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Love Taza Reminds You To Help Mommies With Strollers

Naomi, of the family branding machine “Love, Taza“, wants folks to remember that if you see an upper middle class white woman pushing a thousand dollar baby SUV, you should drop what you’re doing, hold the door, and let them go first. Because whatever you are doing or wherever you need to be, it’s simply not as important as being a mommy!

  1. avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    I’m sorry but if you have more than one child, you should have already figured out how to negotiate a door with a stroller. Come ON.

    • avatar Amira

      Yeah, that’s mommy 101.

      • avatar MrsSneakers

        I’ve learned to press the button for it to auto open.

    • avatar Moo

      I think side-by-side double strollers (compared to the front and back double strollers) are obnoxious. If you want to purposefully widen your girth and make it more difficult for others to pass or walk alongside you, then you deserve no door holding help.

      • avatar Su

        One of the selling points for her ridiculously expensive stroller is that it’s a side by side double stroller with a narrower width than conventional ones. This supposedly should fit through a door easily if I remember correctly.

  2. avatar Llama Llama

    I personally carry around confetti and a red carpet to roll out for all mothers with prams. I also genuflect as they paSs through the doors and then play a fanfare sound when the door-walk-through is completed.

    God, what is WRONG with people?! Are you telling me this isn’t standard operating procedure for everyone? I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANY MORE.

  3. avatar ratherbeinmelbourne

    And to all the strangers who walk down an urban sidewalk with a double stroller and see me coming the other way and don’t move a millimeter so I have to jump off the curb, REALLY?!

    • avatar Llama Llama

      Of course, childless peasant!! You should be prostrating yourself in front of them!! Let them use your body as a guard against puddles and stuff!

    • avatar kitty

      A double stroller and probably two ankle-biting dogs also. Please take up the whole sidewalk and make the rest of us hop off the curb into oncoming traffic.

    • avatar Smugnom Stevens

      That’s when you start playing sidewalk chicken, like “You wanna hit this? Come at me, bro!”

      • avatar catnip overdose

        Love it! Esp when my (wheelchair-bound) dad was alive, we had a LOT of babycarriage vs wheelchair chicken
        events on the packed sidewalks of our crowded East Coast city… Most people at least got that it was a 2 way
        street. Tho every so often, not, and my dad would speak up.

        Pretty humiliating for the sanctimommy when an 80 year old wheelchair-bound amputee would say things like,
        “wow! that was a big stroller!” “Poor thing, she must be so tired-with all those kids, it’s hard to move out of the
        way!” I used to stare right at whomever was pushing him out of the way and try to negotiate a way for everyone
        to get thru the doorway/bus opening. etc, but when people were more than a little dickish, I wasn’t above
        running over a few feet of nudging the backs of legs.. I kept him very much in mind as i navigated streets
        in the US, China and Europe when my kids were at that non-ambulatory age.

        He’d be amost 100 now and would spin in his grave if he had to encounter douche canoes like Taza.
        Or perhaps he’d just say, “full speed ahead!”

    • I second the recommendation to play chicken. Sometimes they run over my toes and then I get to watch them waver between embarrassment at taking up 110% of the sidewalk and mommy righteousness rage.

  4. avatar KAS

    I can’t believe she bothers with a double stroller in a fifth-floor walkup. I live in one now and we almost never use our stroller because it’s such a PITA to carry up and down. If I were her, I’d use a single stroller and strap the other kid on in the Ergo.

    • avatar KAS

      And not for nothing but people in NYC have proven themselves to be really nice whenever I go anywhere with the baby, and I’m sure she gets tons of help and subway seats and all that jazz, so she can just STFU already.

    • avatar Jo Bethersonton

      I can’t believe she at least doesn’t have a tandem. It should be illegal to have the side-by-side double in a crowded city…they are so wide they take up literally the whole sidewalk. Not cool.

      • avatar GrumpyRD

        seriously. why on earth would anyone have a side by side in a crowded, crowded, narrow city?

      • avatar HillbillyPrincess

        Side-by-sides shouldn’t even exist.

  5. avatar justsomelady

    But but… you don’t understand! HER LIFE IS SO HARD.

    • avatar TheOldBailey

      TRUE. It’s tough to keep up that image of rich white SAHM perfection.

  6. I don’t have kids and I hate strollers at the best of times, especially if they’re being pushed by some demonic bitch who wants to mow down everyone in sight. But I was also taught that it is good manners to help people out. Sure, she probably should have gotten the hang of her thousand dollar stroller by now, but if I saw someone struggling to get through a door, I take two seconds out of my day to help them. It’s just called not being an asshole.

    However, just cos ya got yaself a couple of babies, doesn’t make every fucker your doorbitch either.

