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Rich Tong Finally Cleans Out His Desk At Tumblr

Rich Tong, one of the many unnecessary employees of tumblr, has finally formally confirmed GOMI’s blind item: he is leaving tumblr.

After a year of serving as Tumblr’s Fashion Director, I am excited to announce that I’ll be leaving to pursue other independent opportunities.

The fashion community on Tumblr has grown tremendously in just a year, starting with only a handful of industry leaders and quickly expanding to over 200 of the world’s most creative fashion publications, designers, brands, photographers, models and stylists.  Their presence has given way to the most incredible opportunities for this community’s young, emerging talent, and I am ever so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.

It’s been an extraordinary learning experience working with such a world-class team at Tumblr, and I look forward to all of the amazing developments they have planned for the coming years.

He doesn’t state what these “independent opportunities” are, but since he has barely shown up at the tumblr offices for the last month we assume he’s been busy kissing Nina Garcia’s cheeks hoping for a job at Elle or something.

The main lol in this goodbye post is Rich’s implication that he had any major role in creating good relationships within the fashion industry. He is now famous for pissing off many people by selectively sucking only the teats he deems worthy of his attention. His notorious tumblr Fashion Week stunts have been almost universally panned as publicity fiascos of the lamest order. His blatant pimping and promoting of fashion/style tumblr users who are his personal friends is also no secret.

Tong’s departure is no loss for tumblr or for the fashion community. Perhaps now he will slink back to a web development job where he belongs, and stop trying to be the arbiter of internet fashion. The bigger question is, how will he be able to snag another model girlfriend without the impressive “I can make you famous on tumblr” pick up line?

  1. avatar Up, Up and Cray

    First? I’m so special!

  2. avatar Lionel is the REAL Messi

    “Fashion Director”, my ass.

    Button that shirt, sloppy!

  3. avatar meanguy

    Perhaps the worst use of “I am excited to announce…” ever. This guy must be a blast at funerals.

    Why doesn’t the old guy John Maloney mentor these kids? Sure, it’s fun to laugh at the stupid things Karp says in the NY Times and LA Times, and it was fun to watch Tong faceplant. It was super fun to watch topherchris blog his cock — who didn’t want to see that? And HEY GUYS, don’t even get me started on Poundcake.

    The “such a world-class team at Tumblr” line rings particularly hollow. It’s not like Google and Facebook are desperately trying to poach these shitheads.

    • avatar New Year New You

      “I am excited to announce…my abject failure.”

    • avatar Super_Nintendo_Chalmers

      I read some post on his Tumblr a while back saying that people’s complaints about Tumblr don’t worry him because “at least they’re still talking about it.” Basically, he said that he’s not all that concerned about the company’s missteps or its future because if people are upset enough to talk about it on their blogs, etc. then that shows they’re somewhat invested in the platform which is what really matters. I’m not sure this “any publicity is good publicity” philosophy works as well on the internet, when it’s so easy for another platform to rise up and do everything Tumblr does and then some, and do it competently too.

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

        “All publicity is good publicity” didn’t even work for Oscar fucking Wilde, who is the jerk who invented the idea.

    • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

      True story: a bazillion years ago when I still worked in PR, I went to a seminar once about crisis management.

      The doofus leading the seminar suggested that you begin announcements about truly horrible shit with “Good news!” and then find whatever possible good news there was to lead with.

      “Good news! I will have a lot of time to spend with my family at the holidays” might have been said doofus’s suggestion to THE REAL RICH TONG.

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

        “You know that gang of bitches who always was making fun of my job at Tumblr? Well, guess what!!”

  4. avatar JFA

    Aww I sorta feel sorry for him. Must be hard to fail so spectacularly in the public eye. But more importantly, few things creep me out more than camera phone self portraits in a mirror. Please stop doing that, men.

    • avatar At Your Service


      • avatar New Year New You

        MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • avatar AFGHANI the INEVITABLE

        wait… wtf? where is that from? is loren up to more hijinks?

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge


      • avatar featherbrained

        He’s hoping Julia will date him for her new reality show.

        • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

          Is the theme “chansaw sex-death nightmares of the never-weres?”

          If so, i could get behind it.

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

        Is this fuckhead coated in BBQ sauce?

        Note to Baldy: that’s not called tanning, it’s called braising.

        Either that or your blood pressure is straining to break a land speed record.

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        Wow, I wouldn’t divorce him with my worst enemy’s pussy. As for fucking, never.

      • avatar Super_Nintendo_Chalmers

        This is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

    • avatar New Year New You

      OMG, nothing skeeves me out more than a bare chested bathroom mirror self-portrait. It is to barf.

      • avatar JFA

        They are the worst. It’s okay though because it weeds out about 50% of Ok Cupid profiles. I love the dudes whose only photos are mirror cell phone self-portraits. You might as well wear a sign that says, “I am both creepy and never leave my house.” UGH.

        • avatar KrakenSkulls

          It also says:
          I was taking a dump when I thought of this self-portrait idea.
          This is actually part of a series in which I explore my body. in a room with a toilet.
          Play your cards right and I’ll show you the full monty pic. Well, who am I kidding, just ask for it.
          Posing and snapping a pic at the same time is not something I am good at. Behold my puzzled squinty face as I try to make two objects appear in focus at the same time.

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

        But how else will we ever know which “totally straight” frat boys are beginning the long journey into screamingly gay?

        • avatar JFA

          Totally sorta unrelated but I watched “Restrepo” last night (highly recommended, RIP Tim Hetherington) and the homoeroticism between the soldiers was OFF THE CHARTS.

          • avatar Lionel is the REAL Messi

            Try Hornblower. (young Ioan Gruffudd+ Jamie Bamber+ what tvtropes calls HoYay on the house = GOOD TIMES)

    • avatar Rolly Polly Molly

      (NSFW) was my first thought upon viewing photo.

      • avatar Rolly Polly Molly

        of Rich Tong

      • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

        Way for even some clearly amazing-looking guys to look both stupid and ugly.

        As JFA says: weeds ‘em out for the rest of us.

  5. avatar Shrug Bitch

    Bye bye Rich, can’t say I’ll miss you.

  6. avatar Miss Noir

    Dear Rick Tang,

    I have never heard of you.


  7. avatar Amy

    What ever will Tumblr do without him?


  8. avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

    I wonder if he’s still Real.

  9. Bye bye asshole!

  10. avatar Colonel Mustard's Tiara

    I really hate the goodbye annoucements. Say nothing. Anyone in your entire industry knows whether you left, were laid off, or were fired, so spinning it in such an asshattery way looks immature and ridiculous.

    What do these people do during a breakup? Write a novella of fake appreciation?

  11. avatar in YO FAcE, tongalongadingdong!

    I guarantee that 98% of this is passive aggressive, backhanded code that plebes like us won’t understand.

    “I look forward to the future developments…
    [through gritted teeth] because they weren’t ProGresIVe ENOuGh to understand the GreaTNeSs of the TOngSter!”

    Reeeeeeeeech…We see u.

  12. avatar New Year New You


  13. avatar JFA

    I don’t think that’s product. It’s filth. :( Something about him gives me the sads. Notably, everything.

  14. avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

    I always think of this, too!

  15. avatar Cindy McCains Medicine Cabinet

    Oh god, those apartment pics were the grossest things ever! And his now-ex would sit around naked on his bare, sheet-less mattress, probably covered in dog hair. Gross. Just washing his hair would be a start at least.

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