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Mckmama Closing Her Blog

After scandals with bankruptcy court blogger Mckmama is shuttering her My Charming Kids blog for good.

Announcing that she and her husband Israel are once again living together, Mckmama says the time is “too perfect to pass up”, and gushes that they are looking forward to other things – a “new beginning” with more “love, adventures, excitement and maybe more children”.

Mckmama writes that she “could keep this blog if I wanted to, I guess”, claims she is “grateful for the years I had with this blog and unspeakably hopeful about the many years to come without it”, and reminds everyone to email her and follow her facebook page (I guess all that jazz about spending more time with God and her kids doesn’t cover social media).

Fans and anti-fans who have followed her financial troubles are privately of the opinion that this is being forced on her as part of her bankruptcy asset hand over, and are already whispering that she will have a new url and blog within months.

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  2. avatar Sister Friend

    I think she and her husband never split. I think they just pretended to separate to retain some $$ in the bankruptcy. I also think she is an attention whore who can’t live without internet validation. So basically, I think exactly what the rest of you think.

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    • avatar featherbrained

      fave gif.

      I love how Abby also matches her large gaudy costume jewelry to her ensembles.

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  5. avatar nutsandberries

    How many new beginnings has this woman had? New house, new house, new house, new car, miracle child, new car, diet pills/weight loss. This woman is the WORST kind of Chrisitan: crazy, calculating, manipulative, impulsive, etc. which she constantly writes off as being a “sinner.” If anyone has NPD it’s this coo-coo.

    • avatar carriout

      This makes me miss Sam, actually.

      • avatar monkeyduck

        At least Sam doesn’t have children looking up to/depending on her crazy ass.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      She’s on her 6th house since marrying Izzy 8 years ago. If you count the apartments he lived in while separated the number becomes at least 8.

    • avatar Smacktiassfistybuns

      Worst kind of Christian? I suppose so… but I was thinking more basic than that – worst kind of *human*.

    • avatar andi

      you must be perfect

  6. avatar Haether

    Of course she has to flounce from the internets. Couldn’t just stop posting and let the blog die. Drama drama drama.

    • avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

      I think if you have a popular blog it makes sense to announce that you’re closing it so that you don’t get a ton of emails and comments from people asking “what happened,” “why did you stop posting,” “are you OK,” and so on. Of course, it’s a matter of degree. You can announce the end of a blog without describing it as if you’re heading off to terraform Mars or something.

      • avatar Haether

        well she’s apparently going with the delete fucking everything approach, which is the extra dramaz part

      • avatar Lindy

        I have a big geeky crush on you for using terraform Mars in such a fantastic metaphor.

      • avatar thect77

        I bet she’s getting a ton of supportive emails and compiling a WK mailing list for her blogs big reveal in a month.

    • avatar AQNR

      She’s all over Facebook and Instagram, though.

  7. avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    On Jennifer’s personal blog she tells people how “God told her to close her blog”. It’s a miracle y’all!!!!!!!!!!

    Will someone be recommending her for sainthood?

    Or will Satan tell her soon to start a new blog?

    (the post is at I don’t know how to screenshot it)

  8. avatar taffy

    She closed her blog because she had too. It is being sold or is sold to pay back debts in her bankruptcy case. She doesn’t have a choice. She is just using Jesus to cover her a$$. Hope Jesus can cover the almost million dollars in debts she owes.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      how does one sell a blog? what is being sold? i dont curr about this lady, but i am intrigued as to why someone would buy someone elses blog

      • avatar NellieKane

        I wondered the same thing about selling blogs….

        • avatar sonotamused

          it counts as an asset in her bk case since she gets advertising revenue from it. so if its not closed by the time she goes to court in early oct, any current/ongoing assets from the blog count as ongoing income. there is a fair amount of documentation in her official bk documents about the amount of revenue she receives from the blog – its not an insignificant amount.

        • avatar notapusy

          I think what is being sold is the domain name, since that is the thing of actual value (like the address is now worth a crapload of money because of how many visits she gets, maybe?)