    • avatar zhnjg

      my thoughts exactly.

      • avatar justlsnooping

        I agree! I have a single stroller but I think it’s pretty rude to not hold a door open for someone who is pushing a stroller. Then again.\, I always hold the door open if someone is close behind me, it’s called manners!

    • avatar Pomfoolery


    • avatar Is Tamara There?


    • avatar Wait...What???

      I agree!

    • avatar jibbajabba


  7. avatar swimminginvinegar

    This is asshole who met her husband “at 65th and Broadway” AKA the Mormon church? That’s cutesy statement makes me think she’s a jerk.
    My kids are the same age range hers are, and she’s a doofus for having that stroller in a walk up. Or NYC.

    I called her 3 names in one post. Clearly her self righteousness is giving me a headache.

    • avatar KAS

      They just happened to run into each other at a “random” NYC corner! WHAT ARE THE ODDS

      • avatar swimminginvinegar

        I say we all avoid that corner because clearly its the nexus of annoying people.

        Nothing against Mormons, I just don’t like her.

        She is the kind of NYC mom that makes me want to move.

        And I appreciate when people hold doors, but I don’t expect it. I chose to stack my babies close together – I need to live with the consequences

        someone who had 4 hours of sleep so rockstar diaries can suck it

        • avatar Ombre is the New Chevron

          Also, in case you didn’t realize, it was 2am NEW YORK time for the littles. Not EST, not “our time,’ NEW YORK time. Because they’re so urban and hip and live in the city, remember?

  8. avatar Mind if I do a J?

    She’s entitled to receive the help of strangers? Really? Was she forced to bear children?

    I didn’t think so.


  9. avatar CantCantCant

    Lady, I’m going to agree that holding the door for anyone around you, no matter what their burdens or physical circumstances, is just basic menschiness 101.

    Speaking of which, have you tried doing that, yourself? Were you, in fact, holding the door for anyone at that moment? With your two intact and working hands?

  10. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    screw you and your self-important stroller mafia, naomi.

  11. avatar hello there

    Of course it’s nice to be polite and help people out, but the world doesn’t revolve around Taza and her ‘littles’.

    The guy who’s just landed in SF to attend his sister’s funeral and the woman running late to a stressful business meeting have their own shit going on and heaven forbid they don’t notice Taza and her double stroller.

    • Exactly. I get that it’s nice to hold the door open for someone but it’s ass to think it should be expected. People have their own shit going on sometimes, it’s not the responsibility of the planet to help you deal with your life all the time.

      • avatar watery highball

        Co-signed (and to the other comments around that say the same thing). She has no idea people were pretending not to see her. All that tweet did was make her seem like an entitled harpy.

        Also, when was the last time Naomi made the front page of GOMI? I feel like it’s been forever.

      • avatar NotThatKelly

        A hundred times, this.

        Other people get preoccupied with their own lives, which I realize is horribly inconvenient, but geez.

      • avatar Pomfoolery


    • avatar Jo Bethersonton

      The world isn’t instagram, Taza. #noonecareswhoyouare

  12. avatar From London with Love

    I always help. I don’t care, about people’s decisions to procreate compared to me but if someone needs my help and I don’t have to rediculously get out of my way or drop all my shopping to do so, I help. If you see a wheelchair struggling, wouldn’t you help? I don’t care if he’s in a wheelchair because he was an idiot and he broke his spine but I think, it’s my social responsibility to help him out of his pickle. Same applies for prams, you kids are not my responsibility but if I can I help.
    It does annoy me if people with prams try to mow me down sometimes but it ain’t easy raising a kid so I forgive them.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner


      those of us objecting have likely dealt with prissy mothers who don’t even look at you and just huff past when you do open the door or give them way on the sidewalk. LIFE ain’t easy, why should privileged “mommy’s on the go” like Naomi with their space hogging babySUVs get extra breaks.

      • avatar Llama Llama

        Years of holding doors open for people who then don’t even look me in the eye, let alone thank me for stopping in my day to be polite and kind make me agree with Colorblocked Moonshiner.

        I have held a door open to a shopping centre before, only to have 15 odd people (literally) just shove past me with no thanks whatsoever. And I was just trying to be kind to an elderly person who was struggling.

        • avatar boombalatty

          When that happens to me I just wish them all head cancer as they pass and then continue on my merry way.

        • If I people don’t say hank you, I always very pleasantly say “You’re welcome”. They have no comeback to that other than shame.

          • avatar Gretchen28

            I do the same!

            • avatar Is Tamara There?

              Ditto. Although once I did that and when the guy turned around to look at me, I thought he might actually punch me.

