India-Jewel Jackson Thinks Jews Could Have More Easily Survived The Holocaust

Over at XOJane, bastion of the meaningful, India-Jewel Jackson wrote a meh piece about Paula Deen and “apology culture”. Thankfully she managed to spice it up in the comments when she more or less started up a Who Has Been More Oppressed contest. Hint on who won – not Jews!

[W]ith the slavery vs. holocaust debate, it’s a bit different, as it was ultimately based upon race vs. religion, as in, Blacks were enslaved for hundreds of years, because they were Black. They couldn’t change or alter the appearance so as to escape and fly under the radar. Jews were exteriminated…for not being blonde + blue and because of their religion–the hair and the religion, they could change.(NOT AT ALL SAYING THAT THEY NEED TO OR SHOULD WANT TO IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE, I’M JUST POINTING OUT THE BASIS OF IT.)

It’s hard to align those two experiences and find common ground because they aren’t exactly parallel. It’s much easier to find solidarity across minority color lines, IMO.

When commenters tried to explain to IJJ that Jews were persecuted by the Nazis because they were considered a sup-par race and thus changing their hair and religion would not have saved them, she replied:

It might not have been easy/realistic, but it WAS possible. Changing hair color is far easier than changing skin color and facial features.

Commenters continued to express disbelief at IJJ’s ignorance, one responding “Possible, schmossible. I’m sorry, but you’re talking outta your ass here”, and several explaining how Nazis rounded up Jewish people of every hair and eye color. She then decided enough was enough:

I’m not sure how I oppressed the Jewish people in my comment, but whatever. I don’t really care anymore.

XOJane commenters continue to try and educate Ms. Jackson while she shouts about how everyone needs to get back to discussing Paula Deen. I wonder if she sees the irony in this kerfluffle happening in a post about bigotry?

  1. avatar mollycharlotte

    I love Oppression Olympics.

    • avatar Tits McGee

      Right? Holy contest of suffering, Batman!

      • avatar mollycharlotte

        OH GAWD. Some of the commenters are all “but Jews are a race, right?”

        Just stoppit.

      • avatar kelly gaura

        There is no contest here. NONE.

        • avatar CantCantCant

          I hope what you mean is, “There is no contest here because it’s not a debate worth having” and not, “There is no contest here because the Holocaust was clearly way worse than slavery,” because… dude. Just don’t go there.

    • avatar zhnjg

      It does strike me that the more accurate contest would be the enslavement of Jews vs. the enslavement of black people. Since we’re hosting the Olympics and all.

      • avatar Pancake Uterus

        This is exactly what I thought. And then immediately felt bad for it.

  2. avatar kelly gaura

    Uh, she’s comparing slavery to THE FREAKING HOLOCAUST?

    I wish I could go back in time and tell my relatives that escaping the Nazis was simple: just change your religion and a little Miss Clairol and you’re good to go?

    Does this TWAT CUNT BITCH FROM HELL even REMOTELY understand how the Nazis dealt with the Jews? Has she never heard of the racial purity laws enacted under Hitler in the 1930s? NO, you PISS POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING, YOU ILL-INFORMED PIECE OF GARBAGE, it wasn’t as simple as “changing religions.”


    • avatar mollycharlotte

      Dude, I’m Jewish, and I get being offended by what she’s doing, but seriously, slavery was a fucking horrible, brutal institution that has had long-lasting effects that we (as in ppl from the US) see nearly every day. I’m of the opinion that genocides should not be compared, period. They are all fucking horrible.

      That being said, she’s just an ignorant asshole.

      • avatar greek yogurt


      • avatar siggy

        @mollycharlotte, Well said.

      • avatar Total Cynthia

        There is a reason you are one of my most favorite people ever.

      • avatar Gluten-Free Cat Lady

        ia completely

      • avatar Seriously.

