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Barefoot Blonde Has Moved To NYC

Amber, apparently a successful blogger, announced that she would be moving to New York City today. I assume she has already arrived at this point and begun placing triangle patterns and all white furnishings throughout her no doubt bonkers insgrammable apartment.

As for why she has relocated her entire family to a city with the most expensive cost of living outside of Cohaagen’s dome, Amber takes the usual blogger route of claiming vague ‘projects’.

A lot of you have asked WHY we are moving… so let me sort of explain. First and foremost, David and I have been working on something that I am sooo beyond excited to be able to share BUT I can’t yet…

She goes on to tell us that, in a nutshell, she and her husband are going to live off of Amber’s blogging.

Another reason we are moving is because of my blog I have been able to have some amazing opportunities presented to me and everything kind of goes on in NYC so we are going out there to kind of follow some of my dreams. We are going to put David’s work on hold for the time being and go after these ventures we are currently working on.

I mean, at least she’s up front admitting that Davy’s going to become a blog husband, unlike some people who try to hide it for almost a year.

So hooray, just what this city needs – another lifestyle/fashion blogger. But hey girl, congrats on escaping Arkansas Alabama!



Partypants Is Out For Two Days, Post Ponies

Hey hams, I’m out for the next 48 hours with holiday family ish so I figured I’d do an open post.

Image I made for Chanukah

Image I made for Chanukah because seriously I have no life

Obviously if there’s an emergency text/email me but otherwise knock yourselves out discussing whatever here in the open post and/or forums. I’ll try to check in and say hi but if you get all OMG WHERES SAMSON over me you can see my Chanukah vomit on my Instaham and facebook.

So, yeah, Happy Holidays, be back after I candle up with hamily for a couple of days you basement losers!


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Taza Introduces Pageviews Davis To His Audience

Taza has finally birthed, and it’s a boy.

It’s a boy! I love him so much already.

Pageviews Davis joins older sister Income and older brother Click$ in the family business known as Love Taza.


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Audrey Doesn’t Even Care If You Know She Janks Her Gram

Audrey, of some “Frassy” blog, evidently doesn’t mind if folks know she has automated her Instagram in order to gain “real” followers.

Maybe try email next time.

Maybe try email next time.

And what is ‘instagress‘? Apparently it’s a service that is “designed to attract attention to your Instagram account and gain more comments, likes, and followers”. Rather than, I dunno, growing followers organically, bloggers now buy followers and carpet bomb social media services with random likes and follows until they get their numbers up. And with 31k followers, the strategies seem to be working for “Frassy”.

Seems there are a hundred ways to game the gram, kids.


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Sundry Will Livetweet Her Marital Disputes

Linda, of All & Sundry, seems to be having a quarrel with her husband. Apparently he “scheduled a drywaller today, then disappeared into work meetings and became unreachable” and while Linda says the worker was “very very nice, and is a friend of a friend so works cheap”, she wanted twitter to “tell me I’m not completely crazy for being LIVID”. Meanwhile, her husband didn’t understand what all the yelling was about.


And then all holy sriracha enema broke loose. Linda’s rage grew until people began to wonder if she had been caught in the blast of gamma radiation, and she let it all loose on twitter.




Yep, she left the kids with her husband and took off to the honeymoon suite to enjoy the rainforest shower. She is now posting pictures of the Screw That Jagweed Holiday Hotel, and going to movies in her pajamas. She says her husband might “be like, how could you air our dirty laundry this way?” but Linda don’t curr – she claims “I’m done having secrets that make me feel bad.”

So let’s just sit back and see how this goes. Popcorn and box wine available at the concession stand.