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Project Babies Thinks It’s Appropriate to Discuss Layoffs On Twitter

Project Babies’ Kristin, captain of industry, has been spewing hot, fiery conservative rage all over Twitter since last night. One part that really stood out was this:

First off, what if employees of Trisha Hope’s company read her timeline? Is that really the best way to announce layoffs? Also, the way Kristin’s tweet is worded she makes it seem as if employees who support health care reform are the ones she and her husband will fire. Even if that’s not the case, it just seems flippant and incredibly gross to talk about firing employees in a forum that your employees can easily read.

Note: Project Babies has locked her Twitter timeline, so don’t bother trying to look at it right now. Oh well, we’ll always have the screenshots.

  1. avatar ilovecats1234

    She retweeted:
    @ProudoftheUSA: As a business you have 4 choices 1) Keep employee count under 50 2) Convert employees to part-time 3) Lay-off employees to get lean 4) End.

    • If your profit margin is so tight that you can’t afford even the plenty of not offering healthcare, then you are not good at business.

      • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

        THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS times a million

        • avatar runningforcupcakes


          1. How do they handle every other situation that adds expense to operating their business? Are these people in businesses that have no variable costs?

          2. Worst case – they pay the penalty of $2,000 per employee which adds 96 cents per hour expense to the employee’s wage. As a business owner, wouldn’t your goal be to have productivity much higher than this so .96 isn’t going to move the needle from profitable to not?

          But then again, what do i know? I voted for Obama because I’ve faced the prospect of not having health coverage because of a pre-existing condition (infertility – yes really). I think people should be allowed to marry whomever they want. I think, as a woman, I am the best person to make decisions about my body. I think religious freedom means you can worship however you want, not that you get to impose your beliefs on me. And as someone who got laid off after a private equity firm took over my company, I have more sense than to inform someone of a job loss on Twitter.

    • avatar 50 Shades of Gross

      Or 5) Do right by your employees and offer insurance (which you should have been doing all along)! And I agree. If you have 50 employees or more and your profit margins are that tight, you have bigger issues than “Obamacare”.

      • avatar MEP

        Or, 5) Watch your good employees leave to go to better places of employment where healthcare is offered, and take with them all your clients and business knowledge to competitors. WTF!!!

        • avatar crankymommy2

          6-start your own business and give them a run for their money.

      • avatar southern comfort

        But wait…playing devil’s advocate here…I thought BIG profit margins are OMGSOEVIL! At least when it comes to oil corporations, Walmart, etc… “Green” endeavors are somehow exempt from that vitriol.

    • avatar JFA

      She’s just so fucking stupid and insufferable.

  2. avatar Llama Llama

    I am seriously going to have to start murdering people who say things like “”God is in charge, and alone sits as the ultimate government over His creation.” And remember, God is the one who blesses America.” Seriously. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

    As I said yesterday – if you think God is more concerned with our rich western countries’ elections than starving kids in the third world – if you are so religiously privileged that you think it’s right, if you are so selfish and cuntish that you are convinced that God is looking out for your finances personally, and that all he has to worry about is your country, and if you are so brainwashed and arrogant that you take the fact of the guy you don’t want as president being re-elected as a sign that God is sending the Apocalypse, then seriously, the human race does not need you. I can’t even with the billions of hypocrisies that I basically read as this:








    Sorry for how… that was – it seriously is the closest I can come to portraying the resounding tide of fuck that the post-election scumbags have sent my way.

    • avatar crankymommy2

      This this and THIS!!!! My GOP friend is like you are so angry this election and I am so fed up with you asshats acting like your rights trump everyone else’s rights. GRrrrrrrrrr and fuck off you bigots I am so done with being nice.

      • avatar crankymommy2

        Should read…. I answered I am so fed up…

        • avatar Llama Llama

          Ugh I know! For your delectation, here are the [many; sorry] quotes I found yesterday that stood out to me. All taken from FB comments etc. I’ll remove my own rants cos otherwise this will be tl;dr for all. Also, you are all smart and my comments will be needless (tho obv they are hilarious and witty and insightful).

