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The 2014 Type-A Parent Conference Begins

The sixth annual Type-A con is underway, and mommy and daddy bloggers are busy blowing up the hashtag.

The sessions so far seem to be about “thriving in a home office“, “finding your voice“, and some guy in a foil tiara telling mommy bloggers they should “act like a CEO”. Sessions are also teaching bloggers to “embrace” feedback but don’t let it change your “voice”. Not-even-a-mommy-blogger-anymore Cecily Kellogg is there, evidently adjusting her bra; other bloggers are astroturfing the event with their business cards.

Of course there’s the usual dress up idiocy, and the requisite food and coffee pics which every real CEO takes time to post while at an event.

So this is what bloggers pay 300 bucks plus travel for. At least nobody is having blood buckets handed to them over breakfast, right?


Mommy Blogging

Breaking: Mama Laughlin Becomes Latest Blogger Divorce

Mama Laughlin, blogger, “model”, bikini contest participant, filed for divorce divorce yesterday.

Rumors have been swirling for days as ham detectives noticed the couple had stopped wearing their rings and appeared (via selfies) to be living in separate homes.

Updates will happen as available.


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Bleubird Will Pimp Her Kids For Zara


Bleubird, the single white femaler of blogland, seems to have found a new way to pimp out her kids. Much like Kelle Hampton did with “Land of Nod”, she is letting a retail shop use her kids images to sell things.

She has announced via instagram that her two youngest children are being used for Zara’s “Brothers and Sisters” campaign. The online catalog feature shows her children in blurry photos modelling various offerings from Zara’s kids selection.

She does not mention whether she was compensated only in goods, or whether any money made from the feature is being set aside for her toddlers, who are basically being used as catalog models.


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Kelli Stapleton Pleads Guilty

Kelli Stapleton, the mom blogger charged with trying to murder her autistic daughter, pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse. The plea was entered one day shy of the date Stapleton drove her daughter out to a lake and lit up grills inside her vehicle in an attempted murder-suicide by carbon monoxide.

The plea was part of a plea bargain that drops the attempted murder charge – and of course allows her to avoid a trial. She still faces up to life in prison.


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Messica Squirks

Messica, pregnant forever, has squirked her Quirk.


Felix Alexander Quirk was born August 31st. Congrats to the family!