          • avatar starcasm

            She advertises her site as a “community” on her blog so this would somewhat apply:


            Her URL comes with built-in Google ranking / page rank and SEO, making it quite an asset for anyone who would decide to purchase it.

          • avatar Mockingword

            Her domain is about to expire, isn’t it? I think in the bankruptcy transcripts, it came up. I’m too lazy to look it up.

            • avatar starcasm

              Expires November 29, 2012:


              But you can change the WHOIS information as the domain owner to assign ownership to another party. I’m not sure how they could go about requiring her to do that.

              • avatar Brianna

                It’s Federal bankruptcy court. They can get a court order requiring the registrar to turn it over to their name, ifnim remembering correctly. The trustees have a lot of power, we had one order a bank to deny the owner of a safety deposit box access. People treat it like a joke, but you can seriously screw yourself if your intentions are bad.

  9. avatar SilverOak

    How can you force someone to shut down a blog from bankruptcy? Is this a theory, or is there tangible proof to this statement? This is eerily familiar to when CL closed down the blog and people said she was sued and forced to close it down and it was later proven 100% false. I love to surmise and throw out some good guesses as to why people behave the way they do, but this feels very different. I have never been a fan of Mckwhatever her name is, and thought she was duplicitous for sure. Maybe I’m hormonal, but I am really holding out hope that she closed down the blog for her kids. I would like to add the names of many bloggers who should do the same, but their egos NEED us.

    • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

      She didn’t disclose the blogs (also Mckmamadeals) in the bankruptcy despite the fact she was getting thousandS of dollars a month from them. They became property of the bankruptcy court and are being sold.

      The process Mr Downing went through during the hearings are at Mwopblog (both the transcripts and the recording). Listening to the hearing and hearing her smugness and Downings comebacks are pretty priceless.

    • avatar GracieJane

      It’s an asset. Just like they can make you sell your car or take your $$$ from your bank accounts, it was an asset that she could sell to pay back all the people she owes.

      The transcript is hilarious. The trustee is all “well, what about your domain? how much is that worth?”

      Mckmama: Oh, i would NEVER sell that
      Trustee: I didn’t ask if you wanted to…how much is it worth?”
      M (sensing that this is going to go very badly for her): Um…like $50.
      T: So if I list it for sale for $50, you’d be ok with that?
      M: Well, no, because it’s not yours to sell.
      T: Well, it IS mine to sell.

      It’s really fascinating to watch her scramble to try to save her ass.

      • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

        i still don’t get how she can sell her blog. to who? who the hell buys someone elses blog? so fat, so confused

        • avatar honestAbe

          The domain is being sold… not the content. It historically had a tonne of traffic, so a company, advertiser, or corn company even would be interested in buying the domain to redirect to their own site. They would retain the redirecting domain until the traffic died, and then drop it back into internet oblivion.

          • avatar Blah Blah Blah

            I really hope that Mr. Doeling buys it and then redirects it back to his Attorney website!

      • avatar Can't Stop Won't Stop

        Oh man I had never heard of this before today and am now listening to that recording instead of writing scholarship proposals and conference paper abstracts. Productivity = out the window! She sounds totally pathological.

    • avatar Haether

      I think she’s actually closing it because of her husband. There was some comment about him not wanting to be discussed on the blog anymore, and I am guessing it was part of him coming back into the marriage.

      100% sure this has nothing to do with no longer wanting to farm her kids for gold.

      She probably thinks she can ride the Xyngular train forever. It’s pretty clear she has absolutely no financial planning sense. MLM is sooo great, don’t you know? And making claims on her blog/facebook of efficacy against diseases without FDA approval (and no disclaimers in sight) is totally legal so I see no problems there ;)

      • avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

        He’d been begging her for years to stop talking about him. I can’t imagine she would back down now. And it’s hard to see how Israel could present this ultimatum with enough gravity she would listen unless his absence was due to a very necessary ball implant.

        • avatar Bluth Banana Stand

          Except you’re forgetting that he used to blog on the site, too.

          • avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

            The popular guess is that he never wrote a word on her site. His chat sessions on BlogFrog show a man who is not particularly literary – he can barely type and when he managed it, he wrote in a style similar to how he speaks. “Rocket good” indeed. Yet when his entries on Jen’s blog are read aloud and compared with Jennifer’s “prose” it is remarkable how alike they sounded. She wrote all his entries. Bank on it.

    • avatar essinad

      Here is an excerpt from a transcript of her bankruptcy hearing, which is a matter of public record. TR = Trustee Representative. JM = Jennifer McKinney:

      TR: So you don’t mind then if I try to sell those domain names and pay you $10?

      JM: Well I wouldn’t sell them for $10.

      TR: What would you sell them for?

      JM: Gosh, I wouldn’t . . . I would probably never sell them.

      TR: It’s not a question of what you’d sell them for, it’s what value they have. It’s part of your bankruptcy schedules.

      JM: Um. I would, uh . . . that’s a great question. I
      would probably sell it for, like, $50 and I would just buy a different
      one and then, you know, I would be able to figure something else out.

      TR: Alright, so then you wouldn’t have an objection if I tried advertising this for sale, and

      JM: Well I would have a problem with it since it’s not yours to list for sale.

      TR: It is mine. It’s the bankruptcy estate’s. You didn’t list it.

      JM: Oh, got it. I see what you’re saying.

      TR: It’s an undisclosed asset.

      JM: Okay. No, I would figure something out. I mean, I would be able to survive without it.

      TR: Okay, so I’ll put that on the list of sort of things that we plan to sell.

      JM: Sure; I understand.

      • avatar Vagabond

        She’s a MckMoron.

      • avatar Zesty

        Wow, I would make such a bad PT. I foam at the mouth with rage when people lie to my face; with this moron I’d surely leap over the table and throttle her shouting, “Stop fucking lying to me, you fuck! I AM NOT STUPID!”

        Having said all this, the PT’s ability to weasel info out of her and then trap her with her own words is (admittedly) more effective than killing her.

        Oh, man. I think I’m crushing on the PT now. So fat, so hot for a government employee.

        • avatar Zesty

          PT = Public Trustee. So fat, so fond of acronyms.

        • avatar notapusy

          seriously, right? This man is kind of my hero. One day I hope to be as dry and no-bullshit as he is. The entire transcript is like the greatest smackdown to ever smack down. (oh, maybe second greatest, the Penny Arcade one is pretty great too).

          • avatar Vagabond

            That transcript actually made me go and listen to the audio. The audio is long and gets boring, but the trustee is priceless. Her husband sounds completely mortified. MckMama keeps asking him for help with her answers and he’s just like, “Yeah, I don’t know.”

            • avatar snarkysnark

              I spent WAY too long reading the transcript yesterday and yes – ALL HAWT for that PT now…..

              • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

                The audio is priceless, especially when he makes a sounds that sounds so much like a *snort* when she says something incredibly stupid.

          • avatar jane

            I used to work for a state environmental agency as a regulator and whenever I’d get someone caught in something like this (change out environmental for bankruptcy) it would make my day. You have to get your kicks where you can.

      • avatar granola scam

        Holy crap. So long, today’s productivity. Hello fascinating bankruptcy hearing transcripts!

        • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

          My favorite line is when Izzy told the trustee “She seemed worth it” when the trustee asked about the engagement ring!

          • avatar slack-jawed

            The “She seemed worth it” and the “M: Well, no, because it’s not yours to sell. T: Well, it IS mine to sell,” were my favourites, too.

            I don’t get it how “cool” they are. If I had been in their position I would have been unbearably embarrassed and would have felt guilty and awful and desperate.

