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Ramshackle Glam Will Move To California

Jordan Reid, ice cream outfit stylist, has announced she and her Glamily will be moving out to the land of Ebay.

We’re moving to California, to San Francisco’s South Bay. For good, this time.

When Kendrick’s internship ended, his company made him a post-graduation job offer, and last week he accepted. And so next spring he will graduate, and we will pack up everything we own, and then we will pile our dogs and our kids into a rented RV…And when the drive comes to an end, we’ll pull into the driveway of some as-yet-unknown house or apartment, and we’ll start a whole new life in a whole new place.

Though they recently purchased a home in Westchester County – a move rumored to have been based on Jordan’s hopes of an HGTV style renovation/makeover show – she says the decision to move was obvious because the 8 weeks they spent in California this summer were “like magic, like we were living in a bubble of joy and adventure”.

She and Kenny then apparently got tattoos to celebrate the decision, I assume because tats are currently trending in NYC.


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Young House Love Sort Of Closing The Blog For A While

After returning from their month long break, Young House Love has announced they will be moving on from the blog.

[W]e’re immensely thankful not only for your support and kind comments, but also for helping put words to some of the things that we had been feeling for some time. And while the last month hasn’t been enough time to fill in all of the blanks about our future (heck, when are life’s blanks ever clearly filled in?) it has made one thing pretty obvious to us: after seven awesome years of sharing our home and our life, it’s time for our next adventure.

They left the window open to return to YHL (so start begging really hard, fangirls!) by saying they “won’t go as far as to declare this the end of Young House Love or our blogging days”, and hinting they may come back when the kids are in school.


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Already Pretty Says You Can Fix Your Problems With Clothes

Sally McGraw, Minnesota’s resident ‘style expert’, is trying yet again to tie the state of your life and emotional well-being to your clothing choices. Asking if we’ve noticed “most people are unhappy” Sally then launches into a TL;DR, the crux of which seems to be that real life change is hard – so you should just try a new outfit instead!

If you’re feeling constantly restless, dissatisfied, and envious of others, change your look. Changes to career, relationships, geography, and finance may have huge, terrifying repercussions, mainly because those changes involve other people. But changing your look is singular, self-contained, all about you.

Let me save you about 20 eyerolls: Sally’s advice is basically the wardrobe equivalent of your mom telling you to put some lipstick on when you call to tell her you’re depressed and might want to switch meds. In other words, she’s telling you to waste your time primping instead of actually fixing your life.

I’m sorry, but no. Unless you are Jennifer Lopez starring in “Maid in Manhattan” a simple outfit change is not going to drastically change your life. I know she’s a style ‘expert’ and thinks everything in life can be solved by clothes, but come on already.



“Marlboro Woman” Goes Member Paywall Only

The Marlboro Woman, the snark and recap site focused on The Pioneer Woman, is no longer a public space. Visitors were shocked the past week to find themselves unable to view posts – instead receiving a message that they would now be required to cough up $20 bucks a year if they want to view the content.

After October 1, 2014, this content is restricted to subscribed members. A 6-month subscription requires a non-refundable $10 donation. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: (1) register as a new user; (2) click the donate button, pay $10 and list the email you used for registration; (3)after payment is received, activation will occur within 48 hours. If you have already donated in the last six months, please email us at: and furnish your name, email address, and the date of your donation.

It will be interesting to see if they do as well as The Feminist Breeder – Gina made her site pay-to-play early last year and claims it has been a roaring success.


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Jordan Reid Knows How To Dress For An Ice Cream Outing


Jordan Reid, the division by zero of lifestyle blogging, has treated us to her latest wtf outfit.

Friday night and the dancing shoes are ON. (Totally kidding; our plans are to go to Coldstone.)

Yes folks, this is how a 33 year old suburban mother of two winds up dressing for October trips to the ice cream shop when she’s balls deep in lifestyle blogging. How delightful.