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Katie Vyktoriah’s “Pink Headband At Wal-Mart” Story Being Questioned By Internets

The internet continues to burn with the story of the mommy blogger who alleges her son was accosted in a Davenport, FL area Wal-Mart. The story has spread to MSN, the Daily Mail, even Gawker after being posted by the mother herself on reddit and Huffington Post.

But almost from the start people expressed doubts about the veracity of the story. Internet searches revealed background claims by the mother that only confirmed for many that her previous statement that she used to be a “pathological liar” might apply to this tale as well.

Now removed from her site claims included having survived 3 failed kidnapping attempts and 1 successful one; claiming to be a stewardess for an airline and quitting just weeks before the flight crashed twice in three months; that she was “meant to be in NYC on 9/11, but I cancelled last minute”; that she missed catching a train that later crashed. When called on the truthiness of these claims, Katie responded:

And yes, much of that list was tongue in cheek to drag out some of my sillier stories into much bigger dramas than they were. When I wrote it more than a year ago, I drew people’s attention to it as a FUNNY (though accurate) representation of some of the stuff I’ve been through in my life.

Other claims include suffering from Celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, BPD, manic depression, ADHD, and apparently her breasts are so spectacular they cause bar fights.

Soon after the internet began questioning why, if it’s a big enough deal to craft what she no doubt hoped would be a viral blog post, she didn’t contact the store or the police Katie began claiming she was being harassed. Saying her milk supply was drying up and that she was receiving “threats of pizza deliveries to my house”, she closed down her site. 30 minutes later Katie claimed to be on the phone with the sheriff’s department “waiting for them to show  up”. Despite a fatal car crash that closed down roads for two hours, according to her a deputy arrived, took a report, and left within an hour of her call.

Debate continues online with some people saying it doesn’t matter if the story is true because it started a discussion about gender issues, and others pointing out that if the story is untrue, using such issues for page views and attention is probably doing a disservice to the LGBT community.

I was unable to reach the Polk County Sheriff’s Department for confirmation or statement and Wal-Mart has yet to publicly respond to Katie’s claim. We await further developments and welcome any tips or information. We will update this post as information becomes available.

UPDATE: Apparently Katie has now been placed under psych observation. From the Orlando Sentinel:

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office report, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office became aware of Carpenter’s blog post detailing the alleged incident at a Four Corners-area Walmart.

Since Polk County was eventually mentioned specifically in the blog as being the responding agency, a Sheriff’s Office lieutenant requested a deputy go meet with Carpenter.

When the Polk deputy met with Carpenter — it’s not clear when that happened — she began making suicidal statements, the Lake County report said.

A deputy added that “possible video of the incident may be obtained and viewed to in fact verify that the incident actually did occur or if it was all made up.”

UPDATE: HuffPo has removed her post saying “We have also confirmed with investigators that they are in contact with the author.”

UPDATE: She has now been released and told The Ledger that “she doesn’t care whether deputies find proof in the Wal-Mart surveillance footage.” She added “I don’t think it will do any good…I just want it to go away.”"

UPDATE: The “A Mother Thing” Facebook page has disappeared.

  1. avatar The Reigning Lorelai

    Link to the actual police report. It differs from her blogged version of events a bit.

    • avatar ativan annie

      I’m confused…anyone know what the code is for? And why does it show that the incident took place yesterday, at the same time as the report? Does this mean she didn’t make a report alleging “battery”? CONFUSED.

      • avatar The Reigning Lorelai

        AOA is Assist Other Agency.

        I know…the more I read the more I keep scratching my head.

    • avatar Lactating Rage

      In the report, she stated the man made comments to her after she threatened to “cut his hands off.” No mention of him calling her toddler a “faggot” or threatening “he will be shot one day for it.” Interesting tidbit to leave out since her piece centered around that very fact.

      • avatar Sump Pump

        Yes, this is what bothered her the most, as I recall.

      • avatar lucrezaborgia

        Also, wouldn’t that mean she was the aggressor?

      • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

        This report is not what *she* told the officers – this report is about this officer (Sgt. Bond) meeting with the other officer (Lt. Baldwin), who shows the blog post to him. In this report Bond lists what her blog said (“Lt. Bond then pulled up a copy of the online posting, which stated the following:”) – not what she said to officers when reporting the incident.

        • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

          ^^ Oops, typo – Lt. Baldwin pulled up the blog, not Bond.

        • Wouldn’t she still have to read it and sign it? I thought that’s how it worked when you’re complaining to police about something.

          • avatar sarawr

            I’ve never had to sign someone else’s statement when reporting to the police, whether an officer’s statement or an involved party’s. You sign your own statement, of course, but everyone else involved makes their statements independently.

