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Kelle Hampton’s Bathtub Baby Pic Freaks Out Instagrammers

Kelle Hampton, puts her kids on the internet, recently put her naked kid on the internet. The picture of her toddler eating ice cream in the bathtub was posted by Kelle on her instagram account starting Mommy Wars 5: Stop Feeding The Pedos.

When people started suggesting it might not be the best idea to post a full frontal unclothed bath pic of her daughter to her very popular internet picture bank, they were slapped down with the usual responses of “don’t like it, unfollow” and “if you can’t say something nice…”. Others were called sick or filthy minded for asking how Kelle would feel if a pedophile downloaded the image, while others simply asked about Nella’s right to not have her naked body all over the internet and were told, in a nutshell, that Nella’s body is the property of her mother to with as she sees best and fit.

The debate seems to be raging strong still, and it appears Kelle Hampton doesn’t see anything wrong with what she posted since the image remains online and public. Clearly internet mommies don’t think anything bad can ever happen with their internet pictures and if you say otherwise you’re just sick or jealous. Maybe these women should watch more Law & Order: SVU.

  1. avatar Franky

    my pressing question is who lets a child eat ice cream in a bathtub? that just seems so bizarre.

    also, it seems a lot of the comments are gone, but one person told her about all the sex offenders within 5 miles of her house to make her aware that there are dirty people in close proximity, and then the next person says to just ignore the negativity and you do you girl. Yeah, that’ll really be helpful when some pervert steals your child after seeing it naked on the internet and realizing she’s a block away. just ignore it though!


    • avatar Lisey

      Apparently, she (Kelle) has not taken any measures to hide her last name, where she lives, or where her kid goes to school. Then she posts a naked pic of her disabled child.

      She should just stand outside her house with a banner reading “Please kidnap my kid! Imagine the attention I would get!”

      One of her friends will fall to the floor when they hear the news (like a friend did when they heard that kelle gave birth to a kid with ds) Another friend will dramatically drop her coffee in Starbucks (like kelle did when she heard a friends child had died, cos it was all about her of course)

      These people are just ridiculous.

      • avatar she's a POS

        She appears to be a disgusting excuse for a mother and the husband sounds like an ass. Exploiting her kids for money is her game.

      • avatar Milly

        @Lisey—I agree. And her fat friend Heidi, the best friend who kisses her ass, will rush over like the lady in waiting she is to Queen Kelle and console her and Brett, the 50 year old surfer dude, will put on a new pair of flip flops and take Lainey in the pool since he apparently does nothing else and Poppa and the boyfriend will pose for more pics sleeping on the couch and so on…..
        These sickos live in some make believe world down there in Florida. Wait until it all comes crashing down and the fairy dust hits the fan. KH should be reported to DYFS for her inability to be a decent mother.

        • avatar SmuggyMcSmuggerson

          Fat friend? Are you being ironic? Is Heidi actually thin? If not, then uncool. Very, very uncool.

        • avatar LadySybil

          Even better; Heidi has posted her own naked daughter shot with clear view of genitals. BFFs 4-EVA!

      • avatar gigi

        question——if this new Hampton income maker-aka the baby-is imperfect in Hampton’s eyes, as Nella was to her, will the mass of plastic friends once again fall right where they are standing, in the driveway, in Starbucks, in the gym, in the shower…..,or will this imperfect child be more accepted because it could double her readership therefore earning her more money because, afterall, isn’t that what Hampton’s kids were put here for? To make Kelle pimp mama money?!

    • avatar Sara

      Comment in question:

      Kelle, in case you are still reading these comments, from my living room in Australia with just a few Google clicks I have your address, the name & address of Lainey’s school and have found there are 74 registered sex offenders within 5 miles of your house. You know you have had people drive past just to see your house as they have commented before. Just for one second imagine their intentions are not good. For the love of God STOP posting naked photos of your toddler. She is not a baby. You yourself refer to her “toddler hair”. No good will come of this sadly :(

      • avatar Boundaries!

        I just scrolled through her blog and this isn’t the first time. There is a photo of the girls in the tub and Nellie is standing up. You see her bare butt. So inappropriate for a public blog!

      • avatar Jas

        You think this piece of crap Hampton cares? She’s too busy doing anything and everything to attract readers whether they are perverts or not and when she’s not doing that she’s coloring her hair even though that’s toxic to the unborn kid. What a foul, foul human being she is.
        To Brett Hampton—you could NOT have picked a worse woman to be the mother to your kids.

