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Love Taza Is Not Pregnant

Naomi, not pregnant, has announced on her blog that she is not pregnant, so everyone stop asking her.

why do people keep commenting on here and on instagram congratulating me on being pregnant or asking if i’m pregnant or trying to be the first person to discover that i’m pregnant?

i am not pregnant. i wish i was pregnant. but i am not pregnant.

Saying “winter was just really delicious”, she proceeded to empty her brain out over her keyboard in a long post that basically said it’s mean to speculate whether an extremely popular married mommy blogger is pregnant because, privacy.

i like to share, but then again, i also like being private…we women have a great power within us to build each other up, but sometimes human nature gets in the way and we kind of tear each other down through gossip or politics or critique instead…we’re all struggling with something, and we all deserve a kinder and gentler interaction with one another.

You know, a simple response of “nope, not pregnant!” to those who ask on instagram would suffice. Instead we get 5,000 words that basically tell people to be nice to her and respect her privacy. I’m sorry honey, but you sold your privacy up the river when you decided to turn your life into a “brand”. If you can’t handle speculation and gossip maybe it’s time to shut it down before you get even more famous.


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“MOB Society” Will Tell You What Makes A Man

Uh, wut

MOB Society, a website for “moms of boys”, wants to remind you mothers that you shouldn’t chide your son for getting dirty – you should encourage it, because men are supposed to do all the dirty work.

What are men made of? The ability to handle dirt and hard jobs. Jobs most of us women don’t want to do…In Genesis I’m pretty sure that while Adam was off getting messy with the animals, Eve was getting a tan—after all no tan lines!

Saying “your future daughter-in-law will thank you some day” if you cheer your sons for “getting too dirty, yelling too loudly, or making a mess”, she reminds you ladies to “[t]hank your husband today for getting his hands dirty on you and your family’s behalf”. Because everyone knows real men love being loud and filthy, and women enjoy sunbathing and making babies, I guess.


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“Any Mommy Out There” Did Not Swerve

The fuck?

Stacey, “could be any mommy”, shared an amazing story of bravery yesterday. Recounting her weekend “escape” to a cabin with “wonderful girlfriends”, she talked about how sometimes life is about holding your course no matter what. She apparently learned this lesson after running over a dog on the way up to her relaxing getaway:

The dog was just there. One second the headlight beams caught only snowflakes and black tarmac and the next second they outlined a shape my brain recognized with no time to compute or react.  I saw the collar around his neck, I remember that, or I imagine I do, and the simultaneous thoughts: Oh shit, a dog!  And then, DO NOT SWERVE.  I didn’t, which is fortunate, I think, traveling at 45 mph on a narrow, icy road, for the three people in the Suburban, but very, very unfortunate for the poor dog.

Stacey then explained that she left the dog on the road, saying she “couldn’t even call whomever would miss him and then find him dead in the morning because he lay in the middle of the road and given how quickly we bore down on him, I did not feel comfortable having one of us stand in the same place for even a short time”. The next morning, she reveled in child-free coffee:

We drove on and left him there, physically, if not mentally.  The next morning I woke to the sounds of only two other adults in the blissfully child-free cabin – coffee brewing, water running, pages quietly turning.  Is it just me or is it the mornings that are so utterly decadent about taking a short break from life as a mom?

When a shocked commenter remarked that it was “just plain cruel to let the dog lay there dead on the road” Stacey responded:

…I know it must feel good to be so morally superior to the rest of us mere human beings. You know, I bet if you googled it enough, you could find the poor family who lost their pet that night and chastise them for not having their dog properly secured when they live along a road with such a fast speed limit and fairly heavy traffic. They will appreciate your judgment as much as I do!

Stacey soon began commenting that she did feel bad about it, and finally took refuge in the classic You Weren’t There defense. She finally said she celebrated her birthday the next day, and that “it was a sad and happy day with a lot of chocolate cake”.

Seriously, maybe bloggers should just stop posting dog killing stories. Just…stop.


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Has Babble Been Laid Off By Disney?

Babble, the content mill that seems to employ pretty much every blogger out there, appears to have been cut loose by Disney Interactive. According to the “cupcakemag” instagram:

I have made some of the best friends from babble. and when I heard that this family of mine had all been laid-off by Disney, I shed tears and I haven’t been able to think straight. i’ve been morning a loss, a terrible loss. they helped shape me as a writer in so many ways, they have given me amazing opportunities and pep talks that I will never forget. as of now babble continues without them + honestly, I can’t imagine not having them by my side. my heart is so heavy for all of them, it’s been a sad day.

When asked what happened, she replied she has “no idea” but writers were “told to continue with biz as usual, just don’t know how”. There seems to be no confirmation on what exactly is going down anywhere on Babble’s official social media or website. But if Disney has indeed put Babble out on an ice floe a lot of “professional bloggers” will probably be needing a new income stream soon.


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Hey Natalie Jean Still Complaining About Blogging

Natalie Holbrook, tired of blogging is what, is still whining about her life. In a series of woe-is-tweets today she basically said she can’t wait until her life is easy again.


Yes folks, it is super stressful raising a single child and uploading pictures of yourself in sack dresses. So much so, that only 4 days ago Natalie was bellyaching that she wished she could just stop blogging. Why is life so difficult, guyz?

She then put on her Gloria Steinem hat (probably from Zara), got all feminist, and declared that the world is against women.


Poor Bratalie. She’s just trying to “have it all”! Because she…has so little? I swear I have never seen someone with so much privilege moan so incessantly about the mere exercise of living. But hey, she got a bunch of twitter hugs and “you go girl/you’re a hero” belly rubs, so I guess the validation fishing worked, right?