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Pink Peonies Had A Baby Shower And It Probably Cost More Than Your Wedding

Rachel Parcell, of the money tree Parcells, finally posted the details of her baby shower. It’s about as low key and tasteful as you’d expect from someone who thinks the ideal office space involves animal print rugs and pink high heels. Wearing her usual light touch of makeup and practical shoes, Rachel swept into the intimate gathering and began posing for the hired photographer.

The shower had about 9 gorillion acres of flower arrangements (pink and white peonies and roses of course), custom invitations, and a three course catered meal with a ‘gourmet’ bakery providing the requisite macarons.

Kim Kardashamormon held this baby bump blowout at her palatial Middlanowhere, UT estate, filling the grand ballroom with rented tables, chairs, and linens.  After putting away the gold, frankincense, and myrrh presented to her by her shower guests she tried to find something to do with all the flowers, settling on Bathroom and Purse Bouquets as the answer.



Programming Note: GOMI Liveblogged Blogger Book Reviews

Happy Monday, hams! I’m trying to figure out why the internet turns into a pit of boring every single year around the beginning of April and I have to assume it’s just spring fever. So in order to combat this intarwebs slump, and because we all had a such fun last time, I have decided to do Liveblogged Blogger Book Reviews as a semi-regular feature.

I just put in an order to Amazon for the following:

- Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation by Brit Morin
- Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
- Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home by Emily Schuman
- Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy by Joy Cho

I’ve saved the next Young House Love book and the second Ramshackle Glam book to order as their release date approaches. It would obviously be delightful if I could get blogger books early all the time, but eh no big deal. I have no problem buying them and then mailing them on to one of you hams when I’m done.

Design Mom liveblogged book review will happen Wednesday afternoon! Are there any other blogger books I should add to my list?



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Open Post With Some WTF From The Intarwebs

For some reason this week felt way longer than it was – I feel like I haven’t posted in a month. You hamcats may or may not care, but my life lately is mostly a lot of dentist visits (hooray for insurance finally kicking in!) and then working 16 hour days to make up the days off. Between that and fitting in all the drinking the past three weeks have been something of a blur. But here are a few quick LOL WUTs for you to discuss. And it’s an open post – so bring up anything I missed in the comments if you’d like to front page discuss it.

Freelee the banana digestion machine is apparently in a legal war with another blogger/vlogger. I’m not 100% on what’s going on there other than apparently Freelee claims the Bikini Body chick is harming people with her diet ideas? I’m sure some of you Aussie hams can fill everyone in because I probably got that wrong.

The Disney Social Media Mom Celebration is underway and some moms want to tell those of you left out how to react. I lolsnorted pretty hard over the self-righteousness and superiority of this, but apparently it’s a big big deal for the Z list mommy bloggers.

Jordan Reid, of shillshackle sham ‘fame’, is moving to San Francisco Or Somewhere Around There. Evidently she’s finding the housing costs a total shocker, I assume because she doesn’t know how to use The Google, because everyone knows SF is more expensive than friggin NYC since it’s the ‘in’ place to live right now. Despite the fact that she is having zero luck finding the home she feels entitled to, she is explaining why she has to buy the home she wants.

And finally a source tells me that GOMI was a hot topic at the Texas Style Council. Saying bloggers were “acting like it was some badge of honor NOT to read the GOMI comments” the source went on to conclude “bloggers want to be celebrities yet don’t want any of the things that come with being a celebrity”. Well we know that, don’t we hams?!

So TGIF and YOLO hamflaps. Catch my pork filled buttocks on the gram! I’m about to start drinking so I’ll probably post my phone number there at some point. Or my feet. Or my cats. You really never know what will happen when I have a crap week ended with booze.


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Natalie Jean Wants You To Know Her Book Is Not Her Fault Unless You Like It And In That Case She Is Super Proud Of It

‘Hey Natalie Jean’, the book by Natalie Jean,  seems to be disappointing about 50% of the planet. As usual Natalie will blame someone else for why it’s not anything like what she promised it would be.

Abrams requested a traditional coffee table blog-to-book kind of deal; a lot of photos, all lifestyle advice–such is the market (for a while they wanted recipes? disaster!)–and that really scared me…There was a bit of a song + dance that had to go on in order to keep a lot of the essays that made it in the final manuscript–Abrams wanted a ham sandwich, light on the infertility. I was prepared to write a Reuben.

Natalie then tries to cover her butt with the publishing world by adding “as far as ham sandwiches go, I happen to think my ham sandwich is probably the best one you can get”. She also claims that she wanted to write a bunch of meaningful essays because she is “far, far less comfortable positioning myself as some kind of advice-giver on aaaaanything” despite the fact that she has heavily branded herself as “the authority on creating a beautiful, hip, dreamy life”.

Evidently this is part of her the meaty stuff will be in my NEXT book campaign, because she keeps mentioning something about ‘next time’ it will be more essays. Whatever.


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Kristen Howerton Invites You To Mock Your Children


Kristen Howerton, the wonderful human being behind “Rage Against The Minivan“, is cashing in on the latest parenting trend – shaming your children for comedic effect.

She has started up an instagram and a blog promoting her “A**hole Parents” hashtag. She put out a call on her own gram account, asking people to submit pictures. The images are basically children being children, because, ya know, how dare they. These pictures are then captioned by parents who are apparently tired of their little angels not being appropriately grateful or well-behaved 24/7.

I assume this is all supposed to be just hilarious to other parents, but it all comes off like a bunch of bitter martyrs wanting to whine about their kids refusing to act like adults. And I’m sure their kids will really appreciate being paraded as some kind of brat for the lols of the entire planet just so mommy could participate in a hashtag, but sure. Mommy solidarity or something.