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Mr. Taza Posts Eardanger Pic, Internets Has Discussion

Josh, man half of the sponsored family known as “Love Taza“, posted a picture of his daughter to instagram yesterday that caused a few people to ask “wtf”?

Apparently the image features his toddler daughter running about with Q-Tips sticking out of her ears:

The image obviously wound up sparking comments about the danger of “punctured little ear drums” because the entire point of the internet is to point out to people when they are basically celebrating their idiocy.

And also because who lets their toddler run around with crap stuck into their ears? I mean, really Josh. Come on.

  1. avatar alotta fagina

    oh ffs. it was probably staged. The tips are not even near her ear drums. Smoke a little weed and chill out peeps!

    • avatar DoubleEntendre

      “Smoke a little weed….” That’s a good explanation of why the dad put that picture up.

      Just not a good thing to teach your child; perhaps we can agree on that.

      • avatar alotta fagina

        Perhaps. It’s not a huge deal in my opinion. On that note I’ve come to the conclusion that bloggers post shit for pure entertainment.
        More hits to the blog or bong. ;)

    • avatar laura

      My daughter does this ALL the time. I don’t let her leave them in and take them out as soon as she does it – but I will admit the first time she did it I thought it was hilarious and took a picture. I now keep them totally out of reach, but if I forget to put them away, this is the first thing she does.

  2. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    this is from the family that saw nothing wrong with naomi riding a bike helmetless, while pregnant, with eleanor in tow (with e in a helmet that didn’t really fit). i think they either enjoy riling up the internets, or in die-hard mormon fashion, they leave everything up to heavenly father.

  3. avatar tuff enuff (AFGHANI)

    He didn’t use to instagram so much. I just checked and now he’s in Instagram a lot.

    • avatar Belladonna Took

      I’m puzzled as to how a crap photo of somebody’s kid can get 3095 hearts. I’ve never understood Instagram.

    • avatar sneakybuttons

      He really jumped into Insta around the launch of “Love Taza.” Weird name change seeing as the launch signaled the blog’s transition into ‘our whole family is the brand’ message, rather than focusing on Naomi’s POV.

      Also, Josh, stop with the colons after your instagrams. I know you whore out every photo to Twitter and FB, but it’s a stand alone platform. COLONS NOT NECESSARY.

  4. avatar Belladonna Took

    It’s bad, but not as bad as parents who let their toddlers run around with lollies in their mouths. Or give them lollies at all, for that matter. Death on a stick.

  5. avatar Mind if I do a J?

    I really don’t understand why anyone would want to publicly post photos of their young children on the internets in the first place. For friends and family only, perhaps, but for all to see?

    No.        no.gif

    • avatar bedhead


      “For all to see”? Narcissistic attention whores say YES.

    • avatar MoscowMule

      When it comes to the validation derived from having a bunch of strangers admire your OMG ADORABLE AMAZING child, friend and family just can’t compete. The entire internet must partake in the snowflake appreciation fest.

      • avatar Snowflake Appreciation Fest

        Watch out for those tricky ones.


  6. avatar Miss Noir



    • avatar Mind if I do a J?

      Greatest GIF ever.

    • avatar The Old Bailey

      That dang commercial (OW!!!!!!!!) wakes up my dog every time it comes on.

      • avatar MEP

        It’s now a family joke for all of us to scream out “OW!” every time we clean our ears.

      • avatar MoscowMule

        Hands down my favorite infomercial. Who knew that gently inserting a Q-Tip into one’s ear could be so traumatizing.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      I can’t stop laughing!

    • avatar DoubleEntendre

      LOL for real! Wow, the trouble some people go through just to take a mental note.

    • avatar Glitter Makes Me Hot

      I hate this commercial because now my son is afraid when I clean his ears, despite NEVER being hurt (in fact, he says it tickles, ergh) before.

  7. avatar Diana Barry's Raspberry Cordial

    Gah, this is just giving me flashbacks to the season finale of Girls. I am getting the chills just thinking about that scene.

  8. avatar Jealous Looser



    • avatar Snarkette

      Oh, Hannah! That was nasty.

    • avatar Sea Witch

      bwahahahahahaha! THIS is exactly what I thought of when I saw the pic of little E

      • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

        Totally! And the scene in which she was writhing in pain on her dirty kitchen floor mat.

