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“Stylish Petite” Will Post Outfit Fiction

Annie, a “really petite” blogger, is getting some side eye in the petite style blogging world. It seems Annie concocted a story around her outfit – a story some had heard before.

An outfit posted by “Extra Petite” blogger Jean on September 9 featured a jacket that, according to Jean, her mom bought for her “five years ago from the Banana Republic outlet”.  Well yesterday Annie posted an outfit to her Instagram, and when asked where she got the coat, claimed:


Unfortunately there was a public internet trail showing Annie actually bought the coat on ebay. When people began to call her out on her obvious lie, providing proof that she did, in fact, not receive the coat from her mother but actually purchased it online days before, the internet scrubbing began in earnest.

But not only is Annie scrubbing her own internets – she is allegedly asking others to delete their own comments and tweets in order to completely erase any evidence:

Claims that she is “copying” Jean aside, Annie’s actions are so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin. First of all it’s stupid to make up some story about a piece of clothing, especially when your ebay history is public. Second, it’s sort of sketchy to ask people to help you kick dust over your lies when you get caught. 

Third, I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this. I’m pretty sure style bloggers aren’t all 100% up front 100% of the time about where their items come from, for various reasons ranging from not wanting other bloggers to have the item to embarrassment at purchasing something from ebay. The only difference seems to be that those bloggers are smart enough to keep their purchase histories private, and probably don’t go around asking other people to delete their tweets to help them cover their tracks.

  1. avatar Franner

    If you want to see the extent of her copying, some people have compiled these:

    It’s seriously mind blowing.

    In some instances it could just a coincidence, but when there are literally hundreds of examples of straight up copying, you can’t ignore the other instances.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      what the hell am i looking at? i thought it was the same person over and over LOL

    • avatar Sister Friend

      On the first of those links, one of the headers is, “Stylish Petite/Really Petite copies Extra Petite”. I died, laughing. Died. What the what what, now? How is being tiny a thing like this, and where is the “Stylish Fatty/Really Fatty copies Extra Fatty”?

      • avatar whatevs

        STAR and you win. Can someone please start a Stylish Fatty Twitter account, at the very least? I would follow the hell out of that account.

        • avatar Samson

          Who the hell cares if you bought something on ebay, for heaven’s sake?

          A lot of these bloggers get all self-righteous about thrifting–what’s the damn difference?

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            I know, right? Off of ebay is the only way I can afford to own any Desiguals.

            ExtraPetite is absolutely stunning, IMO, & I like her style, so I can see me formulating ideas from her blog … but, I don’t want to wear exactly what she wears & I sure as eff don’t want to wear her skin, as ReallyPetite seemingly does.

        • avatar idunno

          So would I.

          I might even love it so much I created a tribute blog – Wannabe Stylish Fatty McFatterson Wears Exactly The Same Thing as Stylish Fatty. I mean, excessively long name, but I’m all about truth in advertising.

      • avatar Is this your homework Larry

        I wanna be the fatty who copies the fatty who copies the fatty.

        • avatar Sister Friend

          I wanna be the fatty that starts a blog satirizing the fatty for copying the fatty who copies the fatty! Oh, wait. That seems like a lot of work, and I am a lazyfats.

        • avatar shippy

          I LOLed

        • avatar Eyelash Sweater

          Who was originally copied by the other fatty but they were really obscure pictures so is it really copying then?

          • avatar Eyelash Sweater

            I forgot that I wrote this comment basically immediately after I wrote it, so I totally believe that Annie forgot when and wear she bought her dumb beige blazer.

      • avatar two fendi purses and a silver lexus


  2. avatar Sister Friend

    I can’t quite wrap my head around this story. Mostly because I am slackjawed that being a ‘petite’ style blogger is an actual thing, a legitimate blog category that people recognize and have named.

    • I can understand it. If you’re an odd size/shape it can be difficult to find clothing, and blogs to pinpoint brands or items that fit people at the extreme ends of size ranges makes sense. When I was thinner than now, I had to buy a lot of my clothes in the children’s department, which would have been a problem if I had to dress like a grown up instead of a college kid. I could see petite bloggers being helpful.

      • avatar Louise

        I’m short, but not particularly petite. I have normal hips and what not. It’s a bitch to find clothes. I find the names of these blogs ridiculous. So twee! Awww, you’re so little. You should eat a cookie! I bet you’re cold all the time!

