would not have had the mental ability to complete a large project.

      So Dr. Miller, I guess the medical field (you know, actual Doctors) lack mental willpower and discipline? So many fatties. Banish them all.

      Just when I think I am losing faith in GOMI, y’all post this. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      My best term ever was powered by coffee and Starbucks pumpkin scones.

      • Sooooooo many of my papers were also powered by Starbucks pumpkin scones! those things are magical!

        • avatar Eyelash Sweater

          The ladies at Starbucks would see me 3x a week and they were like, “you are such a good student!” Um, yeah, also you have pastries. Hook it up, sis, I got a paper to write.

      • avatar S-natch

        Oh Starbucks pumpkin scones.. how you taunt me from the glass case. Huscat hates pumpkin which I believe is a win for me as there’s never any fighting over who gets the last scone.

        • avatar Eyelash Sweater

          I want a husband that hates pumpkin someday.

    • avatar exquisitespring

      The past six months in grad school are the hardest I’ve worked in the lab thus far. Also, I’ve gained 15 pounds, because when I think “Oh, I could go run for an hour” or “Oh, hey, I could set up this PCR in an hour, and then that’s another hour of sleep I can get,” the PCR almost always wins out.

      Also, when I leave the lab at 10, it’s a lot easier to pick up take out for me and my husband than to cook and eat at 11:30, although we do a lot of that do.

      In short, fuck this guy.

      • avatar dayman

        My weight hit an all-time high when I was taking a full class load, completing clinical hours, and working full-time to support myself.

        Christ, what an asshole.

        • avatar bluesabriel

          Preach! I didn’t gain the freshman 15, I gained the grad school, like, 20. I worked full-time and took a full course load (no choice, cohort program) for two years including summers. THEN I had a full-time required internship for a year and worked nights and weekends because that internship was unpaid. By the end, there were days when I was so tired I would just cry.

          So, basically, his judgmental self can go jump off a cliff. Seriously.

      • avatar hammipedia

        Look, you have to remember: this dude’s in evolutionary psychology. Those are the douchecanoes you see having intellectual discussions at bars occasionally while the real scientists like us are napping under our benches halfway through a 48 hour run of 1 hour timepoints or prepping 296 sequencing reactions. He’s not like us, he’s not had the same experience, so he LITERALLY has no frame of reference to even BEGIN “getting it.” I’m constantly flummoxed when people in other fields say “Oh, you know, grad school is just lots of reading.”

        • avatar itislike

          omg molecular biologists group hug. I recently generated 5 cell lines in parallel, now I have to do biochemical assays and drug response assays with all of them. FML, I literally spend now 14 hours 7 days a week in the lab and my project should be wrapped up in 3 months.

          • avatar hammipedia

            There’s a reason we have support groups. And also reasons why a lot of us say EFF THIS and leave. Between the workload and the dismal job prospects for the “traditional” PI type role I’m shocked people still go to grad school. Full disclosure: I bailed on my PhD in year 6 when I saw the terrabytes of data I had STILL didn’t give me a clear picture of what was happening in my system. “Phenotype overlaps with wild type” is the WORST PHRASE IN SCIENCE.

            I am much happier now. I also make money. There is life after doctoral programs.

        • avatar exquisitespring

          So much truth. I’ve had people say, “Oh, so you can pretty much work anywhere, right?” And I’m like…”No…I can work at my lab bench. If I’m lucky, I can go home and analyze data at 10 PM, but I prefer to do it at my work computer anyway.”

          • avatar hammipedia

            Right, grad school in molecular biology (and chemistry and biochemistry) is a JOB. I took classes occasionally, a taught classes occasionally, I read a lot of papers, but 40 hours a week I was at my bench, pipetman in hand. Every day. It was more real job than the real job I have now.

    • avatar California Mazens

      Preach. I just finished my master’s degree while working and there was more than one carb-heavy fast food run simply to keep myself sane and increase the chances I’d pass my exams and show up for work the next day.
      If I were getting a PhD I would expect an IV of vodka and a horse trough of Bugles.

    • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

      Hunger pains are just too damn distracting when I’ve got to concentrate on mah thesis writin’.

      *Sucks Twix caramel and cookie crumbs out of teeth.

      Also, are there not copious amounts of cookie trays at his university? Because there are at mine. TRAYS OF GIANT COOKIES EVERYWHERE.

      • avatar gwenhara

        I tell people the skill I honed the most in graduate school (MA and PhD) was the ability to sense free food within a mile radius. My nose twitches and my brain says “Cookies, next building over, third floor” or “A BOOK REP BROUGHT SAMMICHES!” and my entire limbic system riots until those sammiches are found.

      • avatar NotThatKelly

        I have never in my life seen more baked goods in one place at any given time than when I worked in the faculty office for a medical school. Pastries at breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, late evening pizza. And cookies at every meal – giant trays of them.

        I gained ten pounds and I wasn’t even a student.

    • avatar Furious George

      Yes I would have said it shows you’ll be able to handle the snacking that seems to be part and parcel of writing a thesis. I’m just about to submit my PhD, it’s depressing to think there’s fuckwits like this running around with jobs in academia yet there’s no academic jobs on the horizon for me. What a dickhole. Good to know that being a completely vile person does not rule you out of the dissertation process, wonderful.

      PS my thesis is getting written on coffee, cup-o-soup, lindt chocolate and raisin toast. And digestive biscuits. I should be thanking McVitie’s in my acknowledgements.

