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Project Babies Thinks It’s Appropriate to Discuss Layoffs On Twitter

Project Babies’ Kristin, captain of industry, has been spewing hot, fiery conservative rage all over Twitter since last night. One part that really stood out was this:

First off, what if employees of Trisha Hope’s company read her timeline? Is that really the best way to announce layoffs? Also, the way Kristin’s tweet is worded she makes it seem as if employees who support health care reform are the ones she and her husband will fire. Even if that’s not the case, it just seems flippant and incredibly gross to talk about firing employees in a forum that your employees can easily read.

Note: Project Babies has locked her Twitter timeline, so don’t bother trying to look at it right now. Oh well, we’ll always have the screenshots.

  1. avatar kumquat

    Everyone who thinks they need to be laying off workers now instead of yesterday is an idiot. Even if Romney would have won, Dems still have the senate and the ACA isn’t getting repealed.

  2. avatar Jinxy

    From her latest blog post (the comment section):

    Although I have a different belief than you in some areas, I always respect the way you present yourself. YOU give me hope that fellow Christians and fellow people can hold your values dear to you without smearing others. Love to you and your family.


  3. avatar CantCantCant

    Right. Because as a business “owner” she has three choices:

    1. Cut your workforce, and thus your earning potential, by almost 20 percent, or
    2. Provide employer-sponsored insurance (note that that does NOT say “pay 100 percent of the premiums”) for your employees like decent human beings, or
    3. Pay a fine (which is probably less than the cost of insurance coverage and less than the loss of your earning potential from the lost employees).

    Obviously, the smart business choice is 1). Especially if those ten employees are INSURANCE SALESPEOPLE and actually PROFIT CENTERS not COST CENTERS in your business.

    Again: How do people this stupid run businesses? (I now know this chick doesn’t run a business, but other people who do think this way.)

    • avatar SaneLogic

      SERIOUSLY. I figure people like this may be subject to natural selection and will actually fail as business owners.

      I dug into Trisha Hope’s twitter feed and what a damn piece of work this woman is. Check this convo out:

      “@cspanSnark @cspanwj I app. ur concern but i am not going to air all my bus. detls on twitter.”

      You know, I will say that I’m firing people by 5pm today, but I’m not going to answer questions that actually pertain to the details of the healthcare reform you know, like ideas that might actually be a benefit for her and her employees. If were one of her employees I’d quit before she had the chance to fire me. What an asshole.

      • avatar CantCantCant

        Ughhhhhh! What an idiot! She already offers benefits! So she will get a tax cut and NOT have to pay a penalty under Obamacare. I hope all 60 of them do some reading and jump ship to a shop run by someone a whole lot brighter.

        (And I just realized I was conflating Trisha Hope, the realtor, with Project Babies, whose father-in-law owns an insurance brokerage.)

        • avatar SaneLogic

          Seriously. If I were one of them, I’d take whatever know-how I had from working for her (which is probably sketchy at best) and start my own competing company. Given the simplicity of what she does, I can’t imagine you need a high amount of overhead — office at home, maybe a storage unit and a big truck or just a good deal with a UHaul type company?

        • avatar duffinator

          I did the same thing. Keeping these dumbasses straight is hard!

      • If you quit before she fires you, you’d wouldn’t be able to get unemployment. Unemployment that she has to help pay. BAHAHAHA!

      • avatar Miss Noir

        She claims to “own” a house staging business. There is no way she has 60 employees. Go to her website. She is a delusional lunatic.

        • She probably contracts with another company that does have 50+ employees and she thinks she have to provide them with healthcare.

          Unless she’s employing like her kids or something.

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          Someone w/ 50+ employees probably isn’t going to be the primary (only?) contact on their business website, but that’s what it looks like. Wouldn’t surprise me if she has zero employees & has a regular crew that she contracts out to for the heavy-lifting. I wonder if she’s even bonded, insured & carries work-comp insurance (to protect the homeowner if a mover gets hurt on their property) … doubtful, because if she was, that should be a selling point on her website, as a competitive edge.

        • avatar Yana

          Everyone I know who does this is a solo designer who contracts out some painting work occasionally, and it’s usually not a great income generator. Hard to imagine this one lady with the crappy website is keeping a good sized team afloat.

      • “Hope Staging – Where creativity and style meet wtih Results”

        Wtih results. <3

        • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

          OBVIOUSLY she employs ZERO photographers among her 60 employees.

          • avatar Frequent Liar Miles

            The before and after photos aren’t even shot from the same angle, so the comparisons don’t make sense. Also, the befores all seem to be taken in low light while the afters are ablaze with lighting.

          • Or web people. Or a proofreader. I call bullshit on the +50 employees.

        • avatar failwhale

          her top ten reasons to hire a stager is totally copied-and-pasted from another site.


        • avatar CantCantCant

          I thought she was abbreviating for Twitter, and then I saw “renno.” Yeah. No wonder the ACA is confusing for her.

    • avatar Nuttzo

      She also has a counter on her website,a s you do, and it only reads around 6000 hits. I can’t imagine that a business with 60 employees, whose product is a mostly visual one, has that few hits. I’d assume the site would be the first place potential clients would look for work samples.

