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Chris Loves Julia Is Reducing Sponsored Posts

Chris Loves Julia, practically begging the internet to accept them as YHL’s replacement, were the victims of a “hate session” in their blog comments Friday. It seems some readers finally had enough of the sponsored posts and spoke up. One commenter pointed out that they “had to go back 6 posts for an actual non-sponsored decor post”, while others said they now assume any post is either sponsored or a hint hint hoping for a sponsor.

Well on Monday they pulled the Meaningful Partnerships Only card (9 points in Bloggers The Gathering) and declared they will no longer do indiscriminate advertorials.

Based on your comments, as well as similar feelings we’ve had recently, we’ve made the decision to no longer accept sponsorships from all non-project related sponsors…Going forward, we will let our plans and projects guide the partnerships we choose.

Commenters of course immediately rushed in to assure Julia they will read no matter what, urging them not to listen to haters and complaining about all the hate in the comments from the haters, and included the usual “not sure why people are whining”, “it’s YOUR blog!”, and a few comparisons to Young House Love which no doubt made Julia moisten her drawers for hours.

But hey, at least blogs are starting to get it – readers don’t like nonstop advertorials. Baby steps, I guess.


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‘Natalie Off Duty’ Arrested


You better work.

Natalie Suarez, the off duty model blogger behind “Natalie Off Duty“, was arrested for beating up her boyfriend, a fashion designer I’ve never heard of called Jordan Adoni.

Apparently they got into a cartoonish sounding hair pulling match in their swanky Manhattan pad (why the Post felt the need to point out their ridonkadonk living quarters is beyond me, but they also spent a lot of time emphasizing how tall and thin she is, so whatever). Natalie was then arrested for “misdemeanor assault and aggravated harassment” and  released without bail.

Does anyone else get a publicity stunt vibe from this?


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Kate Oliver Will Take Her Pictures No Matter What

Kate Oliver, instagram “famous”, posted a picture the other day of her son sleeping on a table at a cafe.

This is why people hate mommies.

This is why people hate mommies.


Well today she posted a photo showing how she accomplished that shot.

Feet on public tables, nothing rude about that.

Feet on public tables, nothing rude about that.

Behold, the lengths attention whore mommies will go to for an instagram worthy photo. How is this safe or sanitary or polite? This is a public space. Ratchet back, ladies. There are other people in the world.


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Love Taza Can’t Even Put Their Kids To Sleep Without The Internet

Josh Davis of Love Taza, there could be a ‘trail mix of tears’ joke in here if I wanted to be culturally insensitive, posted today about how he is a great – no, the greatest father ever. Mr. Derp took over the blog to let everyone know he spent last evening telling his daughter she was the snowflakiest snowflake that ever snowflaked. Then suddenly, emotions!

I thought she had fallen asleep, but then I heard her bring her hand up to her face and move it back and forth…I got worried and cracked open the window curtain only to see her eyes wet. “Eleanor, are you OK?” No answer. “Eleanor, were you crying?” She nodded. “Were you crying because you were happy or sad?” “Happy,” she whispered back.

He explained that even though he spent most of his super entrepreneurially employed days giving his children “feedback and coaching”, he feels it important to have special Snowflake Building Time (or whatever parents call it) to let them know how amazeca$h they are. And since the entire family depends on the blog to provide most of their money, though Josh initially felt the moment was “so special I thought to keep it to myself” obviously he had to post about it; because if a blogger parents their children and doesn’t smear it all over the internet, did it really happen?

Ugh, how depressing to be those kids. They can’t even go to bed and decompress without Emperor Derp up in their face yammering about his feels until they cry, and then using it as blog fodder.


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World Prays As Dooce Continues To Recover From Texting Injury

In shocking health news, Dooce, ever bravely suffering, has revealed she’s been bravely suffering from a horrible, painful injury for months.

One Saturday afternoon in early August I texted so much and so furiously that I woke up the next morning with a shooting pain in my right thumb. I could barely move it and began texting with my index and middle fingers.

Telling a nurse she “texted too hard”, Dooce was able to bravely make it to a sports doctor who gave her a shot of prednisone and sent her home to bravely suffer and freak out on twitter.

It seems Dooce’s thumb requires more pain management, even after a second trip to the doctor for more shots. Saying she has “become fascinated by the human capacity to endure pain”, she went on to compare her hand x-ray to her mother’s cancer treatment before telling us she is “now exploring other doctors and options” to deal with her incapacitating situation.