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Ratters Are Ratting Out Nat The Fat Rat

Today in slow news days, Nat The Fat Rat, part of the NYC Mormon Mommyblogger Club, has finally somewhat admitted she did not actually just pull all of last month’s cross stitch brags from her skinny jeans covered behind as she previously implied.

Originally responding to a comment asking “do you just free hand it? or follow some sort of a pattern?”, Nat claimed simply that she “freehanded these, which is actually easier than you’d think when you’re doing counted cross stitch”. Recently a Ratter found strangely similar patterns for sale in an etsy shop, and links to the patterns were posted in the comments of the original post – which finally forced Nat to sort of kind of acknowledge she had outside inspiration:

i didn’t use patterns for these (probably should have!), but i did do a google image search for “cross stitch rain clouds” and “cross stitch reindeer” and sort of winged it from there. a few readers have linked to patterns in the comments so please use those!”

This makes me wonder why she didn’t just link to the original page where she found the google image to begin with, but it’s Friday and I’m too busy to figure out why bloggers don’t give attribution to their swiped ideas anymore.

  1. avatar Shrug Bitch


  2. avatar Wonton Disregard

    If Nat were cool, she would have copied this…


  3. avatar Cat Shark Roomba

    Not to be melodramatic or anything but I’m pretty sure I’m DYING without the forums.quick-sad.gif

    • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

      PP is lucky that about 4/5ths of The Londoner thread forum is asleep across the pond right now, other wise there would be bloody hell to pay!


      • avatar Hamless MacBeth

        HA! So true. I am getting rather desperate myself. I keep making snarky comments to the dogs, who just look at me “heifer, would you shut up?”

  4. avatar Loathelita

    All you cross stitch people, do you know about Steotch? Hilarious stuff.

  5. avatar Loathelita

    And apparently I can’t insert images properly. Here’s the URL

  6. avatar PoppingBaubles


    cat-shaped wine y’all!

  7. avatar Susan7

    I need the forums. I hardly post in them, but I look at them all the time. All. The. Time.

    • avatar heddy

      Same here. I rarely post, but I’m feeling like I reeeeally want to jump in and be a part of the community today now that the community’s closed like Chick-Fil-A on Sunday. Seems like I crave nuggets the most on Sunday afternoons…

      Anyway, good luck, Partypants, and thanks!

      • avatar Always Hungry

        Sunday chik-fil-a cravings are the worst!!!

      • avatar hashtag

        all this talk of cross-stitching has me wanting to run out to Hobby Lobby for a gratuitous craft splurge and dammit if Hobby Lobby isn’t closed on Sundays, too! Chicken and Crafts, whyyyy must we wait until Monday?

        • avatar heddy

          OMG, Chicken and Crafts sounds like an awesome social gathering, too…

  8. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    I made the mistake of looking at the humane society adoption page and now my heart just hurts.

    • avatar I think thats healthy!

      I’ve been tormenting myself with pet adoption sites all week. I’m moving, and one of my criteria is that the new apartment allows dogs because I really miss having a dog and want to adopt one soon. And now I want to save every dog in the state. Especially this one:

      • avatar I think thats healthy!

        Damn, the image didn’t work. It’s a corgi/sheltie mix and she is so adorable.

        • avatar planet claire


          I can’t even look at the adoption sites. :/

      • avatar Eyelash Sweater

        I totally got to help out some kittens in need today: a guy found them in his woodpile and all the shelters are full, so I called my old vet and she agreed to take them in. I was a tiny kitten taxi!

        • avatar I think thats healthy!

          Aww I’m glad you helped save the kitties!

    • avatar Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      There was a Humane Society adoption ad on the back of the bus in front of us in traffic when my friend was driving me home. Instant bwahhhhhhhhh *stare out side window* *pretend to have something in my eye*

  9. avatar hereforthefreefood

    So is cross stitch something that us lowly non-crafting plebeians could do? Because I tried knitting, and fuck that noise. I wanted to stab myself with my own needles. But some of these patterns you hams are posting are too amazing to not be hanging in my room. At least until my kid learns to read.

    • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

      Yeah, it’s pretty easy. Just start out with a small design when you begin. I started out with patterns that were comparable to these.

      Then I got bigger.

      You just have to be okay with a lot of counting, and working with the tinyness of it. You’re basically just pulling a thread diagonally through the square, coming out again from the back, and crossing over the stitch in the other direction. And then repeat a hundred times!

      It’s nice now that there are so many little tutorials all over youtube. These didn’t exist when I started. There’s probably things I do wrong when I stitch, I wouldn’t be surprised,
      and I’ll probably never be able to work on linen. But it’s a nice hobby. I do one every few years now, mainly when the tv is on.

      It can get expensive when you frame though. I put a lot of work into mine, so I like to frame them with mats and good glass.

      • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

        Oh, and if you want to do one with lettering, then that’s even easier counting wise.

