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Kendi Closing Her Storefront

Kendi at Bloom

While I was apparently under a rock, Kendi of “Kendi Everyday” announced her three year old store Bloom will be closing its brick and mortar location.

We are closing our store front on May 10th. We are not closing our online shop, but we will slow things down so that we can re-evaluate what we really want bloom to become…

The building her store was located in has been sold, and Kendi has been unable to find another place to rent nearby.

Sometimes you can’t control everything; and choices you have to make don’t make sense just yet. This is one of those times. I always want a plan to forge ahead with but I’m standing in front of you guys saying I have no plan. But I promise to keep you updated when I do find that plan, even if I have to try out a few until I find the right one.

Kendi went on to thank everyone for their support, and stated it’s “been the best experience I could have ever asked for”. She ended with an upbeat outlook, saying she “can’t wait to see where we go next”.


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CecilyK Moving For Some Reason

In case you missed it Cecily Kellogg, financial adviser, has “begun to plan, seriously, for moving sometime this summer”.

We know where we want to move – an area of Philly called West Philly/University City – because it’s halfway between my mom’s place and Tori’s school. It will save us tons of commuting time and will also allow us much better access to public transportation if we choose.

Not understanding the fixation on access to public transportation since they supposedly have a van, but ok. She then goes on to set up a back story for this totally voluntary move.

While we’ve been discussing moving for a long time, it finally felt like reality to Tori and she had some tough feelings about it. Luckily, I took her to Ikea to buy her a desk for her room and we talked about what we could do in a new room for her and she got excited about moving. Though she will miss having a nice front yard.

Since Cecily claims she is saving for family vacations and attending weddings on the other side of the country and thus unable to attend any blogger conferences…how exactly are they going to afford to move? They can’t even keep their current home in proper repair as it is. I can’t imagine what they will wind up doing to a rental if they manage to get $10k together to move in the first place.

Blogger finances just baffle the crap out of me.


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“Sunshine Mary” Closing Blog

Sunshine Mary,  anti-feminism hero and rape culture denier, has announced she is leaving the internet.

I would like to let readers know that I have reached the very difficult decision to stop writing my blog.  This is a sad and hard post for me to write, but I feel that an explanation ought to be given here. I have been the victim of a vicious (and needless) smear campaign; this is not a problem per se, but my children have been brought into it and their safety and security has been compromised.  As a mother, I cannot continue to write this blog if it endangers my family.

Saying “It is not my preference to do this, but my hand has been forced and I am left with no other options” due to “the extreme aggression of two women” Sunshine Mary then went on to detail the alleged harassment, even including the text of an email supposedly sent around containing links to her daughter’s (public) Google+ account.

Well, if nothing else this will probably just confirm for Sunshine Mary that all women except her are evil bitches. As if she needed further nudging towards hating anything with a vagina.



Open Post (And A Programming Note)

It’s finally feeling like spring outside and I’m working a lot, so I haven’t been spending as much time on GOMI as I probably should. To make it up to you hams, I’ve created two new forums to celebrate everyone’s favorite time of year: wedding season.

In the general area there is now a new forum for Wedding Blogs. Wedding blogs and wedding hashtags are so common now that they really need their own forum. And for you GOMI members, there is a new forum for the Bridal Hams. It’s a place for you to discuss your engagement, wedding, get advice, show off your ring, whatever.

And now please enjoy an open discussion post while I take Loliver to the park and enjoy a rare Friday afternoon off. What are you doing today? Are you super jealous that I’m off this afternoon you haters? Isn’t it annoying when bloggers end posts with a comment prompt question?


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“American Blogger” Movie Takes Blogging Circle Jerk To New Level

oh shut up

Well it seems that “behold the glory of us” project the Wiegands announced last year is finally finished. “American Blogger” now has a trailer up on vimeo and is apparently “coming soon”.

The trailer claims its “stunning cinematography” will “leave you feeling inspired” by a “movement” that “could change the world”. It then features a bunch of bloggers talking about how awesome blogging is, with the usual such brave, much influential self-back patting. One blogger explains it all by saying ”If we’re keeping it private, why are we experiencing it?”

I’ve said from the start that this entire project just seems like a way for the Wiegands to circle jerk with their blogger friends. This has to be the most self-indulgent tripe that has come out of the blogging world to date, and I don’t understand why it needs to exist or what it offers to the world of cinema. But hey, some hipster got to take a road trip in his Airstream and call himself a filmmaker, and a bunch of bloggers got to rhapsodize about their own importance. Hooray, internets.