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“What Would A Nerd Wear” Closing Her Blog

Tania, who runs the style blog “What Would A Nerd Wear”, has decided to close down her blog after two and a half years. In a post addressed to “friends, family, readers, lurkers, and others” she informs the world that she is leaving to “pursue other projects”:

After much thought and some heartache, I’ve decided it’s time for me to hang up my hat here at What Would a Nerd Wear and give myself the time and space to pursue other projects… I no longer need this blog in the way I once did–I have many creative outlets in DC, I feel more confident in front of my closet, and I am finding myself increasingly craving extra time for my intellectual passions.

I never read “What Would A Nerd Wear” but I’ve heard many people say it was a decent style site for young professional women. Since she is still putting up posts of previous outfits I’m not sure if she meant she’s closing the blog for new posts or if these are just a few “fave outfits” as a final goodbye. But it made me start thinking about the life cycle of a blog. At what point should a blogger just admit they aren’t that into it anymore and move on?

I think many bloggers – especially those making money or getting opportunities through their blog – have a lot of trouble shutting it down. After many years it could just become part of your identity (like it seems to be for Messica for example) and despite not evolving or even enjoying it that much anymore they just continue to do it – because they don’t know what else to do.

Since I have no opinion of this woman or her blog, I’ll just say I’m happy to see Tania’s honesty that her blog has run its course as a useful part of her life and admit that she wants to move on to other things that are more relevant to who she has become. I think a few other bloggers would benefit from some similar self-reflection.

  1. I never heard of her either but good luck to her in her new projects!

    • avatar rosieposie

      NOoooooooooo I like her blog.
      HEAB is shutting down, too.
      I think if you start to dread posting, or can’t find original things to say, it’s time to go. That said, I’m afraid I’d hang on for a while out of stubbornness.

      • avatar rosieposie

        sorry this was not meant as a reply to your very nice and appropriate comment. What do you say around here? so fat?

  2. avatar Jill

    Bleubird Vintage needs to shut it down. She is so boring and irrelevant now. She just churns out crap and never follows through on doing anything she says she is going to do. I think she is a bit lost in “the matrix” though…I bet it would be impossible for her to live her life without attention.

    • avatar KAS

      She seems bored by blogging. Once you seem bored, you should call it quits.

      • avatar VR

        but then she would have to get a job. She has openly said before that blogging allows herto do what she loves… be a stay at home mom

    • avatar Ruby

      Well said! I agree completely.

  3. avatar KAS

    I can respect someone who steps away for whatever reason. Aurajoon was another one who decided to step back to focus more on other stuff (thought of her because she posted today for the 1st time since September in celebration of her daughter’s birthday- I do like when my favorites check in every now and again so I know how they’re doing!

    • avatar Megling

      And her post was marvelous! (Aura’s)

    • avatar awfulwaffle

      I miss her posts.

    • avatar cantlookaway

      Oh my – thank you for posting this! I stopped checking awhile ago to see if she would ever come back and this just made my day! I love that she didn’t feel the need to post everyday, just when she was truly inspired by something. Her words and pictures always reflected that attitude.

    • Oh, thanks SO much for posting this! I actually was just thinking of her the other day and how much I missed her regular posts.

  4. avatar omgOIAJ

    I’m definitely shutting mine down when the domain expires in May. I’m moving, starting a new job (where I should have a more private, non-internet life) and I’m just honestly done with blogging. Thankfully I barely make any money from my sponsors so it won’t be a huge deal. I like to see I’m not the only blogger who calls it quits — it is pathetic when a blog should be shut down and just won’t go away.

  5. avatar zc

    Messica should take notes. No one cares about her anymore and I’m sure closing comments has dramatically decreased page views. She should have closed down shop months (or years?) ago.

    Good for Tania. She ran a pretty successful blog with a lot of followers, and I’m glad that she didn’t become yet another girl who jumped on the full-time-blogger bandwagon, and is instead focusing on her career and future.

  6. I think she’s smart to stop blogging and focus on other projects. I know she’s a PhD candidate or something, so I’m sure it has something to do with that.

    But yeah, I think when a blogger is bored with blogging, they should bow out gracefully (I’m looking at you BBV and Messica). Once you stop caring, so will your readers.

  7. avatar bunk

    This may be a rambling comment as I try to form my thoughts, but here goes: I think this is refreshing.

    I think it’s refreshing that a blogger is quitting her blog for her job, rather than the other way around. Not just because I think that’s funny, but because the world of blogging and social media (of which I’m a part) are so “me, me, me” focused and watching so many of these people, like the Quirkster, become “stars” and abandon everything else in their lives just to take MORE photos of themselves is so tiresome. It’s kind of nice that someone is choosing to put herself first in her career instead of in shiny pictures on the internet*.

