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“Effortless Anthropologie” Thinks You Should Have Invited Her

Today in blogger entitlement, Roxy – self-appointed queen of Anthro-blogging since the departure of “The Antrhoholic” - is bummed out. What horrible catastrophe occurred that has her so upset? Well it seems twee clothing company Anthropologie forgot to send her an invitation to some party or something:

Last night Anthropologie hosted a blogger party in their NYC showroom. Normally this is the part where I talk about how excited I am to share photos and details…except this time around EA didn’t make the cut. Like some high school rumormill I found out about the party while checking my Instagram feed last night.

You know what’s even more “high school” than finding out over social media that you weren’t invited to the party? Whining on your blog that you weren’t invited to the party. But hey, she has a valid reason to be upset – I mean, don’t you people know who she is?

…I’m majorly bummed that at a time when more brands are reaching out to me to get involved with this community, the one brand I care about the most excluded EA from a blogger-targeting event.

In short, Roxy is a big deal on her blog, you guys. Yep,  nothing says maturity like getting on the internet and shaming companies for not recognizing your importance.

Am I the only one who finds this behavior sort of self-important and reeking of teenaged hurt feelings? Seriously this reminded me of high school, when someone would find out at school on Monday that they weren’t invited to so-and-so’s sleepover and then they would spend the next two days moaning about how they USED to be invited before reminding everyone they are a cheerleader and wrapping up with a loud “whatever, I don’t even care!”

Come on, bloggers. Some people have real problems. Get over yourselves.

  1. avatar Jinxy

    I don’t know what is worse, complaining about a party that you didn’t get an invite to or that she has no cool blogger friends that let her know it was even going on.

  2. avatar Ballerina Face

    No sympathy in the comments (so far). Her readers either don’t care or are too distracted by the tulle and sparkles to actually read her reviews.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      … or roxy is deleting any boo-fucking-hoo type comments.

  3. avatar rosieposie

    you guys, we’re talking about a group of bloggers whose lives are dedicated to a twee (sickly overpriced) retail store. Maturity isn’t exactly part of their point of view.

    • avatar Former EA Fan

      Trust me, I can’t afford to shop there at full price, but there are total STEALS to be had from that store. There’s more to that blog than meets the eye.

  4. avatar pkjane

    I’ve never been in an Anthropologie. I’ve had a little bit of a thing for asymmetry in clothing until I found these Antrho blogs through GOMI and now it just annoys me. Anthro asymmetry looks like something is stuck to something or sewn wrong.

    • avatar pkjane

      Woah, I’m not even drinking yet and I can’t type.

      • avatar x

        I’ve never looked at Anthropologie’s stuff till today and wow,

        The weirdest outfits ever. The colors are mis matched…it’s like someone took vintage and splashed it over clothing for older/younger women in unusual ways. I can see what kind of style this store is going for…but it’s so confusing on first glance. Some of the outfits are decent, but one can find something like that for so much less.


  5. avatar Snarky Librarian

    I wonder why Roxy would even think she should be invited. She spends most of her posts complaining about how “off their aesthetic” Anthro is right now (which is ridiculous, they are allowed to change the style of the clothes they sell), how bad the quality is these days, etc. Then she regularly posts leaked information about upcoming events and promotions that Anthro did not want made public. Plus, she looks awful in most of the things that they sell there (at least in the sizes that she tries on and buys). Why would they want to invite her?

    Or maybe her invitation got lost in the hurricane. Yeah, that’s it.

    • avatar Ballerina Face

      “Or maybe her invitation got lost in the hurricane.”

      Well now I feel like an asshole for snarking on one of Sandy’s victims.

      • avatar MyBraPoppedOpen


        There is suffering (losing your house and a life time of memories) and there is “suffering” (losing a party invite)

      • avatar Snarky Librarian

        She lost power and cell service for like three days. I’m definitely not calling her a victim.

        • avatar Ballerina Face

          I know. I was kidding.

          • avatar pearl3000

            Yes, you were! And in delicious fashion. I love dry wit and subtle humor — your zinger was a great one.

  6. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


  7. avatar Ham Dawber

    Just when I think I’m good and jaded, something like this comes strolling up the pike, and I find that I’m about as naive as all of those blue-collar workers who voted for Romney. Naturally, I’m disgusted by this blogger’s entitled and juvenile attitude, but more than that, I’m incredulous that all of these Anthropologie-homage sites even exist. Because really, have we become so dependent upon the opinions of bloggers that we can’t even flip through a fucking catalog without advice? And why would Anthropologie even give a shit how this woman’s throwing together their housewares and clothes?

    • avatar Expert Gay

      Of course Anthropologie gives a shit; that’s why they have blogger events. Free advertising! The Anthro-blogging community is Anthro’s dream come true.

