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The Kayla And Checkers Saga Continues

Kayla Brite Accessories Not Included

Kayla, baby producing half of the infamous homeless by choice parents Kayla and Checkers, has been spending the last  year posting to her tumblr about how pointless college is and how society and the Man and bro puff puff give.

I guess after social services takes one of the kids away and won’t return her until you stop living in your car, you take a hint and rent a roof because she and Checkers have also apparently been living in a house and on the dole with her two babies. Everything seemed fine as of Saturday, with Kayla productively bettering herself and her life via desperate Candy Crush requests. Then suddenly on Sunday a bizarre message appeared on tumblr:

They fucking got me.  They made me scared.  They took the light out of my eyes and the fun out of my heart.  They changed the person I was by scaring me into being what I ‘should’ fucking be.  It’s over but I will have to live with this god damn fear the rest of my life.  I fucking hate cops, I fucking hate them.

Since Kayla continued to post vague ‘this will pass’ type self-hugs to her tumblr after the message appeared it is a little hard to figure out what she’s talking about. Her “husband” Checkers seems to have been AWOL for a while in another state so it’s tough to know if he is part of whatever this odd drama is.

Though Kayla still can’t manage to keep her surroundings clean (or even keep bread in the house) at the very least they must be doing fine financially – Kayla seems to have enough extra money to have had new piercings done and apparently mentioned that she had intended to buy Checkers a tablet. So…at least those babies won’t be living in a car again anytime soon, hopefully. But what on earth can that cop drama be about?

  1. avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    I think she was talking about the police who took away the oldest the first time. I am glad she appears to be doing better, but I really wish she would move closer to her parents. I’m sure her dad has his hands full with her sister’s two kids and would welcome help.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well, but how random! It’s been over a year and a half. Why the sudden ptsd over it?

      • avatar grumpymcpants

        I don’t think it’s unreasonable to look back something like that and feel a surge of anger. Especially if you are untreated bipolar like Kayla.

        • Yeah maybe…at least those kids are in a house for now. I hope she doesn’t snap and move out to the woods again.

  2. avatar hushyomouth

    Pins and needles.

  3. avatar Ombré disaster

    You know, I’m all for living under the the radar except when you start bringing kids into it. Poor babies.

  4. avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

    If you neglect your kids then having the fun taken out of your heart is probably a best-case scenario, as far as I’m concerned.

    • avatar Possums Everywhere


    • avatar bucky

      +26. I’m perfectly happy with a cop making someone lose their sense of self if it means that the cop is helping to ensure that a young child is being protected and cared for.

    • avatar Ketchup Popsicle

      I can only imagine the conversation between her and a cop.
      “You just don’t GET IT do you? These are KIDS. BABIES.”

      Those poor babes.

    • avatar Trash Boat

      Ugh, they just want to be FREE! How dare the Man tell them what to do with their children? Those are their kids and THEY OWN THEM.


  5. avatar Snarkastic

    I bet it’s tough to dumpster dive for formula.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      She reminds her readers she’s a “cow” (her words) breast feeding both kids.

  6. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    I seriously thought this was going to be a pregnancy announcement and I turned into a NO NO NO cat/octopus combo-mythological beast of dread.

    • avatar tangeria


    • avatar Judgey-Judgerson

      Me too! I speed-read and was relieved it was not a pregnancy announcement. Then had to reread it to see what was going on.

      • avatar Zesty

        That makes three of us! I was convinced that (a) she’s pregnant again (b) they have been forced out of the house somehow and/or (c) one or both of the kids were in hospital for any myriad of reasons.

        It’s so amazingly sad that I expect and anticipate nothing but the worst whenever this woman’s name or blog are mentioned.

        God help those babies….

    • avatar Munchausen by Blog

      I thought the same thing. My heart was all in my gut parts.


  7. avatar fashionroadkill

    Look at them being all anti-capitalism and buying a tablet instead of a ipad.

    • avatar raisesun

      And living off the government yet claim to be Libertarian.

