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CecilyK Would Take A Bullet For The Brown Boys


Cecily Kellogg, social activist from her couch, issued the statement the world’s media has been waiting for by weighing in on the death of an unarmed teenager in St. Louis.

In her brave stand against that thing that’s currently trending, Cecily stood up for something or other.

 I am a hot mess of seething rage, helplessness, and hopelessness about this issue. I think about all the brown boys I know – my neighbor, Tori’s friends at school, the children of my friends – and I want to hurl myself in front of the bullets yelling, “STOP!”

She showed her knowledge of race relations and profiling by reminding everyone that her daughter is safe and also white and telling the world “We must stop this”. She then pitched in to do her part by tweeting about how sad she was.


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“What I Wore” and “Ramshackle Glam” Prepare To Birth


What I Wore’s Jessica Quirk and Ramshackle Glam’s Jordan Reid are neck and uterus in the countdown to the OMG I Am About To Get So Much Attention olympics. With Jordan at 40 weeks and due any second, and Messica at around 37 weeks but apparently tired of being pregnant, it’s time to open the betting pools.

We know Jordumb is having a girl – she’s already dropping instagram hints at Stuart Weitzman about metallic baby shoes. She hasn’t yet revealed her name choice though, so put on your false eyelashes and start speculating.

Messica has not revealed the sex of her baby or her name choices, so both of those are open for odds placing.

So place your bets, hams! When do you think they’ll produce their little bundles of content? What do you think they’ll name them? And just how many donuts can one person eat over the course of a pregnancy?


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That Wife’s Life As A Solo Parent Is Hard But She Makes It Work

Jenna Cole, “work” at home mom, did an interview with another blogger about “making it work”. Apparently she’s no longer calling herself a “single parent” and is going with the less eyeroll inducing “solo parent” to describe her arrangement. And her arrangement, in a nutshell? That Husband makes the money, and she does whatever she wants.

I have total control over what the kids wear, what they eat, what they do, when they go to bed, how they are disciplined, etc. In the evenings after the kids are in bed I get to watch whatever I want as I fold the laundry, and can work late into the night if I please without a spouse asking me to come talk or canoodle…The best of the best parts is that my husband is paid very well and we get to live in an expensive area on one income + the little bit I make from blogging and photography each month.

Another “best” part of her arrangement is that they “get to do that with all sorts of indulgences, including child-free time for me and a killer preschool that our son goes to full-day Monday-Friday”.

Of course there are “frustrating and draining” challenges, including the “two things that are hardest” for Ms. Leaningin.

…I only have a few hours a month where I don’t have to pay someone to do something without my kids in tow…and that all of the stresses of parenting young children fall entirely on me…I plan the meals, shop for the food, prepare the meals, feed the kids…and clean up the meal all on my own. My floor is rarely swept, I eat almost all of my dinners standing up while trying to unload/load the dishwasher, and I’m grateful they teach my son to brush his teeth at school because once dinner is cleaned up all I want to do is get them to bed as fast as possible.

She explains she uses lots of scheduling apps to tell her when to work (three days a week, from home, while her kids are in daycare) and once she gets them home from daycare she has to figure out other ways to get Jenna Time.

Most of the time on the weekday evenings I want to work on something at home, but there are times when my girlfriends get together and I need to decide if I want to pay someone to sit in my house while my kids are sleeping so I can leave the house. That “trapped” feeling really stinks.

She goes on to say her brother-in-law is currently living with them which means she can peace out once the kids are asleep and leave them with the live in manny, saying she likes “the arrangement so much that I’m campaigning for my sister to move in with me later this summer”, presumably to have yet another person to outsource childcare onto.

Is it just me, or does it sound like Jenna is constantly complaining about not having enough Jenna time? She has more childcare than Kate Middleton yet she is always talking about what a burden it is to take care of the humans she brought into this world by choice. How much “me” time does this woman need?


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Roundup: Moving On Edition


Cecily Kellogg displays her usual maturity and professionalism as she prepares to launch her own version of Babble Tech, taking to twitter to prove she has moved on from the evil Disney empire.

Ending her child’s internet celebrity stint as That Kid Who Sleeps In Closets, Hey Natalie Jean is finally moving to Brooklyn today. Which means I will be spending the afternoon browsing Manhattan apartments on Craigslist.

Jessica Quirk, 73 months pregnant, can’t wait to move that baby out of her uterus and get back to her vintage cocktails.

Pregnant ‘Love Taza’ copycat Tatiana and her “Papa bear” are leaving their rural cabin and moving to suburban Atlanta, and she claims she will soon be a work at home mom with two under 3. I’m starting to think she and That Wife don’t know what the words ‘work at home’ mean.


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Love Taza’s Candid Family Moments Sure Are Candid


Have you ever wondered how this new wave of pinterest-like mommy bloggers manage to get all those those TOTES PRESH “candid” moments caught on film so perfectly?

Now you know, thanks to an instagram video (has sound, so be sure to mute if you need to) shot by a friend of the Love Taza Family. The video shows what appears to be a typical day at the park for the children of a mommy blogger – going down a slide while their dad holds a huge camera in their faces all the way down, and mom standing to the side with her phone pointed at them, presumably recording the event for her instagram followers.

Just more proof that this “little family blog” is basically a professional stage show starring the kids, and directed by the parents.