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First Week Of “Hey Natalie Jean” Is Sponsored By Everyone

Natalie Jean, ‘professional’ ‘writer’, has managed to confuse and annoy her readers within the first week of her blog rebrand. Kicking off her new brand with two sponsored posts in a row, Natalie was forced to field some disappointment from fans. In response, she took to twitter and did some damage control:


Readers gave Natalie a break, assuming it was simply awkward timing. That is until yesterday, when yet another sponsored post appeared. Today, when a fourth sponsored post rounded out the first week of the new brand – the second in a row, despite her previous statement that it would not happen again – it seems some readers began to have just about enough:

Comments 1 and 2

Comment 4Comment 3

Natalie promptly began deleting comments asking why her disclosure did not meet the FTC’s recommended guidelines, and then ran to twitter once again in an attempt to end further discussion about the matter:

well pardon us

Needless to say many of Natalie’s fans are less than thrilled with the new direction her blog is taking. Perhaps if she rebranded it Hey, Natalie Will Shill Anything at least folks would know what they were in for and she wouldn’t have to apologize on twitter so often.

  1. avatar JaffaCakes

    Yes, but does her post meet the FTC recommended guidelines of Assholery?

  2. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


  3. avatar loreleilee

    Lol, ThatWife is carping about Nat’s sponsored posts. Jealous, much?

    • I know, it’s like bizarro internets with this mini-drama.

      • avatar becausecrazyduh

        these women need hobbies outside of their homes and children.

        • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

          or in the case of jenna, shouldn’t even have children.

          • avatar Zandra

            I feel that if jenna didn’t have real kids she’d be right into those reborn dolls. At least dolls don’t know if they’re being stored in the bathroom…

            • avatar DoubleEntendre

              OR DO THEY?


              • avatar Maeby Fünke

                I will hunt you down in my soon-to-be sleepless nights for posting this gif. I’m just saying.

    • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

      Was it Jenna? She spells her middle name Nichole. Did the comment link back to TW?

      • avatar Snow White

        I’m thinking not. I didn’t realize she meant within the screencaps. That’s not Jenna’s name and I think Jenna would have had a Gravatar or her blog or photo represented.

    • avatar Snow White

      Where is this?

    • avatar Hater Face

      She kinda fell off my radar when Alice stopped posting about her, but I popped over to her blog, and dear lord all the dashes in her description:

      “I’m a farm-raised almost-crunchy stroller-pushing picture-taking lifestyle-blog-writing gastronomy-obsessed divine-seeking thrift-store-combing cheese-inhaling pavement-pounding laughter-sprinkling lover of individuality and taking chances.”


  4. avatar becausecrazyduh

    The name alone was enough for me to stop clicking.

    People who delete blog comments that don’t fit into their fake little world of gurgly babies and sunshine can go to hell.

  5. avatar Louise

    Okay, I’ve really tried to give her the benefit of the doubt because I used to love her blog, but the “lets move on” tweet reeks of “YOU DON’T GET A SAY!!!!”

    • avatar Fiber Illuminati

      Yes, and like KERF’s “Please let it go” comment (in response to readers complaining about the Ocean Spray, Smuckers, etc. sponsors).

    • avatar Aggressively Stupid

      Agreed. Your readers will decide when they’re ready to move on for themselves.

  6. avatar Religious Nut Butters

    I kind of imagine her fans were like “…uh…okay, I like you so let’s just see where this goes”. Now they are all “uh, WTF is this shit!”. I have a cat gif for that:


    I guess she needs to pay for a new (much smaller, but much more twee!) apartment somehow.

    • avatar Belladonna Took

      This makes we want to have a train set.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      Oh, yeah, O Hay Natalie Jean the Fat Rat cares about the FTC.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      That posted in the wrong spot. Whatever.


      Have a cackling duck.

      • avatar Suzka

        Those cackling ducks are the highlight of my day. Thanks!

      • avatar Maeby Fünke

        Thank you, dear Eyelash Sweater, for this beautiful gif.

  7. avatar minxy

    Gosh, how chaotic.
    way to turn readers away big time.
    Deleting comments unless they are genuinely trolls smells of blog doom to me.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      the comments i saw weren’t even mean, more along the lines of asking what were the particulars of sponsorship, it’s kind of unclear, etc. she just can’t deal.

      looks like she added “this is a sponsored post!” in the paragraph towards the end about how we should support the companies that support her family blah blah (love taza says the same crap in her posts about almonds and bleach).

      • avatar ativan annie

        Well, I personally have gotten a lot of genuine emotional support from almonds over the years so I can kind of see her point.

        • avatar FattyMagoo

          When I have a bad day, I like to buy tubes of marzipan and eat them like I would a tube of cookie dough.

      • avatar Kitty Likes to Scratch

        We should support the companies who support her family. Ergo, we should support her family.

        (Gah! What happened to gifs? OK, insert “Um, no” gif here.)

    • avatar swimminginvinegar

      I think the issue is that because she doesn’t capitalize letters or make her blog readable in any way, you have to read the tiny print buried in the text to see that its sponsored. And the text is gray. So sorry, so old, but I can’t read her drivel.

