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MFAMB Thinks You People Need To Relax And Learn To Take Jokes And **** And ****

Jenny, of the He-Man can’t-you-people-take-a-joke club, is not sorry for her previous post. What previous post, you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you about anyway? This post:

you know what i think sucks? that paula deen got fired. i think it’s bullshit is what i think. i am not a paula deen groupie, so let’s get that out of the way. nor am i a racist. and i don’t think she is either. in fact, I KNOW she isn’t. i don’t believe saying the ‘n’ word in a joke makes one a racist.

She blathers on for far too long about how racist jokes don’t make you a racist, and basically a whole lot of other crap proving she has no idea what the whole Paula Deen scandal was really about. When people started trying to enlighten her, she decided to issue a non-apology for her non-racism – complete with an image of her in crude blackface:

we incorrectly stated that during the learning process that we actually were sad that people were no longer receiving the mfamb gazette and it’s affiliates: pinterest, twitter, facedick and instagram. it has since come to our attention that we aren’t sad. in fact we will be sending you all a giant, steaming, oozing, pulsating bag of (racist) dicks to choke on.

Because nothing says classy non-racist like the words “bag of dicks” and claiming “we love black people” underneath a pic of yourself in blackface. This is a grown woman raising a child. Why do people think this behavior is cute?

  1. avatar just no

    I don’t even have words for this. Appalling comes to mind but is nowhere near sufficient.

    • avatar gingko

      I mean, has she read the formal complaint against Deen et. al? Because I just did yesterday, and it was HORRIFIC. Those people are awful, horrible specimens of humanity – there’s just no other way to spin it. It goes so far beyond saying the n-word thirty years ago. I cannot believe anyone with a soul could read it and have anything positive to say about Paula Deen or her HORRIBLE brother Bubba ever again. Like I said in the Paul Deen thread, it does not normally make me happy to see people’s lives and careers and businesses fall apart as theirs are doing, but in this case – it’s SO deserved. They needed that.

      • avatar NotThatKelly

        This is about so much more than just one word, and it’s infuriating me that people are trying to turn it into just that.

      • avatar lawmom

        None of these bloggers can be bothered to read shit. I have been emailing PP to whine about a lifestyle blogger who is giving gardening advice while admitting that she does not know how to garden. Because researching it would take to long? Take the fun out of it?

        How about if you can’t be bothered to read the *easily located* complaint, GOMI with the commentary?!

    • avatar JalamityCane

      For possibly the first time in my life, I have no words, either. I have to digest and come back. The mind boggles.

      Fucking idiot.

  2. avatar AQNR

    White supremacists: always their own best counter-argument.

  3. avatar Rowena T.

    The comments on her original post weren’t preserved in the Google cache, but I think her initial response to her loyal readers’ criticism need to be repeated:

    June 22, 2013 | my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you.

    What a smart, thoughtful, lovely lady MFAMB is.

    • avatar Diana Barry's Raspberry Cordial

      Wait, seriously? I’ve heard a lot of other excuses for Paula Deen’s behavior but this whole “It’s totes cool to be a racist! It’s her right!” is a first.


      • avatar Rowena T.

        She apparently thinks employers have no right to fire someone over racism; she’s not a “judge,” and no one else–including a company that stands to lose a hell of a lot if they stand behind a racist–should “judge” either!

        Also, in her second post she admits to finally reading the deposition and learning about the sexual harassment that the lawsuit is actually about–so now she doesn’t think anyone should sue an employer for sexual harassment. You can just kick them in the nuts and get another job; suing is tacky “retribution.” And the victim is probably just in it for money.

        The kicker (among several) is that she thinks the only people criticizing her are “ignorant conservatives.”

        • Wait, a blonde, blue-eyed person of privilege doesn’t get it why someone can be fired over racism and sexual harassment? My jaw is on the floor.

          • avatar Rowena T.

            See, she’s been a victim of sexual harassment, but she’s a tough, edgy broad who just told her employers to cut it out. Naturally, then, that’s what the victim of the Deens should have done instead of filing a shameless money-grubbing lawsuit. (Because, as we all know, predatory employers who harass women *never* seek retribution of their own when spurned!)

            • Oh, I see. Yeah. That’s exactly like a working-class black person working for Paula Deen accepting a case of beer as payment for working a private party. He should have just told her to cut it out. Like the pretty white girl. Since the result would be identical.

    • avatar Total Cynthia

      Oh yes. The world has gotten so judgmental. I mean it used to be a person could use hate speech with impunity but now! Now people are held accountable for their words and deeds, even retroactively. It’s ridiculous because in no way could someone’s appalling and illegal employment practices and prejudices in the past have any bearing on their present success.

      Being held accountable is for poor people on welfare, not rich people with embarrassing racist depositions in their past. GOD.

    • avatar chicketychun

      And it’s FN, Smithfield’s and QVC’s right to fire her.

    • avatar i ate and then exercised

      Everyone needs to stop judging her for being racist because it’s her right to be racist? But I don’t have the right to judge her?


      • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

        Don’t judge me for judging others. Also, you’re fat.

    • avatar Reply Hazy Try Again

      What does she think a deposition is for? It’s for judging. That’s the entire reason it was created. To be judged.

    • avatar drmanhattan

      Well in America you totally have the right to be racist. You can hate black people to your hearts content!