          “it is under this current administration that our Religious Freedoms are under attack”

          “Be prepared now for record gas prices, unemployment, more attacks on americans abroad, and war in the middle east. For the first time in my life im ashamed of the american people who voted for this. We are witnessing the begining of the downward spirial of us into Greece. and we have no one to blame but us.”

          “Well= The Fools Made Their Choice= Let’em Live With It. Welcome To The [MUSLIM] Brotherhood==[ The Word= {SOCIALISIM}= Comes To Mind......."

          "Romney will win God knows he will."

          "Thank you Mitt and Ann for trying to put God and freedom back into the leadership of our country. May God have mercy on us all now. God bless you and your family."

          "good run mit. its hard to get the votes you need when your core all have jobs. new rule, on welfare no vote, on food stamps, no vote. Let the people who do the work make the decision, not the lesser population that lives off of us" <--one of my absolute favourites. FUCK YOU WELFARE SUM, YOU ARE LESS THAN HUMAN.

          "I don't know how this can happen. Everyone I know voted for you."

          "Mitt I love you dude but seriously Next election if its voting against a black do nothing , or any other minority I wont vote . The whites obviously have no say , the Christians have no say . I am disillusioned and dispondant and truthfully apathetic about America May God have mercy on us"

          "I believe it was fixed with 12million illigals crossing our borders and voting in our election. They voted themselves all the free stuff Bill O'Riley was talking about eariler on FoxNews."


          "So sorry Mitt. I wish and I prayed for you. I think God must be done with our Country. Almost like sodem and gommorah I'm surprised he hasn't blown us all up and started over. God help our Country for the stupid decision they made last night"

          " Four more years of illegals andf welfare--got to find a job where I don't pay any taxes--tired of supporting them"

          "Kalpana, nobamas win indicates that God is now judging this nation because we have strayed away from him. And that was His Will, apparently this nation has gone too far and we were praying for our repentence to hold back that judgement at this time and give us another chance, but it is not His plan. .....Jo"

          " he won by hispanics nt black idiot"

          "Honestly,i kept telling myself if Obama won again,i would know the Second coming would be near..Been reading the Bible of Prophecy,says all...."

          "The way my flag is displayed, I can't hang it upside down. But I will put up a bow of black ribbon as a sign of deep mourning for the death of America."

          "All evangelicals must now turn to fasting and prayer. It will be faith, not politics, that ultimately saves us all"

          [on a status where someone says they've been blocked from adding more friends for 30 days]: "FB is in Obama's pocket too- everything is so f'n corrupt- we are being fast-tracked into total commie world"

          And then this guy. He is a WINNER.

          "Republicans, I'm just as surprised as you are. I thought for sure that "impede recovery, embrace rape & demonize gays" plan was a winner." Amazing :)

          • avatar Sassy

            Holy shit. After reading these fb comments, I’m now going to prepare for the Apocalypse.

            I knew I deleted my fb for a reason. It gives complete and total fuckwads an avenue to spew their hatred. Do they not hear themselves? I really wish these people could enroll in a rhetoric course so they could learn how to construct an argument properly in order to avoid logical fallacies.

          • avatar crankymommy2

            OMFG do we have the same FB friends; although I just stopped going on there cause it was making me wild at the ignorant assrats and their vile verbal vomit and like I stated above I am not being nice about assratty comments any more. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t even be friends anymore if that is how they really feel. Ya know?

          • avatar Llama Llama

            I can’t reply to your comments ladies, for some reason. I broke the internet maybe.