    *And yes, I get that those others may think of the internet as being their careers, but it seems so short-sighted to me.

    • avatar maibukkit

      Agreed. I was internet famous in my youth but left the ‘nets to actually live my life rather than post it. The idea of starting one now for social justice ramblings just seems exhausting when “blogging” has become synonymous with “I am owed content on the regular, make your life interesting, create a narrative for me to follow before I get bored.” Screw that. It’s nice to see someone stepping down and saying, more or less, “I’ve exhausted my topic, I’m done working out whatever my issue was in public, thanks for the memories.”

      • avatar Furious George

        Were you in fact Internet famous in your youth as the walrus who lost their bucket? And now that you’ve found it with the help of said internets, you’ve retired to enjoy a long and happy life with your bukkit??

        I hope so.

  8. avatar jpa

    I think that if you’re bored blogging, then yeah, shut it down. Unfortunately for people who have made their blogs their living, what do they do? You’re bored with your “job” but now have few marketable skills, that’s gotta suck.

    • avatar zc

      Um, hello? Kerf is now a professional photographer and writer due to blogging. Surely those are marketable skills, right?

    • avatar Megling

      I was about to say that SURELY SOME of these people have marketable skills! But then I looked at the pool we have to work with and decided not to say that.

      • avatar jpa

        The only one I could see swinging a real job is Man Repeller and MAYBE C&C. I think they probably need to make that happen soon though, while they still have some relevance.

        • avatar KERFETUS

          I saw Man Repeller on some cable show while I was waiting for my tacqueria takeout last night and horrified my huscat (and some random dude eating tacos) by knowing (and then explaining) who she is. Owe it to GOMI! Love you fatty catties.

        • avatar Ketchup Popsicle

          I know it’s a whole other branch of bloggers, but I think John and Sherry of YHL are two people with legit marketable skills. Yeah they gave up their “real” jobs to focus on their blog, but they both have a college education, business knowledge, and now home improvement/DIY knowledge. Should they ever decide to stop blogging and pursue something else, I could see one or both of them going back to the marketing world, doing something with interior design/decorating, or being a merchandiser for somewhere like West Elm or Pottery Barn.
          As for Messi…what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall the first time she interviews for a real job. I imagine some middle-aged, Stanley Tucci-type man doing the laughing equivalent of a slow clap.

          • avatar zc

            They’ve mentioned before that they have been approached to do a TV show but they feel like they’re too awkward in front of a camera, and would rather blog than do TV.

            I’m glad they know what their strengths and weaknesses are and don’t jump for a TV show just because they are handed one. If someone approached any of the stupid bloggers (Messica, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Kerf, etc.) with a TV show, they’d jump on that immediately, despite having NO TV presence at all.

      • avatar Boston_Brit

        I don’t know about the prospects of jobs in fashion in Bloomtucky but I have to think that Messi shot herself in the foot by moving there. I can’t see her pulling a Kendi and opening her own store and I would think she feels that working retail is beneath her at this point – I’m an OMG AUTHOR! I lived in New York City! She could totally have been Portlandia’s “Two Girls Two Shirts”? Except she’s one girl no content.

    • avatar FattyMagoo

      This is why I’m going to get a crappy job doing anything I possibly can when I graduate college in a few months. I put part time hours into my blog and internet stuff and make part time work kind of money, but I’m terrified about doing it full time because it will be even more difficult to find a real job when I get tired of it. It’s bad enough right now when it’s the only thing on my resume.

      Plus, sitting at home on the internet all day would make me stir crazy and boring. I don’t know how these bloggers do it.

      • avatar Megling

        and truly, if you get a job that’s related to your blog content (in retail if you’re a fashion blogger, in food service if you’re a food blogger, at a gym or a vitamin shop if you’re an HLB, etc) you’ll get content and job experience. Win win!

        • avatar maibukkit

          Do you really see fashion bloggers making the transition to fashion retail? I can’t see them as brand reps or purchasers; those jobs require skills. Sales and styling, maybe, but commission gigs are few and far between and require you to be better at reading others than styling yourself… maybe I’m thinking of Jessica too much as I write this comment, but having worked fashion retail, I think she’d get her ass handed to her and fast. Pricing? Supervising? No one would hire her for marketing, as blogging isn’t marketing and major retailers all have an established, tightly controlled online presence.

          • avatar Redrah

            Kendi went from blogging to opening her own store. But I’m not sure she was ever blogging full-time — I don’t think she quit her day job until she was actually working on starting up the business.

