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Project Babies Thinks It’s Appropriate to Discuss Layoffs On Twitter

Project Babies’ Kristin, captain of industry, has been spewing hot, fiery conservative rage all over Twitter since last night. One part that really stood out was this:

First off, what if employees of Trisha Hope’s company read her timeline? Is that really the best way to announce layoffs? Also, the way Kristin’s tweet is worded she makes it seem as if employees who support health care reform are the ones she and her husband will fire. Even if that’s not the case, it just seems flippant and incredibly gross to talk about firing employees in a forum that your employees can easily read.

Note: Project Babies has locked her Twitter timeline, so don’t bother trying to look at it right now. Oh well, we’ll always have the screenshots.

  1. avatar KAS

    If you still follow her, keep quiet and provide us all with screenshots!

    • avatar Miss Noir

      Yes, please!

      • avatar Snarkette

        This! I can’t believe she finally locked her Twitter account after all this time. ‘Tis truly a monumental day ;)

  2. avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

    she blocked me after i asked her this:

    “again, what specifically changed from yesterday to today to make ‘you’ fire employees RIGHT NOW TODAY?”

    • avatar Mia

      Seriously. How terrible are they at running a business that they can’t figure out how to keep their employees?

      • avatar CrapSpotter

        Exactly what I was thinking. And a viable business should be able to accommodate changes. If you’re hanging by a thread it was going to be something else, then.

        These sore losers are playing ‘victim’ in such dramatic fashion, it’s pathetic and laughable. Like Trump.

      • avatar Marie


    • In my opinion, if you can’t afford to give your employees proper healthcare, you probably can’t afford that number of employees.

    • avatar amy

      She’s been infringing on my trademark for some time, when she said things about the LGBT community we filed a cease and desist. She’s really unbelievable in her conservative views which completely disagrees with her views and she should get her own name. She even tried to trademark our TM by using a : the USTPO said absolutely no way as it is obviously confusingly similar. Same with Project Babies with and “s” at the end.

      • avatar Amy from

        We totally disagree with her views and she was also rejected by the USTPO to use Project Babies. I own the trademark and we are supported by the American Fertility Association and the fact that she still uses our trademark is a mark for her character. We own Project Baby, and support all families with information in the journey to become parents. We just last year attended Illuminations with Elton John as the speaker and the cast of Modern Family and her conservative views are her own and she is infringing on a registered trademark knowingly after kindly being asked to stop. Our company helps families and couples.

  3. avatar Franky

    Yessssssss, PB topics are always the best. I hate that faux fire crotch bitch.

  4. avatar Miss Noir

    If you would like to brush up on Employer Intimidation, you can do so here:

    It’s pretty easy to find the company her husband “owns”.

    • avatar Mazen Princeton

      Doesn’t he just own some branch/franchise of another company?

      Kind of like Matt Younger (Kerf’s “husband”).

      Yeah, a really innovative businessman there.

  5. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    krystynn’s husband really needs to tell her to STFU and not discuss his (real or imagined) business affairs via social media.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      Maybe she will get banned from twitter like she was banned from the office.

      • avatar SmuggyMcSmuggerson

        oh it’s THAT chick! I wasn’t sure which one she is. Got it now.

      • avatar Elle

        OMG – he banned her from the office? I need the full story!

        • avatar Elle

          Okay sorry, someone went into detail in the comments below. Eeeeek.

  6. avatar duffinator

    I don’t read her, but seriously, what an asshole. How can that possibly be good for business? What kind of business does she own?

    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to fire people based on political affiliation. Those screenshots make a pretty open and shut wrongful termination case for the future aggrieved.

    • avatar duffinator

      Oh, SSSF. I misread that as Kristin from PB is definitely laying off 10 people who were for Obamacare or something. Up too late to watch the acceptance speech, must continue mainlining caffeine now.

    • avatar MissAnthropy

      In NC they can fire you for any reason. It’s a right to work state.

