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Hungry Runner Girl Files For Divorce

Janae, of Hungry Runner Girl, has filed for divorce from her husband. Speculation began when it was noticed she was last seen wearing her ring on July 29th. The divorce petition was filed just two days later.

There has so far been no mention of the situation on Janae’s blog, but on the day of filing she mentioned a sad event:

I ran 8 miles Monday morning (7:45 pace) and the saddest thing happened. My hair tie BROKE.  I had to run with my hair down for a few miles and it was not fun.

Her husband has apparently now deleted all his social media accounts. Mention of her husband has also been removed from her about page. The news has come as a shock to many, since as recently as July 20th she posted about having a family date night.

  1. avatar Shannon

    so sad about this.

  2. avatar Jream2012

    Wow this really surprises me. I have emailed with Janae over the last couple of years several times and although I think she is semi-disordered in her eating and exercise routine she seems pretty “normal” in the world of very un-healthy HLB’s.

    I would imagine that having a child, and being so far away from your family when they are all you know might have been the straw that broke the camels back. I hate to even speculate but perhaps law school opened Billy’s eyes to the world and just how small their world was.

    I hope they both can recover and have amazing lives. They seemed pretty happy.

    • avatar AFGHANI

      She’s the one who filed for divorce, so it’s unclear to me if his eyes were opened.

      • avatar zhnjg

        She’s the one who has returned to her small world while Billy remains a slave to the study of amoral legal code on the liberal left coast.

        Plus, she spent her days at home. He spent his days in ivory towers. Odds are his eyes were doing the opening.

        • avatar The 10 Things Blog

          “…while Billy remains a slave to the study of amoral legal code on the liberal left coast.”


          • avatar Religious Nut Butters

            I think zhng was being a bit facetious.

            Undoubtedly he is exposed to a heck of a lot more in law school in California than he would have been if he had stayed within the much more limiting confines of his Mormon community/family in Utah.

            • Ah. I see. That makes infinitely more sense. For a moment, I was mighty…confused.

              • avatar zhnjg

                Yes. ’twas sarcasm. My stab-and-jab iPad typing kind of kills my already taxed ability to communicate in my native language. Yet I keep commenting. So brave.

            • avatar Missy

              Because those left-wing open minded liberals are just so welcoming to open minded discourse and debate with people who think differently than they do? Mmmmm…Funny how that’s working out isn’t it? It’s really the west coast, New England and urban areas that have become quite provincial and close minded. I’ll place my bets with the Mormans in Utah for being open minded

          • avatar lex

            Lol a gif has never expressed how I feel all the time so well

  3. avatar breakfast mullet

    whaaaaat?! :( they were so adorable together.

    guess it just goes to show how a person’s blog can paint a much prettier picture of their life than the truth.

  4. avatar bikusalt

    Well, color me surprised. I don’t read her blog regularly anymore, but back when I did (when her kiddo was more of a newborn/young infant) she wrote about her husband a lot. Always in glowing terms from what I recall.

    • avatar cantstandphonies

      To quote something my husband says when we meet a ‘way too fucking cheery’ couple –
      ‘The brighter the image, the darker the negative’

  5. avatar hardboiled

    Aw, I was kind of hoping this wouldn’t show up on the front page.

    I feel awful for Janae.

    • avatar #motherrunner

      Yeah, I feel like this shouldn’t be front page until she announces it herself, no?

      • avatar KAS

        I agree. I get that divorce is “public record”, but I think it’s a little weird to dig up the records to out a blogger before they’re ready to talk about it.

      • avatar New Year New You

        No. Bloggers make themselves public figures. You don’t then get to choose what gets discussed about you.

        • avatar damn, can i just be keke?

          thank you!

        • avatar Shrug Bitch


        • avatar Douglas Fur

          And honestly, maybe seeing that the majority of commenters on this thread like her wouldn’t really be so bad for her (or her fangirls). Divorce isn’t usually a rash decision. I’m sure (although it’s terribly difficult) that she has had some time to comes to term with it. I also echo others’ thoughts that either party would be ill-advised to talk about the divorce on the internets.