      • avatar brownies and vodka

        I must be old too, because that entire website looks dated and faded to me and it’s making me smell mothballs. Is it possible to hipster filter an entire website, or is there something wrong with my computer??

  8. avatar Bensimon Sneakers

    This gives me the sads. I genuinely enjoy Natalie’s writing and I think Huck is totes adorbs, but this re-branding attempt has signaled the death knell for everything I liked about Nat the Fat Rat. Just be you, girl! Don’t worry about making those pageview$ — you were doing just fine.

    • I think it would have even been fine if the bit about how she just wanted to retire the ‘fat rat’ nickname was all there was behind this. But when 4 out of 6 posts in your first week are sponsored crap it pretty much screams ‘rebrand for pr reasons gimme $$$’, you know?

    • avatar boombalatty

      She has a child named Huck?


      • avatar Bensimon Sneakers

        His name is Henry. Huck is just a nickname.

        Usually I’d be all

        But somehow I’m just all

      • avatar AQNR

        I know two boys whose legal name is Huck.


        • avatar DoubleEntendre

          Hopefully it’s not a set of twins.

          • avatar AQNR

            Hee hee, no. The parents don’t even know each other.

        • avatar forlornfawn

          Are they older or younger than Natalie’s Huck (hoping they’re not named after a baby on a blog!!)

          • avatar Douglas Fur

            I looked at a new client’s questionnaire yesterday and saw that one of their sons was named CULLEN* (like Twilight & Daily Garnish)…I had a momentary panic attack until I saw that he was 8 years old and realized that he was too old to be named after either.

            They have a super Irish last name, and both of their other children have very Irish names. Relief.

          • avatar AQNR

            Older. They’re each named after Huck Finn. I think the parents are nice people otherwise, don’t know why they were so cruel in this one respect.

            • Finn’s a nice name. Couldn’t go with that? Huck Finn’s real name was Huckleberry anyway. Ain’t nuthin’ but a hound dog.


              • avatar bucky

                Yes! I know a Finn. It’s an awesome name (or I could just think so because the Finn I know is so stinking cute and wears superhero clothes all of the time.)

        • avatar ThunderPuss

          They’re both going to have a really rough time if someone wants to play The Name Game with them (along with Buck and Chuck).

          • avatar Who am I again?

            We rescued a cat when my son was about 2, 2-1/2. Couldn’t think what to name it. Driving down the road, saw a sign for Dr. Tucker’s Optical Shop. I said, “How about Tucker? Would you like to call the cat Tucker?”

            YES! YES! He LOVED the name Tucker. Tucker this, Tucker that. All the time Tucker.

            About two weeks later his class at preschool/day care started learning to sing the Name Game. My son came home and “taught” it to me. “Let’s do Mommy! Mommy-mommy-bo-bommy” etc. I was bored spitless. “I have to cook supper, honey, go play with Tucker.”

            So yep, next thing I hear, “Tucker Tucker bo bucker bo-nana-fana-fo-fu-”–”HEY SON WANT TO COME HELP ME WITH DINNER?!”

            I tried to get him to change Tucker’s name, so he wouldn’t do the fo-fucker part at the (church-run) daycare, but he stood firm. He didn’t kicked out, so I guess it never came up, or they overlooked it.

            Lord, lord. Little kids.

    • avatar #notpaleo

      I don’t think she was doing just fine. She needs to get that little boy off of the internet ASAP. Quit that, Natalie. Give up the $$$$ and give the kid his privacy.

  9. avatar wifebot

    instead of complaining in the comments section (a place where you’re never going to win if you have a dissenting opinion), i wish people would just stop patronizing a blog when it’s tanking. vote with your money (in this case, page view$) and just stop reading. i promise you won’t miss it after a week.

    there’s no point trying to make narcissistic bloggers understand a rational point of view. the only thing they understand is making money off their fakey-fake perfect twee lifestyles, and if we as consumers just hit ‘em where it hurts, eventually they’ll get wise because their income will dry up.

    • I think it’s natural to want to voice your feedback as a customer before flouncing off with a ‘taking my money elsewhere’ ass wag out the door. There are actually people/companies that appreciate feedback and suggestions. The problem is bloggers, as a rule, do not. They don’t want to do what readers want, they want to do what all the other bloggers are doing. It’s comically sad.

      • avatar wifebot

        exactly. bloggers can’t be reasoned with. deny them page view$!

      • avatar JIF

        EX-freaking-ACTLY. Bloggers just want to copy each other and reach each others fame. Readers are just the vehicle to get them the fulfillment of all their hopes and dreams.

  10. avatar RUFF

    I can’t anymore. I used to look forward to reading homegirl’s blog, but now? Deleting comments? That’s tacky and illegal. (And we all know that’s the worst kind of tacky.) Nope, I’m done. It gives me the sadz.


    • avatar Wait...What???

      Story behind gif please!

      • avatar PK

        Looks like Tyra went a little cray on some model that DGAF.

