Bratayley’s Family Will Livestream His Memorial

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The family of Caleb Logan, the 13 year old youtube vlogger who died suddenly last week from an “undetected medical condition”, livestreamed his memorial service on the internet tonight.

A source says they are doing it to “create closure for the fans”.


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That Wife Continues To Transform Into Amazing Tech Woman

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Jenna Cole, struggling to understand JavaScript, has managed somehow to figure out Manic Panic.

Now that I know I can do a passable job putting it in myself, I can have pink hair all the time!

As part of her Mumspringa journey Jenna has been doing the usual radical hair changes and alcohol. The nose stud piercing and Pinteresty feminism tattoos are sure to come next, probably around the time she finally makes HELLO WORLD appear and declares herself the millenial Grace Hopper.

But first she needs to pout about how hard coding is and then lean in to some feminist cookies.


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Momastary Will Heal You With Her Lap

Saint Glennon, of the mystical lap healer tribe of Bloglandia, attended a conference Friday, during which her special powers were called upon.

I spoke at the Momentous Institute conference today–to a room full of mental health professionals…Afterward, this precious reader came over to my table and laid her head in my lap. She was just having a hard time and needed some comfort. We sat like this for the rest of the morning…

This story was accompanied by a picture of Glennon showing that silly Pope Francis how healing is really done.


The moment is being hailed as “beautiful”, “brave”, “kind”, and various other words that do not sound like “did anyone maybe ask this lady if she would like to speak with one of the mental health professionals in attendance”.


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Sadie Jane Understands Important World Problems

Sadie Jane, some mom who lost weight, is doing a lot of thinking this weekend.

I feel like the entire world is under attack right now. Millions of sad and precious children in Syria sleep in streets alone, young college students are being executed for believing in Christ, and cyberbullying is ripping us mothers and women apart one comment after another on all media platforms.

Now read it again. She just ranked mean comments about mommies up there with being executed for your faith and the atrocities of the refugee crisis. Add to this that the message comes to you from her room at a mountain lodge during her weekend getaway and you’ve got a nice big pile of ‘perspective, wtf?’ to enjoy.


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‘Lovable Livable Home’ – A Liveblogged Book Review

Happy Friday hamdizzles! It’s time for another dramatic reading of a blog book. This week we will be reading the second book by Young House Love, and if it’s as exciting as their first book I’m going to need to move into the Franzia factory to make it through. So blazer up, because it’s time to make our way through ‘Lovable Liveable Home: How to Add Beauty, Get Organized, and Make Your House Work for You’ by Sherry and John Persik.

On to the TL;DR…