        Jews have been stalked and murdered since the medival times. Seriously get youre facts straight! There was a slaughtering of jews in the 1100-1200 in Rheinland. Then they where basically driven out and forbidden in several countries like England, France and Spain through out the middle ages. Then in the 1600 they where again slaughtered in Poland and ukraine. Then in the 1700 they where blamed for poisoning the wells of Copenhagen. Then around 1800 there was a jewish emancipation in Germany and the rest of the west countries. Lasted like 19 years before antisemiticimes was on the rise again!
        Late 1800 they where driven out of Russia and in to euorpe again.
        Then they where driven out of east europe and ended up other palces in europe and north america.
        Then comes the Holocaust with the rise of Nazi Germany I dont need to explain that do I ?
        In 1962 to 1972 because of the whole Israel thing and the 6 day war, jews had to escape Poland because of hatred.

        And present day, there is a antisemetic wave in Europe again, with a lot of neo nazis.

        So dont you dare say that holocaust is the only thing that jews had to go through. These people havent had the chance to just live in peace, they are still not safe. God knows what happens next, if you look at history they really have no reason to think its going to be allright yet.

        I am not saying that slavery dosent go way back to. But arguing about who had it worst? Really thats just stupid.

        • avatar Belladonna Took

          So the Jews had it worse then? Is that what you’re arguing about?

        • avatar frumpelstiltskin

          Seems like that’s what you’re doing….

          • avatar Hambeens

            I think what Seriously is saying is that comparing a “one-time” event like the Holocaust to slavery kinda ignores the uh, rich fabric of antisemitic violence that, for example, students of medieval history–but not a lot of regular people–are familiar with. Comparing which institution was “worse” is not the point, identifying that antisemitism can also be considered a (less familiar, perhaps) institution was, I believe, the point.

        • avatar UrbanWhim

          Blacks have not had equal footing either. And are still not safe. Your point being….?

    • avatar shadesofsmoke

      I was going to bring up the racial purity laws/Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 that clearly outlined the Nazi definition of the Jewish race and it DID NOT ONCE mention eye color or hair color. Although the so called “Aryan race” was preferred by the Nazi’s and their supporters, a Jew’s features were not what could save or condemn them – it was their bloodline. If they had at least one Jewish grandparent then they were a Jew. That is it. Nothing to do with changing hair color. What an ignorant piece of shit.

      I work at a Holocaust museum and education is still such a challenge, especially as regards people who are severely misinformed like crazy shit.

    • avatar HaileyB

      Let’s also not forget the lovely tattoos that Jews got unwillingly on their forearms before being enslaved in the Nazi work camps. I guess they should have demanded that they be removed so they could fit in with society?

      • avatar shadesofsmoke

        I’m reply to here after having noticed your comment to my response on the second page. I understand the tone of your original comment here about the tattoos but thought maybe you’d be interested to know about a documentary about survivors that still have the tattoos and how they “fit in with society” or not after the War. It is called Numbered and unfortunately all I could find were clips online:

        The only camp where tattoos were issued was Auschwitz and even there it was not a full program for all prisoners.

  3. avatar JaffaCakes

    They are both terrible events. The end.

    And, because I’ve always wanted an excuse to post this (and we so rarely get around to Jew stuff these days…)


    • avatar mollycharlotte

      haha yes! Amen to both your point and your gif.

    • avatar Tits McGee

      Completely agree. Why the fuck would anyone sit around comparing the genocide of one ethnic group (though the Nazis also killed homosexuals, gypsies, mentally disabled people, etc) to the enslavement of another group?? What’s the point?! Human do awful things to other humans. End of story. Oh please, what do you get if you win this contest? Killed? Geez.

      • avatar mollycharlotte

        I think you win this:

        • avatar Tits McGee

          Uh why? I agree with your comments. Why does that make me a douche?

          • avatar AQNR

            You asked “what do you get if you win this contest?” and mollycharlotte was answering that question—-the winner of that contest gets the Douchebag award.

            • avatar Tits McGee

              Ohhhhhhhhhh. Lol sorry, so tired. I has too many kittens.