      • avatar granola scam

        TRUSTEE: So in December of 2000 [sic] I’ve got a report here from Burst Media, December of 2011, that shows income of $824.26.
        JENNIFER: Yes sir.
        TRUSTEE: And just for my recollection, you started Burst again when?
        JENNIFER: I started Burst mid-December.
        TRUSTEE: Okay. From Google AdSense?
        JENNIFER: Exactly.
        TRUSTEE: Okay. So then that mid-December, half a month you made $824 from Burst, right?
        JENNIFER: Was it just half a month? I thought that I made about 700-800 after I had been with them for a whole month.
        TRUSTEE: Let me show you this chart. It looks like you also were with them November of 2011.
        JENNIFER: For, I think, a day, so maybe I . . . okay, okay, you know what? This isn’t right, then. I remember this. I was at the very end of the month, maybe one day. I made $30 because once I joined them I stayed, so then all of December I made $824.26. That led me to decide it wasn’t worth staying with them.
        TRUSTEE: So then you had some income that you’d earned from Burst at the time you filed bankruptcy also?
        JENNIFER: I guess, yes. I would have had 13 days, so maybe $300-some.
        TRUSTEE: So you have the Burst income, you’ve got the Google AdSense, you have the media consultants, you have the PayPal account. You don’t list any of those things in your bankruptcy schedules, right?
        JENNIFER: I didn’t separate them out and I didn’t list as much as I had coming in, no.
        TRUSTEE: Well you have a PayPal account, a bank account, with money in it, right?
        JENNIFER: Yes.
        TRUSTEE: Money that you can put in and take out?
        JENNIFER: Right, but everything from the PayPal goes right to my bank account, so I didn’t list it because it’s not—it’s effectively just a door into my bank account. For the money on here I listed, it would have been from my bank account.
        TRUSTEE: That’s not what the question asked. The question asked you to list all bank accounts, doesn’t it?
        JENNIFER: Yeah, I didn’t list my PayPal account. I didn’t think of it as a bank account. I’m sorry.

        • avatar Vagabond

          To be fair, I wouldn’t necessarily consider my PayPal a bank account, per se — but if I had as much money coming into my PayPal as MckMama does, I would sure as hell ask where to fucking put it on the form.

          • avatar granola scam

            Totally. I sometimes forget about my Paypal because I only ever have like $15 in it.

        • avatar Vagabond


  10. avatar Just a Veg

    Considering they probably blame the blog for not having been able to get away with their bankruptcy fraud, I don’t blame her husband for wanting her to take it down. I’m sure she’ll be back on some other domain soon enough. Otherwise, why would she still be posting on her facebook profile and such?

    • avatar crankyoldbitch

      Actually, she blames MWOP for disclosing her attempt at bankruptcy fraud.

      • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

        When in fact one of her rabid fans sent tons of screen shots (hundreds of pages) to the bankruptcy courts. While I feel that he would have googled her, Barbara Murtha Malley sent tons of stuff, including Mckmama’s goats in tutus.

        • avatar crankyoldbitch

          This whole crazy train has brought a couple of real internet nutbags to my attention, and she is one of them. I’m not a participant, just a strangely fascinated observer.

        • avatar Barb Malley

          @Respect privacy and lies OH MY……..perhaps you should mention some of mwop’s other activities:

          -Shut down because of death threats
          -Contacting McKinney’s employer in the hopes to have her fired
          -Contacting her sponsors/affiliate’s
          -Harassing her blog/facebook readers
          -Calling cps
          -I have a little tidbits about mwop’s claims that she tries to attract pedophiles
          -how she lied about her sick kid
          -having a mwoper scheduled a photo shoot and stating she got some “sugar”=love from McKinney’s young son. Another women showing up at a state park to spy on the McKinney’s.
          -linking hot corn links

          That’s just off the top of my head.

          I never did publish how MWOP tried to get my facebook account deleted, did I? All because I have a different opinion other than there own. How about when you people harassed that widow? How about when you harassed that young lady that aged out of Foster care? How about the sending of direct and vulgar messages to readers of McKinney’s facebook?

          Nameless, faceless, cyber thugs.


          Holy Moly I used my real name. Imagine that?

          • avatar Shell

            People tried to get your Facebook profile deleted because you are a batshit crazy stalker. Don’t you have some screenshots to take of some 355446645 page “letters” to send the courts?

            • avatar Vagabond

              I really wish I had not clicked over and seen that woman’s FB page. Some things are just better left unseen.

              Maybe that’s why the McKinneys keep moving. If I had a Barb, I’d keep fucking moving.