        • The teeny bloggers seem to mostly be Asian, which I can understand. I have met some TINY Asian ladies; my BIL’s girlfriend is the smallest adult woman I have ever seen. I think my MIL, post middle age spread, is about a size 2. I was recently staying with them and we ate every meal together. They do eat; they’re just small.

          I’m a size 10ish and 5’1″. I find clothes shopping aggravating, though I’ve gotten better. I finally found some cute wool cardigans that hit the right spot on my hip, but they’re sold as cropped. My favorite knee length skirt was sold as a mini.

        • avatar KatV0118

          I am small and cold all the time. I HATE it! I do have trouble finding clothes sometimes because many many things that look cute on the model swallow me up. I do appreciate someone my size trying things on for me. But branding petiteness is ridiculous because being petite is not an ideal, must a state of existence.

      • avatar pblover

        Yeah – I can totally appreciate the need for this type of blog (and ones for women of all specific bodies/sizes) and for the ideas one can gather and find helpful, but these bloggers seem to wear the ‘petite’ as a braggy badge of honor. It just always strikes me that way-like these bloggers are trying to make the word petite synonymous with ‘prettier and more dainty/girly than you!’

    • avatar RedRainbowPuffs

      Petite actually refers to people 5’4″ and under – you can be skinny, curvey, plus-sized, oblong, whatever “shape”. Petite simply equals short.

      I can understand why there is a such a category because trying to dress like a grown up when i’m 5’2″ isn’t that easy…unless I want to spend all day shopping and tailoring your clothes. For some reason, all the popular petite blogs seem to be geared towards women who are both petite and skinny…which then of course launches all kinds of taunts.

      • avatar LC_ThunderThighs

        Word. The traditional “I’m a fatty” retorts have already begun. I’ll probably be lashed for saying this, but is anyone else really tired of seeing the “so sorry, so fat” and other self-deprecation responses? I get that that’s usually what white knights lead with in their insults, but it’s old. *ducks*

      • avatar Is this your homework Larry

        Being called thin isn’t an insult, though. I know some thin people don’t like the body commentary, but it’s not the same thing.

        • avatar RedRainbowPuffs

          Being thin isn’t an insult. However, comments such as “Eat a freaking burger”…”what size do you wear? The negatives?”…etc are meant to be insulting.

          Not to say that this is on par with what plus sized people have to deal with. Just saying that body snarking goes both ways and that it’s more acceptable to snark on the skinnies/shorties.

          *Also ducks for putting up any defense for the non-fatties*

          • avatar Is this your homework Larry

            I see what you mean. I don’t agree with other large ladies who call themselves “real” and things like that. In a world where “you’re just jealous” is the new black, I would imagine that anyone who insults someone for being thin probably actually is jealous. Not that that would make it less annoying.

            • avatar schmickschmack

              UUUUGH. On occasion, when I have the kind of money required and need work pants, I shop at Lane Bryant (which I, and my equally fat cousin refer to as “Lane Giant”), and it drives me batshit bananas that their slogan is “Real women have curves.” Some real women don’t. And I’m a fatty, but I don’t have “curves” so much as “rolls.” Which I guess, geometrically speaking, are curves, but that’s not what they mean.

      • avatar notapusy

        Indeed, a lot of people don’t get this. There’s this weird thing where if you’re short and NOT a size 0/1/2, skinny petite women will give you the side eye and say “well you’re not petite”. And then because women who style blog also love a size competition (most of them, anyways) it turns into WHO IS THE MOST PETITE OF THEM ALL?!!?!?! Where petite= all around tiny dainty ballerina, instead of just short.

        I’m not going to lie, I have found petite style blogs very helpful because I’m 5 feet tall and had nobody in my life who could explain to me why my clothes never looked quite right. I also thought, until I read a few petite blogs, that because I wasn’t a very small size, that the petite section would have nothing for me. So, these niche blogs really did change my “shopping experience” (ugh), but I don’t read them much anymore.

        • avatar TurkeyVulture

          THIS is the thing that gets me. It’s the names of these blogs (and other petite blogs) that drive me nuts. Just call it __’s Petite Closet or whatever; all the SUPERLATIVE PETITE WORDS just come across as a big stupid competition to see who is THE PETITEST OF THE PETITES. Gag me. No1curr.

  3. avatar eh ?


    the ppl who like this drama are fucking weird.

    • avatar Petuna

      I am fucking weird. thanks. the petite war is awesome.

