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“Effortless Anthropologie” Thinks You Should Have Invited Her

Today in blogger entitlement, Roxy – self-appointed queen of Anthro-blogging since the departure of “The Antrhoholic” - is bummed out. What horrible catastrophe occurred that has her so upset? Well it seems twee clothing company Anthropologie forgot to send her an invitation to some party or something:

Last night Anthropologie hosted a blogger party in their NYC showroom. Normally this is the part where I talk about how excited I am to share photos and details…except this time around EA didn’t make the cut. Like some high school rumormill I found out about the party while checking my Instagram feed last night.

You know what’s even more “high school” than finding out over social media that you weren’t invited to the party? Whining on your blog that you weren’t invited to the party. But hey, she has a valid reason to be upset – I mean, don’t you people know who she is?

…I’m majorly bummed that at a time when more brands are reaching out to me to get involved with this community, the one brand I care about the most excluded EA from a blogger-targeting event.

In short, Roxy is a big deal on her blog, you guys. Yep,  nothing says maturity like getting on the internet and shaming companies for not recognizing your importance.

Am I the only one who finds this behavior sort of self-important and reeking of teenaged hurt feelings? Seriously this reminded me of high school, when someone would find out at school on Monday that they weren’t invited to so-and-so’s sleepover and then they would spend the next two days moaning about how they USED to be invited before reminding everyone they are a cheerleader and wrapping up with a loud “whatever, I don’t even care!”

Come on, bloggers. Some people have real problems. Get over yourselves.

  1. avatar SmuggyMcSmuggerson

    Oh good lord- have some self respect. How pathetic does this look? I DIDNT WANT TO GO ANYWAY is the next step.

  2. avatar schmickschmack

    Not only is she biting her face over not being invited, she basically just shit on her other sponsors, or would-be sponsors. Klass and excellent business practice, all rolled into one!

    • avatar AQNR

      I see nothing but good things ahead for this lady’s career in marketing communications. Her judgment is clearly impeccable.

  3. avatar pineapple head

    Well there go any future invites to blogger events!
    Seriously grown women whining about not getting invited to something is so pathetic and sad. Also if she wasn’t invited then obviously she’s not the big fish she seems to think she is.

    • avatar emo

      I do think she’s the biggest fish in the Anthroblogger pond, though.

      What probably happened is that some new hip, size 0, 22-year-old PR gal was given the Anthroblogger invitation list by her predecessor and spent her afternoon going though each blog to familiarize herself with their spin on the store and came to a screeching halt when she hit Roxy’s.

      “This blogger is fat, AND ugly, AND her hair is ratty, AND she always buys a size too small so our clothes look like shit! We need to cut her out, so she doesn’t drag down the almighty Anthrobrand!”

      I’d be a little pissed if I was Roxy. From her blog, it’s obvious she’s spent tens of thousands of dollars at Anthropologie over the years, does the most in-depth clothing reviews, and writes posts on financial and business decisions made by the company. She’s NOT a twee Anthroblogger that does nothing more than post OOTD like so many others.

      To be told in not so many words, “YOU’RE NOT WHO WE WANT REPRESENTING OUR BRAND” has gotta sting.

      • avatar Expert Gay

        I agree that Roxy has spent lots of money on the brand and lots of time reviewing and promoting it, and I’d be pissed, too, if I were her. It’s hard not to speculate that Anthro wants younger, skinnier bloggers to represent them, which is the sad, fucked-up reality of fashion these days. For what it’s worth, I think Roxy has good personal style and it’s nice to see Anthro clothes on someone larger than a size 2.

        That said, Anthro doesn’t actually owe Roxy anything. She’s not an Anthro employee; she’s blogging about them on her own time. And as she mentioned in her post, she’s gotten plenty of attention from them in the past. Their exclusion of her may be in poor taste, but her whining is in even poorer taste. Anthro is a company, not her personal friend. Capitalism is about the bottom line. Maybe she should have considered this before she started building her online identity around a brand that isn’t obliged to love her back.

        (Plus, didn’t she leak confidential sale information once or twice? I can’t imagine they were happy about that.)

        • avatar Former EA Fan

          I don’t think Anthro dislikes her because she’s not skinny enough or not pretty enough or not young enough or any of that….I think they dislike her because she’s a total bitch!

          • avatar Former EA Fan

            And not only is she a bitch, she’s as dumb as a rock (jmho, after liking her and having her trash me too many times for no reason on her stupid blog).

      • avatar Can-Swiss

        I clicked on her blog for a second and that’s the first thing I thought of. That some PR person was like “fat, old and ugly – NOPE”.

        • avatar Virginia Apple

          Is Roxy really considered fat now? O_O

          • avatar Snow

            I think she’s “regular” – she actually has a very nice shape with a tiny waist but she too often wears clothes that don’t actually fit her. Are way too small and not flattering to her figure

          • avatar AQNR

            By people in NY fashion PR, yeah.

        • avatar nakedsquid

          I think she’s pretty…

  4. avatar MyBraPoppedOpen

    Maybe the invite got lost in the mail…maybe they got sick of her trashing them so hard on her blog.
    She does nothing but whinge about anthro ATM. Dude, if you don’t like anthro’s aesthetic right now then find another bloody shop to buy from!

  5. avatar New Year New You

    If you godforsaken lefties hadn’t voted for Obama this would never have happened.

    • avatar idunno

      It’s true. I read on the internet this means the world is coming to an end (and it was written on the internet, so it’s true!)

      Cats and dogs living together… just like Bill Murray said.