      I love pretty things as much as the next person on the internet, and I can understand cultivating and feeling loyal to a particular aesthetic. To that degree, I understand Anthro blogs (and J. Crew blogs, and so on). What I don’t understand is the Anthro bloggers’ tendency to buy clothes BECAUSE they’re from Anthropologie, when they likely wouldn’t give the same clothes a second glance at Kohl’s or Ross. I’ve seen this sort of thing on Roxy’s blog, in particular. “It fits poorly, the color makes me look ill, and I can’t wear it with any of the bras I already own. Wishlisted!!”

      • avatar Ham Dawber

        Aaah, there’s the jaded feeling i was missing. Just the thought of Anthropologie and a bunch of bloggers sniffing all around each other’s asses makes me want to puke.

        • avatar Expert Gay

          The nausea always kicks in sooner or later, doesn’t it?

    • avatar Missy

      Listen asshole, no need to bring politics into it… but since you did. The only thing required for an Obama vote is a low IQ with an entitlement problem. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics and Economics and am a Romney supporter. I have observed most Obama supporters to be trailer park trash.

      • avatar new year new you

        1) How does it feel to back a loser?

        FUCK YOU ENTITLED POORZ!!111111!!!!!!!!!

        3) Did they give you a free stick to shove up your ass with the Someone Cum Loud?

        4) Did you minor in Ignorance Studies?

        5) Let’s give you a Mathematics and Economics test: If 150 million Poors die of starvation because there are no jobs to get, or die from lack of access to healthcare what will all the Richies do with the bodies? Who will pay?

  8. avatar Is this your homework Larry

    I actually don’t understand why someone would dedicate a blog to one brand of clothing. Is it just in hopes of getting free stuff? That would be like me, being a fat, having an entire blog where I talk about nothing but eating at Carrabba’s. Or only reviewing movies made by Roger Corman on my current blog. Etc. It’s not a blog, it’s a fansite, and it makes no sense to me. Also, I had honestly never heard of Anthropologie before I found GOMI.

    *I am afraid that I sound like I’m just here to hate everything. There are some blogs I like but they are never featured here. Which is a good thing, I guess.

  9. avatar kittenmittens

    i used to work for anthro. i can honestly say they don’t give a shit about roxy or the other anthro bloggers. in fact, as someone who worked in the retail stores it was really annoying to have people call and ask about things they read on the blogs. of course i used to love the brand, too (not much anymore after working there) but these RABID anthro fans are terrifying. it’s still just CLOTHES ladies!! i’m sure they have blogger events because they are smart but roxy…THEY DON’T ACTUALLY OWE YOU ANYTHING. in fact they think she’s pretty annoying.

  10. avatar anna

    As an anthro employee I cannot stand any of these blogs. All of these women are self-entitled they complain about not being invited to events or wanting the “old anthro” back. Get over it and stop shopping at Anthro then. We have lots of other women who will gladly buy the current products full-price and not stay up until 3am for sales or whining about price-adjustments. Also, my store coworkers don’t dress as insane as these women. Thanks for reminding me why I hate anthro bloggers. We have one at my store who comes in and act like she runs the place and we can’t help but roll our eyes.

    • avatar LaDeeDa

      Oooh, dirt!

      Admittedly, I follow the Anthro blogs. Now I’m intrigued by who might be a bit snotty IRL.

      Does she ANNOUNCE that she has a blog, like, mention it a million times, or is her blog just something you guys happen to be aware of?

      • avatar anna

        We happen to be aware of it and are unfortunately doing an event with her which none of us are looking forward to. Her commenters on her blog make me gag asking why she doesn’t work for anthro, or who would’ve though to put those colors together! No one because it looks disgusting. I know y’all give STF shit but I prefer her styling anthro clothes (read:normal) to this other blogger.

        • avatar LaDeeDa

          Yeah, I agree. I think in the three-ish years I’ve been following clothing bloggers I’ve only bought about four things I wouldn’t have noticed on my own, and I think two or three of them were worn by STF.

          I already said this the last Anthro-GOMI go-round, but I pair my Anthro statement pieces with basics from other stores. You gotta balance, Baby!

          I do like/appreciate seeing the clothing on the OOTD bloggers. It helps quickly narrow stuff out whilst I sit on my butt on the couch with the t.v. going. Most people are pretty laid back about it. “Here’s what I tried on this weekend. This is the size I bought.”

          • avatar New Year New You


            We need to get you some Canesten.

            Also that’s now two mentions of SblankF, she’s like The Candyman, one more mention and she is bound to appear.

          • avatar LaDeeDa

            I went to Anthro and bought another of what she was wearing.

            Speaking of buying used clothing and such though, I made my very first ebay purchase this past August (a book), and damned if I didn’t get screwed. In the end, no book for LaDeeDa. Damn asshat seller.

          • avatar New Year New You

            Noooooo how can that be, ebay always sides with the buyer.

          • avatar anna

            It is all about the balance. I may wear crazy floral pants, but with a simple tshirt. These anthro bloggers like to act like they get style but they don’t (don’t get me started with gingham shirt and floral skirts). The reader outfits remind of that.

