“Marlboro Woman” Goes Member Paywall Only

The Marlboro Woman, the snark and recap site focused on The Pioneer Woman, is no longer a public space. Visitors were shocked the past week to find themselves unable to view posts – instead receiving a message that they would now be required to cough up $20 bucks a year if they want to view the content.

After October 1, 2014, this content is restricted to subscribed members. A 6-month subscription requires a non-refundable $10 donation. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: (1) register as a new user; (2) click the donate button, pay $10 and list the email you used for registration; (3)after payment is received, activation will occur within 48 hours. If you have already donated in the last six months, please email us at: and furnish your name, email address, and the date of your donation.

It will be interesting to see if they do as well as The Feminist Breeder – Gina made her site pay-to-play early last year and claims it has been a roaring success.


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Jordan Reid Knows How To Dress For An Ice Cream Outing


Jordan Reid, the division by zero of lifestyle blogging, has treated us to her latest wtf outfit.

Friday night and the dancing shoes are ON. (Totally kidding; our plans are to go to Coldstone.)

Yes folks, this is how a 33 year old suburban mother of two winds up dressing for October trips to the ice cream shop when she’s balls deep in lifestyle blogging. How delightful.



Dodai Stewart Leaving Jezebel

Dodai Stewart, longtime staffer at Jezebel, is apparently joining the staff exodus. It seems she will be moving to Fusion.


No word yet on what Dodai’s possible position might be. Dodai has been at Jezebel so long it’s basically her identity.


Congrats to Dodai if she’s getting out before Jezebel goes any further down the crapper than it already has in the last 3 weeks.

ETA: She’s apparently going to be the “Director of Culture Coverage” at Fusion, whatever that means.


Healthy Living Blogging

Clare Respects Patient Privacy

Clare, Fitting In All The WTFs, is once again posting things she really has no place posting. This time it was a notebook filled with what appears to be filled with patient information.


After some back and forth with commenters in which she tried to assure people it was fine and not at all a violation of patient privacy to post their names and test results to the internet because she made it sort of blurry now you guys, Clare eventually buhleted the photo.

This isn’t the first time Clarebear has used other humans for content – it was this side of six months ago when Nannygate occurred. Maybe she should stick to posting sweaty selfies and nutbutter blob pics.


Mommy Blogging

MckMama Returns To Blogging

MckMama, the MLM shilling phoenix of debt, has come back to blogging.

I’m back! Though I never truly went anywhere. I’m still right here. And so are they. Kieran is now 9, Cullen is 8, Maisie is 6, Stellan is 5 and baby Lachlan is 4. Time flies when you’re not blogging. And I’m sure it will still fly now that I am again!

It looks like her new blog will focus on Africa and Xyngular, with a bunch of kidsploitation thrown in as heartstring tugging filler.

Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe she’ll put up some ads, make some money, and start paying back all those creditors…oh come on guys, let me be optimistic for five seconds!