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Project Babies Thinks It’s Appropriate to Discuss Layoffs On Twitter

Project Babies’ Kristin, captain of industry, has been spewing hot, fiery conservative rage all over Twitter since last night. One part that really stood out was this:

First off, what if employees of Trisha Hope’s company read her timeline? Is that really the best way to announce layoffs? Also, the way Kristin’s tweet is worded she makes it seem as if employees who support health care reform are the ones she and her husband will fire. Even if that’s not the case, it just seems flippant and incredibly gross to talk about firing employees in a forum that your employees can easily read.

Note: Project Babies has locked her Twitter timeline, so don’t bother trying to look at it right now. Oh well, we’ll always have the screenshots.

  1. avatar Fat Freddys Cat

    Mormon rage?

  2. avatar SweetTeaOlivia

    I think she locked it down so quickly because she knew she majorly F’d up and stuck her foot in her mouth. I wish someone would send this to her husbands work email.

    • avatar Jimminy Tityas

      I’m surprised she hasn’t deleted it, actually. It’s still public to her followers.

      • avatar Snarkette

        Hoping you’re getting screenshots :)

        • avatar Jimminy Tityas

          Sorry, I’ll get on that! Been dealing with a very sick baby all day (fever of 105.2 blehhhhh)

          • avatar Jimminy Tityas

            Kristin ‏@_ProjectBabies
            It’s bizarre that my twitter feed was being so closely monitored by non-followers? Had to go private. Being stalked makes me feel icky. :/

            2h Mandy Jürgens ‏@Aliena85
            @_ProjectBabies I think you have gomi to thank for the hate. Vocal minority is bad around election day. :(

            1h Kristin ‏@_ProjectBabies
            @Aliena85 well they’ve been hating on me for well over a year. Not surprised ;) I’m in good company though.

          • avatar monkeyduck

            I’m pretty sure the “vocal minority” is assholes like Krystyn, because who had the majority of voters on his side? Not Mittens.

  3. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


  4. avatar herpderpsnarf

    A local business owner decided it was his place to email all his employees and tell them that if Romney doesn’t win, he’s going to have to cut full-time people and replace them with part-time people in order to avoid Obamacare.

    A dude on my Facebook is posting shit like this right now and I just cannot stop shaking my head and laughing at the same time.


    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      weren’t they freaking out about this in 2008, too? and they still have their guns and rights to use them.

      • avatar herpderpsnarf

        Seriously. Dude, no one wants to take your stupid hunting rifle, so you can just chill the fuck out and go back to watching Dukes of Hazzard or Hillbilly Handfishin’ or whatever it is you watch.

        • avatar pineapple head

          I read that second show as “Hillbilly Handjobs”
          Just thought you should know.

          • avatar herpderpsnarf

            I call it “Hillbilly Handsex” in real life.

          • avatar Star

            That’s basically what it is, except every now and then they go underwater and do blowjobs.

          • avatar Sizzurp

            OMFG DEAD.

      • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

        oh and they might want to calm down with all the 2nd amendment remedies innuendo (“a reason to use them”). that shit don’t fly too far after gabby giffords and whatnot.

    • avatar idunno

      Marshall law? Like Tekken?


      • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

        Oh good lord Tekken. That takes me back.

      • avatar Anonacat

        I was so confused at Dustin’s “Marshall Law” because I took it as the “Marshall Plan,” only to realise he mean “martial law.” And then I actually googled “marshall law” and ran into this:

        I wonder if they are friends.

        • avatar Jo Bethersonton

          I also thought he was talking about the Marshall Plan! I was all, A for effort, hick!

        • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium

          I was also confused about how the Marshall plan came in. It wasn’t until I finished the thread that a light bulb came on for me.

          Dustin is still waiting for his, I’m sure.

          I have guns, used to be a competitive shooter & did the military thing — I’m “pro-gun” if it is possible to be pro-inanimate-objects. But I don’t think Obama is going to take my guns away. I’m sure he has a few other things to worry about.

    • avatar itislike

      Wow, I am from Austria, Europe and I work part time at a molecular medicine research center for my master thesis. Ok I work loooong hours and earn very little, but I have full insurance. I could not imagine have no insurance, seriously, I could not sleep anymore out of anxiety. What Obama has done is so important and awesome for you US people, I don’t understand why so many people are against it, I truely don’t

      • avatar herpderpsnarf

        Because they don’t believe that health care is a basic human right, they think it’s a privilege.

