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Colorful Corporate’s Missing Husband Found

The search for Zack Bunker, husband of style blogger “Colorful Corporate“, ended Tuesday when his body was found in Warren County, Ohio. News sources were told that the father of three young boys “had been dealing with some personal issues for the past month” while another source says “Bunker’s death is being preliminarily ruled a suicide”.

Though “Colorful Corporate” is grieving privately offline, friends of the blogger are using the internet to set up a fund to help the family.

What a devastating way to lose a loved one. My thoughts go out to the family during this difficult time.

Edit: Out of respect for the family I have removed the image that was in this post. 

  1. avatar Mean Twinkie

    Geez, what an awful thing. Thoughts and prayers for the family. Hate hearing things like this.

  2. avatar Bucky

    How devastating for his family and friends. My heart goes out to them.

  3. avatar dustypaws

    my heart breaks for jeannie and her young boys. i was really hoping for a better outcome but will continue to think of them.

  4. avatar Miss Noir

    Much love to Jeannie and her sons.

  5. avatar Mrs Gee Effing Whiz

    Having a hard time finding the right words for such a horrible situation. As Mean Twinkie said, thoughts and prayers for them. So damn sad.

    • avatar toomuch_O_O

      I, too, have no words. Condolences to their family and friends.

  6. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    Oh, this is awful. I’ve lost two family members to suicide and the pain and anger comes and goes in waves. I’ll keep this family in my thoughts and prayers.

    • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

      I too have lost a family member & childhood friend to suicide & no matter how much time passes, it’s not easy to reconcile. Prayers for him & his family left here.

      • Yeah…I am not going to reveal any private info but I know several GOMIers have lost family or friends to suicide. From what I’ve been through with a couple of GOMIers experiences, suicide can feel so isolating and induce a spiral of guilt that it’s really hard to crawl out of. I have no experience with it, and felt, and feel, terrible that I have no meaningful thing to say that could help. But I know some of you do. Maybe that’s why I felt ok posting this – you’ll know how to react properly, because I just can’t do anything but feel terrible for the family.

        I hope that made sense.

        • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

          It makes sense. My experience with having a family member do it is the worry. I worry & fret they are still lost. I worry they don’t know just how much I loved him. I still ache when I think of *that moment* when they were alone & did what couldn’t be undone. Mostly though, I worry if anyone else in my family would think this is an option. Death is hard under any circumstance but suicide makes me want to be able to rewind life to 30 seconds before their end.

          • avatar Dog Person

            You say what I fear, too. That some other family member will do the same thing, especially his parents or younger relatives.

            Still reeling from it all over a year later.

        • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

          My second husband committed suicide after being DX with a genetic disease he had watched his dad die of (many years). My biggest regret-falling asleep that night. It was a couple of years before I could fall asleep without massive RX drugs for sleep.

        • avatar Eyelash Sweater

          Personally, for me, I felt guilty for being angry. So then I was beating myself up and trying to suppress feelings. It took a long time for me to realize that I could be sad and hurt and cry for how hard he must have been hurting and feel angry, too; it didn’t mean that I didn’t love him.

          I lost a few family members in 18 months and that was the hardest point in my life, but I’m glad that I went through it so that I can help other people. No one told me it was okay to be pissed off – at any of them, at the whole world and everyone who said something stupid, not just my uncle – so the first thing I say is “hey, when ___ died, I was livid. And that’s okay. If you’re angry, it’s okay.”

          After my dad died, I was like a vicious and wounded animal. I hurt so bad that I couldn’t stand people being close to me, and then I hated myself for being so monstrous. I wish I could go back in time and tell 22 year old me that I didn’t have to hate myself for that and that it was okay.

          • avatar snarkincluded

            Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like you gained so much strength through all of this.

          • avatar Beezus Christ

            So sorry you went through that, glad you are strong today and helping others.

      • avatar Swarley

        Agreed. I lost my father to suicide (as an adult) and struggle with it daily. My cousins lost their father (my dad’s brother, different circumstances) when they were babies and I know they have a lot of difficult feelings and resentment over the things their father missed out on, arguably by choice. It’s something I wound’t wish on anyone and I definitely get sick when it’s used as a punchline or an insult. I really wish I could do more to advocate for people who’ve had this kind of loss. There just are no words for the suckitude.

        • avatar twisted pearls

          I have fibromyalgia and it is scary to think of living many years, but I have teenagers and will never leave. I had no idea-none! My sister in law has one of those Perfect Lives. Everything. Her father shot himself and she collapsed. In her big house, with a great job, devoted hunk of husband, four gorgeous kids…. Nothing mattered. Her brother’s son suicided by DUI 5 months later and she went so far out none of us knew if she was going to ever come back. Somehow she did. I….had no idea what it meant till then. None. My life suddenly became even more precious to me because I never want to wipe those carefree teenage smiles off my kids’ faces. Life will do that one day, temporarily I hope, but I brought them here and made a lifetime bargain…. My heart goes out to all of you… My mother refused to believe she had Alzheimer’s and refused drugs but they don’t have anything yet that would have helped her much.

