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Barefoot Blonde Is Welcomed To New York City In Style


Welcome to the city, Amber!

In other style blogger news, Caroline over at Unfancy had emotions about some commenters, and I know how you hams enjoy a good eyeroll with your Sunday roast. Apparently a few people didn’t omglove her attempt to solicit donations for some friend of hers. Caroline responded pretty well in the comments (in my opinion, at least) but sort of spoiled it with a follow-up post chiding readers for being negative.

As you can imagine, it took a little time to process exactly what went down on Tuesday…I feel repulsed — because of the way we tend to treat each other online, when we’re safely hidden behind our screens…

She goes on to tell us we are all on the “same team”.

You, the person who is offended by my choices. And you, the person who is cool with me going my own way…You, the person who wrote me an encouraging email late last night. And you, the person who is trashing my name + actions + life in online forums…All of us. Same team.

Well ok then. Not sure what that post was meant to accomplish, honestly, other than allowing Caroline to parade her So Above This-ness.

Hope you had a good weekend, and I hope you’re looking forward to a Monday morning post about getting away with drunk driving. Bloggers just love to brag about everything, don’t they?


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Dooce Confirms Ex-Husband’s Move

Two and a half months after it began leaking out that the Ex-Mr. Dooce had packed his duds and moved to the Big City, Dooce has publicly confirmed the news.

In an Instagram post she announced her feels over her girls leaving to “visit their father in NY for 10 days”. A commenter asked and Dooce answered:

Jon has made references on his podcast to “children” in “the apartment”, which has set tongues wagging that Jon moved to New York City to live with his co-worker Liz Gumbinner and her two kids while leaving his own children behind in Utah.

So…are these two actually divorced yet or what?


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We Wore What Feels You Are Bullying Her Photoshop Skills

Danielle somebody, yadda yadda yet another fashion blogger, is crying into her guacamole because @wephotoshoppedwhat has called out her terrible photoshop diet.

oh noes pass the chips

oh noes pass the chips

The regram, which said simply that Wah-nielle (hm, too forced?) had ‘photoslopped herself onto the naughty list’, apparently ignited a debate over whether the account’s behavior is bullying. Comments ranged from saying the account “may tell the truth but that’s not the right way to do it”, to the usual #yougogirl malarky such as “[m]ore often than not, if someone is unapologetically themselves, they get picked apart”.

So yeah, I guess pointing out really bad photoshopping is bullying now, or something. Which means Jezebel has a lot of apology letters to write to Marie Claire and Redbook.


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The Great Gram Purge Begins, Bloggers Act Like They Don’t Care

As reported back on the 10th, Instagram has begun wiping spam and ghost accounts from their system. The results so far are a combination of ‘lulz’ and ‘womp womp’.

Pink Peonies, after jumping to 292k followers during the week following the announcement, is now suddenly down to 287k. Ramshackleglam started out with 12.8k followers and is now down to 7.7k. Eat Live Run is down about 1k, as are Rosie the Londoner and What I Wore. Dooce and Kelle Hampton are both down about 2k.

Racked is showing Eat Sleep Wear had a drop of around 4k followers, while Song of Style dropped from 1.9 million to 1.8 million. Cupcakes and Cashmere and Bleubird both lost about 7k followers.

The most wtf drop was ole Natalie Jean, who lost a whopping 19.3k followers in the purge. She responded to this in her typically sarcastic defensive manner.

Yeah ok JLaw gif to this.

Yeah ok JLaw gif to this.

Is this proof of purchasing followers? It’s hard to say. But surely some of these losses indicate something more than just removal of ‘spambots’ or inactive accounts.


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Trisha Bell Continues To Be Classy On Instagram

Trisha Bell, of the subgramming Bells, is reacting to the Great Gram Purge with maturity and resignation.


Oh, wait.