          • avatar pearcider

            Nana in wonderland got not 1 but 2 jobs in fashion working for volcom and now free people…after starting her blog…but she also went to Ucla and seems to be competent and educated. Her aesthetic also fits where she works. I think she started styling? But writes/works on catalogs now? It seems like a very legit job that her blog prob helped her get.

      • avatar jpa

        I’d also say beef up your digital media skills ect., look for things that are broadly marketable.

        • avatar Catsatmat

          Anabelle from Blushing Ambition is someone who used her blog to get a fashion/retail job. Although I think she works in the media or marketing department. I think her case is a bit different though as she was blogging while completing her degree. it’s a shame she only posts about once a month now she is working though.

  9. avatar melissa

    I read her for a short while, but she was pretty boring as a blogger. Her outfits were ‘cute’ but not professional enough in my opinion, and she always had the same look- different patterned or colored skirts/tops, but same basic outfits all the time.

    I do like her goodbye, and I am glad to see no mention of ‘haters’ there (the ‘others’?)- makes me think better of her.

    I certainly think messy should take notes

    • avatar melissa

      forgot to mention- what an unflattering goodbye photo. it’s so weird!

      • avatar self help

        her makeup in the photo is really weird.. :/

        • avatar Brain Child

          Maybe it’s just the lighting in the picture – let’s ask KERF? :-P

          • I liked her blog more than most because she was real. I like that her photos aren’t professional quality. I didn’t care for her style, but I liked how and why she did it. She balanced her life correctly.

    • avatar Office Worker

      Ugh, she does not/did not dress professionally. I get that she’s been teaching online, but even before that, I looked at her outfits and was like GIRL, NO.

      • avatar zc

        She dressed fine for a student, but in no universe would her outfits be considered “professional”

        A lot of her skirts/dresses run on the short side (I believe she’s taller than average, so that probably contributes?) but nothing too extreme. Just average, but not professional.

      • avatar Dee

        The college I attend that how all the profs. dress. Everyone is super casual- especially the young ones. I actually had an English teacher who dressed exactly like Tania.

        • avatar self help

          It’s unprofessional.

        • avatar rosieposie

          it’s normal. I promise. If you showed up in business casual you’d look like the odd man out.

          • avatar self help

            I’d rather be the odd man out than unprofessional.

          • avatar self help

            I’m biased though because I’m a grown woman, but I’m 5’2 and 95lbs. If i didn’t dress professionally, nobody would take me seriously.

        • avatar WashingMachineHugger

          Maybe her look isn’t “professional” in the traditional business or business casual sense, but different workplaces and industries have different cultures. And most people tend to adapt to that. If I worked somewhere where everyone wore shorts and t-shirts, I sure as heck wouldn’t be showing up in a suit or even business casual attire. I’d probably wear jeans with a nice top and heels (and to be honest, I’d probably come in in shorts and flip flops sometimes, too). But if I worked some place where everyone was in suits, that’s what I’d wear. It’s all in the workplace and culture. One look doesn’t fit all.

          • avatar self help

            I would never work at a place of business where people wore shorts and t-shirts to work. I had jobs like that in high school, I don’t need one as an adult.

            That’s just my opinion, but what do I know? I’m not college educated or anything.

          • avatar self help

            I don’t mean to come off as a total cunt, but, well…that’s what I am.

          • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge


          • avatar self help

            Can’t please everyone.

          • avatar WashingMachineHugger

            LOL. I would never work in a place where I had to wear suits to work. Different strokes, I suppose.

  10. avatar chocolatemilk

    Very refreshing. Makes me wonder about beauty and fashion bloggers like Messica who quit their jobs for the blog. What happens when they age or lose their taught eyelids, figure, or fashion sense? Do they assume their “fame” will make them still marketable for other jobs in the beauty or fashion industry?

  11. avatar Shrug Bitch

    I never read her regularly, but good for her for taking a step back and going out gracefully. If she’s going to be a PhD candidate then, yeah, she’ll probably have more important things to be worrying about that what she’s wearing!

    I’m adding Carrots n Cake to the list of bloggers who should hang it up already.

    In terms of “gone too soon,” I’m still crushed by the fact that Bonzai Aphrodite decided to stop blogging a few weeks ago – her content was 110% amazing even if she wasn’t updating as much as she used to.

  12. avatar PinterestDisinterest

    It seems like a lot of the Anthro-bloggers closed down after the Anthroholic scandal. Some of them seemed legitimate, like they needed a break, but I bet that Infinite Whimsy girl stopped because she was actually friends with Anthroholic. I wonder if she still is, or people were criticizing her for being friends with Kim.

    • avatar Gluten-Free Cat Lady

      I really liked Infinite Whimsy – her blog was clearly something she did for fun, as she had a very real job, and she seemed so genuine.

  13. avatar undeadgraceland


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