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Young House Love Buys Another House

Young House Love, house lovers, announced this morning that they are moving to a new spray paint project container:

Yes, this is a seven-years-in-the-making house coup of ours. We would have loved to take you guys on the house hunting adventure with us like last time, but it all happened so fast and before we knew it we were closing on it.

They also made the point – yet again – that their book deal has not made them rich:

This is not “the house the book bought” (we still haven’t hit our royalty point), it’s the house that seven years of saving up and living within our means bought.

What’s this “living within our means” crap? You mean some people don’t fundraise their life choices on the internet, and instead save up and buy what they can afford? That is crazy talk.

In any case, it’s a good move for their blog since a new house means a lot more new content. And maybe I’m feeling a little soft today, but it is nice to see a decent young family achieving their dream. As long as that dream no longer includes wtf paint choices, that is.

  1. avatar eloisesmitten

    I’m happy for them. They saved for this, and they deserve it.

    • avatar Heather


      I second this! They’re a hardworking and honest family, which is refreshing

    • avatar JustWow

      @eloisesmitten: Really happy for them, too! They seem to be hard working and they are really thinking this through.

    • avatar Jealous Looser


      I’m excited for this too. I only occasionally check in on their blog but I think that I’ll actually really follow them so I can watch the transformation. I think it’s great that they are making smart financial decisions. If only I had the will power to save that much money over that many years….

    • avatar melody emergency

      Me too. I can’t help my snarky, black-hearted self. I really like John and Sherry.

  2. avatar Harriett Jones, Prime Minister

    I want a new house. If each of my facebook friends donated $465, I could get one.

    • LOL

      At least there will now be fewer “we need content so let’s invent a project” posts, and maybe some actual content again. That’s the problem with running a diy home blog – if you want to keep the content coming, you’re looking at moving every 3-4 years.

      • avatar tuff enuff (AFGHANI)

        is this their second house? or is it the 3rd? for some reason i can’t remember. did they go house hunting before and not end up with a new house?

      • avatar Harriett Jones, Prime Minister

        Or become house-flippers. But that’s no longer a real job, right?

        • avatar MEP

          I think they qualify as house-flippers, actually. Maybe they don’t intentionally do fix-up projects around the house to increase resale value, but I don’t think they move into any house with the intention of staying there forever.

          I hope they outfit this one with a more cohesive style, rather than making it a patchwork quilt of questionable projects that are obviously chosen for blog fodder, not because they work.

      • avatar phoebebuffet


        Does this mean the end of “staple this fabric remnant to a scrap of wood and screw it into the window casing” projects?

        Woot. Bring on some new jam.

  3. avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    Good for them, did they beg on the internet for everyone to “donate”? Personally, I think most of their style is not for me but that’s probably because I’m an old, fat cat lady. I got my fill of crap like they do back in the early 70′s but hey, as long as they don’t ask me to donate, I’m cool.

    Hope this wasn’t a dooce move for them though!

  4. avatar Sandi

    I’m happy about this! Their current home is a mess and they needed to leave it behind.

    • avatar Happygal

      @Sandi: totally agree.

    • avatar tuff enuff (AFGHANI)

      whew, I thought it was only me that didn’t buy into their twee crap projects for the last few years. I mean, I get it, they write a cutesy blog, but 99.9% of people would be better off having a job and letting professionals do the work. Most of what they do looks OK, but is subpar when you look at it in context of the house as a whole. They seem to know that their audience prefers cutesy projects to legitimate improvements.

  5. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

    hope the whoever buys the house that they live in now reads their blog. because they have done some shady shit to that house (hiding the junction boxes and then removing the post)

  6. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    i hope they burn those nasty wicker chairs they put in the dining room. those do not deserve to make it to the new home.

    • avatar Lily Jam

      @Colorblocked Moonshiner: They wouldn’t be so offensive if they’d just use them outside!

    • avatar KAS

      Amen. May the truck with those chairs get lost on the way to the house.

    • avatar melody emergency

      That is the one thing in their present home that I have an unnatural hatred toward. Those fucking chairs.