      • avatar From London with Love

        TBH, I haven’t encounter any of those priviledged prissy mommy’s you encounter. At least not on my London burbs.
        Most of them are thankful for the help and they say it, so I continue to help.
        If I had encounter any of the above maybe I wouldn’t be such an enabler.

        • avatar Llama Llama

          Yeah, that’s fair enough :)

        • avatar From London with Love

          Sorry Llama Llama and Moonshiner but where do you guys live?
          The only time, I encounter scenes like that (holding the door for your friend a
          bunch of thankless twats push past me) are in Oxford Str and
          that is no place for frail Grannies or prams.

          • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

            east coast USA city. not nyc but i go there several times a year.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            Essex UK, and I work in London (SouthEast) so between the City and, well, Essex – people are so frickin rude. Maybe I have a face that begs for it or something.

            I very rarely encounter anyone polite in London. Just this morning two people started having a deliberately loud convo across me (I offered to swap seats almost straight away but it was obvious they were doing it to get that done). The other morning I let someone have my seat after she started pointedly staring at me, huffing and puffing etc. There was nothing wrong with her but it was still muggins here with an injured foot who gave her my seat. She didn’t say thanks or even acknowledge me.

            I’ve seen a business man kick a terminally ill child in a pram out of his way to get off the train. I’ve had someone repeatedly smash me in the head with their backpack – he KNEW he was doing it cos he kept going, whoops at me, and it was only when I asked him to take his pack off and put it on the floor that he actually did. Seriously, I dunno if it’s the proximity to Canary Wharf or if overt rudeness has made me extra sensitive but I’m at the point where I walk in a straight line and I don’t move for anybody in the street – cos no one ever gives me a bit of room back. Surely it’s just polite that both parties make room for each other, rather than me feeling like some kinda slave to the entire general public :)

            • avatar Llama Llama

              Sorry – the lady who I gave my seat to – she was middle aged and she perked right up as soon as she sat down – tapping her toes to her music and smiling and breathing normally. I meanwhile limped around with my painful foot :(

            • avatar zhnjg

              Multiply this by 1000, and you’ll be ready for Beijing streets.

    • avatar Mind if I do a J?

      I was raised to be polite. To hold the door for the next person entering a building, male or female. Children or not. Carrying a heavy awkward package or not. Just because it is the polite thing to do. Hell, I have never even had any expectation of a simple, “thanks.” It’s still nice when they say it, though.

      What gets me about this, and what I think gets most people in this thread about this, is her attitude of entitlement. It’s like she is saying, ” Don’t you people realize how special and important I am? The nerve of you plebes!”

      Yeah, that makes it hard to be polite to a person like that. But you know what? I would still do it. I would stil be polite and hold the door for her. But I will reserve the right to snark about her self-centerness and false sense of entitlement.

      Your mileage may vary.

      • avatar Sister Friend

        I agree. I always hold the door, and when I was pushing a double stroller and wearing a third, people always held the doors for me. I cannot think of one time, ever, that a stranger didn’t grab a door if I needed help, when I had my kids, and a few let me cut in line ahead of them at the store, something I also do for other people. It is weird, but having kids really restored my faith in society’s general goodness. I found a lot of kind strangers out there. I never expected it, though. It was like a gift from the universe.

        Its all about the social compact, though, and when women start complaining like this, I find it just as rude as people who won’t take a second to help her out. Of course nobody has to help her, that is the whole point – they do it because they are good, polite people, something she herself clearly is not. I am also confused about what help she needs – if there are streams of people going through the door, then obviously they are holding it open for the person behind them – maybe I am too dumb to understand this, but I don’t get why she can’t just turn around and open the door and wheel out backwards, or get in the line of people going through the door, and slide through.

        • avatar watery highball

          Or just ask, “Would you mind getting the door for me, please? My hands are kind of full. Thank you!” in a non-bitchy way.

          • avatar Amazen Oats

            Oh man. This so much! People are almost always willing to help when asked. It’s always possible that people don’t notice you or don’t feel comfortable helping because they think that you’re the kind of person who will glare and say, “No. I can do it myself!”

            • avatar Llama Llama

              yeah there’s some silly scare stories about not helping a woman in case you’re seen as sexist, at least over here. It”s not a substantiated thing, just something I’ve heard a few men complain about.

          • avatar Sister Friend

            I know, right! It drives me nuts when people just do nothing to help themselves, and then complain that nobody else noticed they needed help. Professional Victims.

            • avatar watery highball

              PS My comment was meant to be an addition to your list, not a “DUH do this instead!” thing. I’m not sure if it came across that way or not! Hamhugs!

            • avatar Sister Friend

              No worries, watery highball – I totally got it. And you are absolutely right! LET’S HUG NOW!!!!! (I miss embedded gifs)

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