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Ratters Are Ratting Out Nat The Fat Rat

Today in slow news days, Nat The Fat Rat, part of the NYC Mormon Mommyblogger Club, has finally somewhat admitted she did not actually just pull all of last month’s cross stitch brags from her skinny jeans covered behind as she previously implied.

Originally responding to a comment asking “do you just free hand it? or follow some sort of a pattern?”, Nat claimed simply that she “freehanded these, which is actually easier than you’d think when you’re doing counted cross stitch”. Recently a Ratter found strangely similar patterns for sale in an etsy shop, and links to the patterns were posted in the comments of the original post – which finally forced Nat to sort of kind of acknowledge she had outside inspiration:

i didn’t use patterns for these (probably should have!), but i did do a google image search for “cross stitch rain clouds” and “cross stitch reindeer” and sort of winged it from there. a few readers have linked to patterns in the comments so please use those!”

This makes me wonder why she didn’t just link to the original page where she found the google image to begin with, but it’s Friday and I’m too busy to figure out why bloggers don’t give attribution to their swiped ideas anymore.

  1. avatar KaavyaViswanathan

    This post has made me want to be all cross stitchy and creative. But in a totally non-plagiarized way.

  2. avatar woefully uncreative

    Subversive, Wee People, Cross Stitch Heroes… all good for beginners, and 1000x better than those crap kits from Michaels.

    • avatar Vodka Utahnic

      I vote for Wee Little Stitches on Etsy. Awesome, nerdy, easy designs and really well-made patterns. I’ve made Batman villans and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If my sister ever has a kitten, I’m totally making him/her the superhero alphabet sampler.

      • avatar BumOverNoggin

        I just bought 3 patterns from Wee Little Stitches because of the cat lady recommendations. They are ridiculously adorable!

        Side note: We should do a GOMI cross stitch exchange.

      • avatar exquisitespring

        Ahhh, thank you for the recs! I am TOTALLY going to make the Superhero Alphabet Sampler when I have a kitten — good thing my mom taught me how to cross-stitch when I was a teenager!

  3. avatar Rattamatazz


  4. I have nothing to add about this particular topic except I now have an overwhelming urge to do crafts with obscene content matter. And that I lead a very hollow existence because the fact that the forums are down is killing me.

    But thanks PP, you rock for making this an awesome space for us. I still want to throw some ham/wine through your letterbox if I’m ever across the pond (sorry if this is stalker-ish…I’m drinking my way through a bottle of Pimms, currently).

  5. avatar not a cat

    I haven’t cross stitched in ages but after all the hilarious photos in this thread I want to go to Hobby Lobby and get some supplies.

    • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

      Word. I used to do cross stitch years ago. I knit now. With the same passion I used to put into cross stitch.
      Knitting rocks my world lately.
      It keeps me from throttling people…

      • avatar Chippotito

        I just started knitting and I love it now! Soothing and repetitive and much easier for me than cross stitch because I cannot count.

      • avatar melody emergency

        I love knitting. It relaxes me and keeps me from wanting to smack people.

  6. avatar Sarah

    Another unimportant person wants to be important! Horrible! Please, just start doing something useful in your life instead of stealing ideas from the internet and selling them as yours! Horrible! I am sick of these fake people called bloggers! Please, disappear from the internet!

  7. avatar Meh

    Did someone say cross stitch?


    By the way, if you are my friend, this is what you get for Christmas.

  8. avatar her juilliard, him columbia

    I’d quite like to cross stitch this pattern as I can’t wait for Breaking Bad to come back on! Although I think I just want to cross stitch his face, not the Kiss The Cook and border.


    • avatar her juilliard, him columbia

      Ahh, the image didn’t work. Will try again.


      • avatar sexypanda

        That is fucking awesome. (Can’t wait til August!!!)

      • avatar New Colorways!

        That face is CROSS STITCH ART. Wow!

        Super thread talent, I must say!

  9. avatar Ellebee

    Hah looks like that’s another craft to add to my list. I’ve never fancied cross stitching before now because most of the ones I see are pretty ugly but I love these word ones. Will trawl Etsy until the forums are back up :)

  10. PP, I won’t even lie, I am mostly checking forum updates every once in a while to see what your new message is because every single one so far has been deeply amusing.

  11. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    looks like daily garnish is on another mini-vacation. wonder if she finally found a B&B that allowed toddlers? poor tortured soul.

    • avatar KAS

      Who knows. I do see that her toddler dared to sleep in until 9:30 am- she used the hashtags #wakeup #mamawantstogohiking. Mere days after bitching about him waking up at the crack of dawn! Make up your mind, woman!

      • avatar Gingervitis

        Bitch be cray. I would cry salty tears of joy if my toddler slept that long, plans or no plans.

    • avatar toasted muesli

      I hope wherever they are staying has a $500 vitamix to blend their daily smoothie vat with _all_the_produce_.

  12. avatar Always Hungry

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use the new forums…

    • avatar esr2103

      ME NEITHER. help.

    • avatar coffeejunkie

      I know!! I was so excited that they’re back…

    • Let me put up a tutorial on there, brb

      • avatar coffeejunkie

        Thanks PP! We appreciate all the effort you’re putting in!

      • avatar Cat in the wall

        Thank you!

        • avatar OneMillionSelfies A.K.A BucketofStars

          Thanks for all of your hard work Party Pants. You rock!

      • avatar Lamemoniker

        Do I need to so a shift refresh? ;)

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      most of the comments are gone again… ? halp.

      • avatar New Colorways!

        Yes, titles there but posts gone. And why do we need to know that “freshness” is 4 months, 2 days, and 36 seconds ago? And why are the thread titles within the tops all in random order? I feel so lost and alone.

        • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

          *sniff* I’m glad I’m not the only one who is missing the forums.

    • avatar 173451

      I can’t find the link to the new forums. Help? or are they just not ready yet?

  13. avatar Coffee Tosser

    I miss the forums.

    • avatar KAS

      I know! CaitlinHTP just did a post about her latest sprint triatholon, where am I supposed to analyze it to death?

      • avatar Coffee Tosser


      • avatar Snarkastic

        Ugh. Yet another OMG so shocking PR fabulous #mothertriathlete race. She is queen of “closet training” – hiding her training volume/intensity on her blog prior to her event. Bloggers pull this crap all the time: then, if they bomb the race, readers didn’t expect much and they can say something stupid like, “Well I only ran one long run, so I knew I’d hit the wall at mile 18″ . But if they do well, they can brag about how athletic they are. It’s win-win. Once in awhile, they actually own up to the training they did behind the scenes after the race is over. At least CaitlinHTP did that this time – it’s mildly more honest.

        • avatar Snarkastic

          Couldn’t contain my ire as I wait on new forums.

        • avatar JudgementalSnarker

          And not one mention of Happy Father’s Day to the Fake British Dr. or her own father.

          Her self absorbness never disappoints does it?

    • avatar o_O


      Me too. Hang in there.

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