        • avatar keevz

          Us pinko-commie bastards over here in the Socialist Dictatorship of the EU really struggle getting our heads round that. Why is it that it seems the people most likely to be anti-healthcare, are also the ones who claim to be the most Christian and God-fearing …and as an added sprinkle of WTF they think that guns ARE a basic human right. It’s most confusing.

          • avatar keevz

            Sadly, a back-peddling economy seems to be giving our lunatics a deep sense of injustice and self-righteous indignation too… before you think that there is any smugness from me. Fuckwits are a universal human phenomenon. sadly.

          • Because they are not Christians….they are a bunch of bigots who are afraid of losing their control over this country to brown people and slutty women.

            They just use Jesus/God as an excuse.

            I’m personally kind of excited for when they end up at the doorway to hell and realized how wrong they played it.

    • “Marshall” law. Lolz.

  5. avatar ilovecats1234

    I follow her still. I can’t post images on my iPad, but her best tweets so far are:

    “@_ProjectBabies: Wow. Republicans sharing their feelings today and STILL getting lambasted by the “winners.” I guess we aren’t allowed to react? Or feel?”

    And lots of RT and complaints about obamacare. She also made sure to mention she’s not banned from her job and they have to do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

    I don’t even know what to do with her.

  6. avatar ffs

    Well, my partner’s very large company is laying off people as we speak. If my partner is laid off, the new business I started probably will not survive.

    And I don’t care who was just elected President. They all suck.

    And PB is a fine example of suck-a-tude too.

  7. avatar ilovecats1234

    Some more:
    @Darls10 AGREED!!! I’m thinking, “I HOPE HE PULLS IT OFF!” We’re all in this together. No matter who the prez is, I want him to SUCCEED.

    @cardassianv0le Amber, thank you for being awesome. B/c of people like you, I believe this country CAN come together. Even if we disagree.

    @anadolsky I never said we were letting anyone go at all. I said we may have to. Obamacare will now not be repealed. It’s fairly simple.

    @misspinkkate Right. That coming from a reliable source? I am BANNED from my own office? Makes perfect sense. Good luck with your life.

    @misspinkkate No, it’s called doing what we must to keep our business afloat.

    • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

      Bitch, you are not banned from your own office, because your office is your kitchen.

      • avatar herpderpsnarf

        Why was she banned from her husband’s office? SO CURIOUS.

        • avatar KAS

          Comment from several months ago in the forums:
          Servesyouright says:
          May 12, 2012 at 10:48 pm
          A few people have come forward and said they know Kristin, l do too. She is everything you guys claim she is and is in NO way the “good Christian woman” she tries to make everyone believe. She can write herself out to be as prim and perfect as possible but people should really keep in mind who the author of the blog is. She’s not going to write anything that would make her seem less than perfect. For instance, remember the About Us on her blog discussing how she and Matt got together? Funny thing is she sure did seem to be hooking up with Matt when he was still in a long-term relationship with another woman. Somehow their “strong Christian values” didn’t seem to have any issue or remorse with doing that.

          She also tries to claim she works HARD…at what? She’s banned from the building she used to work at. They even had to threaten her with the police being called. She never did her work, pinned it on other people, and ran around the office starting unnecessary drama between her co-workers like it was high school. She would even EAVESDROP on other peoples meetings, literally with her ear pressed up against the door. When she was confronted what was her defense? Blame it on Satan. It became the running office joke whenever things would go wrong. “The copy machine is jammed! BLAME IT ON SATAN!” or “The vending machine is out of Twix! BLAME IT ON SATAN!” She never takes any responsibility for her own horrible behavior and never apologizes for it either.

          Dare to disagree with her and see what happens, she doesn’t play well with others. She seems nice on the surface but once you get to actually know her that melts away. She used to scream at her husband in his office so loudly that you could hear her across the building. The building is just over 10,000 square feet and he holds a little office in it. She screamed at him, practically, EVERY DAY. Belittling him and humiliating him for coworkers, any CLIENTS and any guests to hear that could’ve been there. Did she care? No. Matt is no angel himself, but he doesn’t have a blog and didn’t put all his info out in the world for everyone to see like she did. I imagine everyone in the office who heard was uncomfortable with her screaming, annoyed and embarrassed to be subjected to it. While it made other’s want to get some popcorn and pull up a chair. When she was told, “We can hear you. Tone it down.” Did she care? No. She kept screaming. I would be humiliated if someone heard me screaming and saying the things she would say to her husband in private much less in my place of work. She talks about their marriage being the 5%…5% hearing left in Matt’s ears maybe.