          • avatar franziabot


            I’ve bought and sold on eBay and gotten screwed both ways. Though very rarely. Overall it’s not a bad way to get rid of stuff you no longer use or find things you have to have (bootleg Honey West DVDs) but can’t find anywhere else.

          • avatar New Year New You

            I have just this second bought a brand new with tags Marc Jabobs top on ebay for $30. Ebay4lyfe.

            Also funny, there are listings which actually say Jabobs instead of Jacobs. Messica is not alone in her illiteracy.

          • avatar LaDeeDa

            I finally complained yesterday. Was a bit of work though because I purchased under a friend’s ebay account, but used my credit card as a “One time guest” thing, and also ordered from the UK. So, I wasn’t necessarily covered by paypal and had to be transferred around a lot, but in the end they were very cool and refunded me anyways. Actually, paypal was doubly cool because I had complained past the complain expiration date, of which I was not aware. The guy jerked me around a long time with the usual “It’s on it’s way! It’s been sent! Death in the family,” business. Me= Sucker.

            I’m on a very dorky mission to find matching yellow Penguin books for some of my old college English course novels.

          • avatar New Year New You

            You need to be careful with buying books from those biiiig booksellers, because a lot of them do..and I cannot for the life of me remember what the term is now,; but it’s a known thing they do whereby they list books that they don’t actually have, and when you buy it they try and get it from somewhere else. I usually try and buy books only from personal sellers.

          • avatar LaDeeDa

            Ah! Thank you NYNY. I was wondering, because before I bought the book from the screwer dude I had emailed some other seller double checking that the book in the picture was the exact copy I was wanting, and she was responding with “Describe the book to me… let me check and I’ll get back to you… What is the ISBN number?” And I was thinking, “My God! Yea or nay?! Do you or do you not have the book in the picture? The picture? That I thought you uploaded? To match the book you’re selling?”

        • avatar Snarky Librarian

          Is it Anthromollogies or whatever her name is? Her outfits are always such a trainwreck, I don’t know what her readers are smoking.

          • avatar Snow

            I wasn’t going to name who I thought it was – but that’s exactly what I thought when I posted my comment below.

          • avatar kerfrump

            i totally thought of anthromollogies when anna posted that comment about an upcoming event they are doing in store with a blogger.

            that chick is cray. she even gave birth at home wearing an anthro bandeau and had a some anthro candle burning. o.O

            • avatar New Year New You

              “she even gave birth at home wearing an anthro bandeau and had a some anthro candle burning.”

              SHUUUUUT UP.

              I have to lie down. On my Anti-Anthro floor.

            • avatar New Year New You

              I mean I hope the baby at least popped out wearing Anthro, and the beef drapes of her birthing vagina, magically became trimmed with chiffon and fancy floral netting.

          • avatar anonymously_me

            Ok, so I totally looked up Anthromollogies, and her recent outfits weren’t too bad…until I saw this :


            What the hell is this?

        • avatar Snow

          hehe. Sadly I think I know how you’re referring to and the ways she dresses is cray-cray. You’re right, everyone is like “wow, I never thought of putting those pieces together” – that’s bc you don’t have a schizo fashion sense

          • avatar Miss Marple

            is this the person who writes like this:
            “You are perfect. There’s nothing I’d change about you. Your hemline is flat out SICK! The way it floats when I walk, well….just makes me weak in the knees. And your elastic waistband…see, you’re just so GIVING, like Mother Theresa. The Giving Dress.”

            because I just cannot.

            • avatar Annonymous

              That’s just the top of the iceberg. She writes like she’s been drinking straight up espresso. Has anyone read her blog? The clothing are so out there. She is hosting ( Her own ) Anthro event. She apparently goes there everyday. I don’t know how the husband who she calls “Macyver” can afford it. But she clothing is not appropriate for a 40 year old. But as long as Anthropologie lemmings go. She’s one of them. And yes, She did post pictures of her giving birth in a bath tub which was pretty gross! I won’t post the details. I just thought it was gross.

        • avatar whatthewhaaa

          Is it Molly from Anthromollogies?

    • avatar Former EA Fan

      I’ve seen plenty of Anthro employees who dress like the bloggers. I still like the store though and even like some of the reader outfits. It’s the being treated like crap part on her blog that I don’t like.

  11. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    She should totally JUST MAKE HER OWN BRAND

  12. avatar no1curr

    I’m not surprised. A) The brand doesn’t owe her anything. B) Her entitled attitude seems to finally be catching up with her (remember the Reader Outfits debacle?).

    • avatar Franky

      no, please share with the class!

      • avatar no1curr

        When the Anthroholic scandal broke, another blog decided to take over the Reader Outfits feature that was popular on the Anthroholic blog. Roxy had accused this blog of copying her content before (which may or may not be true, I wasn’t a faithful reader of the other blog), but all of a sudden decided that SHE had claim to Reader Outfits for reasons I can’t really understand and forced the other blog to stop posting them. So every time I see Reader Outfits on EA, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth about her ridiculous Queen of Anthroblogging attitude.

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