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Healthy Alternative’s Boyfriend Will Post On Her Blog

Healthy Alternative, some HLB tumblr, has a new baby and a job and evidently hasn’t been posting much. Most people probably assumed she was just busy with a newborn and supporting her stay at home dad boyfriend – until this showed up on her blog:

My boyfriend has been really supportive and has tried dieting with me, but I just cant seem to stay on course. I am up around 180lbs and my boyfriend has begun to get turned off from me sexually due to my weight and lack of motivation. When we got together I was fit and ambitious. Now I am lazy and unmotivated. This blog has gone to shit. My relationship has gone to shit…My boyfriend has been under a lot of stress being a stay-at-home dad, and my leaving him home all day then coming home smelling like cigarettes, eating gross chinese food then passing out before fulfilling his sexual needs (for weeks) has driven him away.

An outpouring of support followed, full of advice and hugs, and she went on to respond to reader messages with the news that “I actually created this blog after he sent me a traumatizing email about my weight…” Then a surprising follow up post appeared a couple of hours later:

Just to clarify…
My boyfriend wrote that post while I was at work and that is what I came home to.
I’m going to leave it up because it’s 95% true and I need a fresh start…

Of course, speculation has now begun about whether her boyfriend actually wrote the post. But if he did…wtf? Why would a woman come home, see that her boyfriend posted that on her blog, and then respond with “hopefully he still believes in me”?

Girl, naw.

  1. avatar Wildcard, Bitches!

    Dafuq did i just read?

  2. avatar gwenhara

    Speaking as someone who has never read this woman’s blog: it doesn’t matter who wrote it. They’re both horribly passive aggressive saboteurs of one another. Sounds like nothing will change until they split for good.

    • avatar Cuntalina Hittler

      She needs a fresh start, all right.

    • avatar boombalatty

      Thank God they brought a child into the middle of this.

    • avatar Is Tamara There?

      These two are yet another argument for maturation before pairing off and breeding

      • avatar Cara

        These two will always be fools, no matter how old or “mature” they become. My husband and I married at 22. Never in a million age — at that young age or in the many years since — we would say such nasty things to each other.

  3. avatar Writingwoman

    Incredibly sad. I thought the first post was weird- it read like it was written to shame her. I hope she realizes what an effed up, passive aggressive man she is with and leaves. Wow. Terribly abusive behavior on his part.

    • avatar Raised Fists of Furry

      I agree. Can you imagine having all the worst things you think about yourself slashed across the internet for all to see by someone who is supposed to love you? Ugh, I’m three months postpartum and I can’t imagine how hurt I’d be if my husband announced I wasn’t attractive enough for him yet.

      • avatar Raised Fists of Furry

        *splashed* typing one-handed due to 3-month-old.

        • avatar Writingwoman

          I know. The worst part is, she seems to believe it. Combo of intensely low self-esteem and a manipulative partner. I really hope she comes to her senses and realizes she doesn’t deserve this. The post-partum period is incredibly difficult even if she isn’t experiencing depression (which it sounds like she is), your hormones still haven’t stabilized. Add sleep-deprivation, body issues, and a bad relationship and you’ve got a woman who clearly needs therapy and the support of friends/family.

  4. avatar Miss Noir


    Girl, NO.

  5. avatar AKinpants

    Like I said in the thread, I’m pretty sure it’s fake and she wrote it herself. No one sane would leave that shit up and then write a follow up saying 95% of what he said was true. That’s just fucked up.

    • avatar PriorSnarkGirl

      ^^ This X 26

    • avatar Writingwoman

      It really reads like an angry man wrote it. I don’t think she wrote it herself.

      • avatar Girlattorney

        Yeah. That guy sounds like my husband. Girl, RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!

        • avatar Lard Lass

          Girlattorney, why not take your own advice, if he sounds like your husband? You do not need that, you are a LOLyer!

        • avatar boxovinopcoltrane

          Word. He sounds like my EX husband!

    • avatar bedhead

      I think he wrote both the posts!

  6. avatar Miss Noir


    I have no words. Only GIFS and “NO, GIRL. NO.”

  7. avatar nikki

    She like, 14 ?

  8. avatar Miss Noir

    She needs to transition the Stay At Home Boyfriend to a Homeless Ex-Boyfriend and hire a nanny.


    • You seem to have a lot of feels about this post. Maybe you need to discuss it with GOMI Head of Tech Support:

      • avatar Miss Noir


      • avatar Urethra Franklin


        • :D I actually thought it was a manta ray. I used to post random images of manta rays when I thought discussions were going nowhere, sort of like “ok nothing left to say here, enjoy this manta ray”.

          • avatar FattyMagoo

            I have been wondering about the manta ray thing for almost a year. It’s satisfying to finally know.

          • avatar Slinky

            A la Posh Spice in Spiceworld? “What do you think about manta rays?”

          • avatar DoubleEntendre

            LOL :) And it’s a stingray, if the decades of National Pornographic stacked in my dad’s garage are to be trusted.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      Fuck yeah.

  9. avatar Shrug Bitch

    I fully admit she was a SOMI for me back when she was blogging regularly – a bit immature when posting about her personal life, sure, but since 90% of her posts were about food, I didn’t mind. Seeing this pop up in my feed after her not posting for weeks was just a big WTF.