        • avatar fallenunicorn

          Yes. This exactly.

      • avatar Pawley

        Yeah. I agree. I think this is in bad taste.

        • avatar Rockstar Dairy

          Same here. I understand the logic behind the public figure= public commentary, but my gut is saying that this is in poor taste. It’s not like Janae has a public relations officer to craft an announcement for her- she is living one of the worst weeks of her life right now, and I wish she’d been given the opportunity to announce this with her own words first.

          • avatar redhands

            Exactly this.

          • avatar Religious Nut Butters

            She has had nine days. She has been scrubbing her blog. She may not have a public relations officer but the reality is she is her own public relations officer. She makes a living off her blog. She is putting on happy videos of her and Brooke, and posting about running at night, and riding roller coasters. If she wanted the opportunity she has had it! She has had way more leeway than most other bloggers here would have had.

      • avatar redagain

        She could have dealt with it, even vaguely like a grown ass adult. But the she would be hungry runner grown ass woman (HRGAW).

    • avatar Shannon

      I know I feel so terrible for her. I went through a divorce in 2012. It was horrible. :(

      • avatar Kerfeltoe

        Hey, if she’d announced it herself it wouldn’t be here.

        • avatar coffeeflinging urbpro

          Sure it would. It’s big blog news.

          • avatar ClaudeTheCrab

            Why is it big news? Divorce is a very private matter. Regardless of “occupation”.

    • avatar runningslow

      Totally agree. I feel terrible that she doesn’t even get to announce this herself. This is creepy.

      • avatar ReallyTheFirstWomanToEverGiveBirth

        Just agreeing with the sentiments that this should have been her news to break as she saw fit. She may be a public figure but divorce involves other people. She has no obligation to share it with her readers, and it’s totally creepy to out her like this when she obviously has been trying to keep it private.

      • avatar watchmefall

        Seriously? It was ‘announced’ on GOMI, not People magazine. And if this were KERF or HTP, people would be having field day.

      • avatar redagain

        Wha? “Get to”. She could have announced it, even half ass, anytime in the last week.

        • avatar chrismonster8

          So……there is a expiration date on announcing a divorce? Good to know it’s a week.

          Bad form GOMI. Bad form.

      • avatar AllyOOp

        It could very well be she didn’t want to announce it and is relieved that the internets can find out elsewhere.

    • avatar Rose

      Yes but she kind already HAS announced it. By taking her ring off and deleting their marriage from her about me section is a huuuuuuge red flag to anyone who knew what her blog said before. To me I would know she was getting a divorce from that alone.

      • avatar Religious Nut Butters

        Yup. It is not like she has been carrying on with her blog as usual. She has been scrubbing and not wearing the rings she has said before she NEVER takes off (except to swim).

    • avatar AFGHANI

      I don’t understand your point. She paints her life as perfect and loving, etc. Yet she’s the one who filed for divorce from him. It’s not like she was blindsided. She is getting divorced with a 1 yr old and I don’t see how she’s going to support herself in light of the fact he’s still in school for a few more years it seems. The whole thing is a case study in bloggers lying and questionable life choices.

      • avatar cantstandphonies

        Amen, sistah.

      • avatar LouBelle

        She supported both of them for years as a teacher.

      • avatar fashionroadkill

        I hope you’re not suggesting she stay in a marriage simply because she doesn’t have a job…

      • avatar Morgendorffer

        She may well have been blindsided, you have no idea. No, he didn’t serve her with papers, but he could have done something so shocking and/or egregious that she felt she literally could not stay. That’s the impression I got from her post.

  6. avatar karl the couch


  7. avatar coffeeflinging urbpro

    I am shocked. They seemed like such a lovely, sweet couple and their daughter is so young. I hope she’s all right.

  8. avatar notablogger

    This is over the line even for GOMI. I feel like she should have been allowed to announce this on her own time.

    • I’m not trying to start a flamewar here, but I can’t help but think that if this post were about Cecily, or HTP, or KERF, or anyone else that is disliked around here that nobody would have a problem with it. She’s a blogger. This is news. There are 30 pages in the forum discussing it. Just because she’s nice and well liked doesn’t exempt her from coverage.