            Of course, this particular statement looks to be more an internal report by an officer who checked into PR trouble than an officer’s statement regarding a reported incident, but… you know. Samesies?

    • avatar Molly

      Ugh that includes the juveniles name and address FYI

    • avatar Iranian Frump

      Based on the police report, all actual police involvement was police driven and one jurisdiction filed a report with the other jurisdiction. The language they use makes this very clear. They do not refer to the reeds/ vyktoriahhs as the complainants, but rather as the individuals, the ones, the other ones. The fact that they actually wrote into the police report that they question wether the incident happened at all is a pretty big thing for a sheriffs department to write down in black and white. I mean, most police reports I’ve seen written up are just basic fact with no extrapolation or side bar opinions thrown in that might cause any kind of political offense or civil misconduct kerfuffle… Those sheriffs must have had an extremely interesting visit.

  2. avatar That's a FAS kid if I've ever seen one

    The thing that hit me first and strongest about this story were the photos of the kid. His facial features are classic FAS, towards the milder end of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome spectrum. Not just the features (smooth philtrum, thin upper lip, upturned nose, flat nasal bridge and midface, epicanthal folds, small palpebral fissures, and small head circumference) but his expression as well. Not too surprising, I guess, since according to one of her blog entries he was conceived during a time in her life when she was drinking a lot. I wonder how many more of her bad decisions he’s going to have to weather to get to adulthood.


    • avatar fuzzynormal

      I think smart people would agree that leaving the kids out of this would be be prudent. 1. They’re irrelevant to the lying and 2. it’s wrong.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        Exactly. Knock that shit off, asshole.

      • avatar totallyghoul

        Oof, yea. Wish you didn’t go there. We just make fun of adults here.

    • avatar foursix

      Holy fucking overstepping.

      • avatar fuzzynormal

        If these kinds of loonies crawl out of the woodwork and started contacting “Vyktoriah” directly, I can see how a person with her mental instability wouldn’t be able to cope.

        The main stage of the American media is no place for the weak and timid.

        Reap what you sow.

        • avatar foursix

          And why? What do said loonies get from it?

          They want to snark? Okay! There is so much rich, meaty snark about this lady freely available based on her own actions. What in the world does the fly-by-internet diagnosis add to it?

    • avatar Munchausen by Blog

      I think we’re reaching a little bit, here, don’t you? The fact that you created an account with this particular username (not wanting to connect it to any other account, maybe?) leads me to believe that you knew posting this was out of line. Not cool, man.

      • avatar Non-profiteer

        I think you can comment with a username without creating an account. That said, this commenter can GOMI.

    • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

      I look like that most days, and it’s simply from having walked into the door.

    • avatar Munchausen-by-drama

      That’s out of order, leave your speculation about her kid out of this.


      • avatar The Reigning Lorelai

        Love this gif. Magnum was hawt.

        • avatar Wonton Disregard

          He is one hairy dude.

          • avatar foursix

            Can’t really tell if the mustache is bigger or the eyebrows are bigger.

            • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

              If you look closely you can tell that they are one continuous facial hair growth that dives down the sides of his nose and plunges up his nostrils.

              • avatar foursix


                And loops back around and up through the chestal area, too, apparently. It cannot be contained.

                BRB, going to my fainting couch.

              • avatar Wonton Disregard

                Foursix, I will be by with the chocolate bon bons to feed you while you recline on the fainting couch.

                Hairy or not, he is a fine hunk.

            • avatar Dance Chicken Dance

              Hey! No mocking of the finely sculpted man whiskers!

      • avatar Dance Chicken Dance

        No comment on the douchy statement of the OP, but OMG IT IS MAGNUM PI. He may be the reason I grew up to like a hairy chest.

    • avatar Lactating Rage

      Her kids look perfectly normal.

    • avatar Kitty Likes to Scratch


    • avatar scarletbegonia



      • avatar lilmissunshine

        I snorted scarletbegonia
        Dr. Interwebs diagnosing the internets.

  3. avatar the pizza made me do it

    Ok, seriously? What’s missing in that police report….. the gay slur. Haha! Instead it says that redneck man called HER a bunch of names. Interesting.

    • avatar redagain

      Yes. Very curious.

    • Yeah but are you surprised? Her version of the story seems to change every time she tells it.

      • avatar scarletbegonia

        Like my beloved Judge Judy always says: if you tell the truth, you don’t need a good memory.

    • avatar fuzzynormal

      “Writer’s Embellishment,” “Lies,” Hey, it’s all the same, no biggie!

      Oh wait, when I fabricate a story and pass it off as a true account people will expect it to be so and demand accountability? Aw nuts…

    • avatar IAMNotImpressed

      And it says that SHE put the thing on his head.