    And don’t even get me started on the theory she made the whole thing up….

  10. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


    • avatar NotThatKelly

      Finally, a Ryan Lochte expression I fully relate to.

      And what *would* Ryan Lochte do? Not sure, but it has got to be more positive than whatever this person would. Imma go be a man and night and a man during the day…

    • avatar NoShilling4Swag

      It is so obvious with this boy that the the lights are on but nobody’s home.

      • To quote Ryan Lochte in almost any interview ever:

        *blank look*

        • avatar Semi Ho

          [to mah imaginary boyfriend, Ryan]
          Don’t let them make fun of you, baby. I’m smart enough for both of us.

        • “You’re a man when you go to bed, and you’re a man when you wake up.” Did you see that on “The Soup”? The anchors were pissing themselves laughing.

      • avatar The Old Bailey

        There was a youtube clip going around of a couple newsanchors completely losing it after trying to interview him with a straight face. it’s hilarious.

  11. avatar OatyO

    “My boyfriend is leaving me today”
    “Ive been a shitty girlfriend.”

    This is so fucked up.

    • avatar Alice Roosevelt

      I hope he does leave. And I hope she has at least one friend who’s all, “Lawyer up now, lady, then change the locks.”

      • avatar Girlattorney

        Depending on where she lives, it really doesn’t matter how bad he treats HER as long as he hasn’t abused the baby. If she’s in California she’ll be locked into joint custody with him forever no matter how awful he is to her.

        (Which is why Katie Holmes’s father is now my personal hero, but that’s pretty off-topic so I’ll leave it at that.)

        • avatar Miss Noir

          Really? In Ohio, if you’re not married, the father has no legal rights to the child without petitioning the Family Court.

          • avatar eeee

            In Texas, the non-custodial parent can get visiting rights even if there is a documented history of abuse of the child. It’ll be supervised visitation, but still.

            I got lucky and got sole custody just before they sent it by the wayside, but even so “sole custody” only meant that if there was a disagreement then my wishes took legal precedence. (Think of situations like boarding school, international travel, establishment of religion, certain medical decisions, etc.) I had a restraining order against my ex-husband for about 8 of my son’s first 18 years, but he still had visitation rights (and child support obligations). This is also why my son had a cell phone at age 8, but that’s another story.

            The only way around that would have been if he’d relinquished parental rights – he’d then have been off the hook for child support, but would have had no visitation or contact rights. He WOULD, however, have been able to change his mind later and petition the court to reinstate his parental rights, which – barring a felony or history of child abuse – they’d probably grant.

            So yeah, in lots of places, all you need to be is listed on the birth certificate, or willing to pay for the DNA test to prove you’re the parent, and no matter what a shit you are, the other parent and the kid are stuck with you forever.

        • avatar Alice Roosevelt

          I think she’s in New York?

          And word to Katie Holmes’ father pulling those ninja-level legal moves. If there is a fourth Mrs. Cruise, you can be sure Xenu himself will be checking to make sure there aren’t any lawyers in the family for five generations back.

          • Right–part of the plan was that Holmes had gone to NY to do a play, Suri had gone with her while Cruise was doing a movie, and Holmes had a new apartment, non-Scientology bodyguards and everything set up so the minute she served the papers she was out from his clutches.

          • avatar HillbillyPrincess

            I got the feeling that Katie’s dad put that plan together long before he was allowed to execute. I think his happiest day was getting his daughter and granddaughter away from that freak.

  12. avatar FunnieGirl

    She wrote it herself. Or her boyfriend wrote both. How do I know? The word “effect” was used incorrectly in both posts. (Should have been “affect.) Not commenting the mistake itself (I’m not the grammar police), just evidence to me that both posts were by one person.

    • avatar Shrug Bitch


    • avatar HAMnesia

      Dude, I was going to post the same thing. If her boyfriend did write the post, they both need to learn how to spell “affect.”

    • avatar PoppingBaubles

      Or, birds of a (grammatically challenged) feather flock together.

    • avatar JaffaCakes


      Now I don’t know what to think about this.

    • avatar FattyMagoo

      That is one of the most common writing errors that I run across at work. I wouldn’t say that those words alone prove anything.

      • avatar Rowena T.

        Yeah–I’ve spent years editing, teaching, and reading shit people post on the internet, and I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of English speakers do not know the difference between “effect” and “affect.”

        • I know I don’t and I will usually google if I need to. I count on you hams to correct me if I use the incorrect one.

          • avatar Rowena T.

            Heh–oh, I’m not saying it’s not difficult, especially since the RAVEN thing isn’t always strictly true; “effect” can be a verb and “affect” can be a noun (“She effected great change . . . with a flat affect”) It’s just too common an error to be some idiosyncratic grammatical mistake that proves both these posts were written by the same person.

          • avatar The Franklinator

            The Oatmeal helped me remember the difference between affect/effect. No more Googling the same damned thing over and over for me!


        • avatar Smugnom Stevens

          I just use the R.A.V.E.N. rule:

          Affect =
          Effect =

    • avatar luna

      The style is similar too. I hear the same voice in my head.

  13. avatar Fart in a mitten


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