    • avatar Llama Llama


  6. avatar awesomesauce818

    This post made me laugh. I understand hurt feelings. We all get them. But whining about them on your blog? Come on.

    Maybe not getting an invite was as simple as Anthro doesn’t need to spend the dollars wooing someone whose blog is all about Anthro. Maybe there was a new PR person in charge and she got left off the list. Maybe they just don’t like her.

    Perhaps she should change her name to Effortless Gap. Or Effortless Forever21. Effortless Hot Topic. Maybe they have better parties.

    • avatar Jimminy Tityas

      I want to start a blog called “Effortless Salvation Army”

      • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

        I’d read that!

      • avatar vegetabitch

        PLEASE start that blog!

      • avatar New Year New You

        Excuse you, I was named Number One Customer by the staff in The Salvation Army in Williamsburg.*

        That shit is not effortless, it’s a skill.

        *I really was named Number One Customer. SO PROUD!! It’s like the biggest achievement of my life.

        Bitches please, how many people do you know with Prada bag which cost $5.99?

        • avatar xxstephaniexx

          My mom, actually! LOL My aunt works at a Catholic Charities and found one there.

    • A lot of blogs end up being just whining. But there’s a way to do it that’s not obnoxious and even mildly entertaining.

      And I’m totally changing my blog to “Effortless Ikea”.

      • avatar douche canoe

        and alot of blogs end up being long winded political rants. color me bored alice.

  7. avatar New Year New You

    Is there any way we could get some donations and care packages to her? I just can’t see suffering like this, and sit back and do nothing.

  8. avatar Franky

    I have no idea how someone can spend so much time, money and effort at Anthro. I have never seen anything cute there, and definitely not worth the money.

    • avatar fax leather mormon pants

      there are definitely a few cute things there, but not worth the ridiculous prices they always charge.

      • avatar Franky

        One time I overhead 2 high school girls talking. One asked the other if her sweater was from Urban Outfitters and the other responded with “What, am I poor? This is Anthro”


        • avatar sesquipedalian

          Argh that makes me so depressed. When I was in high school my big clothing purchases were like, a couple shirts and a pair of jeans from Forever 21 instead of Goodwill.

          Oh wait that’s still how I shop now.

        • avatar bluefish

          I usually find that their stuff is 1/4 cute and 3/4 wackadoodle (estimates only). Things that I purchase from the 1/4th I tend to really like and want to wear often, but this attitude of, “Oh, it’s Anthro and therefore BETTER,” is ridiculous, and especially for a high-schooler. Seriously, kids? I know how much this shit costs, and if you can’t afford to buy it for yourself, you don’t need to be wearing it.

          I swear, I know I’m getting older because kids these days give me the grumps.

        • avatar Ham-n-kegger

          Ha, both companies are owned by the same right-wing jackass, sooooo…

      • avatar Allison

        Their prices are so ridiculous. When I was 19, I was going to buy my girlfriend an outfit or two from Anthropology for her birthday. I didn’t ~get their aesthetic (and still mostly don’t), but she loved them. Once I got everything totalled up, I realized I could afford to fly her down to see me for a week instead, for maybe $100 bucks more. (I was going to school in Dallas at the time, and she was in Toronto.) Sooo I put away the Anthro catalogue, got on Priceline instead, and never looked back.

        • avatar bluefish

          There are hundreds of places to shop that are less expensive and equally as many that are more expensive, so it just comes down to what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay. Anthro prices are high, and so are Marc Jacobs, or Kate Spade, or any number of other retailers — and if I see teenagers wearing any of them, it tends to elicit a bit of an eyeroll from me.

          I bet your girlfriend much preferred getting to see you to the clothes! Good call.

  9. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    she didn’t get invited to the bhldn preview either, and scam artist kim anthroholic baker did. ha ha!

    • avatar New Year New You

      They let Anthroholic out of jail?

      • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

        ha, the bhldn preview was a while ago, before kim shut down her blog.

    • avatar New Year New You

      What happened to Anthrohamburglar anyway?

      I thought hambtches filed legit police complaints, why is she still loose on the streets?

      • avatar duffinator

        Why are there all of these Anthropologie blogs? Is this really a thing? How sad.

        • avatar idunno

          No joke. Feels like I should start a “Shit I Found in the Target Clearance Section” blog.

          • avatar New Year New You

            “Shit I Found in the Target Clearance Section”

            - I think that’s the subtitle of most “style” bloggers already.

          • avatar Say Rah

            Mine would be Shit I Found in Gap During Their Take An Additional 40% Sale Items Sale. As you can imagine, I’m on the cutting edge of fashion.

          • avatar fax leather mormon pants

            I’d read that.

          • avatar sesquipedalian

            It exists and is called Young House Love.

          • avatar DietCherryCoke

            There’s actually a site called “Target Does It Again” that basically is Shit I found in the Target Clearance Section. It’s kind of awesome.

          • avatar anonymously_me

            This made my evening so much better.

      • avatar LadyJessica

        Last I heard, the grifter was being grifted.

  10. avatar Affiliate Lynx

    I’d love to say that I didn’t get all ridiculous when I think people are hanging out without me, but I don’t express those feelings aloud or post them on the internet.

  11. avatar snoogerbot

    So fat, so old that the only thing I’ve ever bought at this place was 2 pairs of identical readers on sale. Must admit, these glasses have lasted 4evah to the point that the second pair is still in my reader safe.

  12. avatar fedupinthemidwest

    saw that on instagram and knew it was a matter of time before the whiners came out of the blogger closet.

  13. avatar Smugnom Stevens

    Maybe we should invite her to this GOMI party so she doesn’t feel left out.

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