    • avatar bucky

      Cross stitch is so easy. Go to your nearest craft store and pick up some of the small, easy patterns to get you started. They even come with the thread, needle and aida cloth, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what to buy. If you’re interested in making patterns that say things, then you could buy a book with different fonts in it and stitch whatever you want to say.

      Good luck!

      • avatar chicketychun

        I’m a knitter who’s just started dabbling in embroidery and cross stitch. I love needlework because it’s perfect for when I’m watching mindless TV.

  10. avatar FattyMagoo

    I once tried to cross stitch a picture of sail boats with lyrics from I’m On a Boat on it, but it’s taken me so long that it’s no longer topical so I’m stuck with a naff picture of boats.

    I miss the forums.

  11. avatar Tina a/k/a Sewingseed

    Hi & thank you for this. I’m Tina from Sewingseed and those patterns happen to be mine. I have a shop on Etsy called Sewingseed and have been making cross stitch patterns for years now. This situation was brought to my attention by some folks who happen to have recognized my designs. (Really awesome of them, btw) Thanks for the compliments on my stitching. I actually stitch every one of my designs and that’s what you see in the photos, not computer generated images. I realize that sometimes people use my photos freely, but a link is always appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your support!

    • avatar planet claire

      Your designs are lovely, Tina.

      It’s too bad NTFR went to all the trouble to steal your beehive and made such a poor showing of it! :/

    • avatar Fatlady

      Hi Tina! Your designs are fantastic. Really, the one with the little deer in front of the trees is amazing! I’m about to buy the pattern. And I promise if I post a photo of the project to the Internet that I will actually link to you so my friends can check you out too ;)

    • avatar New Colorways!

      Tina, we love your work. It hurts when it gets stolen.

      These dumb bloggers should at least give you credit. You’re the one who spent time and creativity on your designs.

      You also seem like a sweet, not-bitter, person. So HI and welcome to GOMI…!!

  12. avatar Fatlady


    On the ThatWifeBlog Facebook I saw a photo of T2 sleeping FACE DOWN like right on her tummy and little face. I can’t post the photo because I use an iPad. The caption read:
    “Why does she insist on sleeping face down? I am constantly feeling her back and waking up her up because I think she has stopped breathing.

    I guess I just have to relax and assume if she can roll over, she can handle sleeping face down.”

    I am too young and poor just yet to have kittens of my own but I helped raise three out of my five siblings from diapers and am under the impression that babies sleeping on their faces is a BIG NO NO.

    Even if she can roll over she may not be able to when she is half asleep or if her little arm gets caught under her or if she’s a little burpy and asphyxiates in a pool of her own spit up. Don’t they have special pillows now that allow them to roll side to side but never all the way over? Any mama hams want to clarify this for me? Is sleeping on tummies ok?

    • avatar okayinmoderation

      In general, once they can hold their head up and get into the tummy position on their own, it’s fine to let them sleep that way. However, it should be on a firm mattress with no loose blankets. That picture looks like she laid her in the middle of a loose, crumpled sheet. Fail again on TW’s part.

    • avatar Eyelash Sweater

      If they can roll on their own, good luck trying to get them stay on their back. At that age, if something is wrong, they will shift unconsciously to clear their air – unless there’s a bunch of toys, blankets, and pillows, they shouldn’t smother. Firm mattress. If you need extra warmth, try a sleep sack.

      The little girl I nannied would automatically go into child’s pose after spending about twenty minutes gently hitting her head against the mattress.

    • avatar Fatlady

      Ok thanks hams. Sometimes TW makes me paranoid I guess.

  13. avatar Bartonellosis

    Eh, I wouldn’t sweat T2 sleeping face down. If a baby can roll over, they can roll back. The American Academy of Pediatrics says there isn’t any data supporting the effectiveness of wedges, etc. and by the time the can roll face down, the risk of SIDS has decreased significantly. She’s stilly a shitty mom,but I can’t fault her too much for this.

    What really concerns me is this:

    Time for a Chapstick intervention!

      • avatar alanahjoy

        hahaha, in that picture she reminds me of that weird character from 50 First Dates. That hairstyle is terrible on her! And WHY THE UGLY FACE?! That picture is just terrible.

        • avatar ativan annie

          Is That Wife Mormon? I’m wondering if that’s a magic underwear bra strap I see in the picture.
          And I can tell I’m getting desperate without the forums, snarking on some blogger I know nothing about.

          • avatar Eyelash Sweater

            Lapsed Mormon. She likes to claim that she’s all enlightened now, but she’s not.

            • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium

              Mormon or atheist or Buddhist, she’ll never be enlightened.

          • avatar J's Everyday Freakout

            There’s no bra component to the magic underwear. They’re basically a t-shirt and capris made of a light material, usually cotton or rayon. Typical underwear bottoms are not worn, and regular bras are worn over the top of the shirt, so that the garment (that’s what they’re called, garments) is closest to the skin.

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        Oh. My.
        Two words, Chica: COMB OVER

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