          • avatar kumquat

            Wow. What an excellent freaking marriage.

          • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

            FFS the “blame it on Satan” is so freaking old.

      • avatar Jesse CATsopolis


    • avatar ejd0626

      She never addressed whether or not she is banned from her office…

      • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

        She told the truth, she is banned from her HUSBAND’s office.

    • avatar Antigone

      Wait, she said she “never said she was letting anybody go at all”?! Did she read back through her own twitter feed? Because that first tweet certainly looks like that is EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS SAYING.

  8. avatar boombalatty

    Not that these Twitter people aren’t dicks, because they totally are, but Nov. 30 is the date that most people/companies need to finalize their healthcare plans for next year. I received notice a couple weeks ago that our company healthcare plan is going up 29% in 2013. It’s hard not to tie a nearly 1/3 rate increase to the changes brought about by “Obamacare”.

    Don’t be surprised if there’s a spike in layoffs this month. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, this is an economic reality. The taking their ball and going home mentality is totally uncalled for, however.

    • avatar Say Rah

      Because costs were holding steady over the last 10 years, right?

      • avatar Bertha from the attic

        Exactly. Healthcare costs have been going up crazily for years and the ACA was put in place to help slow the pace of the hikes. Still sucks that it’s gone up that much still. Boombalatty, if people are tying the rate increases to the ACA, I’d ask them what specifically about ACA is causing rates to rise more than they would without ACA being in place. Can they show causation or just correlation? I want single-payer and think we’ll get there one day, but not for a long time based on England’s and Canada’s experiences.

        • avatar Can-Swiss

          Yeah, you’d hate to be like Canada with free healthcare, affordable post-secondary education, a lower unemployment rate, higher dollar and far less debt. What a terrible situation they are in!

          • avatar Bertha from the attic

            That would just horrible! And you left out the worst part, Canada has lower crime and gun violence! Where would we be in the U.S. without our gun violence, I ask you?dssssxfrr <<<<<<my cat just wanted to add her .02.

    • avatar Lexi

      Your health insurance is most likely going up due to Baby Boomers aging more than anything else.

      • avatar tink

        ^^^ this.

        my work has a majority of old men and young women, the most expensive groups to insure. my insurance contributions have been increasing hundreds of dollars a year, even before obamacare.

    • avatar MrsG

      Also, private healthcare companies will take any opportunity to raise their premiums. They may blame the Affordable Care Act for it, but they’re just taking advantage of the chance to make even more billions of dollars.

      Keeping the big private insurance companies in charge is the major failing of the Affordable Care Act. We still don’t have any real choice when it comes to health insurance.

      • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium

        That’s what disappoints me about the Affordable Care Act. I was excited by insurance company reforms, and those were so diluted.

        This mix and match shit’s got to go. Actual ‘universal health care’ would be an improvement.

    • avatar Caaaats!

      The month to finalize health care plans isnt the same for everyone, it depends on when your plan started originally.
      It goes along with the open enrollment period. Ours is in August, and the other company we work with has theirs in July.

      Also health care costs have been steadily increasing year after year. 13% actually isnt that bad considering how high it can be.

      • avatar boombalatty

        13% wouldn’t be unexpected. 29% was definitely not anticipated. No baby boomers in our small company.

        I’m actually considering “firing” myself and trying to get a job elsewhere with decent benefits so I can keep my family insured. :/

        • avatar AQNR

          It’s not about who’s in your company, it’s about whatever case the insurance companies can make to justify price-gouging. Right now it’s “aging Baby Boomers” and “fat people” and “Obamacare”.

          • avatar AQNR

            What case they can make to state regulators, I mean.

            Mandatory healthcare hasn’t inflated costs here in Massachusetts compared to other states.

            • avatar anotherchanceto

              In fact, I heard on NPR that mandatory healthcare has stabilized costs in Massachusetts. I hope the same will (eventually) hold true nationwide with full implementation of the ACA. Not to mention that the insurance companies now have to spend a certain (80?) percentage on direct healthcare costs, so any additional money charged in premiums has to go back to the customers.

      • avatar BitterInfertile

        Ditto. Our healthcare renewed on September 1.

    • avatar AQNR

      Yeah, that sucks. Too bad health insurers are jacking their prices and blaming the ACA. Here in Massachusetts, that was part of our health plan planning, so it didn’t happen (no thanks to Mitt Romney, who vetoed that provision, but the veto was resoundingly overturned).

