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Ramshackle Glam Has Second Book Coming Out

gimme a fucking break

All you actual writers who contemplated burning down the internet after Jordan Reid‘s first book deal, please hand over your matches – Shillshackle Sham already has a second book coming out in 2015. After reminding everyone that she’s pregnant, Shilshackle announces “Well, now I have another big project due around that time, too.”

Coming from Running Press in Spring 2015: book No. 2, Carrying On. (The manuscript goes in at the end of the summer.)

Now, don’t you struggling real writers all feel that the money and years spent on education, building credibility, and honing talent were all worth it? Guess you should’ve started a blog instead, right?! Happy Hump Day!



The Thinking Housewife Thinks The “Blacks” Ruin Neighborhoods

The Thinking Housewife, where white Christian Americans go to vent their spleen about the horrible non-white non-Christian turn America is taking, just posted a charming rant from “Alan”. It seems “Alan” is angry because by golly gee willikers in his day St. Louis was full of white folks, and now those durned “blacks” have come in and ruined it – just like they ruin everything:

The degradation by blacks of what once was a peaceful, civilized neighborhood is a law of nature as predictable as day following night…the reason for that is that blacks will make a jungle out of any town, neighborhood, or city if they are permitted to do so.  I have seen them do this to five neighborhoods in St. Louis where my friends and I lived, played, and roamed at leisure when we were children more than fifty years ago and without ever any concern for our security.

Yes…this guy is complaining that the neighborhood he knew in 1963 has changed. Seriously, are people really complaining that neighborhoods they haven’t even lived in for the past 40 years have changed? OMG, Peepaw, is that you?

Do you think, if we ask nicely, he will write a post about how he’d like to send all cellphones straight to tarnation because they are ruining kids minds with their disgruntled bird games? Maybe he will even hand out Werther’s candies as we sit at his knee!


April 1

Brave Blogger Vows To Bravely Continue Being Brave

Lisa Yoradhier, professional blogger, has been writing about her life for 5 years. Today, after receiving her first ever negative comment, Lisa has posted a response assuring her 39 followers she will not be silenced by haters:

I bravely put my life online, bravely accepting money in exchange for my family’s privacy. I will not have my courageous sacrifice lessened by a commenter who thinks I need to “click here for breast enlargement”.

Later, Lisa responded to a comment telling her “much Korea beauty secrets you need, click this” with an all caps rant about the evils of internet anonymity encouraging cruelty and body snarking.


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Mormon In Manhattan Noticed The New Baptism Video


Natalie Hill, man getting expert, spent Sunday ugly crying into her pillow over some Mormon women’s conference. But it seems some of those tears were also salty with confusion. Evidently her sister made the previous baptism video clip – but around the 1:30:00 mark, Natalie and her sister noticed something different:

wait wuh

…wuuuuut? Natalie’s other sister chimed in with her feelings as well:

i wut wut

Well, those Hill girls sure are a swell bunch. Such great representatives of the open minded universal love of the Mormon church. Where do I sign up?


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Gluten Free Girl Adopts Baby


Shauna Ahern, picture of gluten free health, has finally convinced someone to give her a baby. After complaining last year that adoption was hard because she couldn’t get the exact baby she wanted, Shauna is now posting pics of her new baby all over instagram and, of course, posting about it on her blog.

Last week, on March 19th, we met our son…When I first heard about open adoption…I was scared. I wanted to be the mother, the only mother…But a good friend of ours told me something that changed our minds. She also didn’t want to try open adoption at first. And then she realized this: it’s all about having a story for your child.

Really? That’s what adoption is about? Having a story for your child? Anyway, it seems Shauna wants to blog safely because they are now going back to their comment free policy for the foreseeable future.

…we also want a little more quiet in our public life right now. So we’re going back to the policy we tried last year of no comments. Looking back, it was lovely. What we write and cook is meant to be an offering. If you really want to talk to us, you can reach us by email, on the Facebook page, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Yep, nothing says ‘want to be quiet in our public life’ life like saturating your instagram feed with pictures and videos of an adopted newborn before the ink on the papers is even dry. I just wonder if are they going to take little Des along on their eating tours. Maybe having a newborn will help them with their next fundraiser!