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Effortless Anthropologie Will Charge You To Join Her Facebook Group

Roxy, of Effortless Anthropologie, continues to plug away in the niche blogging market of Anthro addicts. She even has a Facebook group where Anthro fans can buy and sell to each other. But yesterday a few prospective members learned some weird news.


Longtime members, on hearing this news, were shocked. Many wanted to know what this $20 fee to join the Facebook group was all about. Roxy replied that the fee was used to pay her other admins who “help me run the group and keep it organized” and pointed people to her guidelines page.


One member pointed out that charging membership fees for Facebook groups might be against Facebook’s TOS, to which Roxy responded “That sounds like a veiled threat to me” and reminded everyone that “No one is forced to pay”. Roxy then began justifying the fee by saying members would pay much more to sell or buy on Ebay or other services, and repeatedly saying “it takes a lot of work” to run the Facebook group.

She then began responding to those who claimed “Facebook is free” by saying “Facebook isn’t free…it supports itself through advertising”. Members then began volunteering to help admin for free – at which point Roxy did a 180.


Saying it could take up to a week to get sorted out, and told members “I obviously come from a different point of view, I’ve always felt like I should get paid for my time” before thanking those who offered to volunteer their time.

Seriously, is this a thing now? People try to charge for access to Facebook groups? When did this start happening? Does Facebook even allow this? Don’t you hate when posts end with questions?


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Megan Thinks Being Homeless Is Hard

Megan, someone in a wonderful life, has been contemplating homelessness – and her conclusions are amazing and inspiring. Oh wait, no they aren’t.

Homeless is hard. It’s hard for those who are homeless, of course. It’s hard for me, too.

Asking the universe, “Are they homeless because they spend every dollar they get on drugs and alcohol? Are they dangerous?” and wondering if they will pull a knife on her if she asks them questions, Megan goes on to gloat that she, thankfully, will never end up in their shoes.

We have family and we have friends. If something ever were to happen and our dollars vanished or we lost our jobs, the chances of us becoming homeless are quite frankly 0%.

Reminding everyone she like, omg, donates to like, shelters and stuff you guys so she is totally part of the solution, she says she avoids even direct eye contact with the homeless because everyone has “heard or maybe seen a homeless person actually make a bad decision, like buying alcohol or passed out on a street with a bottle”. She therefore decides, “something is really bad or wrong if they are homeless. I assume there isn’t really anything can do to help them”.

She then wraps it all up by deciding some people don’t deserve to be homeless, but some of them are homeless because of their own bad life decisions. Then she, the Jesus loving, upper middle class white girl who basically just told us she shuffles past the homeless clutching her purse with her eyes averted, tells everyone that “They won’t ever survive if everyone that walks by keeps walking because they need answers.”

Another world altering piece of social commentary from a mommy blogger, ladies and gentleman.


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Gala Darling Has A Book Now


Gala Darling, the glitter covered cockroach who will survive every nuclear winter the internet can devise, has announced her “first book”.

This week I submitted my manuscript for my first book! Yes, it’s really happening! Cue loud screaming!

You may know Gala from her decade long attempts to shill self-esteem snake oil in various formats. Saying she has “been asked for a physical copy of Love & Sequins for years, but it never felt like the right time”, Gala says after “whittling, refining, improving, and polishing for months” she was finally ready to send it off into the world. Again.

Again? Yes, again. You see, her book is basically something she already “wrote and released in serial format” over the internet. Like pretty much every other blogger ‘book’ it’s apparently going to be something she wrote and sold like 5 years ago, now wrapped in a cover and filled with “really pretty” pictures.

Hooray! Now a whole new generation can read Gala’s amazing advice about overcoming depression and chasing your dreams.


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In Case You Were Wondering What Happened To That Ex-Brother-In-Law Of ‘Hey Natalie Jean’

He’s still around on twitter, being classy.



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Bleubird Will Pimp Her Kids For Zara


Bleubird, the single white femaler of blogland, seems to have found a new way to pimp out her kids. Much like Kelle Hampton did with “Land of Nod”, she is letting a retail shop use her kids images to sell things.

She has announced via instagram that her two youngest children are being used for Zara’s “Brothers and Sisters” campaign. The online catalog feature shows her children in blurry photos modelling various offerings from Zara’s kids selection.

She does not mention whether she was compensated only in goods, or whether any money made from the feature is being set aside for her toddlers, who are basically being used as catalog models.