    • avatar tvsociety

      The petite wars baffle me. In my limited browsing, it seemed like all the petites wear mass produced boring mall clothes and if they’re “actually totally legitimately really seriously very intensely monumentally (etc.)” petite then they have limited options in the first place. I don’t get how it is surprising that they all buy/wear the same things. I also don’t see how you can “copy” someone wearing boring mass produced mall clothes. Can you copy someone who ears cereal for breakfast or wears socks with their sneakers? It’s all very middle school mean girls.

      • avatar RedRainbowPuffs


        I’m a similar size to these two bloggers and I pretty much dress like these two bloggers simply because I shop at the mall – BR, Loft, Ann Taylor, JCrew – they all offer a petite line. Check in, check out.

      • avatar TurkeyVulture

        Plus, the pictures where the Petite Impostor is supposedly copying the poses of Jean, Petite Queen…uh, ALL the fashion bloggers do the same dumb poses. Big woo.

  4. avatar Special Snowflake

    I love that she posts the size of every.single.item she wears so we are reminded she wears a 00P. My cat wears a 00P too. no one cares.

    • avatar New Year New You

      Excuse you, I’m sure your cat cares.

      My cat wears an 000P, and size 1 shoes.

      • avatar jam

        LMAO @ size 1 shoes.

      • avatar carriout

        To negative infinity and beyond!

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        Phhhttt! My cat is currently sporting a KONG™ Elizabethan collar, extra small.

      • avatar ba

        She sounds adorable! Please show me a picture of a cat in shoes!!!

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      My cat wears a size that is so small, the tailor actually has to shorten and bring in clothes for kittens.

  5. avatar zc

    Thank you for posting this, PP!

    I really like Extra Petite (Jean), and I hope that her name isn’t dragged down because of Annie (Stylish Petite)’s blatant copying. Most people just see “petite petite petite” and two Asian girls that wear Ann Taylor. It’s hard to tell them apart at first glance, mostly because Annie has been copying every single thing that Jean does and wears, but they are worlds apart in terms of style and originality.

    • avatar Sister Friend

      I don’t think there is any copying, unless they are wearing a lot of vintage. They are both buying from the same stores, it looks like, in the same size. How is that copying, exactly, when the stuff they are buying is mass-market crap anyway?

      • avatar LC_ThunderThighs

        Are you Annie’s sister friend? Allow these links to speak for themselves.

        • avatar Sister Friend

          I am only a sister friend to Franzia and cats. I have no idea who these people are, and while I love style, my love of Ham has kept me out of their size range for years! But all I see in the pics are two Asian women, whose size precludes them from having a huge range of clothing to work with, who are buying the same stuff at the same stores, and are adding in typical high-end status indicators like Hermes belts. Every Asian friend I have has that same H belt. Are they copying these two? No. I can name 5 women in real life who own the same Ann Taylor necklace pictured, including myself, and I am definitely not copying these morons, either. I think the real issue is, neither is that original in styling, and both shop the same labels.

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            But she’s copying more than just the exact outfits & styling …
            & if she doesn’t get exactly the same outfit, she apes the pose …

          • avatar doggydog

            The issue is not just that they’re buying the same things, but that whatever Jean posts as a recent purchase, Annie will rush to buy a few days later. And the fact that Annie has lifted blog layouts, post formats, etc. So it’s not so much that they’re just wearing the same things as the fact that Annie is deliberately modeling herself off of Jean.

        • avatar shewholurks

          I had a hard time telling who was who at first, but once you wrap your brain around it and remember who is the copier and who is the copied, the copying is pretty rampant. Especially on the twitter accounts – um, whichever one is copying has her background and even profile image all very similar, even with similar (same?) necklace.

          Pretty amazing.

          The ebay thing is hilarious though – I mean, she admits to buying from Marshalls, what’s so bad about saying, ‘I scored this amazing jacket for only $28 on ebay” ??

          • avatar LC_ThunderThighs

            My mind was blown that Annie seemed to think it was okay to tweak main page banners back in the day. I guess everyone is using PhotoShop so everyone’s graphics turn out the same?



            • avatar tvsociety

              Shouldn’t that be pursuit of the perfect fit?

              • avatar txhrgirl

                YES! Another petite blogger with a blog used her thesaurus and wrote this gem: “an engineer’s pursuit to fashion.” I am not fucking kidding.

                The inability to write in English just kicks my ass! Annie and Vicky, take a god-damned grammar class.

                Sorry, grammar shit that should be easy makes me ragey.

      • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

        I die every time I see your username.

