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Ratters Are Ratting Out Nat The Fat Rat

Today in slow news days, Nat The Fat Rat, part of the NYC Mormon Mommyblogger Club, has finally somewhat admitted she did not actually just pull all of last month’s cross stitch brags from her skinny jeans covered behind as she previously implied.

Originally responding to a comment asking “do you just free hand it? or follow some sort of a pattern?”, Nat claimed simply that she “freehanded these, which is actually easier than you’d think when you’re doing counted cross stitch”. Recently a Ratter found strangely similar patterns for sale in an etsy shop, and links to the patterns were posted in the comments of the original post – which finally forced Nat to sort of kind of acknowledge she had outside inspiration:

i didn’t use patterns for these (probably should have!), but i did do a google image search for “cross stitch rain clouds” and “cross stitch reindeer” and sort of winged it from there. a few readers have linked to patterns in the comments so please use those!”

This makes me wonder why she didn’t just link to the original page where she found the google image to begin with, but it’s Friday and I’m too busy to figure out why bloggers don’t give attribution to their swiped ideas anymore.

  1. avatar Heather Duke

    Bloggers get away with this kind of shit, so why not?

  2. avatar Kerfeltoe

    The pattern ones are waaaaaaay better.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      yeah, nat’s looks kind of sloppy.

      • avatar Loathelita

        Not WK-ing – I don’t even know who Nat is – but the patterns are just patterns, not stitched with floss yet. At least the cloud one is. I can’t tell if the bee hive one is done or just the pattern. That’s why they look so pristine.

        • avatar FattyMagoo

          No, those are stitched, but they’re on aida cloth which makes it a bit easier to create really pristine, even cross stitch.

          • avatar Loathelita

            Must be a large whatchamacallit – gauge? Whatever the holes per inch is called. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any cross stitch.

            • avatar FattyMagoo

              Yeah. It’s the type of cloth that’s typically aimed at beginners because everything is big, but some people just like that look.

        • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

          Even if I knew how to do something like this, I wouldn’t make much of an effort on one commemorating the state of Utah.I shared this earlier.

        • I’m surprised how many crafty types are on GOMI. There seemed to be a vivid discussion in chat once this post went up about knitting and gauge or something. (I don’t do crafts.)

          • avatar Loathelita

            I knit, badly. I used to be quite good at cross stitch, but then I had children with grabby little hands, so it all got bundled up and put in the attic. Knitting is the only crafty thing I do. Unless drinking counts as a craft, because I’m all over that shit.

            • avatar Cat in the wall

              Craft brews? I’m really, really good at craft brews.

              • avatar Foobs

                You could always try Brews & Crafts. Like Arts & Crafts, but better.

          • avatar FattyMagoo

            I surprised by how many crafty types are here that don’t like to snark about craft blogs! I thought the DIY forum was going to fill up with craft blog snarking, but it’s all threads about YHL style blogs.

            • There is going to actually be a “Crafts & Hobbies” section in the new forum, by request :)

            • avatar Local Snark

              If you EVER want to snark about craft blogs, I’d be all over that! Stuff like this makes me crazy…I feel like there are very few truly original ideas anymore…so why NOT just say I was inspired by this and this is my result. Who cares? Why are bloggers all trying to be so original (yet failing miserably)?

              • avatar Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

                Ditto. Outright copying and crafting for the sake of making it DIY bug the crap out of me. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

          • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

            I cross stitch. If you’re eyeballing and counting rows on a simple pattern you find online, it’s the same as counting the squares on a piece of paper right in front of you.

            Por ejemplo, eight lateral rows of light grey rain on the right to begin with (until you hit the blue rain streaks) starting with the furthest right which has 10 squares of grey with a space in between. Next row to the left has only eight squares, missing the two on the ends. Once you finish the rain lines, its easy to count the horizontal rows of the clouds according to the lateral rows of the rain.

            Hence the counting. Don’t matter if it’s on your screen or on paper. It’s still someone else’s design.

            • avatar Wait...What???

              I prefer counted cross stitch, hands down.

            • avatar sponsoredpost

              Im a cross stitcher too. I love it. And yes if she counted, she didn’t design it herself.

            • avatar falimako

              I was going to say the same thing. She obviously found those patterns on Etsy and then outright copied them. So rude.

            • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

              ‘por ejemplo’ oh be still mi corazon, weewillywinkie habla espanol.

  3. avatar Eyelash Sweater

    That’s a really bizarre thing to lie about.

    • avatar JaffaCakes

      That’s what I was thinking. Why lie about something so trivial? If you’re gonna be dishonest about dumb shit like that, I feel like anything that person says would have to be taken with a grain of salt -

      I’m a human who does things!

