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CecilyK Is Now An Accountability Coach

Cecily Kellogg, doesn’t even need that Babble money, is adding a new “um…sure” listing to her resume – “accountability coach”.


For just $14.99 a week you can hire the stunningly successful at everything Ms. Kellogg to keep you accountable and teach you how to be productive.

This is so ludicrous the only thing I can even say about it is an eyeroll.


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That Wife Does Work At Home Parenting Correctly

Jenna, “solo parent working mom entrepreneur”, has posted a delightful story about her baby daughter.


It seems little Princess got into some hair wax and had covered herself and her stuffed lion in the stuff. Rather than plop her into her weekly bath, she took the wax covered child into the backyard for a full on photo shoot. She then good- naturedly made a joke about it being time to baby proof her house. This would have gotten a knowing laugh from most mothers if not for the fact that this exact scenario has already been documented by Jenna over a month ago, so it’s not as if she didn’t already know she needed to hide the hair product.

jennawax2Thankfully T2 is now going back to daycare and Jenna has found even more ways to outsource her life so she can “work” on all her “work” and “businesses”.

One of the ways I’m managing all of this is by outsourcing. I hired my first virtual assistant via to work on basic tasks so I have more time for coordinating with advertisers and generating content. I finally have a dependable editor putting together Pinterest Fail posts for me…After several months of trying to squeeze everything in during nap time I found AM daycare for T2 that will allow me to consistently log about 25 hours of work per week.

Saying she hopes this new daycare will “allow me to relax in the evenings”, she goes on to yet again justify all this outsourcing by saying:

I’ve heard lots of successful bloggers talk about how they put in a good 1-3 years of losing sleep to build up their brand, but I don’t think I’m interested in living that way.

With her “never-ending” to-do list Jenna thinks “the key to success here is going to be laying outfits out the night before and eating breakfast in the car”, meaning, I assume, that the children will now be eating all family meals in car seats since she already told the world they also eat their dinner in the car on the way home from daycare.

Oh the crazy life of a #WAHM! I do hope offloading even more of her responsibilities helps her get it all done!


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Lizzie’s 7 Year Old Can Babysit Himself

Lizzie Heiselt, not a helicopter mom, has bravely taken to the internets to proclaim her son’s ability to stay home without supervision.

In fact, he’s been asking me if I can let him stay by himself while I do little things around the neighborhood (laundry pick-up, library book return) for over a year now and I’ve been hard-pressed to find a reason why he can’t.

Saying she had been “worried the neighbors might think I was being neglectful and I’d get an unexpected visit from CPS”, her first step was to check the laws of the state to make sure it was legal to leave her 7 year old home alone. Satisfied she “would be able to say…to any nosy neighbors” she was not breaking the law, she decided to test the limits of her son’s ability to take care of himself.

After letting him go downstairs and get the mail, she then chose to try letting him also mind her 2 year old daughter – alone.

I decided to see how my son would do supervising his almost-2-year-old-sister for three minutes in our apartment while I took my 4-year-old down the stairs and back up…when we emerged from the stairwell a couple of minutes later, our apartment door was opened and my daughter was standing by the elevators, waiting, I assumed, for me. My son hadn’t noticed that she had opened the door or that she was not in the apartment.

Lizzie goes on to explain that she knew he was probably too young to care for a toddler on his own, but that it was “eye-opening to see what could happen even in the space of a few minutes”. Still, she declares the idea a success, saying her son can “handle himself at home alone for short periods of time” and run errands inside their apartment building alone.

I’m not into the whole helicopter parenting thing either, but I’m not sure letting a 7 year old run around alone in a New York apartment building is a great idea. Not to be all doomsday about it, but this sounds like a Law & Order episode waiting to happen.


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CecilyK Did Her Part To Help The “Brown Boys”, Then Flounced

After smearing her ragefeels all over twitter and facebook for two days, social slacktivist Cecily Kellogg made sure to remind everyone yesterday to go out and participate in the local protest rally.


At the time of the rally, she flooded her instagram stream with pictures of her holding vigil candles, talking to the crowd, and holding her daughter’s hand while she explained why they were there. Oh wait, no she didn’t. She was too busy taking feminist Slurpee selfies at a green light.


After fielding questions about why she wasn’t at the rally she had promoted so vocally and being called out for instagramming while driving, Cecily decided she’d had enough of the internet judging her inactivism. She’s now flounced off her instagram account.


So much for taking responsibility for the “criticism loop”. Why actually change your behavior when you can just hide it so no one can judge you? That sounds like a totally healthy way for a recovered “drunk” to deal with things. Maybe she should have created a hashtag about it instead.


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Jessica Quirk Taking A Break, Feels Free

Messica, FMLA slacktivist and donut connoisseur, has apparently begun her ‘maternity leave’ from her blog. The overworked blogtrepreneurial mom-to-be has spent the last few weeks trying to make her leave about all the mothers in America.

I think it’s really unfair to say that because I create my own schedule, it’s any less challenging or “easy” than someone who works an office job. I’m sure other people who work from home would agree that there’s some misunderstandings about work/life balance. Further, while blogging (or working from home) may be more flexible, the bigger issue for me is that women in America have many unspoken expectations to bounce back, return to work quickly and “do it all” which is what I’m working through for myself.

Deciding to live as an example Messica announced she’s going to take another one of her breathers. Saying she’s “feeling a little shy in front of the camera and have been struggling with fatigue, so I’ve decided it’s best to let myself have a break from the blog until after the baby is born and we’ve gotten to spend time together as a family”, she went on to show how much she will miss blogging by posting a squealing tweet declaring her freedom from the grueling task of posting outfits and sponsored posts.


As mothers everywhere prepare a parade for her brave stand against forcing women to produce blog posts after giving birth, Messica assures the internets that she will still be producing pageview generators.

I’ve been working on some posts that I’ll publish between now and then, so there will be fresh stuff on the site each week – just not outfit photos.

Anyone want to place money on how long she’s able to tolerate her dropping pageviews before she starts posting pics of “What My Baby Wore”?