            I keep on FB cos I have friends scattered all over and it’s my main way of communicating, but I regularly cull. I actually had to go and search for most of these comments so it wasn’t too bad; I wanted my own little historical reminder of how to avoid being a complete cuntmarrow to my fellow humans plus I knew the Repubs would throw up (literally) some ‘amazing’ nonsense for us all to ‘enjoy’. I get into it sometimes with some particularly virulent little religion virus upon the land, and one of my fav moments was after the OMG OBAMA HAS DEFECTED TO FRANCE FOR JULY 4TH propaganda spread mindlessly across the web. It wasn’t true and no one bothered to read the original article properly; the headline was misleading as well, and getting someone to apologise and remove the post from their FB made me feel a lot smugger than it probably should have. But they are all so RIGHT ALL THE DAMN TIME and the thing is, Libs and Dems are both a strident; the thing is libs dn’t want to tell everyone what people should be allowed to do, what personal choices are right.

            And hilariously, I’m not even from or in the US. I just think it’s important to keep up with US politics cos did you know your president is the most important [mortal] being on the planet and like the repubs are fond of saying, your policies drive the entire world. Oh, and apparently despite this, I should shut up, why do I care, I’m not even from this country and if I were were I should fuck off abroad to Commieland (true story, someone said that to me, albeit in slightly different format; more drooling and eyerolling and whinnying).

          • avatar crankymommy2

            Llama Llama I can’t reply to you either. I keep my fb ’cause you know I have kids who are learning to navigate the internets and I want to point out things like “your future employer might not think that joke is funny” and because I have friends other parts of the world that I like to follow for their world view and politics….shhhhh don’t tell the GOP but we are a global society. :o)

          • avatar Llama Llama

            @cranky – I hear ya. I use it under a fake name and have it locked the fuck down, and most of my ‘friends’ can’t actually see most of my statuses; I get into a lot fewer real arguments that way, but the amount of racist and/or threatening speech I have received just vindicates me.

            I like to keep the peanutjobs around so I can ensure I can learn from their example – ie doing the opposite of what they do :)

          • avatar kumquat

            Wow…where do you LIVE? I live in the Midwest but omgggggg

          • avatar crankymommy2

            The peanut jobs oh gosh I love it…must tell myself that to get calmed down and laugh before I talk to GOPers. It is funny cause I am usually so calm when I talk to my Rep friends and family, but this time, well, let us just say I have been dropping F bombs and calling people out on the lies they think are truths.

          • avatar SmuggyMcSmuggerson

            I choose to believe that these are fake. Please dont make me leave my bubble!

            • avatar southern comfort

              if it makes you feel any better, the GOP will drop social conservatism in the next two years. i am a conservative of the libertarian variety, so that may just be wishful thinking, but if the GOP doesn’t let go of abortion/gay marriage/etc., they’ll keep losing.

    • avatar kumquat


      • avatar Llama Llama


        My New Swears formula is

        Old Swear + fruit/vegetable = AMAZING NEW SWEAR.

        Now go forth and proliferate bad language, my child x

      • avatar Llama Llama

        Sorry – I live in Good Ol Blighty :)

    • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

      OHMYLORD!!!! Can I tell you how glad I am to have this place?? Where there are sane people?? I am copying/pasting this entire thread because it makes me feel not so alone IRL. I am surrounded by ‘friends’ I never really knew. It’s kind of heart-breaking. I’ve lost a lot of faith in humanity this election year.

    • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

      I’d like to add one of my most favorite right-wing comments from a friend in my facebook feed:
      “Dear Mr. Romney,
      I voted with my lady smarts and not my lady parts.
      Sorry for this country.”
      I freakin’ choked from laughing so hard.

      • avatar crankymommy2

        I. JUST. CAN’t. OMFG are you friends with KT? Cause that is totally something she would say.

        • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

          No. But this woman is a serial poster and one of those people who post every. little. thing. she does. She is horrid and has minions out the wazoo who check ‘like’ and tell her how they wish they could be just like her!!!
          She makes me want to punch kittens.