              • Don’t feel bad; I read it the same way at first and was trying to figure out why YOU were the douchebag, before I read AQNR’s correction, haha.

              • avatar Affiliate Lynx

                I was also wondering why you were a douche. I had to read a few times to get it.

            • avatar eeee

              I read it that way (directed at you) every time, and didn’t get that it was an answer to your question until AQNR spelled it out. So don’t feel bad, you weren’t alone, and BOY am I glad I held back on my initial reaction when I saw it last night! (c:

          • avatar mollycharlotte

            Popping back in to say that I was definitely NOT called Tits a douchebag!!! Thanks for the clarification, AQNR. :)

  4. avatar Mind if I do a J?

    Stupid people seem to have decided this is their week to rule. How the hell did that happen?

    • Hey I can stop posting if it’s too much :)

      • avatar mollycharlotte

        I don’t know if this is better than the Christians begging for African babies posts. PP, what have you done to me???

      • avatar JaffaCakes

        I remember when Obama got elected and everyone was all “Will Jon Stewart run out of material now?” Then it was like lolnope stupid shit kept happening.

        Sometimes I wonder if you will run out of material. And then I remember it’s the internet and I am at peace.

        • Eh, that’s when I have a baby and start mommy blogging, right?

          • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

            Would it be possible for us to name your child?Like, highest bidder gets naming rights?Because that would be awesome

            • You’d do better than I could. I’ve only named cats so the thing would wind up named Mittens McGriddle if I’m left to do it.

              • avatar Wait...What???

                Mittie for sort?

              • avatar Mind if I do a J?

                I’d name a kid that.

              • avatar Macenlu

                *Clapping gleefully* Mittens McGriddle! Is the best name ever. EVER.

              • avatar mollycharlotte


              • avatar Jen X

                My husband wasn’t being helpful in coming up with a middle name of our baby, so I suggested we use the cats name as her middle name. That didn’t happen. :(

                (For the record: Thena and Venus. Best middle names for a baby ever)

              • avatar StaceyMcGill

                Don’t worry. I’m sure your husband will come up with a brand new super creative name like Mohammed you could use.

              • avatar DoubleEntendre

                I think you mean “Mihtanz Mahghridal”

          • avatar JaffaCakes

            I don’t think I’m emotionally stable enough to handle that.

            I don’t even have a gif for that.

      • avatar kelly gaura

        Yeah, PP, I’m at the point now where I am going to wait out the rest of my week in my bed, with my kittehs, the TV, a bunch of subs from Jersey Mikes, and several bottles of vodka. Your fault. Own it ;-)


        • avatar boxovinopcoltrane

          Me, too. All of this makes me miss Frank, Sweet Southern Wife, and Dr. Illusion. Those were the highlights for this week for me. This TOTAL ASSHOLE stuff is bringin’ me day-own. I just want to make fun of glitter!!! Not saying this is your fault, PP. Because of course it is Paula Deen’s doing, and by that I mean to include slavery, the Holocaust, oppression in general, and clogging of arteries since the beginning of time.

  5. avatar How To Be A Male Apologist If You Have A Vagina

    Wow, she totally handled all the criticism like a mature adult. I love her responses to the comments that call her out on her bullshit but IT’S OK GUYS BECAUSE MY MOM’S JEWISH AND I HAVE WHITE FRIENDS. What an ignorant, uneducated cunt.

    • avatar Expat A.Broad

      Right. She’s talking and talking and using big words and saying things that are ignorant and racist and uneducated and just shut the fuck up already, stupid.

      • avatar mollycharlotte

        But she wants everyone to focus on Paula Deen, y’all!!!

    • avatar Wait...What???

      Wow. Christmas must be awesome for that family!

    • avatar HaileyB

      She’s Jewish? How truly sad!

  6. “Jewish to me is just a religion.”

    Oh, well, if *you* see it as just a religion, then clearly that’s all it is.

