SAY Media Selling Off XOJane

SAY Media, the company that paved the way for Jane Pratt to build her broken doll filled digital kingdom, is getting out of the publishing game.

Today, Say is reverting back to its technology roots: XoJane and the rest of its owned sites, including tech property ReadWrite and decorating go-to Remodelista, are up for sale.

Digiday says “Two of its best-known sites, XoJane and Fashionista, actually lost audience in the past year”, and claims the “marketplace wasn’t ready for what they were selling”.  This announcement comes shockingly soon after SAY Media’s release of a new CMS for publishers called Tempest, and claims of booming traffic on XOVain.

Is this the end of XOJane, or will Prattypoo find another investor? Does anyone really care?


Mommy Blogging

The Internet Totally Believes That Wife’s Profit Margin

She should invest those profits in gold futures.

She should invest those profits in gold futures.

Jenna Cole, work at home mom, has put up yet another post talking about working from home. Saying she spends her days doing “things” on some mysterious “list”, she then goes on to brag about the super profitable profits she made in profitable moneys this year.

Working for myself, writing, setting my hours and schedule, incredible flexibility, developing and achieving my goals, and most of all, taking pictures are all things that I’d like to keep doing indefinitely. We’ll see if I’m able to scale my profits up from where they currently sit ($24,000 for this year) in order to justify me doing this long-term.

She attempted to clarify in a comment that “the 24k is gross not net. I’ll have to figure out how to double that somehow if I want to match a decent wage for living in the Bay Area.”

Apparently in Jennaland $48k take home is a “decent wage” for a film purchasing, $11 dollar a gallon milk drinking, two kids in daycare, cocktail guzzling mom in the Bar Area – though I suppose it could be when your husband is paying all the actual bills. Oh the life of the married upper middle class blogger!


Food Blogging

Gluten-Free Girl Can Make Flour

Faces of health.

Faces of health.

Shauna Ahern, I keep sort of forgetting about her, created a kickstarter a while back asking for $79,000 to make “the first grain-free flour blend on the market”. Well for those of you interested, she made her goal.

Thanks to the generous support of everyone here, we not only met our goal for this Kickstarter but also exceeded it by 17%! The Gluten-Free Girl Flour Blends will be on the market soon.

The gluten free panhandlers raised $92,612 which, according to my calculations, should finance about 11 bags of flour on a store shelf sometime next year. Of course even 5 bags would make the venture at least as successful as her eating tour.


Internets Lifestyle Blogging

Documenting Delight Would Like To Keep That Car


Georgia, documenting snores, was recently allowed to use a Ford Territory for six weeks in return for a blog review. She enjoyed the vehicle so much she’s now begging Ford for the right to keep the car.

We would like to humbly implore you not to make us part with this vehicle…we really don’t want to return it.

She’s even asking readers to help her by having a giveaway “to bribe you all with to comment below saying that Ford should let us keep the car”  and asking them to ‘like’ her post.

See that like button down there? You should hit “like” if you reckon Ford should say yes, peer pressure yes, it’s a great idea!

Is this really an acceptable thing in blogland now? I mean, it sucks they don’t have a working vehicle of their own, but really? Blogging is really becoming quite the shameless swag grab.


Mommy Blogging WTF

That Wife Will Encourage Her Children In Imaginative Play


Jenna Cole, That Weirdo, snapped an adorable photo of her children today. They are playing “robot massager game” which teaches them sharing and how to put mommy’s vibrator on their face.

Mothers of the world, enlighten me – is this a normal thing you would share with the world? Because I tend to think this is  major overshare. Maybe Jenna should save such moments to share as private anecdotes to tell her closest friends and family instead of posting them where her kids’ future classmates and prom dates can find them.