      • avatar the pizza made me do it

        Oh yes, I saw that too!

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        That report reads as if she put it on him in the store … that’s how I took it.

      • avatar ativanannie

        It’s also a “pink ribbon” now.
        Remember what it looked like in that rather strange looking picture?
        Black plastic and purplish puff. No pink ribbon in sight.

    • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

      This report is not *her* report to the police, it is the police’s report of meeting with the other police, and his summary of what he read when the other police pulled up the blog post for him.

      I know that’s convoluted but I see everyone comparing this report to her blog post or what she said she reported to the police or whatever…none of those comparisons are valid, this report is not her report.

  4. avatar the pizza made me do it

    Boy, and here I’ve been telling the TRUTH about my trips to wal-mart. No more, I tell you. Not when I can make myself internet famous by making stuff up…. argh. Don’t know how to put any crazy smileys on or I’d do it right now!

    • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

      Bitch, pfft.

      I plan on making up obscene lies about trips to Tiffany’s.

      “Once I had breakfast there and was raped by ghosts. Then bagel ham pineapple blob monster.”

      • avatar Wonton Disregard

        the only place with more cameras than walmart? Tiffany’s

        • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

          I know! I can’t wait to tell them that I called the cops when I didn’t and THEN call the cops. Public adulation and that little square-cut opal shall be mine.

        • avatar Sump Pump

          True story, I swear, lol. I once nursed a baby in one of the private showing rooms at the Tiffany & Co in San Francisco. Huscat and I were shopping, she started yelping and they offered the option. They were quite gracious about it all. The room was very plush, very quiet and very clean.

          I felt like real money for the moment.

          Then we got back on BART and went home to our hovel.

          • avatar Wonton Disregard

            all the HD cameras are in the “private” rooms.

            • avatar Sump Pump

              I know!
              My breasts are spectacular!
              And huge!
              They start bar fights!
              I love showing them off!

      • Well now you’re just starting to sound like Emily Gould.

  5. avatar glittersucks

    “Carpenter told deputies, according to the report, “that the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments and communications to her had become too much stress and she could not handle the situation…anymore,” and was thinking of killing herself.”

    Perhaps the years of embellishing, falsifying and blatantly distorting the truth is the reason for thoughts of suicide because this has now reached nationwide proportions and living with the aftermath of shame, embarrassment and being noted for the world’s greatest liar is not conducive with being an authentic, transparent blogger. Living with consequences of being a lifetime liar and now outed has to be devastating, however, she created this for herself and thoughts of suicide coincidently collide perfectly with trying to escape the reality of what she created….not saving her child much left what is left of her life. There’s no amount of internet scrubbing even with a magic eraser that will let her go freely.

    It’s tragic to think what lengths mommy bloggers will go to for recognition, even if negative. Yet they take roll the dice with each and every post.

    • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

      Well, she’s not really the world’s greatest liar. I assume to be great at lying people have to believe you.

      She’s a narcissistic dope who self-glamorizes to a degree that makes me wonder if she ever eats that which tastes deliciously to her.

    • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

      Yep, she’s bush league…no Mckmama, that’s for sure.

  6. avatar snoopy

    Her nothusband white knighting for her on facebook is barf inducing. I’m about to puke up all that pizza I ate.

    • avatar Wonton Disregard

      PLEASE LINK ME TO THIS genius facebook

      • avatar snoopy

        too fat and lazy to copy and paste actual link.
        the A Mother Thing fb. if you read through comments others have made, Mark Reed is there, WKing for her.

        • avatar Wonton Disregard

          That was a waste. What a bad WKer. He does not even qualify as “I give him a pass because he is the husband.”

  7. avatar glittersucks

    ETA: “Much less than…”
    Fat fingers and too much franzia…

  8. avatar merrytemper


    I can’t even THINK of what to say right now, just WHOA.

  9. avatar Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    this is… just… what the… I can’t .. I don’t even… what??


  10. avatar teaandbiscuits

    WARNING: Long, somewhat personal ramble.

    “Carpenter told deputies, according to the report, “that the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments and communications to her had become too much stress and she could not handle the situation…anymore,” and was thinking of killing herself.”

    I’m sorry for harping on this but suicide is something that is a horrific and also not-so-horrific action that has greatly affected me. Tiny back story: 1) Extremely close family member, with children, would state that they would commit suicide or were thinking of suicide whenever someone would “hurt” them. 2) Another extremely close family member committed suicide after a terminal disease caused extreme physical pain.

    I know that it is impossible and also many times wrong to try and convince a truly suicidal individual to not commit suicide. Trying to offer help, or calling authorities is sometimes helpful but those who are truly suicidal will mainly fake their way through a hold and end their life when they are released or be successful even during a hold. Sometimes intervention is successful.