    • avatar amy

      The type of people who “let” (make) their kids eat ice cream in the bath tub are the fake hippies who act like they are not uptight-look my kid is naked, you people are perverts, etc-but don’t want their kids spilling ice cream on the twee thrift shop furniture they upcycled.

      • avatar kelly gaura


      • avatar TheOriginalColorblocker

        As a recovering hipster, you are right on the money.

      • avatar Expat A.Broad

        You’re right on the money except the furniture will only LOOK upcycled. It will actually have come from most expensive store in town and have cost a ridiculous amount of money.

    • avatar redmint

      Agreed. I’m assuming the same people who let kids eat ice cream in the bathtub are the same ones who let them take craps in their portable potty’s while eating chicken nuggets at a restaurant in the open at a table. Ugh.

      Also, when some pedo is caught with the picture and she gets informed of i(I’ve heard of this happening) then it’ll become a problem for her.Until then it’s a-ok. I just want to know,do blogger really want to embarrass and exploit there kids like this? If she feels comfortable letting people see her daughter naked perhaps she and other bloggers should take some naked mirror pics of themselves and then they can all know what their poor kids will have to grow up and deal with.

      They should be ashamed.

      • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

        Honestly, she should be charged with something regarding distribution of child pornography. Especially since this is a child with a developmental disability, and isn’t a “baby in the bath tub at bath time covered in bubbles” type of shot, but lewd and full-frontal.

        Yep, I wrote “lewd.” That’s what I think of this picture. It’s disgusting.

        • avatar Sarah

          I absolutely agree. In fact I’m appalled at how she hasnt already been charged. If a dumb tween sexting her boyfriend a naked picture of herself counts as distributing child pornography, then this MOST DEFINITELY does. What the hell with this BS about how this child is her property and she can do what she wants with her? She’s a motherfucking human being!!!!! She has rights! Can her mom physically abuse her? NO! Can she pimp her out to perverts? NO! The state would take the kid away instantly. They should as well in this case…this is bullshit. That poor girl having to deal with a naked pic of her as a child up on the internet for the rest of her life…that spells CRIME.

      • avatar Mrs Odie

        I have often thought Kelle should post nudes of herself. She lives for the drooling , envious sycophantic comments. If she finally just went for it and put her own lady bits on the blog, her fans would crap themselves with ecstacy.

      • avatar Hambassador

        There are people who let their kids crap in a potty while eating at a restaurant? Holy fuck, that’s disgusting.

        So is the naked picture business, obvs, I am just utterly shocked at what I just read.

  2. avatar ~A

    What the hell is she thinking? Can we report the photo or something? Ok seriously I do not act violently usually but she needs a b*tch-slap ASAP to wake up! First of it’s not IF a pedo will download it it is WHEN.Secondly it’s not filthy to take precautions and understand that what you see and say “aaaw” they are going to “fap” to. Do some reading woman it’s save your child 101! I am outraged….And hello woman do you think your child will like having a naked pic out there?! Damn some people are just empty-headed….

    • avatar booksnbeats

      If you have an instagram account you can report it for violating the TOS (no nudity), which I did. But it doesn’t seem like they’ve done anything about it. I found an article about how people trade porn on instagram anyway and those photos don’t get removed.

      I think this is just gratuitous, and the fact that she hasn’t taken the photo down–when she already has hundreds of photos up of her daughters–in response to legitimate reactions of worry and disgust really says a lot. Have some respect for your kid, “dude.”

      Also, her dad is so creepy. Something tells me Kelle’s sister has a reason for not seeming to be all buddy-buddy with the guy…

      • avatar redmint

        This nudity involves a child though. I thought there was a zero tolerance for that kinda stuff on sites like that?

        • avatar VaginaJess

          I know about a dozen people have reported Naked Nella but I have never, ever heard of anything being removed from instagram. They kinda suck about enforcing their TOS apparently.

          • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

            Ironic, because everyone was shitting bricks over their TOS not even three weeks ago.

  3. avatar awesomesauce818

    I thought the Atlantic posted an excellent piece on privacy this week, especially as it pertains to mommy bloggers over-sharing about their kids.

    “Where, then, should a parent-writer draw the line? The simplest way is to ask if a given anecdote would be appropriate if its subject were not your child. Would you publish that essay about your colleague or sibling? About a friend’s kid? If you consider the power dynamics between parent and child; the childhood secrets only a parent can know; and the trust children have in their parents, you see why parental overshare, however well-intentioned, is unethical.”

