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Ramshackle Glam Producing Another Bundle Of Content

Jordan Reid, self-titled ‘chic mom’, has been in taped-down-snooze-button mode for about year. Now it seems she’s finally doing something about it – announcing her second pregnancy via extremely odd youtube video, where she informs us that doctor’s visits are ‘the worst’.

She’s apparently a couple months along now, and already whining about omg two kids under three while her husband is living in another state attending business school omg already frazzled you guys. Which, ya know, is stuff most people think about beforehand but since Jordan can’t even figure out how door locks work, I’m not sure how up to speed she is on family planning.

Anyway, congrats I guess. Shillshackle Sham must be as lucrative as Post It’s if Jordo’s able to support two kids, two dogs, a mortgage, and a husband at Yale. You know, without any help from their parents at all.


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That Wife Will Not Deal With Kids Or Readers

Jenna Cole, stay at home tweeter, has had a busy few days. It seems nannies and mother’s helpers are no longer providing enough “me time” for Jenna, because now both of her children have been shipped off to daycare:


And how did Jenna spend her first day full of newfound work hours? Why, telling her readers their opinions don’t matter, of course. Saying she is a “gladiator in my own arena” and that the “feedback that does matter comes from a very select group of people” who provide her with hugs when she shares things, she announced she won’t be listening to anyone else from now on:

And now, when the clouds gather and the mental stewing begins, I picture My Arena. Is the feedback I’m considering coming from the hug+honesty group? No? Then I’ll be moving right along thankyouverymuch. I’ve got a battle to fight and a life to live. There is greatness to be had.

When readers suggested that the post came off a bit “you don’t get a say” Jenna responded by telling them “If you want your opinion heard, then don’t jeer. It’s pretty simple.” She went on to tell commenters that since it’s “impossible to please everyone” from now on she will only listen to “people who fit my criteria for feedback”. Presumably meaning not her readers.

Since she tweeted that her “work” is now blogging and photography I’m not sure why she thinks it’s a good move to essentially tell her readers that she won’t be listening to them anymore unless they agree with the “hugs” group. If that’s how a blogger feels it’s best to just quietly turn off comments, not check replies to your twitter, and setup email filters without some big fingers-in-ears post.

If bloggers have learned anything it should be that telling your readers they don’t matter is basically career suicide. Or, as one commenter said, “Good luck turning your blog into a full-time job with that attitude.”


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CecilyK Won’t Let You Forget She Has No Heat

Cecily Kellogg, former financial adviser, is apparently still living with a broken furnace – during one of the worst cold spells in recent memory. She announced on November 28th that her furnace was out:


Since then she has said the family is using space heaters to keep the cold at bay, but it seems she still hasn’t taken care of the actual problem. She tweeted yesterday that they still do not have a working hvac system:

It seems the space heaters are not fully addressing the issue since she also tweeted about being “#coldasf*ck” and saying that her pets are all hiding under blankets. Her latest solution is hanging towels around the windows. She has previously mentioned her water heater being out as well; no word on whether that has been taken care of as brilliantly as the furnace problem.


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What I Wore Finally Becomes Lifestyle Blog

After basically abandoning her attempts to get her blog That’s Quirky off the ground, Jessica Quirk has decided instead to begin transitioning her daily outfit blog into a lifestyle site.  In yesterday’s post she announced the coming change:

On a side note: If you’re only here for Daily Outfit posts, please save THIS LINK in your bookmarks. You’ll be seeing more food and lifestyle posts on What I Wore in 2014! 

We’ve been saying for a while that she needs to fold What I Wore into her “That’s Quirky” site and just have a lifestyle blog. Despite how much I hate rebranding, Messica is one person who would actually benefit from one. She hasn’t been posting outfits with any real frequency for at least a year, and honestly she doesn’t seem that into the “personal style blog” concept any longer. Between taking on a side job and revamping her site’s purpose it looks like she’s finally accepting that her reign as queen of the daily outfits is over.


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ROK Wants You To Stop Being A Fat Mom

Return of Kings, the MRA site that seems to have an obsession with fat women, is once again obsessing over fat women. This time they are telling women that “Pregnancy Is No Excuse To Be Fat And Gross”:

There’s an epidemic of land whales in first world countries bitching about post pregnancy bellies, blaming even their own children for being fat…After a year of pregnancy, a woman has absolutely no excuse to be overweight. They’re just fat chicks who happen to be mothers.

After going through a bunch of math that basically says you should only gain enough pregnancy weight to be able to walk out the hospital 2 yoga classes away from your pre-pregnancy body, the author offers this suggestion to help all those disgusting pigs see the light:

Every time you see a woman who’s been pregnant a year ago or more and she’s still big, call her out with subtle remarks. A good subtle shaming comment is to ask the fat mother her due date. It will be awkward for you to do so, but we have an obligation as a society to help fat mothers be more aesthetically pleasing.

Yes ladies  - not only is it your job to pump out the offspring of these manly men, it is your duty to maintain your body in its pre-child state. Because not only is it “child endangerment” to gain more than 25 lbs., “being a fat mother is just plain gross”. So get on a treadmill already, because the MRA’s deserve some MILFs!