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Cary Randolph Is Moving Back To Missouri

Cary Randolph, “founder“, has apparently announced plans to leave New York City…again.


Speculation about her job status began last week when Cary, who has been the “Senior Editor” at Ralph Lauren Magazine for over a year, posted snarky instagrams indicating she couldn’t care less about fashion week. After a blog post around the same time stating she only worked 10-6 many wondered exactly how secure her job could be. However, at this time Cary has not said why she is leaving the city or whether she is still employed with Ralph Lauren.

Cary has fled the big city before – last time she took off to Newport and penned smug posts about the joys of being free of New York. But since her return three years ago she seemed more committed than ever to becoming a blonde Manhattan socialite, complete with the typical socialite’s default job in fashion publishing, babbling about the Hamptons, and a write up as one of the top 50 “most desirable” bachelorettes in New York City.

After so much time invested in becoming a “bold bitch” editrix, we have to wonder what could be behind this out-of-nowhere decision to chuck it all and return to the midwest.


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That Wife No Longer Solo Parenting

Jenna Cole, solo parent, will no longer need all those single mom meetup groups. It seems That Husband has finally taken a position in the same city his family lives in.

Seeing each other every night will take some adjustments on our part. I’ve gotten used to eating what I want, when I want, and putting together something simple and easy for the kids for dinner and I think developing a food routine that involves preparing something for him will be the hardest change for me.

And it sounds like she’s already dreading the bedtime routine – all that icky “canoodling” that might have to happen on a regular basis now that he’s home all the time.

I’m going to be most annoyed by him coming him and telling me things like “You need to go to bed now, or wait an hour” (so he can fall asleep). I’m a grownup and don’t need other people telling me when I can and can’t go to bed! (But I get what he’s asking for :) )

I can’t wait to see how long it takes TH to see exactly how little Jenna appears to accomplish during her #WAHM time. Jenna’s vague posts about their arguments are going to be epic.



Has The Jezebel Staff Exodus Begun?

Emma Carmichael, the 25 year old brought on as Jezebel’s new Editor-In-Chief, has barely been at the helm for two weeks and already staffers are leaving.

Lindy West informed everyone via twitter that last Friday was her final day at the ladyblog.


On Friday longtime Jezebel staffer Tracie Egan Morrissey announced she too would be leaving.

I’ve learned in the past eight years is that I actually don’t have to prove myself to anyone as my awesomeness has been so…blatantly obvious this entire time and my only regret is that I ever—even for one moment—gave a flying —- about what some —hole had to say about it.

Rumors are swirling that Dodai Stewart – passed over for the promotion in favor of a young white woman – may be considering her options as well. A tipster writes:

She could so go anywhere now…it will be so confusing to all of us if she stays…

A “wait and see” attitude seems to be the plan for now.


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Young House Love Will Be Taking A Break

After last week’s Curtaingate, John and Sherry of Young House Love have decided to respond in perhaps the only way they really can at this point.

We have been feeling off for a while – like we have lost our rhythm and we’re somehow missing the mark for ourselves and for you guys. We too miss the good old days when we did this for the love and were full of such obvious joy and spontaneity. This felt like a place we all hung out and it just doesn’t have that vibe anymore.

Saying running their blog now makes them feel like “every time we pressed “publish” we braced ourselves”, they announced they would be taking a break.

We don’t know exactly how long we’ll be stepping away, but our guess would be at least a month.

They went on to tell readers they would be “exploring other options for supporting our family”, explaining that they used to actually enjoy blogging when they “had day jobs and did this as a hobby”. They also said they’d be taking a break from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – “but the blog will stay public so you guys can access the archives whenever you’d like”.


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NieNie Says An Energy Shot Got Her Off Drugs

Stephanie Nielson, of the NieNie Dialogues, has apparently discovered an exciting new breakthrough in the world of drug addiction and detox.

I couldn’t decide if I really needed the pills to help me function, or if I was addicted.  I think I was both…My doctor introduced me to GungHo, which is an energy shot. I started using it immediately.  It gave me the energy to power through the day without my usual morphine and oxycontin. It was amazing how it suppressed my need for these pain medications. No longer did I need to take pills in the morning to get me going, or move my body, or even feel happy. This whole process took me about three months and then I was free from pain medication all together.

NieNie says she has had post-op pain medication since, but has “been able to stop the medications without any addictive tendencies” thanks to the energy shot. The ingredients list includes niacin and caffeine, as well as some mystical “Cognizin® Citicoline”, which they claim keeps your brain “alert and functioning like a Ninja”.

At last, a real solution to painkiller addiction. Rehab centers around the world can stock up and have those detoxers in and out in no time. And if they start using again, they can always just buy some more and detox themselves. It’s a pumpkin spice syrup season miracle!