      • avatar Franner

        I agree that people who shop at mall stores are bound to look alike. I know that many of the things I wear on my blog have been worn by countless other bloggers, because they are things from Old Navy/the mall/Target. The problem is that she goes out of her way to find the exact items, or sees Jean wear it one way and then styles it the same way, or sees Jean say she likes something, and magically Annie is wearing it 2 weeks later. There are hundreds of examples of this happening, but she never credits Jean for the inspiration. If you read Jean’s blog (and I do, even though I’m not “a petite”), you will see that if she buys something because another “petite blogger” reviewed it, or styles it a certain way because of someone else, she always gives credit.

        • avatar bernie1735

          Precisely, Franish. It’s more about the timing of the outfits (within days or a few weeks of each other, over and over again) and how they are assembled (same color combinations with similar/same accessories) that makes the copying rather clear.

      • avatar ba

        Yeah I agree with that. When you’re buying clothes from the same stores, and from within the petite section, which only has select items from their collections at large, you’re gonna get some overlap.

        She’s copying some of the styling though, and making up that weird story about the blazer to make it seem like she’s just as family-sourced vintage is odd.

  6. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    this chick is crazier than most of the creepers who attempt to Single White Female naomi of rockstar diaries.

  7. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


  8. avatar chocolatemilk

    Nice, PP!

    Now, will Annie respond with another epic DEAR READERS YOU WILL NOT BRING ME DOWN post like last time, when everyone called her out for copying & stalking?


  9. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

    perhaps it’s time to adjust our monitors!?!

  10. avatar ba

    When you buy all your clothing from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor petites some outfit repeats will inevitably occur; it’s a very small pool for clothes. But it’s kind of telling this even-more-petite-than-you chick would make up a story so similar about the blazer she obviously rushed to find on ebay to be just like the original poster. Lame! She gets whatever passive agressive tweets are tossed at her. “I can’t remember where I got this blazer I purchased days ago!” Hahaaaaa.

    Fashion blogging, and sometimes blogging in general, seems mind-numbing and exhausting. Trying to be unique, cutting edge, and not a complete goon in your pictures would drive me up a wall. It’s hard enough making sure I don’t look homeless for the webcam I’m required to use for team meetings filled with people who most likely don’t give a shit about my appearance, let alone for the entire internet to see and judge. At least I can sit at home and copy whoever I want and maybe even *gasp* rewear an outfit. In the same week.

  11. avatar Miss Noir

    These petite bloggers all look the same to me.


    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      seriously, i was all ‘WUT THE WUT’ for about 10 minutes trying to convince myself that this wasn’t one person

      • avatar Say Rah

        Agreed. I think I could maybe muster up some legitimate outrage over this if I could figure what the hell is going on. I still can’t figure out who’s copying whom or who is The Petitest.

        • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

          I tried figuring out which one of them was the Pettiest and that didn’t help either.

          • avatar KERFETUS

            Pinterest guys should have made that their site instead. Petitest, a social network for short women who look pretty goddamn similar and wear all the same mall clothes.

          • avatar Flying Piggy

            Pettiness / petty – am DYING. :-)

  12. avatar New Year New You

    Why would anyone be embarassed about buying from ebay? Ebay is the motherfucking bomb.

    • avatar Miss Noir

      I know! I love me some Ebay!

    • avatar monkeyduck

      I agree! I’d be proud to share that I found something I liked, especially if I got it at a steal. People and their lying: it’s just weird.

    • avatar Franner

      She’s not embarrassed about the actual buying from eBay. It’s the fact that she was buying it because Jean has one, and she wanted one because of Jean, so she stalked one down on eBay. Then instead of admitting that she liked it on Jean so she found a similar one on eBay, she says she just happened to get one from her parents so it doesn’t look like she’s copying and it’s just a happy coincidence.

      Before she made her reviews private, you could see the 100+ purchases she made on ebay buying the exact same items Jean wore, usually days after Jean showed them on her blog.

      • avatar BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

        Petite War! Better than midget wrestling!

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia


        • avatar Franner

          I don’t consider it a “petite war”. I just think it’s ridiculous that it she blatantly SWFs another person so much.

          I have no stake in the petite fashion world as I weigh about twice what either of them do.

          • avatar BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot.

            My left arm weighs twice what they do…as they midget wrestle!

      • avatar Best Betch

        That’s 100% creepy and I don’t understand it since I’m assuming she’s targeting the same (petite) audience.

  13. avatar Hater Face

    Is this shit for real? People make up stories about where their jackets were born?

    • avatar txhrgirl

      O.M.G. This made me laugh out loud, and I have a cold and I am a snotty mess that I must now go clean up! For the record, my jackets were born in Vietnam and China. Almost ALL of them.

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