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Bleubird Knows How To Acknowledge MLK Day

James, the Bleubird blogger behind Mothermag, recently went on a comped vacation at a Mississippi poverty theme park/hotel thing. Seriously, I’m not sure what else to call it. It’s literally old sharecropper shacks sitting by a cotton field, where white hipsters can go play Huckleberry Finn for a few days. Thankfully James and co. were duly respectful of the place’s history and didn’t carry on like a bunch of imperialists come to frolic among the savages. Oh wait.

When we arrived to The Shacks (yes, shacks. That is what they are called because they are literally shacks)…We stayed in “The Rich House”, which is their biggest accommodation…The next morning we explored the cotton field next to our house…

The James clan thoughtfully contemplated their surroundings, the scene of so much past poverty and despair.

We spent the afternoon with our friends and their families, flying kites with the kids and playing in the cotton field. That night everyone gathered at our house and cooked a giant feast…

They spent the evening in their big shack, probably the former home of a brutally poor tenant farmer, gorging on “the most incredible pulled pork, sweet mashed potatoes, corn bread, roasted this and that, salad, and more”. Afterwards, they hopped into the GMC Yukon they were given free, to review, and headed home to their white house, to sleep on their clean white beds.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone!


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Already Pretty Would Like You To Be Her Personal Army

Sally, pretty frumpy, self-published her book a while back. Apparently her amazing advice failed to impress some readers and they left less than Care Bear Stare quality comments – which is of course not something Sally will not tolerate.  Blaming “internet haters” for the negative feedback, Sally posted to Facebook begging her friends and family to help her take care of the issue.


Sal’s no stranger to attempting to game the internet in her favor – a few years ago she was asking readers to click her ads and stop reading her site through rss readers in order to increase her ad stats. I guess she finally caught on that such shady tactics are frowned upon, because the Facebook plea has been set to private.


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Mommy Esq. Will Wax Her Kindergartner

Mommy, Esq., recently had a “Girls Day” with her 5 year old daughter. They did all the normal things you do on a mommy-and-me day.


Now you hams know I’m not the judging type, but who on earth takes a 5 year old in for a brow wax? Is that what happened here? I am so confused. Is this normal?


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Jewish Dinners Are Awkward For Taralynn

Taralynn, wants a cafe, went on an omgdatenight recently. She ordered tomato soup, because that’s what a true foodie does when they go to a nice restaurant. Her boyfriend ordered the lamb. This apparently triggered some sort of memory for Taralynn, involving someone named Ira.

The last time I had lamb was a couple years ago in the Hamptons. I was baby sitting Ira Rennert’s grandchildren. We were sitting outside on their beachfront dining area and all of a sudden they start praying in hebrew and a violist is playing next to me. I can’t tell you how awkward it was, but the lamb was good.

When commenters informed her she needs “to start choosing your words better”, Taralynn responded “I don’t know why you’re trying to argue with me” because she totally didn’t mean anything bad. She then took her feelings to twitter.


Coming from someone who apparently intends to go to law school, my only reaction is “lol ok then”.


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Aubrey Nelson Demonstrates Medical Emergency Manners


Aubrey Nelson, traumatized mother, spent Saturday taking pictures of her son. Not normal pictures of a child at the park, or playing, or messily eating ravioli – pictures of him having his busted chin stitched up.

I know this is ‘a thing‘ for these mommy grammers, but it looks like homegirl is right up in the middle of the doctors while they try to attend to her child. Maybe go read a Redbook in the waiting room if you’re too traumatized to be of any real use beyond shoving phones in his face?