      • It seems that the divorce papers were filed over a week ago, and her AM page has references to her her husband deleted. I think it’s odd for her to have the time/inclination do that and *not* announce the divorce. Opens her up to all sorts of speculation that could have been avoided.

        • avatar Special Snowflake

          She has probably been advised by her attorney not to mention it. Drawing her blog community into this could be used against her by Billy in court later.

          • Eh, surely there’s a way to briefly say something and then mention “family privacy at this time” or whatever the bloggers say. Must be a template out there by now.

          • avatar Affiliate Lynx

            Ahh, good point.

      • avatar Randi By Name

        I think if she’s already started deleting his presence from her blog, it is fair to report on.

      • avatar coffeeflinging urbpro

        I completely agree. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Janae, but you’re right. If it were a blogger that GOMI didn’t like, no one would complain at all.

        • avatar runningslow

          I think that is the difference though, right? This is GOMI. Get Off My Internets. Aimed at the reprehensible, rage-inducing, eyeball rolling obnoxious bloggers that we all can’t stand. As far as I know, HRG doesn’t really fit in that category. Sure, she may be a bit optimistic and too sugary sweet for many, but she doesn’t photoshop her waist like Kath, try to be a mommy martyr like HTP or shill for ridiculous products that have nothing to do with her brand like everyone else. I thought this website was about snarking on bloggers? Not about trolling the internet digging up legal records about them…eek. For some reason that I unable to eloquently articulate, this feels different. And gross.

          • avatar Religious Nut Butters

            Just because you like HRG does not mean EVERYONE does or she is immune from criticism. Or that you get to dictate whether or not she is snarkable. There is a huge thread for HRG in the HLB forums, so she is not just in the SOMI section.

          • avatar damn, can i just be keke?

            who gets to decide who is likeable or not?

            • avatar Affiliate Lynx

              Ding ding ding!

              • avatar Barbarella

                Filing for divorce without an Internet announcement=likeable. Celebrating your eight month (??) anniversary with a new lover (the traditional 8 month anniversary is another beach trip!) on Instagram while still totally legally married=unlikeable. But that’s an unpopular opinion around here.

          • avatar Mizz Case

            Lady, she has a 100 page GOMI thread in running bloggers. Not everyone loves her. Hop off.

            • avatar heathersmether

              To be fair, most of that 100 page thread is “omg I’m so happy they’re having a baby” and “omg why am I so sad about the divorce?” Not that she doesn’t have detractors, but the thread size is not an indicator of that.

          • avatar might as well face it, I'm addicted to smug...

            Exactly this ^

          • avatar IJustWantedToPlayBeerFugPong

            She irritates me, for one, on a low level, like a skinny nattering gnat, but I don’t see how her getting divorced but not even posting it is front page news.

            I like taking down people we can hang with their own dumb words. Like the HLB who posted her rules of what women should and shouldn’t wear to the gym.

          • avatar Miss Noir


          • avatar aslan

            There are lots of people who find Janae just as annoying as Kath.

      • avatar winothepooh

        Yeah, PP, I’m with you. If this were KERF we’d be lulzing for days, let’s not pretend otherwise.

        • Hope you didn’t really mean it that way–I’m no fan of KERF but it would be sad if they divorced. Not just because of the child(ren) but because divorce (or any breakup with SO) is in a very real sense, a death. Even if the “life” was hideous, death is final and should be grieved.

          • avatar winothepooh

            Oh jeez, yeah, I sound a bit serious about finding divorce funny there. What I mean to say is that yes, of course myself and the other hamcats would have some kind of sympathy for the Younger-Smugsons, but it would be very difficult for some of us, I think (maybe I’m just super immature at heart?) to refrain from at least one or two snarky comments about Matth finding another keg to shake or Karen exerting her influence or something generally considered disrespectful in any other forum were it not KERF. I don’t think a single GOMIer would actually feel joy at the Kath-Matth split. It would just be a great opportunity for snark since they are such unlikeable people. I just think we’re being a little hypocritical here, is all. I don’t mean to make light of divorce. I apologize if it appeared that way.