        • Man, I was watching that when it first aired, and it kind of felt like it was less than Tyra went cray that this had been coming for a while, and Tyra vented. Loudly. I was kind of cheering for Tyra in that scene.

          • avatar Jo Bethersonton

            My DH and I were totally agape watching. It was awesome!

            • avatar New Year New You

              DH? DH? What up with the Weddingbee shit?

              DH = Darling Hemorrhoids


              • avatar Learned_Paw

                Like button

              • avatar Miss Noir

                I don’t even know what a DH is?

              • avatar Belladonna Took

                It’s a Darling Husband.

                DS = Darling Son
                DD = Darling Daughter

                Always brings back bad memories of the Babycentre boards .. those bitches knew how to judge.

              • avatar Miss Noir

                ew… That’s stupid.

              • It gets confusing when people try to describe their step-grandchildren. “I took DSGS and DSGD to the park today! They loved it.”

                Who are you, the Zodiac Killer? Just use inane nicknames like Buggy or Squishy and give our brains a rest.

            • avatar Special Snowflake

              I always think of designated hitter, but yeah.

              • avatar Zesty

                Sadly, I think it is ‘Dear Heart’.

                I am so sad that I think I know this.

        • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

          Now Im down a youtube rabbit hole of disfunctional joy. I really hope work doesn’t do a web-history trawl today.

        • avatar Wait...What???

          Wow! Scary Tyra! Thanks

        • avatar Affiliate Lynx

          ERMAGERD I saw that when it happened. DRAMZ!

          I miss the old ANTM.

    • avatar RecreationalSnarker

      This is one of my favorites. You win.

    • avatar Who am I again?

      Wait, it’s illegal to delete comments?

  11. avatar brownies and vodka

    Wait a second. She’s been married for 10 years? How old is she? I thought she was under 30. Is her wedding anniversary on September 11? Because if so, that’s awkward, and if not, that’s REALLY AWKWARD.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      I believe it was last week.

    • Their anniversary date night was on August 30th. So no, today was not their anniversary, and pretty much nobody can figure out why the fuck she posted this today.

      • avatar Zandra

        Because she needed a relatable story behind her shill for a dating site/sight/cite. I stupidly clicked over to read the background then BAM! Whoring out a sweet milestone for a fuckin $50 giveaway.

        • avatar #notpaleo

          They probably gave her the whole date for free too.

      • avatar Zandra

        Oh yeah and it just so happened to be the anniversary of a horrible tragedy that changed the world irrevocably…

    • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

      Yeah, she’s thirty-one this year. I think their anniversary is like July or August.

    • avatar becausecrazyduh

      all snarkiness aside, I legit thought she was in her late 30′s?

      • avatar duffinator

        That’s because she lives in NY, has been married for 10 years, and has spawned. Totally understandable. If she was in the midwest or Utah or something all the other 31-year-old women would also be celebrating their double-digit anniversaries and taking care of their kids, but in NYC it’s like 31 is 24 or something and people who choose to marry are doing it at this age or older. Weird time vortex here. (I say this as a 38 year old NYer with a teen who is not acquainted with any other parents except those of small toddlers and the parents of my son’s friends, so yeah.)

    • avatar itsmemargaret


  12. Yeah. I like her a lot; I’ve stayed out of her thread on the forums so that I wouldn’t have to read some of that stuff because I really did like her blog. No more. This many sponsored posts in a row right after the rebrand… PP, you’re right. It’s just a giant flashing neon sign that says “I had to re-brand so more sponsors would give me things/money”.


    Well, check that blog off the follow list.

  13. avatar A

    People should just be happy for her that her blog has taken her in the direction of getting so many sponsored posts. I mean, that might be what she wants anyways. If readers don’t like it, then waaahhh, get over it.

    • avatar Marty

      Yeah, same goes for companies we support who go in a direction we don’t like. They just followin they dream!

    • avatar DoubleEntendre

      Yeah, NJ’s all shocked, “Just let me grab my money! You weren’t supposed to notice.”


      • avatar Jo Bethersonton

        My whole family is watching this and LOLing IRL

        • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

          Seriously. I’ve been staring at this trying to figure out a way to get my oldest to do this. I AM mother of the year.

    • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

      Why do white Knights have such boring user names?. If youre going to make a stand then COMMIT, DAMMIT!! None of this ‘A’ shit, or…..meh, can’t remember any other. Cos they’re boring.

      • avatar DoubleEntendre

        Why can’t you let them “B”? You “C” they’re just…



    • avatar Juju

      Sure, Natalie can do whatever she likes. However, her readership, clicks and traffic are what drives sponsors to her blog. Without them, she’s kind of in trouble. If you’re a long time reader, I’m sure you’re willing to give her time to work out the kinks, but over time if she keeps doing sponsored posts to the exclusion of everything else, people will get tired of it, stop reading and her sponsorships will dry up.

    • avatar KAS

      I could care less if she wants to turn her blog into a big shillfest, but she owes it to her readers to be HONEST and post the proper disclosures. That is the whole crux of this thing- people want her to be honest. And she doesn’t want to be. She really needs to grow the fuck up.

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