          • avatar crankymommy2

            She probably one of those moms who can’t say vagina to her kid and has cute little names like bobo and pootsie for lady parts.

          • avatar Say Rah

            I don’t even know her, but that letter to Mittens makes me want to punch her kitten, so to speak.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            My mother used to call le vagina Toto and that fucked the Wizard of Oz for me forever.

      • avatar Llama Llama


        Uh. Maze. Ing.

        Are Republican ladies allowed to have either of those?

    • “Assmonkey Bastardsquash” made me fall in love with you.

      • avatar Llama Llama

        I would suggest we have a lady marriage but sadly it would seem the America will burn to the ground, children will die, and we’ll spontaneously self-abortionise.

        • avatar Llama Llama

          Fuck it, let’s do it anyway.

        • avatar Llama Llama


        • avatar crankymommy2

          I will bring the booze and the rainbow. I would like to ask to be a the best girl since Llama Llama and I are hipster BFF.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            To be our Best Girl, there is a long and stringent list of demands you will need to adhere to, including but not limited to:

            A promise to donate any of your organs we may need
            To clear your calendar immediately for the next three years
            To faithfully stick to our OHSOQUIRKY clashing colour scheme (I’m thinking khaki and hot pink and that lime green that is not quite yellow OR green)
            To do your hair however we tell you
            To keep your phone on and with you 24/7 for the next three years
            To share your welfare checks and any booze you buy with them
            To agree to fly first class to whichever obscure country we decide to hold our wedding in
            To tell us we look pretty every day, preferably with lots of !!! on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
            To come to a myriad of warm up wedding events, including individual and joint bachelorette/hen parties, engagement ring viewing parties, welfare check parties, pre-hen parties, pre-wedding meals, post-wedding hen parties, middle-of-bachelorette hen parties, dress buying parties, flower buying parties, wedding venue booking parties – and you also have to arrange all of the above
            Corral our other 325 bridesmaids into some kind of Bridesmaid Factory to keep them skinny and unblemished until the wedding (we’ll leave the details up to you; oh, could you choose them too?)

          • avatar crankymommy2

            One boozy liver-check
            Sell small business-check
            Thrifted 70′s dress in my closet in those colors for realzaaa-check
            haha Good luck getting this hair do do anything-check
            my kid kept telling me iphone would be helpful-check
            welfare booze check check
            I am so losing the rest of my gop friends on fb-hell ya check
            I love to party plan booze booze booze-check
            Okay the rest of you bitches who wants to bridesmaid it up…

    • avatar Lard Lass

      Frightening! This looks like posts all over the internet. I knew it was a parody because you did not mention That Leviticus, like, is totally not the law any more, except about the gays!

      • avatar Lard Lass

        What I meant to say above is that I want in as a lady on lady marriage bridesmaid.

        Do we get free botox and mani-pedis in the Bridesmaid Internment Camp?

        • avatar crankymommy2

          Bridesmaids you get…Free botox for al! Free mani-pedis for all! Free Rainbow glitter for all! Free healthcare for all! Footstamps, booze, and pot free free free for ALL.

          • avatar SmuggyMcSmuggerson

            Add an abortion and I’m so in!

            • avatar Llama Llama

              Abortions and neatly typed gay agendas and binders of women for all!

              • avatar i just felt the world get lighter

                lolz forever at this thread! (and I’d like to be a bridesmaid at the lady marriage, thankyouplease)

  3. avatar Normally a Size 2

    I had to listen to an idiot behind me in line at the supermarket yesterday tell me how he was going to be unemployed for four more years now that Obama is re-elected. Really? The president is responsible for finding jobs for individual people now? I don’t recall ever seeing this much blame laid at the doorstep of any other president. Damn if only Romney had been elected there would be no more hurricanes.

    • avatar Llama Llama

      Whereas Mitt said he would create 12 million jobs, and then said 45 minutes later in the same speech that it is not government’s job to create jobs. GEE I WONDER WHY THE GENIUS DIDN’T WIN.