  8. avatar Poofy Empress

    I’m all for the crunchy mama lifestyle, I just don’t understand how you can justify such a homeless existence for your children. They need stability.

  9. avatar Anastasia

    Umm, she doesn’t look so hot to me. In fact, she looks spaced out.

  10. avatar bananaboat

    The filthiness of her kids and house makes me feel sick. Seriously, I get queasy when I look at her pictures.

    • avatar raisesun

      Me too. It’s gross and very sad for the children.

      • avatar Juno

        I feel so sorry for these babies. I want to give them a hot bath and fresh clothes and have them smell sweet and clean. They are so innocent, just the luck of the draw to have these two as parents. Heartbreaking.

        • avatar Eccentric Old Woman With Cats

          I’m scared for when they go to school and realise just how little they have compared to the other kids, and have the other kids looking down on them for being dirty :(

      • avatar bananaboat

        I’m not some clean freak, either. I sometimes have a couple of days’ worth of dishes in the sink, and there’s usually random crap strewn around. But I shower every day, do my laundry, and put sheets on my bed. It’s really not that hard.

    • avatar Shadow

      Did she ever look okay? This whole saga is just sad to me….

  11. avatar JaffaCakes

    Is the next step moving to a commune/compound and stockpiling weapons? Eeeesh…

    • avatar gingko

      It has crossed my mind in the past that actually moving to a commune might be a better bet for those kids/the whole family. They wouldn’t be so isolated, the living quarters would surely be cleaner, they could live out their “back to the land” fantasy, and Kayla would have some help with the babies. Kind of a safety net for them, having other people around. It makes me nervous thinking about her alone in a house for days on end, just her and two very young children…that would be difficult even for someone mentally healthy.

      • The thing is they would have to WORK on a commune. They wouldn’t be able to just stand in the vegetable patch and “fly a sign” and then sit around doing drugs and getting piercings. It seems like they like the idea of calling themselves self-sustaining hippies but they don’t seem to want to have to do the ‘self-sustaining’ part.

        • avatar gingko

          Completely agree. Might be a good kick in the pants for them to give it a try, though. As obnoxious as they can be, I am rooting for them, just because of those little kiddos. Sunny seems like a really smart kid and Buggy is a total cutie. It seems like a childhood growing up on a commune would be better for them than one spent in a truly filthy house with two unstable parents.

          • avatar Just Not GOOD.

            What commune would accept them? They’d bring nothing to the table- not even a solid work ethic. Nobody working the land has time for that!

        • avatar bananaboat

          Why am I cracking up at the thought of someone standing in a vegetable patch flying a sign? Like, seriously laughing out loud.

  12. avatar Winter

    I’m not a “snark on the children”-er, but…there is something seriously wrong with her children. I’m not sure a little dirt is the end of the world, but the close-set eyes, the vacant expressions, the underdeveloped bodies…drug babies? Malnutrition? I can’t believe anyone allowed these people to “parent”. These poor children.

    • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

      I think that you are a snark on children-er, though. Because you just snarked on children.

    • avatar Ihatepeople

      Maybe she smoked while pregnant … I wouldn’t be shocked.

    • avatar Beezus Christ

      Sunny actually appeared pretty smart on the videos Kayla posted on her (now defunct) old blog: Kayla would ask her to point to various body parts and she’d do it correctly. I forget how old she was at the time, but she was pretty young, still a baby.

      • Apropos of nothing, I love your username. Or I hate it. Recently, I read that chapter of whichever Ramona book it is in to the kids, and they have been running around the house yelling “BEEZUS Christ! …. what???” ever since.

        • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

          My sister and I were just talking about the ‘just sit here for the present’ part of a Ramona book today. Anyone remember that?

          • avatar Sweetie Darling

            *raises hand*
            I think it was in the book where she started kindergarten. Her teacher said that, right?
            I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember a book series I read more than 30 years ago. I’ve become my grandmother.