      • avatar Ferty

        I hate the dining table, too. Annnd the chandelier. Their dining room is the worst for me.

  7. avatar strawberrylemonade

    It seems like a cute house from the outside. I hate that their horrible taste is going to ruin it.

    • avatar tuff enuff (AFGHANI)

      word, I wouldn’t want to live in their 1st or 2nd house. They’re basically becoming low end house flippers, kind of like the KERF of DIY blogs. Do they have real technical understanding or style? No. Do they serve up saccharine, twee content for desparate housewife types? Yes and very well.

      • avatar AQNR

        The second house is hideous and they did a crap job with everything. Glad they at least did something about those junction boxes, though.

    • avatar Ketchup Popsicle

      Please, for the love of whomever you want, NO GRAY IN THE NEW HOUSE. It looks so happy and pleasant from the outside. It will be such a head-to-the-table, wtf shame if the inside ends up looking like the jail cell that the current is now. Leave Sue the horrid napkin behind, along with her just-as-gahhhh-inducing friends Karl the sectional, any and all daybeds, the dining room chairs, and the sinus infection green office chairs.

      • @Ketchup Popsicle: And maybe they could stop naming every fucking object in the house. If you are a grown adult not living in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse there is no need for every single thing in your house to have a damn name. One or two things – fine, cute. Every damn thing that comes in the door – overkill and getting tired.

        • avatar Ketchup Popsicle

          @partypants: Yeah, I never understood that mindset of theirs. The only thing I have ever named was a previous car – Dora the Explorer – and that’s because it was fitting. Naming trivial things in your house? Ummmm, ok.
          PP, come to my house and let me introduce you to Victor Victrola. He is a deep mahogany old chap but I am envisioning him in a crisp white. Oh but I have a grellow tank top that I bought at Old Navy on clearance that serves as great inspiration too! tumblr_m2x62s2aZS1qzi80do1_500.gif

      • avatar strawberrylemonade

        How about a kids room that looks like it belongs to a kid? My kids room looks like ToysRUs threw up in it and she loves it.

  8. avatar Erin

    I think John & Sherry seem nice and genuine. I can’t snark on those characteristics.

    I can however snark on their horrible (read cheap) taste, which probably helped them save for this house. I hope that this is more of a long-term house for them. If that’s the case, I would think they’d put more money into it and do less WTF shiz. If they stop using the word “crisp” to describe things, I’ll keep reading for now. Clara & Burger are adorable.

    The wallpaper/horrible caulk job on the tile/deck badly in need of refinishing pix they posted of the new house make it look like they have a LOT of work to do on this one. Hopefully it goes in a good direction.

    As for anything about their work being sketchy, I haven’t seen anything that raises big red flags for me (although they could remove things or not write about it), but John pulled permits for that deck and that’s a hell of a lot more on the up and up than anything my huscat and I do to our house.

  9. avatar New Colorways!

    I’m glad for them, but after seeing those interior shots, I’m just exhausted at the thought of all the work that needs done.

    Glad I’m not a DIY reno blogger.

    • avatar plaidboots

      @New Colorways!: I live near Reno, NV and am always confused for a second when people use the word “reno” to mean “renovate.” Haha!

  10. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    i’m willing to believe that they bought this house with money they saved and had been planning a move for a while. but i hope they stay put longer, lest their blog turn into Young House Flippers… which i guess is fine if that’s their business model, but don’t act like you’re so enamored with something that you know isn’t going to be a forever home.

    • I really feel like they might have dug themselves into a hole though as far as staying put anywhere. If they intend to do this blog until their graves then they probably WILL have to move every few years as they complete all the projects worth blogging about. Otherwise, they’ll wind up right back up with a blog full “doing a throwaway invented project just to have a post” content like they’ve had for the past six months or so.

      And I’m predicting a second book within a couple of years.

      • avatar boombalatty

        Once the kid starts school they are going to be under pressure to stay put. But maybe they can flip this one real quick, assuming it isn’t planned as their “forever home” (gak).