      • Yeah, but if the employees can prove it was politically motivated, there are still actions/lawsuits they can take.

        • avatar HillbillyPrincess

          Correct. Being “right to work” just means they can be forced to join a union. They’re not deprived of their constitutional protections against discrimination.

          • avatar Marie

            Fighting for what is rightfully yours often requires the time and money you may not have, or other unpleasant consequences. R U ready?

  7. avatar Cuckley

    If I was one of the employees fired by either of these people, I would closely examine the discrimination clause in my employee contract. Their wording makes it sound like they are firing the employees they think voted for Obama, just becuase they voted for Obama.

  8. avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

    This seems like record timing for Kristin to lock down her Twitter. Doesn’t she usually wait until after she’s already been covered on GOMI? Is there a Project Babies mole afoot?

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      probably didn’t take her too long to cross reference GOMI members accounts

  9. avatar dripdrop

    Did y’all know that since Obama got re-elected we can all just quit our jobs and sit around and collect our checks? I learned that on Facebook yesterday! Oh, and I also learned that people who collect welfare and don’t pay taxes shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • avatar duffinator

      That’s okay, we’ll all be too busy driving Cadillacs and eating lobster tails bought with our EBT cards to worry about voting. Yay socialism! Free abortions for everyone!

      • avatar dripdrop

        OMG you’re right. Party at my house tonight! BYOB

        • avatar New Year New You

          I’m buying the wine for the party with foodstamps. If there’s any money left on my card I’ll buy a couple of Morning After Pills too!

          Good times! Free free free everything is freeeeeeeeee. Everyone to get $10000 a month in foodstamps, instead of like $10. Maxi bags of Cheetos for everyone. No 32oz sodas though.

        • avatar carriout

          Bring Your Own (Dead) Babies?

      • And my favorite part is how many of these froth-at-the-mouthers are retired people living on social security & medicare.

        • avatar HillbillyPrincess

          Yeah, bitching about government freeloaders from the comfort of their friggen Medicare provided Hover-round.

        • avatar eeee

          I see you’ve met my father.

          Social security, medicare, military retirement, and VA “disability” for prostate cancer that was cured four years ago and, despite him having every single one of the known risks for prostate cancer, including a father, grandfather, three uncles, and four brothers with it, was OBVIOUSLY caused by his “exposure” to Agent Orange during the three months he spent in Vietnam, several hundred miles away from where any Agent Orange was being used.

          But the reason we have to pay taxes is “for all the goddamned Mexicans.” Most of whom (out of the people I know) are, at his age, still working – many of them working more than one job.

          I sometimes wish I had the ability to completely shut my brain to the realities around me, like he does.

          • avatar i just felt the world get lighter

            That sounds like the American version of my (English) dad.

            He reckons, in his, you know, infinite and infallible wisdom (definitely NOT his racism) that immigrants are the reason for the poor state of the economy. It’s not bankers, it’s not politicians, it’s not the monarchy (although he does make the odd nod to that) and their sheer greed and irresponsibility, it’s immigrants draining the tax kitty (definitely NOT lazy bastards who got out of work whenever they could, were out of work more than they were in it using unions as a way to justify storming off all the time, then retiring twenty-odd years early and living off disability benefit despite having nothing wrong with them).

            He makes me sick.

            • avatar dawntreader22

              WOW, a British version of MY Dad. They both make me sick.

    • avatar Jesus H. Christ

      Don’t forget to say how angry it made me that a Muslim who was born outside the USA was re-elected…and that Dad and I will be firing up the Doomsday Machine any minute now kick off Armageddon©. For additional research “Limbaugh, Rush” or “Hannity, Sean”.

      • avatar dripdrop

        But Jesus, how could you let this happen? The prayer chain my grandma forwarded me didn’t work!!