              • avatar SammichOham

                Holy shit! I don’t know the MckMama/MWOP/MurthaMalley story (so morbidly obese, so many fucking Ms), but Vagabond made me curious about her Facebook account. Her photo albums alone are THE most bizarre thing I’ve seen on Facebook. Perhaps if my FB friends devoted their photo albums to documenting all of their stalking activity, I’d find Facebook less snoozeworthy. Every time I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to human behavior, people like that crawl out from under their rocks.

              • My favorite is how someone referring to her as “Stan” (as in the subject of the Enimem song about a stalkerish obsessed loser) is a veiled death threat. Oh and she sent that to the court dealing with MckMama’s bankruptcy shit.

              • avatar Virginia Apple

                I had heard of Mckmama before and knew that she had issues but had no idea there was so much crazy surrounding her. Barb is creeping me out. O_O

            • avatar Belle

              I just looked at ehr FB page (I have never more than casually glanced at MWOP so had never heard of her before today). She seriously wrote a letter to the courts insinuating that because someone referenced her being like Stan in the Eminem song, it was a death threat? When anyone with half a brain could see they were saying she was a crazed fan a la Stan of some mommy blogger? I’m sure the court was so pleased she informed them of that!

              Sometimes people on the internets make me very sad.

          • avatar DocuFauxPhotoShoot


            One of your “Screenshots” is my comment on MWOP. Let me ask you a question… If that were posted on Mckmama’s site, would you have thought it was creepy there? The point I am trying to make is that I cared for those kids (and still do) and I don’t think what I said was creepy at all. I am a married mom of 2 with another on the way. I was greeted with open arms by her children. I embraced it. You, and others at MWOP, took it out of context and I would appreciate you removing this from your facebook and quit referencing it. Thank you.

            • avatar jelus_jessica

              Nah – I think it’s weird, too. Expressing affection with other people’s kids who are complete strangers is weird. It says a lot about how JHSMcK’s kids have been raised that they go so openly to others and act affectionately. I would discourage that in my kids.

            • avatar Straws

              Yeah, that’s creepy. If someone hired me so they could get a hug from my kids I’d be a bit freaked out, tbh.

              • avatar DocuFauxPhotoShoot

                I didn’t hire her to bring her kids to the shoot. In fact, I had no idea that she would be bringing them until the night before. I agree that it is weird that they were so open and embracing of me (a total stranger) but it is what it is. My kids certainly are not that way.

            • avatar whoAREyoucrazypeople?!

              This is F’ing hilarious!! Both sides of it! First, you were “greeted with open arms by her children” and you “embraced it”. (Which I might add gives me a chuckle that such prose is necessary to describe a meet and greet with some random internet kids.) Then, a comment or two down the way, you “agree” that it was “weird that they were so open and embracing of me”. Holy Fucking Contradiction!!

              This whole MckMama/Mwop bullshit is just entertaining as hell to me now that I’ve found it. The McKinney’s must be the most ignorant, idiotic people on the face of this earth. The transcript of her bankruptcy hearing is CLASSIC. And she still has supporters?! Die hard ones, too, right? People who schedule photoshoots for a chance to meet her 5 hooligans!? WHY!?!?

              • avatar crankyoldbitch

                I know. It has kept me from dying a slow cubicle death.

  11. avatar fed up

    Did anyone see the potato chip recipe posted on Cup of Jo today?

    It says “tweaked” from Gourmet recipe and is presented as Nikole from Herriott Grace’s recipe….but is basically identical to the Gourmet one (with the exception of peeling the potatoes). Almost word for word. Maybe not technically plagiarism, but not exactly an original recipe.

    Why not just post to the original? Why pretend to have made something new and interesting and claim it as your own?

    • avatar AQNR

      It’s Shakespeare’s original recipe!

      From Omelet, Act II Scene IV with home fries and rye toast.

    • avatar Lexi

      One interesting tidbit about recipes is you can’t copyright just the ingredients. It’s all about the instructions. (Not arguing with you at all, just pointing out – if you don’t copy the _instructions_ you can steal all you want!)

