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Cecily Continues To Stand Up For “Brown Children”

No, you can't. So why are you talking?

No, you can’t. So why are you talking?

Cecily Kellogg, couchtivist, is yet again throwing her weight at her keyboard in order to stand beside those wronged by the Ferguson Decision. In a piece she claims she was “asked to write”, Cecily compares being on food stamps and watching some kids throw rocks at baby birds to the feelings of helplessness and frustration in the African American community. She then muses about the unfairness of having a white child.

Tonight too many of my friends are crawling into bed with their brown children and weeping because they don’t know if tomorrow or next week or next year it will be their child shot while his arms are raised in surrender…I will never know that fear. My pale skinned, blue-eyed daughter will most likely never be shot by the police, no matter how badly she behaves. I have never been more aware of that than I am tonight.

She goes on to say she “will take action” though we all know what action usually means for Cecily.


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Kathy Would Like To Highlight The Safety Features Of This Car



Kathy Balman, has a cluttered mind, reviewed a car this weekend. And what’s the best way to review a car? Take a picture during dangerous driving conditions. While you’re driving.

At least she didn’t make a video or hold up alcohol, but come on. What was she thinking?


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Kelle Hampton Gave A Fangirl A Gift

Happy Birthday! Enjoy my terrified child!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy my terrified child!

Kelle Hampton, has no boundaries, recently surprised a rabid fangirl for her birthday. Her gift? Her daughter, Nella.

Kelle brought her children to the fancujo’s vacation rental during the woman’s birthday party. The woman said it was hard to catch Kelle’s son Dash, who ran around as toddlers do, but she “did manage to scoop him up for a second, though, & smother him with kisses”. But her main focus was Nella.

I wanted to hold this one in my arms since the day she was born & I finally got a chance to, although all she wanted was her Mama.  To lift her up and hold & kiss her, though, was heavenly.  A dream come true.  I am so in love with this precious little girl.

The woman then commented basically the same thing on Kelle’s instagram, because heaven forbid everyone not know she got to meet the famous Hampton kid.



I don’t know about you hams, but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable producing my children for a heavily invested internet stranger to slobber over. Sure there were lots of other people around so it’s not like the woman could knock Kelle over the head and run off with Nella. But, as someone in the forum said, this sets a precedent. Now ALL her fanpoodles will want a similar opportunity.

Mommy bloggers are just so, so strange.


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Katie Vyktoriah Victimized Yet Again

Katie Vyktoriah, the mom who claimed her son was assaulted at a Wal-Mart for wearing a pink headband, is back and more victimy than ever. This time the mistreatment magnet says Comcast chased her down by phone after she complained about their downtime via twitter.

Saying she “was HELLA confused because I can’t for the life of me figure out how they got my number”, she recounts a conversation verbatim (evidently from memory), in which a customer service representative was allegedly patronizing and sexist (“By your own admission, it worked when your husband did it last night. So he can probably get it to work again.”) to the point of forcing her to hang up on the pigdog man.

I hung up the phone, absolutely amazed at the conversation I just had. I genuinely was racking my brains trying to figure out who might be prank calling me because I could not for the life of me imagine a company calling me out of the blue just to insult me and make me feel like an idiot. But before I could really think too hard about it, the phone rang again.

She claims the customer service rep’s manager immediately called her back…and, she says, asked her to move away from her screaming children because he couldn’t hear her answers before explaining to her that since they weren’t using a Comcast modem, they couldn’t really help her. But the outrage does not end there.

I’m also rather confused as to how they 1) got my telephone number and 2) knew what account I was associated with. Our internet service is 100% in Mark’s name, and with his number. THEY called ME, I assume because of the tweet I sent, and then proceeded to insult me and demand more money. They were able to view our account details, despite me never giving them any information. As far as I’m aware, from my Twitter account the only thing they should have been able to see was my name and the city I’m in.

Brilliant Katie concludes this bizarre tl;dr attempt at inciting anti-corporate outrage (she even tagged the post ‘controversy’) by saying “And people wonder why Net Neutrality is such a big issue”. She then called Hulu a “Pornographic Pool of Filth” and longed for Google Fiber.

There was no mention of threatening pizzas.


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Dooce Will Reward Her Child With Cosleeping

Dooce, conqueror of October and texting injury survivor, is still single parenting since her ex allegedly adiosed to the east coast. The adjustment apparently includes continued sleep drama. But don’t worry, Il Doochay has figured out how to give her daughter the comfort of cosleeping AND get her to do things!

On Thursday nights I let Leta sleep with me as a way to reward her for the hours of homework and piano practice she’s accomplished over the course of the week. We chose Thursdays because that’s the night of her piano lesson, and it commemorates that weekly milestone.

I. Yeah. Just…can one of you moms out there tell me if this is normal? Like…the physical comfort of sleeping closeness is…a reward? I mean, I came from a family that was firmly ‘kids in their own beds’, so maybe it’s normal to reward a high strung, middle-of-a-divorce 10 year old for doing their homework by letting them share mom’s bed once a week. Maybe you moms can shed some light on that for me.

Also, the rest of the post contains security video of Dooce’s elderly neighbor knocking on her door at 4 am during a dementia episode. So, be sure not to miss that total respect of a neighbor’s privacy.