    Sad how much material this chick’s kid is going to find on the internet about herself one day. Sad that mom doesn’t think this girl is entitled to ANY privacy.

    • I listened to John Moe’s interview with Julia Sweeney Episode 6 of the Wits podcast this weekend. She had a breakout YouTube video ( about a sex talk with her daughter, and she talked a bit about how she doesn’t want to use her daughter as material, but even her daughter was ambivalent about the reaction to the video.

  4. avatar wifebot

    but why would she take down a picture where her cute pregnant belly is showing??? it’s so twee! earth mama!

    • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

      Exactly! It almost looks like she was just bad at taking a picture of her belly while her naked child was in the background, unsupervised (mother’s attention elsewhere even in same room = unsupervised).

      • avatar Snarkleberry Pie

        If she intended to take a pic of the kid, wouldn’t she just point the camera directly at the kid? This is clearly a picture of her in the mirror that happened to have the kid in the background. No one takes pictures of other people by using a mirror.

  5. avatar smize

    I find Kelle Hampton and this whole thing to be disturbing on so many levels. Where is the consideration for her daughter’s privacy? Mentally disabled individuals are incredibly vulnerable to sexual abuse as it is. It just comes off seeming so exploitative. How can she, as her mother, find it okay to exploit her own child? It boggles the mind. Would she post the same photo of Lainey? Excuse my lack of eloquence, but this is f*ed up.

  6. avatar SweetCheeks

    I posted this same thought in her thread but really, would Kelly take this picture and post publicly in the town she lives in? Print copies of it and tape them inside of any public facility? The library? Grocery store? Fast food restaurant? After all, isn’t it just a cute, benign photo of a “baby”?

    No, any sane person wouldn’t and would probably shudder to think of such! What’s she’s done with her child’s nude picture is absolutely no different, in my opinion.

    • avatar Paleo Muffin

      So true.  I just said the same thing further down.  I should have read the whole comment thread before posting!

    • avatar GrumpyMcPants

      Excellent point.

  7. avatar Baileyswedishfish

    Recently a local popular coach was suspended because he had some questionable family photos on his phone. The phone, apparently, was paid for by his job, so of course, any photos are work property and he probably should have used discretetion. But as reported in the news, the pictures were not porn, they were of his family in the tub being silly. LIKE EVERY FAMILY HAS…but…in this day and age of digital images, why go there? He lost several months of pay (and I’m not sure if he ever got back pay) and work, his reputation was damaged..he got his job back after it was determined he had no nefarious purposes for the photos, and apparently they were not on the internet..

    But is it worth it? What does she hope to gain by having this on the internet? I hope she’s saving for her daughter’s therapy. I’d be mortified if my nekkid bod (even as a little kid) was splashed all over the internet.

    I’m not a prude, I think the naked body is beautiful, but in context, and with permission.

    • avatar okayinmoderation

      Baileyswedishfish, to answer your question about what Kelle hopes to gain by having this on the internet. She hopes to gain money. When she posts controversial pictures like this (and she does it often, though this is the worst of them), her blog traffic goes way up. She needs those blog clicks because her blog is the sole source of income for her family. She is using naked pictures of her daughter to make a profit. Disgusting.

      Also, despite the title of this post, Nella is not a baby. She is a three-year old, pre-school aged little girl.

      • Okay, that is EXACTLY the problem here in my mind. I don’t think at any age this would be wise for someone whose children are seen by hundred of thousands of strangers a year, but Nella is not a baby!

        I don’t think Kelle is a bad mom. I think she wants the best for her family. I believe, somewhere, she feels that since *Nella* herself is unlikely to be embarrassed, that makes it alright. Not that she wants to exploit Nella–but that she probably has thought about it, and respects the privacy of her stepsons, and to a degree, of Lainey more because it’d upset them. To her, if Nella isn’t bothered, it’s not bothersome.

        Thing is, we can’t predict what Nella’s cognitive levels will be, and what she’d be able to *feel* versus adequately explain in words. Finally, even if she never has the teeniest outer edge of a confused or shameful feeling over her lifetime of exposure, that’s not really a good litmus test.

        • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

          Her daughter’s cognitive state (yet to to be fully figured out) is what makes this sick to me. Nella may likely be classified as a vulnerable adult when she’s older, and is being groomed to have nude photographs taken of her already. Regardless, this does not bode well for teaching boundaries and “good touch bad touch”-type education about her body.