      • avatar Bertha from the attic

        Dear Jesus,
        I know you work in mysterious ways and all, but this I don’t get AT ALL. Some folks were saying Sandy was punishment for our sinful ways here in the U.S., then some of those same people were saying Sandy helped get Obama elected. Does this mean you WANTED Obama elected? This does not make sense, as we are definitely a Christian nation. Please let me know that you really love the non-Muslim guy, preferably via an image of Romney in a tortilla or something, so I can sell my photo of it and get rich.


      • avatar Ham Dawber

        Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that bestiality wasn’t legalized anywhere in this election, because, like most liberals, I’ve always fantasized about doing it with dogs. Also, marijuana legalization is a step in the right direction, but when is someone going to get around to legalizing meth? Anyway, I’m just glad to be guaranteed another four years of Mickey’s Big Mouths bought with food stamps, third-trimester abortions, and insurance coverage for my dog, who, as I mentioned earlier, I’m extremely sexually attracted to. Hurray for America!

        • avatar Rhodesian Sailor

          Rick Santorum was right. Gay marriage would lead to beastiality.Personally, I’m holding out for polygamy

    • avatar Say Rah

      I got my check this morning! I’ll never have to work again! YIPPEE!

    • avatar herpderpsnarf

      Obammy’s going to take everyone’s guns and give them to the poors!

      *clutches pearls*

      • avatar So Pensive

        This is exchange has me all types of tingly! I cannot stop laughing. THANK YOU TO YOU ALLS!

        • avatar Gubs RMoney


        • avatar Mitajoey

          Me too! I just found this site today and I’m loving all of you so much. Where have you been all my life??

    • avatar MEP

      This only applies to women and minorities. White men will continue to have to slave away at their JOBS and pay taxes, newly increased to socialist-country levels, to support the rest of us! BWAHAHAHA!!

    • avatar Chesca

      I have been deleting people with the quickness today over that BS!

      • avatar not THAT caitlin

        it’s the perfect time of year to cull the facebook friends you don’t actually care about. so far i’ve canned everyone talking about stockpiling guns, having to pay for mandated health insurance they don’t want, and “how angry everyone is.” last time i checked, the majority of the country voted to keep obama in office and you’re the only one angry. DELETED.

        all i can say is hear, hear to those that wouldn’t put up with this 47%, gay-hating, reproductive-rights-squelching ass nugget. sorry, kristin, but social issues matter to the rest of us.

        • avatar SarahG

          Stockpiling guns??? Sounds like more people will be needing the free healthcare they don’t want!

          Makes me glad I don’t live in the US..

        • avatar Jenn

          He didn’t win by a huge majority… realize that it was .29% vs .89% …. that’s not a huge margin.

          • avatar Carol

            Currently, the President has 303 electoral votes to Mittens’ 206. Seems like a majority to me.

          • avatar Rhodesian Sailor

            That’s what freaked me out last night. The victories that added up to well over 270- 332 once FL comes in– were eked out by tiny margins. 50% in VA. We got lucky

          • avatar peakedmyinterest

            Carol — The electoral votes being separated by nearly 100 mean nothing. That’s only because of the electoral college… which is supposed to represent that state. The point of the matter is, a HUGE portion of this country still despises him… and he didn’t win by no landslide either. Thus the .29 vs .89

            • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

              ….and millions of people could give two shits either way didn’t vote at all. so this whole half the country hates obama crap doesn’t hold water, unless half of all eligible voters actually vote.

              also, republicans crying about the popular vote (esp. early in the night when rmoney had a slight lead) = lol for days.

              • avatar hor devours

                And who says anyone who voted for Romney automatically “despises” Obama? That’s some ridiculous Roveian hyperbole right there.

          • avatar Dog Person

            As of this count, 2,724,489 voters disagree.

          • avatar Dog Person

            Update: 3,004,997 voters disagree.

            • avatar Dog Person

              Back down to 2,841,831 now. (No one’s reading this, probably, but I don’t want to report only the numbers I like best. Just the facts.)

            • avatar Dog Person

              They vow these are the final numbers: Obama had 3,292,382 more popular votes than Romney.