    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      Eyelash Sweater & Greg’s Wife, my heart goes out to you both, I am so very sorry.

      I wonder if either of you have read a book called “GETTING BACK TO LIFE: WHEN GRIEF WONT HEAL” that deals w/ ‘complicated grief’ … I’m thinking of getting it for a friend, & was looking for some additional feedback on it.

      • avatar Pink Palatian

        Chiming in here: I’ve read that book — my fiancé died suddenly a few years ago (due to alcoholism/addiction), and my grief therapist recommended it. I found it very helpful. Complicated grief is a very serious thing — if you know anyone really struggling with “moving on” this book will probable help. I also found “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” to be instrumental in coming to terms with his death.

        Many condolences to everyone who is grieving over someone. I especially feel for the children in this situation. :(

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          Three yrs (next mo) since my bff has been gone ~ her husband has done lot’s of therapy & counseling, but he still has hurdles keeping him from moving forward ~ do you mind me asking: how long had it been for you when this book helped? BTW, I’m very sorry for your loss.{{{H}}}

      • avatar Eyelash Sweater

        I haven’t. I wish I had. After my uncle passed, I went straight onto anti-depressants because I had been considering suicide the night I found out that he was gone. It helped a lot.

        And then less then a year later, my dad passed from refusal to seek treatment for pneumonia, and that was a whole different ball game. That was almost four years ago – sheesh – and I still consider myself reacting from his death.

        I think that depression was scarier.

        I’m babbling, ha. That anniversary is coming up in August and it freaks me out for the few months leading up to it. I will try to get a hold of it and PM you my thoughts.

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          Thank you for sharing. In another comment where you mention not knowing it was okay to get/be mad about the situation & action, I have to wonder to what extent that may be part of what holds my friend back …

          I’d told him once, early on, that when he got mad, it was okay, to expect a lot of different emotions & that none of ‘em were wrong … what he said to me then & has said since (makes me wonder if others have talked to him about letting anger out) is that he could never, ever be mad at her … I get where he’s coming from, knowing him & how much he loved her, but I think maybe he’s trying to pigeonhole some things that just are not, & never will be, that tidy? Does that even make sense?

          Not sure what I’m trying to say here; I am pretty sure that ‘mad’ isn’t going to happen, but w/ him being in such a rut, I wonder what needs to happen that’s, I don’t know, a ‘comparable’ release?

          Do you have any book recs also?

          • avatar resident asshole

            my best friend committed suicide in august 2010 & so i’ve spent the past three years repeatedly learning that there is a lot more bottom below rock bottom. i, too, could not get ‘mad’… for me it was/still is more of a processing problem. i have long since accepted his death but i can’t wrap my head around WHY he’s dead and, more selfishly, it boggles my mind that he literally took some of my deepest secrets to the grave. at this point, my grief stems not from his death so much as from the resulting resurfacing of some things i’d buried really deep.

            i actually took a class on mortality in spring 2011, which was far too soon and a really poor decision on my part – i wound up accepting an incomplete grade and tried to take the class over again in 2012. i still struggled with it, but it was more helpful to me the second time around. one of our required readings was written by the professor and i really liked it. it’s no longer in print but you can buy it used:

            imo, self-help books don’t help because they’re patronizing more than anything else. for me the abstract perspectives on death were the most helpful – i borrowed a lot of books from the university library looking at death/suicide from a sociological or anthropological perspective. but i’m also the sort of person that needs to find logic in any/everything, so…

  7. avatar KAS

    So sad, especially for her sons to lose their father. Many blessings to them at this difficult time!

  8. avatar Alice Roosevelt

    Condolences to all. I hope “Colorful Corporate” and her boys have the love and practical support they need for as long as they need it.

  9. avatar kate

    So fucking sad. Love and peace to the family!

  10. avatar brownies and vodka

    This is such a terrible story. I don’t know this blogger or her husband, but my heart goes out to her. While the post was really respectful, I can’t help but think that maybe it doesn’t belong on a snark site. If I were the blogger or the blogger’s family/friends, the last thing I’d want is to worry about what was being said here (even though I doubt anyone would say anything obnoxious about this kind of situation). Sorry, no offense meant at all to you PP, just my 2 cents.

    • avatar KAS

      I like that it’s here. This isn’t the first “serious” post we’ve had; I think it’s a nice reminder that we’re all nice people underneath all the snark.

      • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

        What KAS said

      • avatar NotThatKelly

        Totally agree with KAS.

        My heart goes out to her and her kids; I hope they can find a way to heal and move forward with their lives. Know it won’t be easy.

    • No offense taken at all. I debated whether to post about it, but I had a few people email me about how he was missing. When I saw the update in the forum I wanted to share the outcome with those who had been worrying about the blogger and her family. I certainly meant no disrespect to the family by posting this news on a snark site of all things. This honestly just breaks my heart for them.

      • avatar tvsociety

        I wondered about appropriateness too but since you linked to the fund set up for them I think the potential for good outweighs the potential for bad.

        My condolences to her and her family in what is surely an incredibly difficult time.

