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The Feminist Breeder Will Make Trolls Pay

The Feminist Breeder, everything is protected by DMCA, has apparently decided the world wide web is too dangerous for solid feminists to share their views without the threat of meanies with a differing opinion trolls for free any longer. She has now locked down her blog and will charge users to read her brilliance.

Gina claims this shift in her blogging paradigm has to do with the fact that it will enable her to “spend more time writing higher quality posts for my readers and interacting with those who chose to join the extra special community we have built over the years” – though in a facebook comment she wrote “I do think it sounds incredibly entitled that I’m supposed to sacrifice my life (literally, my personal life and my happiness) to maintain an open blog for absolutely no financial return.”

In essence, following in the esteemed footsteps of Dawn Weiner, Gina has created an online Special People’s Club for Special People to interact where they can be Special without all those meanie trolls, and totally not at all as a way to generate revenue to fund her upcoming legal battle or block critics.

  1. avatar Jen

    Good luck with that.

    • avatar catnip overdose

      “spend my time writing higher quality posts for my readers”-well, that won’t be too hard!

      Sorry i won’t be seeing that/reading that. Not. As another poster said, there’s so much free crazy on the Intertubes, why ever pay?

      So, technically, doesn’t this make her…..GOMI?!?

    • avatar Missy

      She’s as crazy as the ex-fundies over on Free Jinger who have closed registration and are throwing thousands of dollars at lawyers, branding companies and PR agencies, because now that Alecto’s bailed, they think there’s fame and fortune to be found in speaking out against the fundie agenda.

      Good luck with that now your supporters are no longer able to contact you. :eyeroll:

      • avatar hamcat

        WTF are you talking about? I still lurk FJ and none of this is true.

        Are you one of those people that believes everything on the internet is true? :/

  2. avatar Snarkleberry Pie

    This person clearly has excellent judgment in a crisis. She’s making one wise decision after another. Where can I sign up to have her deliver my next baby?

    • avatar ba

      Oh dear lord–could you imagine her giving advice as you labor?

      • avatar Rhodesian Sailor

        “You’re not breathing!You’re not pushing! If you continue to push incorrectly I am going to reach in there and pull out your uterus so you can’t do this ever again! You’ve lost the privilege of giving birth and the home birth experience!”
        That’s what I imagine

        • avatar DoubleEntendre

          Ah hahahaha! Gina: You didn’t do it right! You don’t deserve to breed. I’M KEEPING THIS!

  3. avatar priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

    this is reason #1 why blogging should be a pursuit you start & continue because there is something you are interested in sharing- NOT to make money. Most bloggers (like me) don’t

  4. avatar AQNR

    Awesome. I’ll be sure not to give either any fucks or any money to her! She sure showed us, didn’t she?

  5. avatar pearls_clutched

    This is fantastic. Now some pregnant woman looking for advice won’t get it from TFB. Nothing could be better for the birthing community. Well done Gina. It’s about time you censored yourself.

  6. avatar DoubleEntendre

    Gina: no longer available to the masses. Well done!

  7. avatar Rhodesian Sailor thinks Luther GIFs are fucking magical

    I am so happy she is doing this.
    Also, aren’t she and her husband broke? I hope she settles out of court.

    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      Sounds broke-ass to me …

      One of the FB comments is to the effect of (paraphrased): Readers were first encouraged to donate for your legal battle & now again to pay to read about it?

      Between her blog & her FB, I haven’t spent 15 minutes reading her & already am convinced that she’s a shady whackadoodle. What’s the scoop on the husband?

      • avatar vegetabitch

        He’s a school teacher. He doesn’t comment much, but there was a big pile of crazy a while back in which TFB’s mom — whom she hates — commented on an anti-Gina blog (was it Dr. Amy’s?), and then both TFB and her husband came out of the woodwork to attack her right back. It was a delightful shit storm that I can’t seem to find right now. But anyway, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen him appear besides in photos she posts.

        • avatar Rhodesian Sailor thinks Luther GIFs are fucking magical

          I remember he was trying to get a teaching position around the same time she was waiting to hear back from grad school admissions. She said she needed to get into that program, and that if he didn’t get the teaching job, he should get a job at Best Buy.
          My guess is that her financial aid provides some money towards living expenses.

        • avatar mollycharlotte

          Oh wow. Do you happen to have a link to that?

          • avatar vegetabitch

            Aha! Yes, here it is: Her husband is John CC in the comments.

            • avatar cblace

              i know nothing about this woman but i have been sucked into the comments section of this post, thank you so much

            • avatar mollycharlotte

              That was a very satisfying read. Thank you.