      • For some reason it reminds of how so many bloggers never respond when someone asks where they got something. Just fucking tell people where you got something, you are clearly on instagram all damn day! How hard is it???

        • avatar JTRHNBR

          YES. Absolute pet peeve of mine. If they expect people to read/like/comment on their shit all day long, the least they can do is answer them when they ask about it.

      • avatar dontmindme

        It actually isn’t trivial. These cross the border from being ‘inspired’ by to being nearly a copy. An artist designed that pattern and is trying to make a living. We don’t allow middle school students to plagiarize someone’s writing they found on the internet – bloggers shouldn’t harvest blog fodder by copying someone’s art or design.

        {it sucks when you see your own work made by someone else}

        • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

          She has committed a counterfeit cloud crime.


    • avatar greek yogurt

      Yet so many bloggers lie about minutiae like this. What an odd bunch.

    • avatar chocolatepuddin

      My thoughts exactly. I was browsing etsy before Christmas and came across a super cute Ron Swanson quote cross stitch (it was the “better to half-ass two things…”). There was no way I was going to pay $40 or whatever the “artisan” asked for it, but I loved the idea. So I just whipped that bad boy out myself. I was super proud, so I posted a picture on IG and a few people complimented me on it.

      My response? “Thanks, I got the inspiration from xyz etsy shop”. Now “Thanks, I’m the best! XO!”.

      • avatar sponsoredpost

        I need a picture of this. I need to make this tonight. I love Ron Swanson

      • avatar Beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox

        I bought a Ron Swanson cross stitch pattern from etsy at Christmas time, too! Mine is the “Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” The plan was to give it to my sister as a housewarming gift. Of course, the first step of the plan should have been “learn to cross stitch”, because the damn pdf just sits in my gmail inbox, untouched. All that to say, Ron Swanson, you are literally the best. And Nat the Fat Rat… come on, gurl.

  4. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    ahh, so many things i want to discuss on GOMI… jessi quirk’s verbal diarrhea about how she has such a DIY spirit, despite needing an off-site storage locker for all the clothes she buys; KERF’s GM visit post; thatwife’s swavie swav might be forcing her to find employment. what else is going on in the blogworld today?

    • Go for it! Discuss whatever you want in this post. It’s Friday, snark it up while I wait for the forum data to convert.

    • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

      ThatWife is most likely starving herself. Weight loss seems to be the one area she puts any effort in.
      Pink Peonies is going towards lifestyle blogging with a recipe for lemonade.
      Kerf thinks she’s influential.

      • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

        ha, pink peonies fancies herself a mormon cuppy, then? she’s going to have to do better than trop50 smoothies and stevia lemonade.

      • Didn’t Jenna say once that she has to restrict harshly to lose weight, or am I thinking of Raven? WITHOUT THE FORUM I CANNOT FACT CHECK

        • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

          She has very little self-control when it comes to food (locking up the cheese is just one example) but before she conceived t2 she was starving herself, something like 600 calories a day. She plateaued in weight loss and was losing her shit. At that time her goal was to get down to a size 4 or 130 lbs.
          Poor T2.

        • avatar Heather Duke

          Her husband locks up the cheese.

          • avatar Wonton Disregard

            If my husband locked up the cheese, I would hunt his ass down and take the fucking key.


            • avatar Wildcard, Bitches! (aka Jinxy)

              this gif is mesmerizing.

            • avatar Wildcard, Bitches! (aka Jinxy)

              ….and mouthwatering

            • avatar chrisc

              That grilled cheese is not ready yet. It needs another 30 seconds on that side. If you’re not going to take the time to make grilled cheese properly, don’t do it at all.

            • avatar Zesty Caucasian Dressing

              That reminds me of the Kraft grilled cheese commercials when I was a kid. WHY CAN’T MY GRILLED CHEESE DO THAT?

      • avatar zhnjg

        I just assume she has nothing else to do but go to the gym, what with other people cleaning her house and nannying her children for her.

        I’m waiting to learn that she’s hired an “at home chef,” because she just can’t do it all, y’all.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      Just what I wanted to know about KERF’s visit to GM, what she had to eat. However, in her defense, I don’t think she’s smart enough to actually write a post about a major company.
      She’s such a smunt, and a dumb one. Does that make her a DUSMUNT?

      • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

        she ate local (probably free) beef last night, so lay off, ok!?

        • I was telling a friend last night how I love going out in Brooklyn and hearing hipsters ask if the beef is loganic. Because as you know, there is a cattle ranch in Red Hook.

          • avatar Samson

            “Hi! Did this pork come from a hog lagoon? They taste better.”

            I should probably change my login to Hog Lagoon.

            • “I should probably change my login to Hog Lagoon.”

              I’m the app for that.

              • avatar sponsoredpost

                I raised artisan cows on my patio in Bay Ridge. But it’s all so mainstream now. I now raise rhinos in my NJ backyard.

          • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

            Lennie, if you wanna live off the fatta the land, maybe don’t move to Brooklyn.

          • avatar JalamityCane

            Farm to table, baby.

        • avatar pumpkin and goat cheese got married

          … Yeah, her beliefs (eat meat when someone else supplies it) and support (companies giving her freebies so she’ll flog them on her blog) certainly remain the same.

          That reply is like the HLB equivalent of “I’m not racist/homophobic/whatever, I have friends who are [fill in the blank]“.

  5. avatar Crossbitch

    It looks like Nat used a smaller weave fabric than the original patterns which tbh make the stitching look wonky and too tight.

    But, yeah, as a fiber arts student, you gotta share your inspiration if you have any – but in Nat’s case this is outright copying. Gurl you got caught.


  6. avatar kelsper

    If she can’t even reference the inspiration for a craft project what’s stopping her from plagiarizing in her book she’s writing or acting like some idea or thought of hers is authentic without referencing the source. I thought Mormons were supposed to “be honest in all their dealings with their fellow men.”

    • avatar Phoebe Buffet [formerly WTF Birdcage (formerly phoebebuffet)]

      … well, YHL got away with writing a whole book that was all lifted Pinterest projects.

      • avatar Affiliate Lynx

        I haven’t read it, is it really all Pinterest?

  7. They have Mormons in NYC?

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      You can see plenty of them magically fall in love with their best friends at the corner of 65th and Broadway.

      • avatar chocolatepuddin


      • avatar The Old Bailey

        Did you know that some of them go to Columbia? And Juilliard?!?

        • avatar Wildcard, Bitches! (aka Jinxy)

          it’s really something, no?

      • avatar sponsoredpost

        YES! Years ago I went to some Winter Fest in the Lincoln Square neighborhood and one of the stops was listening to Christmas Carols at the LDS church. They served hot apple cider and cookies and they were all SUPER STEPFORD NICE. And they gave me a Book of Mormon that I left on the subway on the way home.

      • avatar Wait...What???

        See now…one of the good works that a Mormon needs to get to heaven is proselytizing. So basically….they be everywhere. NOW lying is a BIG Mormon nono! But, hey she can work that off by a few more hours of temple time!

        • The thing is she didn’t outright LIE. She did not say ‘my own design’ or anything. And I know this post might be a bit nit picky. I just think if you are going to have some lifestyle blog with a HUGE fangirl audience, it would be awesome if you included attribution to your source of inspiration so your fangirls can a) see you support indie artists/shops, b) are not even perceived as taking credit even implied, and c) you don’t wind up on GOMI because shit made me scratch my head.

          • Like I said earlier, this is the same reason I don’t get why bloggers never respond when someone says “where did you get xyz”. Look, maybe you have a life outside your blog and instagram comments, but if this is basically your job how hard is it to pop in and say “I got it here!” It comes off like you don’t want your fangirls to have what you have – unless the item is $ponsored and you get money to share the source.

            • avatar WildTurducken (aka notapusy)

              Well, to be honest, I DON’T think bloggers want their fangirls to have the same stuff they have. They’re selling aspirational, “perfect” lifestyles and the things they show off are part of that. If something is easily attainable, it loses it’s cachet.

          • avatar Wait...What???

            Her bishop would call a lie of omission equal to a flat out lie.

            • avatar non-profiteer

              I mean this comment exchange is close enough to an outright lie for me:

              Ashley Hayley May 06, 2013

              Wow, those are so great! You think you’re not creative, but I betcha most people (like me) can’t even conceptualize something like that! Those are seriously so wonderful.

              natalie holbrookMay 06, 2013

              thank you ashley, you’re so sweet!

  8. avatar Amanda Hugginkiss

    Her “beehive” pattern looks a little like poop with flies buzzing around.

    • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay


    • avatar Harpoonie

      See, I got the beehive right away but couldn’t figure out why the two-toned, horizontal turd is raining.

      Isn’t art amazing? One ham’s beehive/cloud is another ham’s piece of shit.

    • avatar Semi Ho

      Butterflies on a sand dune?

  9. avatar sneakybuttons

    There are comments egging her on to make them available for purchase, and she was going to bat her eyelashes innocently and oblige. UGH.


    • I really think her attempts are cute in a sort of half assed imperfect way. I just don’t understand why, if she searched google images and found something and then tried to replicate it, she didn’t include links to the places she found the images – especially if they were from etsy. Beginners could then purchase the patterns, Natalie would be supporting an independent shop and providing attribution. It would have put her 50 notches up in being an honest helpful blogger. Just head scratch.

      • avatar Redrah

        EXACTLY. Why is this so hard?