      And your fellow Americans have the right to vocally express their utter disgust at your racist beliefs! And companies totally have the right to terminate contracts when that comes out. And the public has the right to turn their back on people who are racist wastes of space. Employees have the right to sue if your racist beliefs create a hostile and abusive work environment. And you will go to jail if you attack or kill someone due to your racist beliefs(at least I fucking hope so, ugh zimmerman).

      But for real the insane ways people try to justify Paula Deens behavior are just mind boggling.

  4. avatar Harriett Jones, Prime Minister

    Mmmm, delicious casual racism.


    • avatar Harriett Jones, Prime Minister

      Well, that’s no fun. The above was Paula riding a stick of butter above a field of mashed potatoes. Please humbly accept this instead.


      • avatar Cold Leftovers

        She’s gonna spill that wine, serves her right.

  5. avatar Smugs

    what in the actual fuck?

    • avatar Crapspotter

      That pretty much articulates what is going on in my brain right now.

  6. avatar Veronica Corningstone

    That escalated quickly!

    So this woman who doesn’t even really like Paula Deen and who hasn’t heard the deposition or the context of her use of said word, is getting painted up in black face to make a point? UGHHHHHH the stupid, it hurts.

  7. avatar CookieButter

    She also said she laughs at rape jokes. Umm…..

  8. avatar Cold Leftovers

    What sucks is how ignorant and cocky she is being about all this. I used to enjoy her blog for the dramatically different tone than most decorating blog. Could have done with out all the nasty poop talk ( and the public shaming /discipling of her child too), but I stuck around. For the purty living room pics. Sigh…
    And then this went down an she was horrible to the people who respectfully and civilly called her outand corrected her .it comes down to the fact that she is tacky and classless, so screw her.

    Also, having started the thread on her, and the fact that I called into NPR today on a program about food stamps and food deserts, has me feeling like a real world Do-Gooder/ hard-hitting investigative journalist! THANKS GOMI! #humblebragsowhatimonmyperiodandineededsomeselfesteem

  9. avatar RFG

    blog with centered text is all I had to see to know that this is a VILE HUMAN.

  10. avatar My Hammy Vice (formerly Bartonellosis)

    I read Jenny’s blog off and on. She’s a narcissistic hypochondriac with a great eye for design and a wicked sense of humor. I believe she lives in Savannah. One of her personal fans is Newell Turner, the editor of House Beautiful. I guess all of the attention has gone to her head. I have to say, as annoying as Jenny is, her behavior in this instance is mind boggling. She’s certainly entitled to her (wrong!) opinion, but I’m most disappointed by her a. giving it before she got the facts, b. being so insulting toward her readers who didn’t disagree with her (yup we’re too “sensitive, conservative, and ignorant”) and c. refusing to leave well enough alone by posing with the black face. Now her blog is inaccessible. If you’re going to dish that shit out, you need to be able to take it.

    • avatar Cold Leftovers


      uh huh, lady… Whatever you gotta tell yourself.
      She should have gone with “Y’all are just jealous that I’m gonna be in a movie with Damon Wayans Jr.!”

    • avatar WeeWillyWinkie

      Can you direct me to evidence of this “great eye for design” of which you speak? All I see are reposted pics of OTHER people’s decorating work on her blog.

      Does pointing to pictures in Vogue of runway dresses and saying, “OOOhhh, purty!” make me an expert on haute couture?

    • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

      She lives in Atlanta.

    • avatar BassGuitar

      Newell mentioned her once YEARS ago when she was doing her whole “Design Tard” stuff.

      She can’t turn it off. An HGTV personality hired to to blog for him and he was slow getting his blog going. She resorted to posting a screen shot of a nasty, vile email she sent him on her blog basically saying he sucked if he couldn’t get her the info for logging into the blog.

      That was deleted pretty quickly, but I have a screen shot. I knew this chick would be a constant source of DUMB.

      • avatar Mrs. Roper

        Newell just mentioned/recommended her and her paintings in last months HB. He’s a fan. Wonder what he thinks about this.

    • avatar GetInLoser

      That is probably my favorite. You’re saying something is racist? You are a conservative!

      Oh honey, do you know what these words mean?

    • avatar LadybloggersSuck

      “a great eye for design”

      What? She cuts a sofa out of some House Beautiful photo, and pastes it next to a table from Elle Decor. Ooooooh! Great eye!

      This is how she spends her days: playing paper dolls. She needs to get off her ass and get a job.

    • avatar MFAMB_Cancer_Grifter

      “One of her personal fans is Newell Turner, the editor of House Beautiful.”

      He just knows that he has to suck up to the bloggers now. He doesn’t respect her.

  11. avatar QueenofNothing

    On a side note, what interests me about Deen’s situation is the sexism of her operations is completely ignored by the media and public. It’s all focused on the racism alone which I find interesting.


    • avatar Maggita

      Good point! What a buffet of hatred (and butter).

    • avatar chicketychun

      This irks me. That and the racism part is only about the N-word. Forget the wedding talk about “N” monkeys tap-dancing around. Forget about her pig brother basically sexually harassing his employees. So all of these supporters think the only thing that happened was that she admitted to calling someone a “N” 30 years ago.

  12. avatar Fart in a Mitten

    I am not a Paula Apologist… But… I ate at her restaurant 12 years ago in Savannah Georgia and holy shit mother fucker that food was good!

    (I can be bought with food.)

    • avatar champagnemami

      Who do you think was in the back cooking it? Nothing but black folks. All her recipes are standard southern food, recipes created by AAs.

  13. avatar MMS

    So, I just decided I won’t buy anything EVAH from any of the people sponsoring her tripe. CUZ THAT”S my right!

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