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That Wife Having THE Most Awful Two Days Ever

Jenna Cole, wannabe coder, just couldn’t catch a break this week. After being unable to get on the plane to Poland because her son’s passport status wasn’t up to par, she spent the last few days trying desperately to get everyone’s passports in order. She finally had to give up and spent yesterday “day drinking” while on the phone with the airline trying to “recoup costs”. Because, alas, it seems the entire passport computer system is down or something and Jenna will not be taking Gollum smile selfies in Greece.

The state department issued a notice last week about technical issues they’re having and this morning a very nice man at the passport agency patiently spoke around my sobs as he delivered the news that they had no idea when the passport would be printed…if we hadn’t struggled with getting the notarized form faxed over and confirmed we might have been able to get it printed in time (like the woman right behind me in line this morning).

She then thanked the random mom who hugged her as she ran “out of the building red-faced and tear-stricken”, and says she is now “reconfiguring” their “summer plans”.

Some very nice people have made this awful 48 hour period bearable. And I guess that’s the end of the very short-lived #euroand15 hashtag. Antio Greece dreams.

I can’t think of a more awful 48 hour period. When I think of all the missed sexy bathing suit poses and selfies of Jenna drinking jug wine with Athina Onassis I just tear up inside. But hey, more SF summer day drinking for Jenna! All is not lost!


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Questions Begin Swirling Over “The Pink Peonies Collection”

Rach Parcell, the big dollar blogger behind Pink Peonies, seems to be doing well with her “Pink Peonies Collection” jewelry. She has spent the past few months gramming pics of herself ‘designing’ jewelry and very much giving the impression that her pieces were original designs by her. But is that truly the case?

Some eagle eyes noticed that the “newest arrivals of my jewelry line” looked awfully familiar.


Evidently Pink Peonies Collection is almost exactly the same as jewelry that can be found through several mass sellers, including AliExpress and Amazon. This is strange because in her announcement back in January she at least implied she was designing the entire collection herself.

Almost two years ago I had the incredible opportunity to start the process of designing my very own jewelry collection. It’s something that I’ve dreamed about doing since I was a little girl, so the fact that it is actually happening truly feels like an absolute dream come true!!

As her instagram and blog comments blew up with Stella & Dot reps calling out ‘designs’ (that are also sold through them) and fans wanting to know why she was pawning off wholesale jewelry as ‘her’ colloection, Rach finally issued a statement via her instagram comments.

the first collection was originally designed. However, it takes 8 months to year to design a full collection from concept to finished product. While our next full collection is in the design process and being produced, we added pieces that were immediates from market. I had no idea other jewelry companies sold the same pieces and I’m just as upset as you are about it. Trying to get it all sorted out. Thanks for your concern and support.

That’s all well and good, but why was this not mentioned up front? Instead we got pics of Rach posing at a desk full of pencils and saying she is “designing my very own jewelry collection”, and leaving her fangirls to infer that ALL the pieces she was pushing were her design for her collection. But hey, whatever, she has now posted a pic of her baby, so I guess she’s saying the matter is closed and can we all just coo over her offspring now?



Quick Update And Some Things You Can Discuss

Hello hams! First of all, I feel bad about missing book club last Friday, but I’m using some of my vacation to redo my floors – something I’ve wanted to tackle for the past 5 years. I figured, like an idiot who had never done floors before, that it would be a simple 5 hour thing. It has now dragged on for four days. Most of that time has been spent keeping the cats off the floors, which I’ve met with spotty success. But I just finished the final layer and am now having some wine and setting up some posts.

In the meantime, let’s talk about That Wife‘s long planned trip to Europe with her kids. Apparently she was too busy to research passport and visa info, and got all the way to the airport before finding out her kids’ passports weren’t in line. She got up at 6am to hope for a 24 hour turnaround, though no word on how she’s dealing with the plane tickets.

Hey Natalie Jean finally got a bedframe, and it’s not really what I’d expected. She also appears to be doing a lot of ‘is she or isn’t she drinking alcohol’ gram posts featuring what appears to be beer and wine. I say it’s about time, tie one on girl.

The Love Taza crew went out to California and hung out with Oh Joy, of Pippitfail fame. So maybe they’re just pals, or maybe we can look forward to a Pippit 2.0.

And What I Wore seems to have gone 99% mommy blogger despite saying she wouldn’t. Isn’t that always the way, though?

So between coats on the floors I’ve also been doing some work on the site thanks to the suggestions in the new Tech Support forum. Don’t worry if you can’t see it – it’s for hams who have reached forum user Cat rank, because I feel like suggestions should come from those of you who have used the forums enough to have a better idea of what would make it more awesome for you.

So happy Monday afternoon/evening! Baconcat and Pancakes send you a nice disgruntled with DIY projects kiss.

We hate this.

We hate this.


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Matt Walsh Thinks Caitlyn Jenner Pic Is A “Monstrosity”

Matt Walsh, still talking for some reason, has pronounced Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn an “insult to women”. First, he calls Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover a “horrifying” “fiction”.

Indeed, everyone is treating a disturbing Photoshopped picture of a mentally disordered grandfather dressed up as a college girl like it’s mankind’s greatest achievement since spaceflight. Once again, there is a virtually unanimous public agreement that “transgender” people like Bruce Jenner are heroes and saints and and messiahs, and should be worshiped…The truth is, I get so sickened and infuriated by this kind of madness…

He then gadded over to another blog to post another 45 million words about how women should be personally offended by the whole thing. Saying “Bruce Jenner is not a woman in any sense or to any extent”, Matt called the sight “tragic” and thinks “It’s just wrong. Disgusting, frankly.” He then tries to tell feminists that ““transgenderism” is a direct assault on their entire worldview” and claims transgenderism and feminism “cannot coexist”.

You know what else cannot coexist? “Matt Walsh” and “Not Being a Clickbait Douchelord”.


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Jordan Reid Knows Pool Safety

Jordan Reid, super chill parent, has arrived with her family at their new home in ‘San Francisco’s South Bay’. She immediately exchanged the daisy duke shorts she apparently wore for two straight weeks of road tripping for a bikini in order to do a sponsored post about wine and bbq around their new pool. Her “kids are ob. sessed” with that giant shimmering hole full of water in the backyard. Thankfully Jojo takes pool safety very seriously.

As an aside, because the safety issues surrounding kids and pools clearly deserve mention – our approach this weekend was to have a serious talk with our son about pool safety, confirm that the gate around the pool was secure, and install a home security system that also chimes whenever the doors to the backyard open.

When her readers mentioned she might want to get a regulation locking fence around the pool, what with two kids under 4 running around, she responded that they take pool safety “extremely seriously” and that this “wasn’t the only conversation we had or will have with our son” because “safety in and around the pool” is something they will “improve upon as we settle into our new home”. Jeez, they checked the gate so, shut up about the pool already people! Focus on the wine shill and telling Jojo how hot she looks in a bikini! It’s like you missed the whole point of her bikini and wine filled post.