          • avatar fashionroadkill

            The anti-KERF group need their own subforum and pretty much a separate GOMI (because SnarkNom is pretty much GOMI with 24 hour coverage on KERF) to contain themselves.

            I’m pretty sure there are lot of people who would bask in the flames of KERF’s marriage going down.

          • avatar ramonarickettes

            What? A death? Not all breakups are final so comparing it to death is really dumb.
            Some people shouldn’t be together and that doesn’t need to be mourned. Sometimes it should even be celebrated, especially for the children’s sake.

      • avatar what_is_written

        This is 100% true.

      • avatar watchmefall


      • avatar seven-dollar sandwich

        The GOMI article didn’t say anyone is celebrating this news. Unbunch thy panties.

        Divorce almost always sucks, and it sure seems like most of us aren’t gleefully rubbing our hands together here.

      • avatar Carrie

        Come on. The whole premise of this site directed at those who need to Get OFF My Internets. I don’t come here for blogger “news”.
        How disappointing.

    • Is it over the line because it is a blogger you like? Or do the same rules apply for all?

      Bloggers by nature of what they choose to do, choose to be – WANT to be – in the public eye. They want our attention. Perhaps it isn’t *polite* to speculate or notice when something is incongruent or different, but is what PP wrote above really ‘over the line’?

      • avatar just no

        Yeah, I think the language in the post is perfectly respectful (even with the commentary about the hair band breaking thing) in tone. Not really snarky, not really inflammatory. Just straight citing what’s known about the situation.

        I agree that deleting all mention of a spouse on the internets is a pretty public statement, and that she’s had time to just do a quick “we’re getting a divorce, that’s all I want to say at this time” type announcement.

      • avatar Religious Nut Butters


        I don’t see what is over the line about what PP said. Given the commentary on this issue is over 30 pages now in the HRG thread (and that has accumulated within a matter of days) it would actually be a little odd for PP to ignore it completely.

        She is in the public eye. She chooses to be there. She does not need to post the nitty gritty details but it is a little odd that in the midst of deleting all information about Billy to not say something like “I have filed for a divorce. I am not ready to talk about this on my blog, and may never be ready. Please respect that there are people, like my daughter, involved here. Now, let’s talk candy.”. To be still talking about hair ties, candy, and roller coasters (actual roller coasters, not the roller coaster of life) in the last few days like nothing at all is up is a bit odd.

      • avatar notablogger

        I think speculating is fine. I think posting her divorce filing on the forum is questionable. I think making it front page news before she has announced it isn’t very nice. I would feel like this was inappropriate even if it was someone like KERF that I find insufferable. The fact that she’s a public figure doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a little bit of courtesy and privacy during a tough time.

        If I remember correctly, the dooce divorce was heavily speculated about/discussed here before an announcement was made and no front page post hit until it was confirmed. That seemed more tasteful to me.

        • avatar notablogger

          reading more comments I realize I’m off about the timeline of the Dooce-vorce posting.


          Anyway, clearly a lot of people disagree with my opinion but I’m glad this is a place where it’s intelligent discussion instead of nastiness (not sarcastic at all).

          • I love that we can talk to each other without resorting to shouting and pejorative.

          • I absolutely understand why this post makes some people uncomfortable. But I would just like to say that despite this information circulating publicly on the forum for several days I did NOT post about it until she removed mentions of him from her ‘about me’ page – which I considered passive public acknowledgement of the situation.

            I did not post this to elicit snark (in fact I thought my post was pretty straightforward news item, nothing more), but because she is a popular blogger and this is news. To ignore news about a blogger just because she’s nice and everyone likes her, and post nothing but schadenfreude wank about people everyone dislikes, sort of makes GOMI into nothing better than a burn book, don’t you think?

            • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

              I think she is referring to the divorce filing in veiled terms. Presumably they agreed she wouldn’t post about it, so she’s skirting that by posting “the saddest thing happened” which turns out to be about her hair tie and similar.