    • avatar Bistec Con Papas

      For you and anyone else in a similar jam… I was disgusted by the runaway premiums but more disgusted by the anxiety of having my insurance tied to my employment for obvious reasons.

      I met with a local broker and we found individual coverage as good as my work coverage – for $200/mo LESS than that oh-so-awesome job coverage. Yes, my out of pocket premium was less.

      This may be just something that works because it’s CA and everything is hideously expensive, but for you and anyone else in this jam, it’s worth investigating. The load off my mind is unreal

      • avatar lolganic ham

        And THIS is a small beauty of Obamacare – that you have the option and the ability to buy affordable individual coverage!

    • avatar GreenieWeenie

      This is because the overall health system in the US isn’t coherent, which is why it costs far more per capita than in any other country (no, it’s not because the quality of care is proportionately better…yes, you can get world class treatment in the US *if* you can access it). You pay for health care in at least five ways in the US: monthly premiums, deductibles, taxes, co-pays and out of pocket expenses. Most people in sane countries pay for health care in one, maybe two, ways: taxes and a small co-pay.

      I just got bit by a poisonous snake, got medevac’d by helo to a hospital an island away, treated and observed for 24 hours to the tune of about $12. And I’m not a citizen of this country….I’m here on a student visa. If this had happened in the US? I’d probably consider the cost of the out-of-network service, ignore the health risks and hope for the best. So happy to know that ppl in a country that doesn’t owe me a thing actually give a shit about my state of health…unlike the United States, which my ancestors immigrated to via a followup Mayflower trip on land grants from the king. Socialism, my ass–common sense.

  9. avatar Jinxy

    What is this world coming to? I go out to get a coffee and come back to find her twitter on lockdown? I was looking forward to reading her “This must be a test from Him. God rewards those who are patient and have faith” tweets. Ah, at least I have you hams to keep me updated :)

  10. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


    • avatar ejd0626

      Someone needs to send that to her husband.

      • avatar Say Rah

        Okay so I don’t even know who this PB bitch is, but that last tweet of hers is hilarious. So they have an insurance company! In MA! And she’s upset about Obamacare?? And they’re laying off people?? Did I miss something?

        • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

          i dunno what she means by “MA insurance company,” (multi-auto?? idk) but they live in north carolina.

          • avatar Say Rah

            Well that clears up some of the crazy.

          • avatar zero

            I would guess she means “Medicare Advantage insurance company” but obviously I could be wrong.

    • avatar cruelsound


    • Sooooo….is she saying they’re going to ask people who they voted for before firing them? Because her state went red. They were the only battleground to support Romney – her employees probably voted against Obamacare.

      Ass. If your state is doing jack shit to help your company, and your company is still failing because you’re doing jack shit, then don’t go blaming Obamacare.

      • avatar Jo Bethersonton

        She’ll probaby just assume all the POC in the office voted for Obama and start with them.

        • avatar softchaos

          you assume they have hired POC to work for them…

          • You’re right. Well, at least she’ll justify firing all the women by “giving them the chance to spend more time with their kids!”

    • avatar Bucky

      What a fucking bitch.

  11. avatar paras26

    Kristin ‏@_ProjectBabies It’s bizarre that my twitter feed was being so closely monitored by non-followers? Had to go private. Being stalked makes me feel icky. :/


    • avatar KAS

      It’s not “stalking” if you put it on the internet. If you get on the soapbox, don’t be surprised when people are listening.

      • avatar hampire

        It’s definitely not stalking if it’s just reading her public Twitter feed. If you tweet publicly, don’t be surprised when people can read your uninformed, ignorant tweets?!

      • avatar Jinxy

        Exactly! Why put your beliefs out there (in such a combative way) if you don’t want any dialogue? She immediately discounts anyone that doesn’t share her wackadoo ideas

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      i WAS following you bitch, that’s how i took screen shots. well, up until you blocked me.

      • avatar KAS

        I don’t get these bitches having hundreds, even thousands of followers, and then “locking up”. At that point, it doesn’t make any difference. If you’re willing to accept follower requests from people you don’t know, that’s what happens.

        • avatar humblepie

          my point exactly, all this ego straight to their heads, soon she wont be able to leave the house you know with all the paps outside her door, but oh no what about the tynz and her day care…. two kids, and a business to run now thats hard (HARD)!