      • avatar southern comfort

        Llama Llama: I believe Romney’s plan was to get government out of the way of business, which would lead to the creation of more jobs by the private sector.

        • avatar crankymommy2

          But he flipped and flipped so much who knows what he really would have done. PS private sector jobs have grown in the last almost 4 years.

          • avatar southern comfort

            No, Romney was very clearly anti-bureaucratic bloating and for lowering corporate taxes from the start. Even economic experts rounded up by Planet Money agreed that cutting corporate taxes would be the single best long-term thing to do for America’s economy.

    • avatar mistymath

      I live in the South, so I anticipate four years of listening to down-on-their-luck rednecks complain that Obama did this to them.

  4. avatar puddingtain

    I thought jesus said to love you fellow man? No?

    • avatar Llama Llama


      Who are you to interpret the word of God when there are people like KKKrystyn to do it for you? God and her have a Special relationship. They have private mobile phone lines with each other. They sit in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. You’re probably gay, hispanic and on welfare anyway :P

      • avatar puddingtain

        Yup I AM. How did you know? :P

        Except I’m white, married, pregnant and working. But to her THAT’S THE SAME THING.

        viva la gays! Off to spend my welfare check on starbucks.

        • avatar Llama Llama

          Be careful not to let 12 million illegal immigrants into the country on your way out the door.

  5. avatar Wendy

    Is GOMI totally left-wing now? Hmph.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      just because some of us hate kristen, doesn’t mean we automatically voted for barack

    • avatar crankymommy2

      I not only left wing but a fucking socialist according to the current definition of the word now in days!

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      obama is pretty fucking moderate/centrist.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      i can’t decide if this is an actual WK for kristin, or some butthurt romney voter.

      • avatar Wendy

        Neither, I don’t read Kristin’s blog. Just have seen a lot of political shit on here lately.

        • avatar crankymommy2

          Maybe ’cause there are bloggers that are spewing verbal vomit about the election and our President?

          • avatar Wendy

            Seems like a lot of verbal vomit being spewed about the election period. Kind of a turnoff if you’re a political moderate or independent and just want to discuss bad fashion choices or people who stick their babies in a bathroom to sleep. But, carry on, I am sure this comment will be shredded and I’ll be told to stick a crane up my ass.

          • avatar crankymommy2

            Wendy, I don’t understand why you are here on this topic, and I am not saying this in a bitchy way, but if you saw what KT tweeted about and you know this is a snarfy place why did you ask what at least to me is an obvious question? I mean there is a forum where you can talk about fashion and babies sleeping. This is the first itme I have commented here, do you know why? Beacuse I am so fucking sick of twits like KT and her ilk thinking that hate filled speech shouldn’t be called out. I have been silent in my real life and my internet life…well no more, I am angry and this seemed like a great place to vent.

          • avatar Wendy

            Well, fair enough. That’s what I was asking. I dislike homogeneous discussion, even in my snark, so guess this is not the best place for me. Thanks :)

          • avatar Miss Noir

            Bye Wendy.

            It seems GOMI may be a bit too cerebral for you.

          • avatar crankymommy2

            I am so feeling like an internet whore cause I have the warm and fuzzys cause Llama Llama and Miss Noir are on the same thread as me. You alls have had some of the best stuff on GOMI that I have read. Now back to drinking.

        • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

          uhh, maybe because it’s the day after a presidential election? and bloggers are blogging about it…??

          • avatar Llama Llama

            +20 internets for Cranky and Colourblocked :)

          • avatar Wendy

            And, like i said, is GOMI totally left-wing? I haven’t seen anything except really angry left-leaning comments.

          • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

            get over it, wendy.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            Wendy – because the right wingers are too busy preaching about how well they know God, demanding that human rights they don’t agree with are stripped from people, spewing the most ignorant hypocritical bullshit all over the internet, using yesterday’s election as an excuse to publicly threaten their staff with layoffs ON THE INTERNET, doom-mongering about the Apocalypse, and suggesting that anyone on welfare should have their right to vote revoked.

            I’ve been on GOMI for less than three months. This is the first time I can recall a full, left-leaning comment rant going, and the fact that you seem surprised by this, on this post, the day after the election, is a little sketchy. Sorry. Usually if it does get political, the right wingers join in, and I am sure they will in due time.

          • avatar Wendy

            See above. Hope I made your morning a little more fun! ;) Carry on with the good fight.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            Also, tbf, I represented the angry right wing above. Which would you rather deal with, hmm?

          • avatar Llama Llama

            No harm no foul Wendy :)

          • avatar Wendy

            Not trying to argue but as explanation: I have been following GOMI since the Anthroholic scandal (I got scammed by her myself, although I got my money back). I enjoy reading the entries and for the most part the comments but have noticed it getting more and more political in here. My observation. Like I said, if it gets too much that way, then it’s probably not for me. No big deal.

            • avatar booksnbeats

              It’s been less than 72 hours since the election ended for Pete’s sake

          • avatar crankymommy2

            I got +’s on the internets, oh gosh I feel all warm and fuzzy…wait maybe that is the cider. ;o)

          • avatar Llama Llama

            I’m going to Etsy to get crankymommy a bag in which to carry all her newly acquired +internets. I will also grab myself a sack to haul around the many many fucks I refuse to give, like an internet P00rn Santa whose list is entirely made up of Naughty.

          • avatar crankymommy2

            I want an owl bag. Listen I know that foxes are the new owls which were the new rabbits? bears? what was the fucking trend before owls? Anyways, I still like owls and get us matching ones and then we can instagram ourselves all over the place looking cute and matchy. Oh and maybe a secret hidden place to hide the Jim Beam and Cider, that way we can be cute and matchy and drunk.

          • avatar Llama Llama


          • avatar crankymommy2

            Like we could totally like have that embroidered

          • avatar Llama Llama

            Is embroidery or tattooing the cool thing now? Maybe a tattoo that looks like embroidery?

          • avatar crankymommy2

            I want the tattoo that looks like embroidery with the new it animal Llamas!!!

        • avatar New Year New You

          You know Wendy, that’s great that you like to snark on fashuns and fashun bloggers, but as a lady and I assume you are a lady with a name like Wendy although with all these gay immigrants commies all over the place who knows. But as a lady Wendy when politicians want to take over ALL THE UTERUSES you need to shake your damn head and make that what you care about.

          Because, if the crazy Republicans get to take over all the uteruses all fashion bloggers with be knocked up all the time, or celibate and then there will be way less for you to snark on.

          Sorry darlin’ but no-one, NO-ONE, should be “moderate” over a group of people threatening to take their basic rights away.

          • avatar southern comfort

            wait…what? what “basic right” are you referring to?

            • avatar New Year New You

              The right of women to govern their own bodies, fuckwit.

              Try and keep up with the world around you would you.

              • avatar southern comfort

                ok, ok, i’ll admit to baiting you. but instead of providing an explanation of your belief, you called me a fuckwit. convince me that birth control is a right, that abortion is a right, that healthcare is a right.

              • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

                but instead of providing an explanation of your belief, you called me a fuckwit.

                By twisting it around & making it sound as if NYNY is dodging by not answering a question not asked, you are trolling hard.

              • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

                The really hilarious part is how southern comfort admits they were baiting NYNY and trying to get a reaction, and now they’re getting pissy because they didn’t get the informative, respectful response they think they deserve.

    • avatar Llama Llama

      Nope, we’re all welfare communists. I myself have had at least 25 abortions this year. Just can’t get enough.

      • avatar Wendy

        Easy, tiger. Pour a drink.