            • avatar rumham

              That was…a lot of rambling. That whole family seems like a nightmare.

            • avatar Miss Noir

              I love finding proof that insanity is genetic. Wow. That’s a whole lotta crazy white trash right there. Damn.

            • avatar o_O

              Wow! Part of my morning flew so fast after reading that. Talk about the crazy. o_O

            • avatar zhnjg

              imagine having to put up with someone like this over dinner? Actually being friends with her in real life must be exhausting. I bet she’s always enraged about something. That just-a-little-too-loud person who just won’t stop stuffing their point of view down everyone’s throat because naturally everyone finds her opinions as fascinating as she does…I’m tired just reading the posts about her posts. That’s some vigorous boldfacing.

            • avatar gumball

              “Actually being friends with her in real life must be exhausting. I bet she’s always enraged about something.”
              Yes, exactly this.

              Vengeful, spiteful, angry, bitter, hateful, abusive.
              All those things.
              I have never met anyone like her, and I hope I never do again.

              Textbook narcissist.

              Unfortunately, I was friends with her at one time, and there is a part of me that is really sad about this whole lawsuit sitch, because her husband and children are the ones who are going to suffer. But in her twisted mind, she believes that she is in the right.

        • avatar gwenhara

          And that Lisa Jarrett is another victim of Gina. She accused Lisa of stalking, harassing, and might have filed a restraining order against Lisa. I miss The Feminist Bragger.

  8. avatar Snarkette

    Do you *know* what “special people” means?

    • avatar Miss Noir

      I love that movie.

      • avatar Snarkette

        “Want to see my fingers?”

        I am going to have to find a way to watch this movie tonight. It’s one of my all time favorites.

        • avatar kelly gaura

          Yeah, all this talk has just pretty much made me want to spend some time with Wiener Dog.


  9. avatar Wait...What?

    I have not seen the FB post yet. I did actually read her stuff. I know that she is off, but some of her stuff was ok, IMO. I never really snarked on her here. But this, wow-o-wow. I just can’t imagine the….what is it…it is beyond ego….it takes to ask readers to subscribe to a blog.

    • avatar Snarkleberry Pie

      I just read the FB stuff. It’s consistent with the sort of thing you’d expect from someone who started an Internet fight by posting a picture of herself flipping her nemesis off.

      • avatar BitterInfertile


        • avatar Wait...What?

          I read it when I got home. I had to stop at the post from Gina that said the only people that are upset are trolls who use her blog as a public toilet. There were so many comments from woman who were genuinely sad that they could not read her stuff anymore. They were kind in their comments and wished Gina all the best. One lady said she could only imagine the look on her husband’s face if she said she was going to spend $200 to read a blog. Of course, this IS the woman who wanted to sue the good Samaritans who reacted to her suicide threat.

  10. avatar Pink Palatian

    I had some personal run-ins with Gina when I lived in Chicago and she was an undergrad pre-law student struggling to take the LSATs. She had some sort of awakening that she wasn’t meant to be an attorney, which is probably a good thing, given that attorneys, you know, actually have to listen to the opposing point of view and respond to it rather than stomp their feet, throw a tantrum, and lock themselves into their offices, screaming from inside “I CAN’T HEAR YOU NANANANA!!!!”

    • avatar Emily

      Well, hey you met her once, therefore you’re friends, therefore you can subscribe for free! At least according to her page.

    • avatar bossyboots

      I’m sorry to report that there are, in fact, more than a few attorneys who respond to opposition with the “stomp their feet, throw a tantrum, and lock themselves into their offices, screaming from inside ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU NANANANA!!!!’” technique. But the rest of still think they are crazy assholes.

  11. avatar michele

    I’ve never read her, so i have no idea whether or not she offered sound advice. But I will say that, as a complete outsider, this just makes her look totally insane. I can’t imagine hiring her to trim my hedges (not a euphemism) let alone help me birth a baby. No fucking way. And this doesn’t help the whole natural childbirth, doctors are EVIL cause at all. I don’t know what to say. Good luck? Good riddance? Please don’t harm any women or babies with all your crazy?

  12. avatar rumham

    Confound your lousy toll, troll!

  13. avatar vegetabitch

    Bitch is so crazy. Her responses in her Facebook threads have crossed the line from self-righteous and obnoxious to legitimately off her rocker. She has labeled everyone who isn’t jumping to pay for a subscription a “troll,” and she has called herself a “genius” over and over again for moving to this model. Bets on how long the blog survives?

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