        • avatar MEP

          Eh — they are moving into “dream neighborhood” so what’s to stop them from rampaging through every one of the houses on the block? I’m assuming Clara wouldn’t have to change schools if they moved down the street.

          • There’s also nothing to stop them from staying put in this home and just buying other properties to flip.

      • avatar sesquipedalian

        @partypants: I believe they have a contract for two books, so we know there will be a second one but not how long it’ll take.

      • avatar BassGuitar

        @tuff enuff (AFGHANI): @partypants: It’s a good point. We’re kind of watching the first generation of bloggers go through the career cycle. It’s a world with limited job security. One day, they’re in and the next day…auf.

      • avatar

        Now all I’m envisioning is a J&S at 65 keeping it “old school” and renovating a home…. Of course at that point they’ll be cute old people and everyone will give them a pass on their rap lyrics/naming everything/being so damn corny all the time.
        Aw look, grandma remembers the lyrics to that Eminem song still!!!

        • avatar sorefeetstink

          They better pray that Jonathon Adler remains in business because they seem to have purchases every tchachkey Adler has ever offer for sale. I have a feeling they do a lot of onling gazing at the daily sales blogs like Fab, Hautelook, OneKingsLane etc. and then try to copy the various projects. I’m also betting that Ikea is a frquent outing. I don’t hate their house. It looks clean, neat, and colorful. They put a ton of bucks into house 2′s renovation but they have made some pretty ugly design choices that you know is based on finances, like that hideous parquet squares floor. And that alleyway deck and table? Just no.

          However, they worked wonders on the exterior, turning a giand overgrown weed pile into lawns, a pretty patio and some delightful plantings. Obviously this was real sweat equity and they did get it done quickly.

      • avatar Hater Face

        Why don’t they just get clients so they don’t have to move so often?

        • avatar AQNR

          I wouldn’t hire them (or anyone who wasn’t a certified interior designer) but I suppose lots of people would. In VA, you don’t have to be certified to use the phrase “interior designer” in marketing your services, as you would in some other states, so.

    • avatar David

      Three years is not a “flip” – fewer and fewer people these days have “forever” homes (jobs, or lack thereof, require people to move more.) If you’ve ever moved to upgrade your living space, you’ve done what they are doing – the new place looks from the outside to be a step up from where they are now.

      If they were flipping, they’d be trying to do all the work on a very short time-frame to avoid mortgage payments – these two put a lot of love and care (even if their style is atrocious) into both of their houses.

      • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

        at their age, 3 homes is a lot. IMO.

        • avatar sara

          Also I guess they bought this house like 6 months ago, someone in the Comments figured that out & they didn’t deny it.

        • avatar Southern Girl

          I have lived in 3 houses in a less amount of time. Like someone previously said, things change. We moved twice for a job relocation and owned a house each time. I think we are in our forever house, but you just never know.

  11. avatar J

    I hope Sue the Napkin gets lost in the move.

  12. avatar Madlibs

    I’m happy for them, the outside of the house looks gorgeous.
    Maybe I’m WKing here, but I’m really hoping that THIS is the reason for the plain beige room they did for Clara. I can see not wanting to paint a room a crazy color if they’re going to move, and I can also see not needing to explain why in case something fell through.
    Basically, I haven’t loved anything of theirs for a few months now and I’m hoping they just didn’t want to put a lot of money and effort into a house they were leaving. I really hope their style goes back to the way things were in their first house. I honestly wish they would have a huge yard sale or something and get rid of a lot of the questionable purchases (that awful dining room/chairs combo) they’ve made in this house.

    • avatar boombalatty

      I hope they lose her rug and that horrible bedspread.

      • avatar Erin

        YES! That color pallet made me nauseous. Navy, red, pink, white, gray, with hints of the rest of the rainbow! Gah.

  13. avatar Mrs Gee Effing Whiz

    Good for them. I look at a house that big and think “Thank God *I* don’t have to clean that monstrosity.”

    • avatar Hater Face

      Exactly. Most people don’t need that much space. Hopefully they get a cleaner.

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