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Mighty Girl Finds Mighty Man

Maggie Mason, still around, has apparently been using her Camp Mighty-less summer wisely. It seems she went on a nice vacation and upon her return, felt it was finally time to break some news to the internets.

We’re just back from a family road trip. I say family, because a few months back Brad and I got engaged.

That’s pretty much it. She also said she and her son “like this guy” and posted it under her “mighty life list” whatever that is. I mean, at least she didn’t give us a 30 scroll snore fest with every detail of the proposal, but if you’re going to share the news at least give us more than one sentence. Oh well. So I guess…congrats?


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CecilyK Is Now An Accountability Coach

Cecily Kellogg, doesn’t even need that Babble money, is adding a new “um…sure” listing to her resume – “accountability coach”.


For just $14.99 a week you can hire the stunningly successful at everything Ms. Kellogg to keep you accountable and teach you how to be productive.

This is so ludicrous the only thing I can even say about it is an eyeroll.


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Cary Randolph Can Be A Founder


Cary Randolph, classy Superstorm Sandy survivor, is now taking on her seventh or eighth persona in the last five years – she’s now a founder. It seems everyone’s favorite former fashion week reporter turned Brooklyn skate rat turned marathon runner turned Newport WASP turned Hamptons party girl turned New York socialite/Ralph Lauren editor has bought a domain for – excuse me, founded – something called “Track & Feel”.

The twitter bio for the newly founded website thing urges you to “sweat often & elegantly”, and its stream seems to be nothing but mentions of sports equipment, workout clothes, and informing the world they are doing yoga and running marathons. The website itself appears as if it’s attempting to be some knock off Into The Gloss lifestyle blog thing, but for exercise.

I don’t understand how people can call themselves a “founder” when all they’ve done is set up a tumblr and some social media accounts. Everyone is now a “founder” the same way everyone was an “editor” 5 years ago. You don’t have to actually accomplish anything; just buy a domain, slap a title on yourself, and boom, you’re important. I’m at the point where if I meet someone who says they are a “founder” or “editor” I just mentally roll my eyes and think “sure you are, sweetie, what’s your blogspot address?”


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Anna’s Vine Is Something You Might Enjoy


With tips on talking to your kids about drugs and proper discipline techniques – even some helpful dating advice -  there’s a whole lot of WTF to enjoy on the Vine of “a literal potato”. Go get yourself some Franzia and be prepared to say “lol wut” a lot.

And if you have any WTF Vines to share be sure to do so in the comments. I’m sure everyone would appreciate another time suck.


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Sparkling Adventures Sets Off To Deliver Her Gayby

how not to sit on a plane

Sparkling Adventures, “nomadic mama”, has set off on her “big trip to the other side of the globe” where she is supposed to birth and hand off her “gayby”.

She and her children have emptied out their house bus and tossed everything not essential for a winter trip to Iceland.

When thinking about our trip to Europe, it’s hard to predict everything that we’ll need for life, learning and adventures…Essential items for the girls include their sleeping blankets, one favourite toy, swimming things, a few drawing/writing/reading materials and their kipis.

Saying her children are able to “sleep anywhere”, Sparkles anticipates “an excellent adventure overseas with very few emotional challenges”. Because giving up the baby you just gave birth to is neither emotional nor a challenge.