    With katie however, and yes I know this likely because of my experience: I don’t believe her saying she wanted to kill herself was real. I believe that she was caught. And it spiraled out of control and there was nothing she could do and she panicked and said what she said to hold off the investigation which would prove her lies.

    And yes, I do think she was lying. Especially after her “husbands” remark that the CCTV would probably not have anything.

    What hurts the most here, is her kids. She used her son for fame. She was found out. People began questioning her. And as she’s obviously unstable she continued to lie and use until she couldn’t…and she did the “I want to kill myself.” No matter how young her kids are, they will find this. They will see this. And they have an unstable mother who is more concerned with her own image and her own fame than she is with them.

    This is such a screwed up situation. No one wins here. Her kids were used. The LGBT+ community was used. People have lept to her defense and rallied for her–they are being used. And now, with her psych hold it’s even worse. Because when it’s revealed that she lied, people will probably still rally behind her and state that she needs support because she wanted to kill herself.

    Does she need support? Yes, obviously, but it’s her kids that really need it. She’s been using them since they were born. And she’ll most likely use them again and again no matter what support she gets.

    She can wipe and delete as much as she wants. If her son doesn’t remember the incident others will. If someone doesn’t ask her son about it at some point? He’ll find it when he’s old enough to Google his name. Her kid will be remembered for this. And unlike “balloon boy” who was a willing(?) participant he wasn’t.

    • avatar glittersucks

      ^^^Amen all of that.

      • avatar ativanannie

        He said she was already home which means the pros determined she was no longer a threat to herself. That makes the suicide threat sound more like a tactical decision to me.

    • avatar drmanhattan

      I believe it was a real suicidal threat. She has out of control borderline personality disorder and when shit hits the fan boderlines do not handle it well…she’s probably having a huge melt down and does not think rationally so in her mind committing suicide is what makes sense.

      For her kids sake I hope she gets mental health help, owns up to the lies, apologizes and gets off the internet.

      • avatar lucrezaborgia

        I believe it was real when she said it. How else to get out from under the microscope? Unfortunately, Baker act doesn’t do much for people like her. She needs to be inpatient for a few weeks to be properly observed and then court ordered into DBT.

        • avatar Liminal

          DBT=dialectical behavior therapy=effective in treating BPD, right? Just checking.

          • avatar lucrezaborgia

            Yes. It’s really hard work and can sometimes take 2 years of but it works!

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        Based on witnessing the histrionics of a pathological liar for many years, I don’t believe it was a real threat, just a real attempt at shielding herself from consequences about to occur.

    • avatar TurkeyVulture

      Totally agreeing with everything you said.

      • avatar BPDSurvivor

        My mother had BPD. She used suicide threats to control her mother’s behavior starting when she was 16 and then she did it to her children until we were old enough to get away. She never attempted suicide, but she would say “If you don’t do such and such, I will kill myself and all my friends will come to the funeral and tell you it’s your fault.” I was like 12 when she started that.

        I feel VERY very sorry for her children if she truly has BPD as she states, is not getting help for it, and is acting out in a way that lets her children know there is no stability at home and they must walk on eggshells.

        You have to take a suicide threat seriously. This is just pushing a lot of buttons for me.

    • avatar AsianPersuasion

      I have an Aunt who has kept several secrets from her daughter (my cousin). The type of secrets about this child that NOBODY wants to get out. This was in the 70s– long before anyone wrote about it on the ‘net.

      I still know about this, and it happened before I was born.

      The child will find out about it– Internet or not. I hope, for his sake, there is a caring grandparent or aunt/uncle who will step up and help this child when he needs it in life.

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        I’m really curious. And really confused …

        ‘… about this child [...[] This was in the 70s …’

        Even if it was ’79, the “child” is 33-ish now?
        The “child” is the female cousin, or is a male?

        • No, Aunt keeps secrets from Daughter that everyone else knows. (Intersex, conceived through rape, adopted, left on her porch by a stranger–who knows?)

          AsianPersuasian hopes Katie’s son Dexter has a caring family member who explains to him his mom was sick and made up this story when Dexter googles himself in 2020 and goes “Whoa!”

  11. avatar Mistress Catnipplez of St. Marys Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel

    Did anyone see on the report where it says “evidence-none”. Emails? Or did she delete them before and make up “11,000″ emails?

  12. I feel sorry for her but still, y’all, come on, people lie on the internet.

    The problem comes in when places like HuffPo put a stamp of approval on this kind of crazy crap without verifying it.

    • avatar fuzzynormal

      This. +1 times a gazillion. HP planted this weed and fertilized the hell out of it.

    • avatar Nobody really

      Yes, this, this, this!

  13. avatar Jack B.

    Nothing to add, except:

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