              Maybe I’m way off; I don’t read her, and it’s possible her style is to be over-the-top hyperbolic about minor inconveniences, but my glance through her blog didn’t indicate that.

        • avatar fallenunicorn

          Can’t get more “confirmed” than the divorce filing. It’s not nice, it’s not mean, it’s a fact, and news about a blogger.

      • avatar cantstandphonies

        Not over the line and certainly not ‘creepy’ or ‘gross’. Get real, people.

    • avatar My name's Lolita, and this here's Tangueray

      I’m not familiar with this blogger. I can more or less understand both sides of the argument as far as her being a “public figure”, but I think overall this kind of post seems questionable.

      Let me offer a little personal background for clarification (or something. It may end up being totally irrelevant).

      Years ago when I was pretty young I married an abusive asshole. He regularly beat me. I had to call the police on more than one occasion. I stupidly got pregnant. We were arguing over something. He wanted to beat me but realized that he’d get in even more trouble for beating a pregnant woman, so to “punish” me, he called the cops and said I’d hit him. The cop knew that a-hole was lying but by law he had to arrest me anyway.

      Fast forward a decade or so, and shady websites are culling arrest information and making it more easily searchable and charging a big fee for removal. Guess whose arrest record is now public? (It was technically public before but required digging. Now it’s a Google away).

      And no one who sees it know the backstory.

      Sorry for the novel. I guess my point is: Backstory. We don’t really know it.

      • avatar My name's Lolita, and this here's Tangueray

        Ugh, I feel like I’ve pulled a KERF. “You guys always assume you know me!!” Which I feel is justifiably mockable when it comes to shit like having a maid & not mentioning it while soaking up praise for Doing It All. But really deep, personal stuff? Not so justifiably mockable.

        • avatar mollycharlotte

          Who is mocking the divorce?

        • avatar Wonton Disregard

          Please show me where PartyPants is mocking this divorce. Your story is sad, but it has nothing to do with this conversation.

      • avatar Princess Tazo Twee

        yes, we don’t know the back story but this post is strait forward facts not speculation.

    • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

      Hell yeah. If it had been Kelle Hampton everyone would have been on it like white on rice.

      • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

        Oh look, everyone else has said this on later pages. Why am I ALWAYS THE LAST TO THE PARTY!!!???

  9. avatar Eyeswideopen

    Really? Over the line how exactly? If this were a blogger you didn’t like would you say the same? If she picked and choosed would you find PP to be credible or bias? Public blogger is public, so brave, so persecuted. GTFO

  10. avatar happygal

    Ugh. Kid isn’t even a year yet. That does make me sad.

    • avatar hockeygirl19

      Honestly, I don’t know anything about this blogger, but it might be best in the long run. As a baby, she’s too young to have any lasting memories that an older child would, or the lingering pain and confusion that often accompanies a divorce. It’ll give the parents time to cool down (if there’s any bad blood) and figure out how to navigate their new relationship as co-parents civilly so that their little girl can grow up feeling secure.

      • avatar Younger & Younger

        Yes. Best now before memories of (hypothetical) tension, disagreements, etc. have the chance to settle. She can still think of each parent as such, just not as a couple. Best of luck to the three parties involved.

        • avatar happygal

          Yeah I get it. I was 8, so blah blah shit happened that I know but one short year ago they were celebrating bringing a baby in the world. It does show how much can happen in one year.

          • avatar ramonarickettes

            It shows how much can happen in an entire relationship, not just one year. Who says things were that great before the baby was born? A baby doesn’t always make everything great or better.

            • avatar snarkyrunner

              True; HRG did acknowledge that baby was not planned.

      • avatar non-profiteer

        Yeah that’s a pretty rose-colored interpretation IMO.

        I was 2 when mine divorced. I’m now 40 and they still haven’t “cool[ed] down… and figure[d] out how to navigate their new relationship as co-parents civilly.” It did give my dad plenty of time to move out of state and marry a second wife with moderate to severe mental illness so that we saw him less and less till I was fully estranged from him by age 16. By the time I was 30ish (and he’d divorced again) we’d more or less reconciled to a sort of lukewarm toleration of each other such that it’s not too awkward when we see each other once a year or so, but not before 15 years of estrangement, him flat-out refusing to contribute to my support or college education, etc.