        • avatar Llama Llama

          Sorry, just being sarky :)

        • avatar crankymommy2

          Did someone say drinks? Hard apple cider please.

          • avatar Llama Llama

            If someone could just see their way to sticking an IV in my arm and drip feeding me some Jim Beam Black label that would be WONDERFUL.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        Wendy is the worst troll ever.

    • avatar JFA

      Are you for serious? If we have a problem with some asshole firing employees over a law that doesn’t take fucking effect for a year…we are all of a sudden communists? Please stop.

      • avatar So Belle

        Wendy, I was a young fiscal conservative who got a job as a legal aid attorney after Ronald Reagan was elected. He appointed a ditz to health & human services who suddenly started throwing social security disability recipients off the rolls for no good reason. Boy was I shocked!
        Well…. Thanks to MS I am now one of those ss disability recipients…after working 25 years and producing two fine young Americans after my legal straight wedding.

        I voted for Obama because I need my ss disability to live. I’d be absolutely delighted to work especially since I was fired and discriminated against by liberal democrat bosses, but now I am … And the horrible way those democrats treated me caused me to frankly go off my rocker.

        So you see I am an enthusiastic voter for Obama because I am now a 47%. Talk to God about that. I have tried.

  6. avatar Erin

    @ Llama Llama – It BLOWS MY MIND, that these ‘Christians’ don’t see the irony of their hate speech. The only thing more mind blowing is to see where the GOP narraitve has gone since black man had the audactity to pursue and win the oval office. Anyone who believes they KNOW God’s will and that it includes white, male, heterosexual supremacy should really talk to their doctor about the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  7. avatar oh rilly

    This displays incredible ignorance. The insurance mandate does not take effect until January 2014. Why is this woman stomping her feet like a a four-year-old and firing people today? Stupidity annoys me.

    • avatar JFA

      She can’t handle that her man lost so she will fire employees as payback! It’s obviously mature, rational, and not batshit insane.

      My father runs a small business, has for over 30 years and is successful. I’m gonna guess the number of employees he fires over “obamacare” will be zero. And somehow his survives. Oh also he’s not an evil dickwad so there’s that.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        Except she has no authority to fire anyone… She’s not even allowed in the office building.

    • avatar oh rilly

      To say nothing of the fact that if you actually READ the mandate portion of the law, firing employees to get your headcount down to 50 is not necessarily a solution — neither is converting all employees to part-time. Jesus, I wish people would educate themselves before spouting off.

  8. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


  9. avatar Meg

    Ok, off to yelp to leave some helpful comments about these businesses.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      Hope Staging, a Fortune 500 Company, isn’t EVEN ON YELP IT IS SO IRRELEVANT

  10. avatar JFA

    This woman is the absolute fucking worst. This would make me angry, but I am trying instead to be happy that she is so fucking stupid that she broadcasts her hateful ignorance on twitter, so we can all point and laugh.

    Sorry to her employees but at least they won’t be working for a cretin anymore. Asshole.

  11. avatar crankymommy2

    Okay because today is a slow day I decided to check out Hope Staging and I must ask you; do you really think that a person with a small business of 60 people would have a rather unprofessional picture of herself in what appears to be an ugly kitchen? Cat Ladies what do you think?

    • avatar JFA

      Reel pruffeshunnul. That’s def the website of a business fucking maven. Obviously one who cannot afford to provide health benefits to her legions of workers.

    • avatar scarletbegonia

      I’m with you. I doubt that she has one full-time employee, much less sixty.

  12. avatar sweetlikecandy

    For any Republican still thinking their party is the right choice:

  13. avatar Mountie

    So, did this chick purposely name her blog after the children born in housing projects? Because from where I come from, “Project Babies” have a totally different connotation than from what I believe she intended.

    • avatar kumquat

      Pretty sure she’s totally and willfully ignorant about any poor folks. I do believe her blog is named as such since babies are her life’s work and her only “project” from here on out.

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