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Hey Natalie Jean Not Really Surprised By Move

Hey Natalie Jean, moving to Idaho, is already changing the narrative on the big event. She originally implied the decision had been sprung on her shortly before she announced the news.

…the Holbrooks are moving. Real fast like. Because that is my Brandon’s way. Advance notice is not something redheads seem to excel at much.

She now says she’s known for like ever but didn’t say anything so her husband could, I guess, quit his job on his own timeline.

Brandon’s had this offer in his back pocket for just over two months. As in, who knew I could keep a secret this long?!

Their apartment was put back on the market a week ago so I guess the big move is happening before August.  But who cares about any of this??!! I want to see which fangirl moves into her omgloft and starts squeeing all over instagram about it, and what persona HNJ settles on once she’s out west. Maybe she’ll swap Anne Shirley for Caddie Woodlawn? Maybe she’ll go Katie Granju chicken farmer? What is she going to do with all those stress inducing rugs?

Am I really the only person who thinks this is the only interesting thing she has done in forever? It should at least be as fun to watch as Jordan Reid’s big move and new persona.


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Travel Bloggers Confess Their Instagram Is Mostly Lies

Claire and Laura, apparently twins who blog about travel, have put up a post explaining their aspiration filled travelgram is a reality that “doesn’t exist”. Saying “it’s time to set the record straight…and suggest that in reality, Instagram means living a lie”, the twins listed all the reasons you need to stop assuming they are wealthy globetrotters just because that’s what they suggest on their social media.

Saying their lives have been “pretty messy this year and it’s been far from a series of glamorous holidays and care-free travels”, they nevertheless continued posting breathtaking travel photos because obviously real life can’t be allowed to “get in the way of that ‘i’m so carefree and happy’ attitude that dominates Instagram.”

And though their blog and gram portray a fabulous life full of expensive looking, glamour soaked travel, the twins assure us they “work full-time and juggle mortgages with fairly concerning shopping addictions” and promise their lives are “far from glamorous, wealthy or perfect”.

Moral of this post? Remember, when you see that photo of a beautiful beach, we’re probably loading it up as we clean the toilet or are lying in bed trying to wake up. Reality bites.

So basically they are no better than Zilla? I guess I’m just super confused as to the point of this post. I mean…thanks for the honesty, but if bloggers want to portray an expensive looking fabulous lifestyle on the intarwebs it seems a bit disingenuous to get all defensive when people come to the conclusion that they are, indeed, living an expensive and fabulous lifestyle. If you don’t want strangers to assume your curated life is your real life then maybe don’t show strangers only a curated life?



Hey Natalie Jean Is Moving Back To Idaho


Hey Natalie Jean, has a loft in Brooklyn, is apparently leaving Brooklyn.

The Holbrooks are moving back to Moscow, Idaho.

In a totally believable statement she claims she is “giddy with excitement” right after opining that “Brooklyn I am not done with you!…Tub? Are you going to sit there and let this happen?” Natalie goes on to say she is “soooo getting chickens this time” and “a goat!!!!!!!”

Since about 95% of her online persona/identity is wrapped up in her omgbrooklynloft and being a Brooklyn hipster creative I look forward to seeing what persona she takes on after her move.


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Bloggers Rush To Snapchat As Monetization Begins


ShopStyle recently announced a “Snap Hub” in an attempt to help bloggers monetize their Snapchat posts, and suddenly everyone is joining the social media platform because money. Some, like Love Taza, don’t seem 100% into it yet; Naomi announced her account by saying she is “trying [it] out for a little while although I’m still not totally sold on it all”. But fashion bloggers are already starting to sign up and shove snapstyle affiliate linking onto their followers, directing them to the ShopStyle hubs to “shop my look”.

There is no word on whether RewardStyle – the affiliate link behemoth that helped turn instagram into a liketoknowit link graveyard – is working on a similar program. Maybe now that Periscope is picking up speed RS may skip Snapchat altogether and go for monetization of live streaming video. Because everyone knows every social media platform ever anywhere must be monetized, and it’s all about who provides that capability first.


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‘Fat Girl Walking’: A Liveblogged Book Review

Happy Friday, ham nuggets! It’s time yet again for Book Club. This week I’m slogging through ‘Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin…Every Inch Of It’ by Brittany Gibbons. The text may be NSFW in places because she obviously likes to push home the fact that she loves sex and has sex and does the sex, so consider yourself warned. Now get those cringe muscles ready and let’s get DTF.

On to the TL;DR…