        So yeah, depending on both parents’ choices, a divorce can very much be bad news for a kid too little to actually have memories of life beforehand.

        • avatar hockeygirl19

          I never said that it would indisputably work out that way. But it certainly gives them a chance to work things out civilly before their daughter is old enough to remember a lot of turmoil, which is more than a lot of children of divorce can say.

          Regardless, them being apart, even if the parents never become friendly, will be infinitely more healthy for their daughter than growing up in a home with her mom and dad trapped in a miserably marriage.

  11. avatar Ermahgerd Ferncer Ferst

    I’ve never visited her blog but I have always inferred that the majority of GOMIers enjoy it. I just looked her up and she does seem like a genuine, cool girl. Sad for them both and their pretty little daughter, but hopefully they are making the right decision for themselves. I don’t blame her for not splattering it all over her blog as it unfolds – it’s probably better for her sanity to keep it to herself until she is ready. I guess I also don’t think it’s particularly wrong for PP to have posted it here… HRG probably isn’t thrilled about it, but she seems smart enough to recognize that it comes with the territory. Also, I hope the fact that she is well-liked by most people here and is receiving supportive comments helps her through it all.

  12. avatar annoyedrunnergirl

    I don’t think it is fair to say putting this on the front page is over the line when there are pages upon pages already discussing it in the forums. Also, as other commenters have stated, it seems most of the comments are supportive and people are hoping she is OK.

  13. avatar Miss Noir

    So………….. it’s totally cool to write about Dooce’s divorce when it’s filed, but not this lady’s? Divorce makes me super sad, but I fail to see how posting about a public divorce is any more in “bad taste” than the other 95% of everything else on GOMI? This isn’t Jezebel.

    • I posted about Dooce separation speculation a good month before she made any announcement, and with less hard proof than this. I’m baffled by the double standard I’m seeing, honestly.

      • avatar Badger Skull

        And this isn’t even speculation or opinion or some thing that requires investigation or could have 2 sides to the story. This is just a fact. Someone filed for divorce. Someone who has a 97 page thread on this forum.

      • avatar CannotUnsee

        I agree. I like the blog, but there is definitely a double standard by saying it’s not “fair” that she wasn’t able to do it on her own timeline.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


    • avatar musket of wine


      In my opinion, once you stop wearing your ring (which apparently she never took off except to swim?), you’re publicly ‘out’ as divorced, or at least separated.

      Stop getting your panties in a bunch, people.

      • avatar berfbarf

        Eh. I don’t wear my wedding ring and I’ve been mostly happily married for 18.5 years. I’ve lost a lot of weight and because I’ve had it sized up and down quite a bit, it really can’t be sized at all anymore. So I have some options — get a new setting, get a new ring, etc. — and I just haven’t made a decision.

        After my first was born, I didn’t wear mine that much because I accidentally scratched him with the prongs one day.

        Until someone posted a link to the actual filing, I wasn’t even thinking divorce at all.

        • avatar musket of wine

          I get your point, but from what people are saying, she never took her ring off. So, I think that’s a pretty telling sign in this situation.

          • avatar Religious Nut Butters

            Yes, and she actually has a post somewhere that states that about ten minutes after they got engaged she promised Billy to never take it off. So she only takes it off to swim and left it with him or something so she would not lose it.

            So, while in most cases I would not even bat an eye about someone not always wearing her ring, in this case it was a little bit different for her to not be wearing it, not swimming, and not even mention the departure from the norm.

    • avatar oh my god I am so drunk

      Miss Noir, I totally agree, except for the ‘divorce makes me sad’ part. I think divorce is a good option to have and I can’t get sad if two people exercise that option. I don’t mean that in a cynical or ‘tough guy’ way, either.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        I’m a softie at heart and a sucker for love. What can I say?

    • avatar Affiliate Lynx

      Apparently it’s even fine to say “dooce-vorce” because LOLz but not this lady!

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