    • avatar paras26

      it should make her feel icky that she is so close minded and ignorant. to threaten on twitter that she is going to fire “her” employees because they do not share the same views as her? no wonder she made that shit private.

  12. avatar humblepie

    SO much wrong in these two posts its unreal, first off boss of the century by telling your ‘employees’ in a dignified manner that they are at risk of losing their jobs, and the fact that they will cut 10 jobs just so they are at the minimum to not provide healthcare is just SO selfish.. and what was that the Tims said about Dems? oh yea thats right that they are crazy and only think ‘me, me, me’ well this looks a lot like ‘me, me, me,’ but alas, satan must be clouding my fanatical democratic eyesight.. she sickens me to no relief why isn’t there a true way to GET HER OFF THE INTERNETS!!!

  13. avatar The Cabinet of Dr. Bobby

    Can someone tell me if either of these two cunts have anything resembling a point? Do they really have to pay more because of Obamacare? Or is this all just Republican fuckery?

    • avatar ffs

      its all POLITICAL fuckery. Both Repubs and Demos participate equally.

      I want to throw them all out and start over…

    • avatar CantCantCant

      Starting in 2014, businesses with 50 employees or more will pay a penalty (no idea how large) if they don’t provide an employer-sponsored plan. Note that that does not say “if they don’t pay the full insurance premium.” There are lots of ways that many businesses pass most of the cost of insurance onto their employees anyway.

      So, what she’s saying is that “her” company (an insurance company, no less) has 60 full-time employees whom they currently force to purchase health care insurance on the private market (if they can’t get it through their spouses), which is a burden so large most people can’t afford it. Nice.

      • avatar Cats in a Basket

        Thank you for this link! I have added it to my arsenal of actual facts that I keep handy for when my future father-in-law starts one of his crazy rants.

      • avatar kelko

        I work for a CPA firm. I think the penalty is $2k for every employee (over 50 employees). So if you had 52 employees, the penalty is assessed at $4k.

        Yes it sucks, but I challenge anyone, especially fucktard Kristin to find an employer of that size that doesn’t provide health insurance already. Many already do and nothing will change.

        The incentive here is for small businesses. Places right at the 50-employee cusp may find it cheaper just to pay the penalty than provide the insurance and places under 50 can forego sponsored insurance all together. I doubt their brokerage is affected by any of this.

        • avatar CantCantCant

          Also, if “she” did choose to offer insurance to “her” employees, “she’d” get a tax credit:

          “If you own a small business and offer a health insurance package to your employees you get a healthy tax credit, around 50% of premium costs. Just for offering the option.”

          But, somehow, it still makes sense to lay off ten salespeople.

          • avatar Marshall Law f.k.a. Erin

            Cant – in order to understand your logic, PB would have had to actually pass a math class (with percentages) somewhere in her past. I truly think complex mathematics like that are out of her grasp.

      • avatar Emily Gould's Trusty Google Alert

        If she has an insurance company, why wouldn’t she provide some kind of insurance for her workers? Maybe it would cost a bit more but surely the good PR/ employee goodwill would be worth it?

        Why is she complaining about how expensive insurance is when she HAS AN INSURANCE COMPANY that she wants people to buy from?

        • avatar dingle

          I have friends who work for a hospital and have insanely expensive health insurance. It’s nuts.

          • avatar I'd Rather Be Sleeping

            I was talking to my OB/Gyn about insurance stuff (apparently I like to shoot the shit with my doctors because they totally have time to do that, right?) and my stupid 80/20 insurance where I f eel like I’m still paying a zillion dollars for everything is actually better than what my awesome doctor has. It cost her over twice as much as me to have a baby two years ago. That blows my mind.

            My friend who’s a nurse can’t even get her insurance to cover birth control. I feel like health insurance in the health field is notoriously bad.

          • avatar mistymath

            I may be wrong, but I think her birth control should be free now if she’s in the U.S. …

    • avatar AQNR

      They have to pay more because either a. insurers are jacking prices and blaming the ACA, because of Republican fuckery that torpedoed the anti-price-gouging bits of the plan (like we have had here in Mass under our mandatory insurance laws, which people need to fucking stop calling “Romneycare” because he didn’t build that) and/or b. they’ll be fined for not providing anything.

      If it’s a., she should put the blame where it belongs, on price-gouging insurers. If it’s b., she’s just lying because that doesn’t kick in until 2014.

      • avatar Bistec Con Papas

        Even if it’s gouging without claims on the other end and “blamed” on ACA, the 80/20 rule would result in rebates at the end of the year.


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