  9. avatar Nut Butter Girl

    Gah…I used to be a Q tip addict. Then when I was in my twenties I went to the doctor about my constant ear pain/ ear infections (duh) and he took a look in my ear and literally RECOILED. He said, and this is a direct quote, “your ear canals are all rotten.” Apparently when you use Q tips you can really scrape the hell out of the inside of your ear canals, making tiny tears in the skin and drying them out so they are ripe for infection and all kinds of grossness. I have had to avoid even buying q tips for cleaning projects (they’re great for getting gunk out of sippy cup straws, if you have toddler kittens) because the temptation to use them is just awful.

    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      Sounds like every patient who came to the ear surgeon I worked for (not the rotted part) ~ no one left sans getting the religion about using q-tips.

      When I was a kid, I had a store mgr who was constantly picking his ears w/ unfolded paper clips ~ I never saw him do that w/out cringing at the thought of a sudden, loud noise really ruining his day.

      • avatar Belladonna Took

        I use kirby grips and hate myself for it.

      • avatar Wait...What???

        I had a boss who used a key. It made me so sick!

  10. avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    And Sami falls to her knees, shouting “Thank you God, there are fools other than me”. Her heart, you guys her heart is happy, happy, happy today!!

    Wonder if Josh has the same belief as Mckmama and what seems to be the same as NieNie, that he doesn’t worry about what the kidsar doing because well, if they die they will be with Jesus.

    • avatar DoubleEntendre

      Yah and depending on how the kid died (alleged neglect?), the other kids might be placed with Child Services. No worries!

  11. avatar The Kitten's Mittens

    Is it possible that perhaps, just PERHAPS, the child had the q-tips in her ear for a picture?

    I swear, this website is becoming a bunch of armchair childcare specialists. These people might be the world’s worst parents (for all I know), but…come on! Unless you know this went on for an hour, stop judging already.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      and the point of staging something like this is… ? it’s pathetic how much the davis family pimps out their children online. and all the creepers who comment stuff like “thank you for letting us love your family,” “i want to be just like you,” etc… uhhh wat.

    • “Is it possible that perhaps, just PERHAPS, the child had the q-tips in her ear for a picture?”

      WHY would you need a picture of q-tips in your child’s ears? I’m asking you seriously.

      • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY


        • LOL!

          I wasn’t even being snarky when I asked that. I genuinely want to know the reasoning behind excusing this with “oh maybe it was JUST for a picture”. How does that make it better?

          • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

            Me either. Sorta. I just can’t figure out why the fuck one would think that is a good idea “just to take a picture”.

      • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

        Because in Utopia, little kids with q-tips in their ears never puncture their ear-drums.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      Oh honey, let’s put Qtips in her ears and take a picture to post on the internet to start a controversy!! That will be fun!!!! Seriously?

    • avatar Erin

      If the toddler (who probably isn’t a balance expert) falls over while taking the picture (hell, I’m in my thirties and I still fall on a regular basis just because I’m uncoordinated), and one rams through her eardrums, it probably wouldn’t be so cute. Just sayin’.

      Letting toddlers stick anything in their orifices and glorifying it with a picture (which these blogger children have seemingly learned is a “reward” as that is when they get their parents’ attention) is probably a bad idea.

      My little brother got a lego head stuck in his nostril when he was little (but older than this child), and that was not so fun for my parents.

      • avatar boxovinopcoltrane

        My mother used to have a button jar, and one day when I was small and imaginative, I decided to make some little sphere-shaped buttons into “earrings” by putting one inside my ear canal. There was a huge ordeal then, which involved my mother and one of those old-fashioned metal letter openers. That is why nobody needs to be sticking anything smaller than their elbow into their ear, or at least that’s what my mother told me.

        • avatar Fishtailbraidz

          Haha I think the saying is “anything OTHER than your elbow,” meaning you shouldn’t stick anything in there at all. :)

  12. avatar boxovinopcoltrane

    I took a picture of my 11 month old daughter with my pink dishwashing gloves on her legs. It looked pretty rad, but I didn’t post it anywhere for all the world to see because WHO CARES.

    • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

      I’d kinda like to see that.

      I took a photo of my 10 month old with big hobbit slippers on. Twas adorable.

      • avatar boxovinopcoltrane

        I don’t know, you’d probably find it kind of creepy. I almost found it creepy (kind of looked like she had cartoon chicken’s legs or something?) myself, and I’m her mother! I am trying to imagine hobbit slippers, and what they look like on a baby…will google.

    • avatar Urethra Franklin

      This. Forever and ever amen.

  13. avatar Wonton Disregard

    I classify this pic as “clicktus baitus”

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