      • avatar brownies and vodka

        Got it. I see your POV and thanks for being rational. It is truly sad.

        • I should add that it took a lot of re-reads and edits because I wanted to make the post as respectful and non-sensationalist as possible. I truly hope my condolences and sadness for the family come across clearly. This has made me very sad, and I hope they all have the support and help they need right now and in the years to come.

          • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

            Hey Alice,

            I understand you were torn about it, but in all honesty I’m kind of uncomfortable with it being on the main page. The circumstances of his death are so so difficult and so so personal, the fact that it’s getting additional attention seems a bit voyeuristic to me. Now even MORE people will know what happened, and many people who see this post will not have even known or heard about Jeannie’s blog beforehand. I feel if Jeannie wants the death of her husband to be on the internet (more than it unfortunately already had to be) it’s her story to tell.

            Also, I hadn’t seen that picture of him before, and considering the circumstances of his death and the fact that tomorrow he’s being buried, it seems a bit irreverent to me.

            I DO understand your desire to give people a heads up on the fund, but honestly, I feel really sad and not right about this post.

            • I see your point, and now I feel like an asshole.

              • avatar hot_ham_water

                I didn’t think the picture was bad, but I get why you removed it. Since I hadn’t heard of this blogger or the missing husband, I was shocked when I scrolled down and read the story underneath. Might I suggest that in the future, you can tag the titles of these more somber posts? I like seeing them here (agreeing with KAS above), but perhaps if these types of posts even just said “non-snark:” first or something, it’d be really obvious that we would like to pay respects.

                Thanks for posting this, I hope that the family will receive support as a result.

              • “Thanks for posting this, I hope that the family will receive support as a result.”

                That was the number one reason I went ahead with the post and a link to their fundraiser. This is awful, but GOMI gets good traffic. This family deserves support. Why not use the traffic for good once in a while?

              • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

                I know you didn’t post this to be an asshole, and in fact did so because you genuinely felt bad about it. It just seems that anyone who knows the family IRL, or follows her blog, is already aware of the circumstances, and those who don’t already know don’t need to know.

                I’ve never met Jeannie and only follow her blog so I can only guess that these would be her wishes. I’m sure her husband never in a million years would have thought that his death would be getting such wide attention either and I don’t think he would have wanted it to.

                I also don’t doubt that you and all the GOMIs here are very sincere in your condolences and empathy though.

                These are just my gut feelings PP. Maybe someone with more personal experience with suicide will have a different opinion.

                Again, I know you didn’t create this post with bad intentions, by any means.

              • I really do get where you’re coming from. That’s why I feel like an asshole now. No matter what my intentions are, if it makes the family feel bad I am an asshole IMO. I just hope maybe they at least get some donations or see the comments of support, despite what GOMI is usually about.

              • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

                Well, now I feel like an asshole for making you feel like an asshole!

                I see some people upthread are sharing some of their experiences with suicide, so if Jeannie does see this post that will probably help her.

                Also, it’s not really my place to say what she would or wouldn’t want. I’m sure she’d really appreciate donations. I certainly can’t imagine the strain of suddenly having to raise three boys on one’s own.

              • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

                WWW, I can appreciate where you are coming from, but I don’t think it’s invading their privacy, as the family had put out the word during the search that he was suicidal, & now several media stories are detailing cause & manner of death.

              • avatar eeee

                I second hot ham water’s idea of putting a flag of some sort in the title of the post itself.

                I also feel like a little bit of an asshole now (at least I’m in good company) because I saw the link on Smugnom and opened it in a new tab while I browsed the comments over there. I was sort of savoring the notion that this was going to be a delightfully snarky post, just based on the title (I have never heard of Colorful Corporate before today). I thought maybe there’d be a few salacious details about the shenanigans of even more people I wouldn’t know from Eve if I ran into them on the street. Then I finally clicked over, all, “okay, what have we here!” and… bam. Very sad news.

                I think maybe the concerns about appropriateness and privacy and respect etc might be alleviated somewhat if that gleeful “this is gonna be juicy” feeling never gets to take off. Just my 26 cents’ worth.

              • avatar Rachel

                I wouldn’t feel bad, PP–I’m originally from the Cinci area & have friends & family who still live there. His missing person’s alert showed up in my FB feed several times, from friends sharing it. I just wish it had had a different outcome. I feel awful for the family.

            • avatar Reply Hazy Try Again

              I had a family member who committed suicide. One of the worst parts was that some people acted like it should have been a secret, like they shouldn’t acknowledge or say to others that he’d killed himself. It made us feel like he’d done something horrible that we should be ashamed of. That’s not the case. He was very seriously mentally ill for a long time. His illness killed him. It was not his fault, and I am not ashamed, any more than I’d be ashamed if he’d died of cancer.

  11. avatar Hamless MacBeth

    So sad. Sending peace, love, and comfort to this family, especially his young ones. Bless their hearts.

  12. avatar Kitten

    I don’t read this blog, but so sad to hear about their loss. I hope the family gets the support they need <3

  13. avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

    This is unspeakably sad. Much love to his family.

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