    • avatar Tana

      No worries about those evil poor people voting. I learned yesterday from my FB feed that there will be no more elections after this one because Obama has already signed an executive order abolishing them.

      Oy vey

      • avatar dripdrop

        Ok, awesome! It doesn’t really matter that much anyway though since I just vote for whoever my husband tells me to!

        • avatar Tana

          The person who posted that is also a teacher. ::sigh::

        • avatar KERFETUS

          Oh you’re so lucky! Did you know single women just vote based on their hormones without a man there to guide them? Or maybe they can ask their fathers who to vote for. Wouldn’t want to have to only rely on what your own body says it needs!

          • avatar bee

            Yes, but you have to use a giant baby-sized vibrator to stimulate those hormones, because otherwise you don’t bond with the candidate.

          • avatar Thpooky

            HAHAHHAAA!! Oh, bee, I could kiss you on your beautiful mouth right now. PURE GOLD! XD

      • avatar GrumpyRockStar

        That has to be the best one yet!

      • avatar Hugh Jass

        You have that FB friend too? Before the election, my FB friend was moaning on about how if Obama were elected, America would be crowning a king instead of electing a president. Oh, and she said she was much more worried about sacrificing her right for four abortions in the next four years for a good economy.


        • avatar herpderpsnarf

          You mean there’s a limit to four abortions per four years? Shit, I better get busy on my fornicatin’.

    • avatar Christopher Walken

      This is the best thread ever.

  10. avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

    these ignorant thugs can eat it. mr moonshiner works at a small business that is doing MUCH better now than it was 4 years ago. and it’s only going to get better.

  11. avatar Miss Noir

    Yeah, we own a small business, we’re getting ready to open another one and shit is rocking.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      that’s great!! *high five*

    • avatar FattyMagoo

      I was hired at a small business over the summer. They hired two people to replace one, and now we’re in the process of hiring more people. But Obamacare isn’t going to fuck over my employers because they were already taking good care of us.

    • Yes, but that’s because you run a den of iniquity. People earning an honest living will suffer!!!!11!!!1!

    • avatar ramonarickettes

      The small business I work for is also doing very well and we are hiring more people and I have my fingers crossed for a sweet raise. Also, our health insurance for such a small company is pretty decent! I spent two days in the hospital getting my spine fixed and it cost me $400 total. Not bad!

    • avatar cd

      I work in my dad’s small business (hello, my privilege!), and we’re definitely doing better this year than the last few. We’ve hired new people, we’re getting new files, and all through that, my dad and his business partner have provided healthcare for all their employees. We get sick days, vacation days, personal days. We might as well be Greece instead of Los Angeles. lol.

  12. avatar CantCantCant

    How do people as stupid as this manage to run businesses?

    • avatar KAS

      She doesn’t. She doesn’t run the business. She stays home and takes care of the kid. Her husband works at the business. She does not. She’s not even allowed to go there.

      • avatar Coach Clodhoppers

        She doesn’t even take care of the kid. She stays home and ships one off to daycare a couple days a week and wants a night nurse for the other one.

      • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers


    • avatar Learned_Paw

      Doesn’t he work for his dad selling insurance? Of course she says “we own an insurance brokerage”…the “we” is conveniently undefined.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        It’s his Dad’s business.

        • avatar Learned_Paw

          So, I’m sure grandpa appreciated her public commentary. She should maybe stick to shopping.

      • Wait – what kind of insurance? If its healthcare, Obama just helped their business out.

        • avatar Boston Brit

          And why isn’t she allowed to go there???

          • avatar Rhodesian Sailor

            She’s banned from the building for crazy ass shit like yelling at her husband for everyone to hear, starting shit w/co-workers, blaming it on Satan, was threatened with police action. She’s a real prize.

  13. avatar Lard Lass

    I am unemployed because a greedy white man with millions got greedier. It was easier to lay people off than admit he was wrong, filing a nuisance lawsuit to line his own pockets.

    I want to thank the country for voting for gay rights. One step at a time!

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