        • Seeing bloggers NOT do that makes me question myself when I respond to “hey I like that dress” “I love that print over your desk” etc etc with “Yeah right I got it at *url to store*”. It makes me feel like a fucking gushy overfriendly loser when apparently internet etiquette is to just ignore such comments. And then the other part of me is like “wtf? this is their fucking JOB. THEY should do this” and then I feel like some full of myself, self-righteous douchtower.

          Alice, doing internets wrong since 1998.

      • avatar dontmindme

        I think she should have purchased the pattern or her versions needed to have been more of a riff on the idea and not a copy. It is fine if you see something crafty and go home and make one for yourself or a friend,whatever. But to post it on your blog as content {which you make money off of} is like taking the idea for profit. As an artist, I would be a bit miffed.

      • avatar JalamityCane

        Not only could she be honest and helpful but she might even be able to turn it into an addition affiliate type income and earn a tiny profit for each referral.

        She could totally make her blog a resource. The thing is, other bloggers would see this and link to her. And you know how much bloggers love reciprocity.

        I totally need to teach these bloggers how to blog. They’re doing it wrong.

        • avatar hockeygirl

          “She could totally make her blog a resource.”

          Yep. Best thing I ever learned about “platform building” was: “If you want readers, strive to be useful.” (Robert Lee Brewer said that. Look at me being all attributional.)

  10. avatar bananapie

    I wish she would link/credit the original artist for these. The beehive one is changed up a bit so I could call that a coincidence since it’s not a rare thing to make, but the rain clouds are almost exact. We know a lot of bloggers steal ideas and don’t credit, but it’s not cool. I’m glad she got called out for this.

    • Or like I said, link to the actual google image source page where the inspiration is from, so her fangirls could recreate them. This is just so odd to me.

  11. avatar MSM

    My comment got eaten in the forum earlier, but this is pretty underhanded shit for Natalie to pull. It makes me think she genuinely doesn’t have any original inspiration rattling around in that head of hers. I seriously doubt she has the self-control to actually produce a book, but if she ever does, I can only imagine she’s going to be all over protecting that intellectual property and trying to make a buck off of every possible sale, like Glennon did grossly pushing her fans to buy her book three times.

    So glad Natalie got caught in a big way! But now I’m terrified she’s going to start peppering her blogs with the term “Ratters”…;)

    • I’m sorry about that. I’ve been half ass working on the forum conversion all week, and found out that doing it in spurts just wasn’t getting it done. (ETA also it was super annoying for everyone to have the forum go up and down randomly.) So I took the forum offline earlier to just get it done all at once and have it over with. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration to everyone.

      • avatar Profanity Jane

        Thanks to the forum beng down, I’ve had to pay attention to my children all day. All day!

        *shakes fist*

        • avatar Say Rah

          I had to do actual work. Ugh.

          • avatar Say Rah

            Crap I didn’t see Shrug Bitch’s comment below! Bitch you should have called me so we could snark and fuck off together!!

            • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

              I just read that quickly as, “so we could snark and fuck together!’

              (I blame this on the dirty cross stitch *corn of the thread!)

              • avatar Say Rah

                I love you catladies! But not in that way.

              • avatar eeee

                that’s okay, in ALice’s original comment I keep reading “randomly” as “sodomy,” even when I scroll back up to look at the comment to see, “Where’s that word that I keep reading as – OMG! There it is! She IS talking about – oh. No. It still doesn’t say ‘sodomy.’”

            • avatar Shrug Bitch


          • avatar JudgementalSnarker


            • avatar vintage people & fair aisle sweaters

              YOU ARE AMAZING

        • avatar JalamityCane

          I had a Cecily photo to snark about and couldn’t. I ended up working instead so I didn’t havet to think about the withdrawal.

      • avatar Shrug Bitch

        Because of this I actually had to do work today. It was awful.

        • avatar Fart in a mitten

          Me too! It fucking sucked.

          • You know what? I give up. Old forums are back up. Everyone stop emailing me. I’m tired. I’ll just do the conversion Sunday or some shit. Enjoy.

            • avatar watery highball

              I’m sorry people are emailing you, PP. I know most of us appreciate the hard work you put into these forums!

              And FWIW, I missed the forums but I’ve been really productive during the downtime, so no complaints here!

            • avatar Mind if I do a J?

              Thank you for trying to improve GOMI. Sleep well. Better luck tomorrow.

            • avatar Reply Hazy Try Again

              I thought they were down, so I cleaned my house, made homemade from scratch marinara sauce, converted a bunch of my recipes to o
              Evernote, and knitted half a scarf. Plus all of my laundry is done.

              Now I realize that the GOMI forums have been ruining my life all this time. Who knew I could get this much shit done?

  12. avatar planet claire


    imma stitching right now!

  13. avatar planet claire


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