          • avatar Beezus Christ

            Oh heck yes! She was so disappointed when she learned what it meant. That was also the book where she learns the Star Spangled Banner and thinks the lyric is “the dawnzer lee light”, and that a dawnzer is a type of lamp that gives off lee light. Oh, Ramona!

            • or the all time hard boiled egg that really wasn’t a hard boiled egg. I watched Ramona on PBS after school. She was my hero.

            • avatar The Old Bailey

              Or the time she tried to get her dad to stop smoking and wrote a sign, and he asked who “Nosmo King” was (she ran out of room on the poster and had to insert a line break).

              • avatar Dog Person

                Suddenly I’m tempted to call Matt Tuff “Nosmo.”

          • avatar The McFeely Rainbow Experiment (formerly Max)

            The other day, I brought home a bag of cooking apples from the farm stand, set them on the table, and went into the kitchen to talk to my husband for a few. When I peeked my head around the corner to see what my suspiciously quiet preschoolers were doing, I discovered that my son had gone all Ramona Quimby on the apples and taken a single bite out of each one.

            • avatar Beezus Christ

              Classic!! Ooh ooh ooh, remember the one where she emptied an entire tube of toothpaste in the sink?

              • avatar The Old Bailey

                I always wanted to do that, but the Catholic guilt was too strong.

              • avatar Beezus Christ

                Bwahaha me too!! I would never have had the nerve!

              • avatar The McFeely Rainbow Experiment

                And the “ta-da!” crown made of burrs? And the time she and Howie poured bluing in the sink? Or what about when she wore her pajamas to school under her clothes? I love Ramona.


              • avatar Grumpy Cat

                Or the time she wore her pyjamas to school

            • avatar Anna Notherthing

              But…but…the first bite always tastes the best!

          • avatar polecat

            Yes! I adored Ramona books when I was little!

          • avatar Eccentric Old Woman With Cats

            Every time I see someone with curly hair I want to pull on a curl and say ‘boing’.

        • avatar Beezus Christ

          Why thank you!! Huge Ramona/Beverly Cleary fan, and GOMI is the only place I use it so I feel nice and anonymously safe! (Not that I’m ashamed of any of my GOMI activity!)

          • avatar exquisitespring

            We plan on naming our first daughter Ramona (after both Ramona Quimby and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim). Those books are some of my favorites, and I too love that you use it as your name. :)

        • avatar ramonarickettes

          I always think of the opening chapter of Ramona the Brave when the older kids say “Jesus Beezus” and Ramona tries to stick up for her sister and it doesn’t work.
          That’s also the book that Ramona announces she will say a bad word and she yells “GUTS” over and over. So good.

          • avatar Beezus Christ

            I think “guts” will now be my new go-to swear word…

            • avatar Sweetie Darling

              In one of the books it was mentioned that Ramona had cut her friend Howie’s hair with pinking shears. Ever since I read that I’ve wanted to cut my hair with pinking shears to see it would look like.

              • avatar ingenuous wench

                I cut my hair with pinking shears when I was seven or eight. Right after I read that book. It did NOT look all cool like fabric does.

                Also, if we ever have another daughter we will name her Beatrice and her house nickname will be Beezus.

              • avatar exquisitespring

                I mentioned this upthread, but our first daughter is definitely going to be named Ramona.

    • avatar raisesun

      Their father has a unique look.

      • Yeah, I believe he is Hawaiian? But he has a very distinctive face of his own. Under other circumstances I bet he could have cashed in on that in Hollywood.

      • avatar Anastasia

        Yeah, it’s really unique with the bullring. Why do people do that to themselves!?!

        • avatar SkankWilliams

          Why do people get their septum pierced? Because they like it.

  13. avatar ChoosyMomsChooseGif

    Every time I see the Sunny thread updated I ask myself if I really want to check in. Is this a recent pic? If so, she has checked out. I want to hug her kids.

    • avatar Anastasia

      I think she checked out a long time ago. Poor kids. :(

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