      It also looks like it was designed by a 13 year old for a school project. I know, I mark them.

      • avatar Yana

        Plus spelling error on the pricing page “personalize” for “personalized.” She was clearly just fear mongering on twitter and is too dull to realize how easily she can be found out.

  4. avatar playswithfire

    My absolute FAVORITE reaction to this bitch’s crazy rants:

    • avatar Snarkette

      LOVED that. So funny!

      • avatar playswithfire

        She and Jaclyn Day (definitely a SOMI) and some others are just mocking her mercilessly behind her back (because she blocked them, it seems, for being intelligent, wonderful human beings). It’s an absolute riot.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      hey alyssa, COME SIT WITH US

  5. Another loooony blogger out there is this chick:

    Her husband is Glenn Beck’s executive producer. Her tweets during the election and debates were comical in the blind-sheep and ignorance. It was like Fox News satire but without the irony. I started following her because she used to live in my hometown and then it became a funny republican trainwreck. It’s like the people who claim to be Jesus-lovin’ Christians but then go off about welfare. It’s ok to be a racist, ignorant jerk if you put a bible quote at the end!

    • avatar Happygal

      Holy photoshop on that poor kid. Oh dear.

    • “Ughh, my stomach is in knots over this election. I scheduled a massage for tomorrow evening because I’m stressing out.”

      Bless her little heart.

  6. avatar New Year New You

    You don’t need to lay people off, you just need to pay women less. Bitches need to get home early to make dinner for their families. Before they get back into their binders for the night.

    Stop employing women OMG, with all their fancy healthcare needs. I blame vaginas for all of this mess.

    • avatar Sarah

      This made me snort coffee all over myself. Damn vaginas.

      • avatar Magically Delicious

        My husband inists I smoothe my hair and wrap it in a pink, silk net before he tucks me into my twin binder every night.

  7. avatar Is this your homework Larry

    Okay, here’s the thing (s).
    1. These so-called Christians like this bitch are going to hell if there is an afterlife, because they don’t do anything Jesus said and they come from a place of hate.
    2. their whole strategy, besides trying to deny everyone they hate their human rights, is to have babies until their uteruses fall out in hopes of making hateful little clones, well guess what? Some of the biggest liberals I know come from these hardline whacko Christian churches and/or families who bred like rats. SO there’s no guarantee that their kids will also be conservative herp derpers.
    3. Society is changing. It’s evolving, if you will. It is. These idiots are becoming redundant. Obama won, despite going up against some of the nastiest detractors in history (and so did that lady who ran against the “legitimate rape” guy, AND we have our first gay senator) and people like Miss Project Afterbirth here are going the way of the dinosaurs that they don’t believe ever existed. So let’s enjoy their butthurt with a glass of wine and some popcorn! We knew they were going to be totally full of shit this morning, but I for one think their bitter tears are fucking delicious.
    4. Legal weed in Colorado!!!! That means it will get here to where I live in time for me to rock on my porch with a blunt in my old age!

    • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

      “Project Afterbirth” is so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. Oh and the rest of this is great too.


    • avatar notapusy

      SO much this.


      • avatar I'd Rather Be Sleeping

        Dying. Love this. Why does the idea of Jesus saying, “did I fucking stutter” send me into a fit of giggles? It’s the repressed Catholic in me, I guess.

      • avatar The Old Bailey


      • avatar i just felt the world get lighter


    • avatar snark the herald angels sing

      Well said!

  8. avatar puddingtain

    someone needs to tweet this article at her

    especially this part.
    Yes, Obama imposed an individual mandate to buy health insurance. You know who else did that? Romney. You know where the idea came from? The Heritage Foundation

    • avatar GrumpyMcPants

      get outta here with your researched facts.

    • avatar AQNR

      Romney didn’t impose anything—it would have happened with or without him, and in fact the 8 provisos of the Mass bill he vetoed were upheld by huge veto override votes.

      So sorry so cranky, but I HATE that Romney gets credit for Mass healthcare. He did make some good appointment to task forces, etc., but the bill was in process in the legislature long before his governorship, and it originated in citizen activism.

  9. avatar Sportiva

    On her twitter page, Trisha Hope explains she owns a “home staging/renno co.” Moron. It’s ‘reno’

  10. Well, I guess “this country is doomed because we’re lazy and got rid of God” comments are better than “WE FIRED THE BLACK MAN! ANOTHER BLACK MAN ON WELFARE!” comments that could of been.

    (What am I saying? No, they couldn’t have been. Romney was never seriously going to win. God told Kirsten months ago that he picked Obama, deal with it.)

  11. avatar MrsG

    Using Twitter as a way to threaten your employees’ jobs because some of them might have voted for the candidate you don’t like has to be the most stupid and wrong-headed use of social media YET. I’m also pretty certain its not legal to threaten your employees’ jobs because of the way they might have voted.

  12. avatar KAS

    What’s going on on the Twitters, followers who have yet to be blocked? Give us another big copy/paste!

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