    • Bitch needs to watch Shoah 20 times and get back to me on how easy it was to evade the camps.

      • avatar CookieButter

        Or have her read Night by Elie Wiesel just once.

      • avatar lawmom

        If they had only been willing to convert!! Those stubborn Jews.

    • avatar Gluten-Free Cat Lady


    • avatar scary monkey cute lamp

      Yeah, too bad Hitler didn’t see it this way since he killed six million Jewish people in order to construct a “master race.”

      But hey, let’s argue about semantics now…decades after the fact, with almost all of the Jewish population of Poland wiped out.

  7. avatar greek yogurt

    Though not as bad as her Jewish comments, IJJ also recently showed a complete lack of understanding of Irish history and identity by lumping them in with the English. I believe she blamed the school system for that one.

    She loves to pour gasoline all over her comments and set them ablaze. She can never just fucking say, “Oh, shit, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

    • avatar How To Be A Male Apologist If You Have A Vagina

      She blamed the school system and further down in the comments she blamed ABSINTHE.

      What a complete waste of oxygen. Then again, xoJane is hardly a meeting of the minds.

  8. avatar Rachel

    You weren’t kidding in an earlier post that the internet’s all a bunch of WTF?! this week…Damn.

  9. avatar designgirl

    What a troll, it’s obvious she just wants pageviews to define her relevance

  10. avatar Wildcard, Bitches! (aka Jinxy)

    Um, the Jewish people were enslaved as well.

    • avatar fullofsnark

      Shhhh….there is no place for your logic here. This is the internet.


      Every Blogger Ever

    • avatar Sammy Sosa's Bleaching Cream

      So were the Irish. Don’t tell NOBODY.

  11. avatar Wait...What???

    Did anyone ask her where these Jews were supposed to nip off to get this dye job? Also since everyone in town already knew they were Jews….. What would a successful due job accomplish?

    • avatar kelly gaura

      That pesky gold star ruined everything for a Jew looking for a bleach job on the sly!

      And didn’t you hear? All Jews have dark hair and huge noses. We’re also very tight with a buck. Now pardon me, I have to go whine to my husband while I serve him gefilte fish for supper.


      • avatar Sister Friend

        How does this shit make it to the internet? I thought the Jews controlled all of the media.

  12. avatar Coach Clodhoppers

    OH MY GOD DUH WHY DIDN’T ALL THE JEWS JUST CHANGE THEIR RELIGION?? It’s so easy; it’s almost like they WANTED to be persecuted and gassed and murdered! I can’t believe the solution was so simple and they all just like, ignored it and insisted on “staying Jewish.”

    • avatar syren514

      Oh, you’re blonde and blue?! You must not be Jewish! (PHEW!) I want to punch this person.

    • avatar zhnjg

      Remember the Spanish Inquisition?? Why did the Jews insist on being so religious??? You can scrub off your religion, not your skin color JUSTSAYIN!

      Sssssooooosupersmart. Cuz ethnicity/religion had nothing to do with the degree to which you could be integrated into your host society. You know, Iike race. You weren’t like, immediately identifiable upon sight. You know, like race. You weren’t like, completely marginalized by your host country accordingly. You know, like race. You weren’t like, KNOWN as a Jew. You know, Iike you’d be if you were black. Nope, not at all.

      • avatar eeee

        Can’t tell if sarcastic, trolling, or stupid. (Seriously can’t tell.)

        • avatar Tits McGee

          I vote sarcastic

          • avatar eeee

            that’s what I was hoping for, and after it occurred to me to (duh) check the user name and compare other comments, I think so too. But it’s eerily convincing.

  13. avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

    Would it be uncool if I posted pictures over in her article of all the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jews who were killed, worked to death or starved in concentration and death camps. Clairol wasn’t really the save-all she thinks it would have been.

    • avatar How To Be A Male Apologist If You Have A Vagina

      Yeah but she’s a “beauty editor”, so she’s obviously a genius for suggesting hair dye.

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