      • avatar JessicaSanchezcansing

        Only source of income? What does her husband do? Is he the full time parent?

        • avatar justsayin'

          That’s what I’d like to know. Doesn’t the husband work? How do they afford that huge house, then? From her momtography business?

    • avatar RWD

      He didn’t get his job back, they won’t let him coach anymore and he has some sort of administrative job.

      This lady just gets sycophants and WKs jockeying to see who can shove their noses the farthest up her ass. Ugh.

      • avatar Confused

        Why can’t he coach anymore? What was his previous job?

  8. avatar Bucky

    I just can’t fathom people who think this okay, and then call everyone who disagrees “sick” or “filthy.” Unfortunately we are being realists.

    Yes, this is an innocent picture. No, this picture is not kiddie p*rn. But, sick perverted people on the internet don`t necessarily need naked photos of kids to be of a sexual nature in order to get their rocks off. This is full-frontal nudity of a small girl, and that is exactly what some sickos are looking for. What Kellie needs to decide is if she is okay with the thought of someone whacking off to, and thinking lewd thoughts about, photos of her young daughter. Me personally, I am not okay with the thought of someone finding my minor children sexually appealing, so I have never and will never post pictures of them in compromising positions or a state of undress.

    I don`t even get what the point of this picture even is, other than to show off the pregnant belly and the naked child. Kellie can believe that this picture is completely innocent and she`s not wrong, but she also needs to realize that it is probably being uploaded to p*rn sites as we speak.

    • avatar pearls_clutched

      It is kiddie porn when sickos get a hold of it.

      Any registered offender caught with that photo would go straight back to prison.

      That photo is being uploaded, downloaded and printed.

      I’m done giving this asshole the benefit of the doubt. She’s whoring her child out. Period.

      • avatar booksnbeats

        If the Spohrs had to deal with their daughter’s modest, normal photos being traded in these rings, you know that Kelle’s photos are already there. I won’t judge mommy bloggers for continuing to blog normal, publically appropriate photos of their children. You have to live your life, whatever, I don’t have a stake in that fight. But if you know that you must be a well-known source, why would you want to post the most intimate, private photos, especially of your developmentally disabled daughter, who may never fully understand what exactly happened at this point in her childhood?

        Before, I just thought Kelle Hampton was an ordinary attention-loving blogger, but this gives me the same feeling that I get when I stay up late reading about serial killers and watching true crime TV. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. Something is seriously off with her.

      • avatar Bucky

        Sorry, I should have clarified. This picture was not created as kiddie porn. But, yes, it will be used that way and now be part of kiddie porn databases.

        • avatar Boundaries!

          Exactly. Have there been any naked photo of the other daughter? I bet that daughter stands up for herself. Way to take advantage of the innocence and trusting of a child with SN.

          • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

            Yes, Kelle often posts nude photos of both daughters, however this was the first full frontal one that I know of.

            • avatar MichelleN

              A year or so ago she had to photoshop her child’s vagina. Another tub photo, can’t remember which kid but it was horrifying to me. I was off the Kelle train after that. Interestingly enough that photo was much worse than this one, at least Nella is in the background and it’s not very focused. The one I saw, she had to blur out the bits to make it okay to be online and there was a huge stink about it b/c she didn’t photoshop it to begin with, only after her adoring public freaked out.

              Kelle: Photoshopping Her Kids’ Vaginas since at Least 2010.


      • avatar suzka

        My policy is this: not everyone on the internet is a pervy creep, but we should assume that every pervy creep is on the internet. This flavor of parental stupidity and narcissism makes me heartsick.

      • avatar HillbillyPrincess

        Agreed. It’s a full frontal nude picture of a child. Clearly she posted it to generate page views and clicks, which makes her a pimp and her gaggle of followers the johns.

    • avatar X-Designer

      I’m a photographer and with my model releases I will post one nice photo of my sessions onto my flickr account. I took a photo of a stunning high school senior, on the floor, on her belly. She’s wearing clothes; jeans and a shirt but no shoes for a relaxed shot and it’s modest if not prude to say the least… but the countless foot fetish accounts that favorite this one photo that I have to block on a monthly basis is crazy.

      The weirdo’s are out there and putting a picture of an innocence child naked is wrong on so many accounts.

      • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

        Flickr is the worst. Apparently everything is a fetish now. Weirdest one: I put up a picture of an X-ray of my impacted wisdom teeth and strangers messaged me about my teeth and favorited the photo.

        • avatar rosieposie

          I got messaged on flickr about my hair once. That if I ever wanted to sell it there were people that want it. :/ so creepy.

          • avatar Chinchilla In A Clownsuit

            Now I’m jealous. Locks of Flickr! Did they name a price? Nobody wanted to buy my teeth :(

            • avatar twisted pearls

              A good friend and talented photographer posted a picture to a picture sharing site of her 10 year old daughter sucking on a large icicle. The picture couldn’t have been more innocently posted— and the colors were strikingly gorgeous.

              That picture went to the top ten most viewed pictures on a website that has many, many thousands of pictures– 50,000? 100,000? idk. But I saw nothing wrong with the picture even after working in the field- all lawyers are forced to represent a certain number of criminal clients (ALLEGED!!). And we have all got stuck with sickos for clients.

  9. avatar Carol Fleming

    I’m am beyond disgusted with the utter stupidity of Kelle Hampton and her followers. I’m one of the ones that was told that I must have a sick and dirty mind because I “know” how pedophiles “think”. OMFG…really? I guess that makes me a terrorist because I know about Al Qaeda…their reasoning is pure idiocy! I don’t wish ill will on anyone but I hope Kelle gets in trouble for that picture so that hopefully it will keep her from doing this in the future. I just pray that someone hasn’t already taken those naked pics of her kids for their sick perversions.

    • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

      Unfortunately, I’m sure this picture is already in the cache of many, many sick people. When I first read the post and saw the GOMI version with the white-box covering her daugther’s body, I thought, ‘ok… at least she blocked out the nekkid bits’ Then when I clicked on the link, I was shocked. I showed my husband and he told me he would smash my computer if I ever did anything like that.

    • avatar VaginaJess

      I read all the comments under that picture and it is really, really disturbing how many people DON’T CARE that sick people have pictures of their naked children!! It is one thing to upload it without realizing how dangerous it is. But those ladies listen to the warnings and then act like it doesn’t matter. ugh. And what’s up with how defensive her fangirls are? You would think that people were calling her and Nella ugly and stupid. Jeez. If you look at the newer “Stand off” picture of Nella in a bathing suit and their dog, her besties are making fun of those who were concerned by joking that the dog is naked. wth

    • avatar twisted pearls

      Okay. So these people would cheerfully let their children get in a car with a stranger to go look at his puppies. Because to imagine that a stranger would have LESS THAN KIND MOTIVES for doing this would mean that the parent has a sick and dirty mind.


  10. avatar booksnbeats

    All I would say to those rabid Kelle defenders is that there’s a long spectrum between being so afraid of pedos that you won’t post photos of your kid on Facebook, and choosing to post intimate nude photos of your three-year-old on your extremely popular blogging platform. Kelle just showed us exactly where she stands.

  11. avatar mmhmm

    I wonder how many of the 1,450 likes the picture has aren’t her loyal followers and are instead sickos.


    Shouldn’t she also be, yanno, watching her kid while she is in the bathtub?

    • avatar Snark Sans Frontiers

      If she was watching the kid, it would be more difficult to get the duck lip pout just right.

      Poor Kelle can’t multitask. :(

    • avatar TurkeyVulture

      Yeah. I understand all the furor over being negligent about posting a naked child in the background of yet another pouting, bangs-wearing, baby-belly hipster photo. I’m wondering what the fuck kind of parent lets her toddler stand up in the tub. That is a concussion or a broken arm just waiting to happen.

      What a shitty mother.

      • avatar sponsoredpost

        I let my toddler stand in the tub, because he won’t sit. I don’t see what the issue is. It;s certainly safter than forcing a wet slippery freakishly strong child to sit. I’m right there next to him, not snapping selfies in the mirror though.

  13. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    This stuff boggles me. I grew up with all of the internet safety shit being talked about at home and at school, and I just do not understand why people post pictures of their children naked on the internet. You absolutely can take these pictures but keep them in an album. The internet never forgets.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      Also: if you wouldn’t post a naked picture of yourself on Instagram, why would you post a naked picture of your child?

      • avatar sofamiliar

        I don’t think Kelle’s far off from posting naked pics. I mean, I’m sure she’d do an “artsy” shot, pigeon toed, in the woods, but hey, whatever brings in worshipping sycophants and cash. Nude kids, nude Kelle, whatever.

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