  12. avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

    Jennifer McKinney is one of the most fascinating blog sociopaths ever to hit the internet. She is not going away for long. She can’t. Her nature will not permit it. I swear that at some point she is going to commit a crime that is so large she will get media attention and it will be glorious. I can imagine the 20/20 episode as her life is reconstructed for an appalled audience who will wonder how it is she got away with so much for so long. She is a true crime book waiting to happen.

    • avatar kerflovesonion

      I’ll agree with that. I’m awestruck just trying to figure out how they were able to buy houses after losing one.

      I never followed her until the last few months, but she seems so stupid. After reading the court transcripts, it just amazes me that she had so much money coming in and no plans for it (budget). She could of paid her debts years ago and been fine. Instead she just decided to spend it away & lie about it. I’m an accountant, maybe that’s why this bothers me so much?

      • avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

        The last two times they have bought a house they bought it using contract for deed. The owner holds the deed until the last penny is paid. If they default, the owner gets to keep the down payment ($30,000) on the first house and something similar one the latest one plus all the house payments made to date. Then they can repaint the unicorn puke and poop walls, and sell it again!

        • avatar Simmadownnow

          You seem to be really really invested in Mckmama. Maybe you ought to step back just a bit, and realize this is just the internets, and nobody that you don’t actually know should have this much impact on your life.

          • avatar Vagabond


          • avatar SammichOham

            “Nobody that you don’t actually know should have this much impact on your life.” YES! That is exactly it. Imagine if these stalker types put all of that time spent creeping into improving their own lives and the lives of those around them. They might even become… quasi normal. :/

          • avatar The fattest fat who ever fatted

            Oh, come on. People know this much if not more about Dooce. These fame hags put their shit out there and people read it and though the mechanism of memory is not that well understood yet, synapses happen in the slowest of brains. It’s not over-investment. It’s just being able to remember information when one reads it.

            And being able to remember things is not necessarily an “impact” on one’s life. I remember the user names and some personal details of half the people posting here and yet I still find time to wash my dishes, take a leisurely dump and eat the occasional macaroon. And I don’t even know them, the horror!

            People who worry about people being too invested and about the impacts of online gossip on peoples’ lives are generally clutching pearls because they’ve never witnessed a good trainwreck or they’re concern trolling. Either way, loosen up – Jennifer McKinney is a good show and I promise that if you know that she skipped out on five fucking houses you’ll still be able to remember who won the Civil War and still have plenty of time to eat all the hams.

            • avatar Simmadownnow

              Except this particular poster is hysterically posting every little detail she can remember, trying to get people all incensed about a stupid Mommy blogger. It’s irritating. I don’t care what she does in her spare time, but nobody here gives a rat’s ass what goes on at MWOP, and that’s the agenda she’s trying to push here. Let it go man,and get back to your MWOP.

              • avatar eeee

                Out of curiosity triggered by this comment, I did a ctrl-F search for “Respect privacy and lies oh my,” and found only a handful of posts, which contained (it seems to me) nothing more than general information, and several of which are simply replies to other commentors and are not about McMama at all.

                If RPaLom was saying, “Then the third house, that was the one that had termites in the second downstairs bathroom – the one she decorated in blue and gray, as opposed to the blue and green she used for the other downstairs bathrooms and the seashell-pink motif for the master bath – and then the day the exterminator came she wasn’t home when he got there because little Susie had forgotten her lunch and when she went to take Susie’s lunch to her, she got stuck in traffic” – or anything even close to that – then your complaints would stand and I would agree with you. (For instance, see the comments by the “Barb Malley” person upthread.)

                But as it is, you sound rather more “hysterical” than RPaLom does. (Not that I’m complaining – it keeps this trainwreck going.)

      • avatar nutsandberries

        That’s what I also find amazing. I didn’t read the documents, and I’m not a MWOPer, but I AM a mom who was snowballed by her when Stellan was sick. I litterally cried for her child.

        Then, all the weird stuff started happening, how can you lose your car when you make a ton of money? How can you not afford a $300k mortgage but go to a bigger house? What the heck were these two doing with the money? I mean, it almost appears they were wiping their asses with it.

        I just can’t. I just can’t comprehend.

  13. avatar jrm

    So long, don’t let the door hit yo’ass on the way out.

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