      • avatar Snarkadoodles

        Now there’s a thesis worth reading.

      • avatar Dr. So Fat So Overeducated, PhD

        Ermahgerhd digestive biscuits. So much I want, so much I don’t want to spend $6 on a sleeve of stale imported ones at my grocery store.

      • avatar Dr. So Fat So Overeducated, PhD

        Also, congratulations!!

    • avatar gwenhara

      Mine was fueled by ice cream, crawfish po’boys (I attended LSU), Mountain Dew, Sudafed, and the not-so-occasional beer. I put on 20+ pounds in the three years I was writing.

      • avatar VegemiteCat

        Furious George, I dare you to thank McVities in your acknowledgements, you would die laughing if you saw mine…..lets just say it included some non humans…..oh and congrats also! I hope they were the chocolate digestives. I love those…..(hard not to eat the whole packet at once though…). There is really no good raisin bread in the US that I can find….

  8. avatar Sister Friend

    What kills me here is that he is admitting that he googles people prior to admittance, and decides based on their looks. Because he isn’t talking about admitted students – he is talking about students who have not been admitted, and since he hasn’t seen those people yet, clearly finding out what they look like has been an important part of the process for him.

    Also, yes, Evo Pysch is just full of assholes, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s where you go if you can’t do real science. Sadly, he is tenured, so nobody will care or do anything. Still, being an asshole is, I suppose, its own punishment.

    • avatar redagain

      Ah, the legal department is just going to love this guy. This is going to be effing great.

      • avatar Zesty

        That’s the first thing that I thought! How many lawsuits are waiting in the wings?

        Gah. These dickheads.

      • avatar Just Not GOOD.

        EXACTLY. Legal has got to be shitting itself trying to get outside counsel to pick up the phone.

        • avatar Amaryllis

          And outside counsel just told a secretary like me that he’d be “in Court” for the foreseeable future. I just LOVE those days.

    • avatar Meh

      Often PhD applicant finalists will have an interview weekend, so I had assumed that is what he was referring to.

      • avatar hammipedia

        ..or it’s like many schools where interviews come AFTER admission and are used for lab placement. I’ve only known a couple of people who were asked not to return post-recruitment weekend and they were just… achingly awful. One guy responded to anything he liked by humping it. I’m sure that was funny to his friends, but he almost knocked over my centrifuge and that’s the point I was like “Ahhhh… Let’s NOT with this one, okay?”

  9. avatar kl

    this is not very eloquent, but fuck that guy.

  10. avatar Joe Mahma

    He’s from NYU. Just another reason for me to loathe that monstrosity.

    • avatar lirio del valle

      He’s a visiting professor at Stern, but on the University of New Mexico faculty permanently. Not that NYU deserves no shame for having him as a visiting prof, but just to put it out there.

      • avatar sorefeetstink

        What can an evo psych prof be teaching at Stern School of Biz? I cannot conceive of a course this jerk could teach that is relevant to future MBAs.

        • avatar floating gardener

          My bet is that he is teaching some sort of “ethics” course. He can show them that greed is good and that screwing over other people to get what you want is a valid human social endeavor cause, you know, evolution. Sociobiology err I mean evolutionary psychology is fantastic for legitimizing a lack of a moral compass.

    • avatar Magically Delicious

      NYU gave me a fantastic education; shithead, biased profs and all, but this guys is a visiting
      prof…WTF for Stern and not some 101 for CAS Freshmen?

      • avatar sponsoredpost

        Stern is full of dickbags like this. I don’t see how Evo Psych fits into Stern at all. I would have guessed Gallatin.

  11. avatar Eyelash Sweater


    I’d like to invite Geoffrey Miller and my mother who just yelled at me for eating dessert after a 4.5 walk/run to go fuck themselves.

    • avatar McClownerton

      That gif is killing me with its awesome. I decided that in honor of that asshat I would eat an entire pan of Rice Krispies treats. (I had already gorged but what the hell, this round of indigestion is for you, dr. Ass!)

      • avatar ativan annie

        That is exactly what I made for dessert tonight, rice crispy treats with chocolate mixed in. I’m going to go have another round on this guy.

        • avatar McClownerton

          Amen to that! I knocked back three more. I’m gonna do you PROUD dr ass!

          • avatar ativan annie

            I just had the left-overs for breakfast.
            Feeling ready to write my masterpiece.

    • avatar Wait...What???

      I love the sideways bird!

  12. avatar Reviewer #2

    I have politely e-mailed the screenshot to his department chair, graduate program director, area head, and the chair at his temporary NY department. I’m sure they will hear from other sources but I want to be DAMN sure they know about this.
    If I were in charge of his department, I would exclude him from all future graduate recruitment decisions and cross my fingers that nobody sued me for being rejected in prior years. If the world were fair he would be punished in some way, but I would be shocked (and delighted!) if he was fired.

    • avatar misseducation

      Glad to see someone has — I was going to do it myself if nobody hadn’t.

    • avatar seven-dollar sandwich

      Thank you from the bottom of my fatty heart.

    • avatar MonkeyHateClean

      Thank you!

      The more people that bring this to the administration’s attention, the better.

  13. avatar Martha Bridegam

    It’s completely unsurprising that a man so ready to express contempt for people based on their weight also tweets a lot about supposed mental differences between men and women.

    Don’t mate with this guy.

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