Leigh Keck Is Not Sorry For Sleeping With Your Husband

Today in “uh…ok” news, a post over on Purple Clover titled “A LETTER TO THE WIFE OF MY BOYFRIEND” is starting debate about where sisterhood and feminism end and slut shaming begins.

Dear Wife of My Boyfriend,
I’m not sorry.
I’ve done countless undeniably repulsive things — all without an ounce of regret. I kissed him on the stoop of your house while your birthday party was blazing in the backyard. I didn’t wake him when he fell asleep after sex, so he’d spend the entire night in my bed. I made sure (you don’t want to know how) he stayed over far longer than he intended to and had to rush home at 3:30 a.m. without showering first. He must have reeked of my scent when he walked in your bedroom door. I took pleasure in knowing that.

She goes on to say that the only reason the affair ended was because it was causing the mistress pain, which was something the husband simply couldn’t handle: “Cheating on you, he could live with. Hurting me, he couldn’t bear.” She then expresses the desire to take the wife out for a drink so the Mrs. could see what a totally nice gal the author is.

I understand that humans are complex, and it’s possible to feel many conflicting emotions and motivations at the same time. But isn’t it a little ridiculous to protest about how you aren’t heartless moments after detailing the ways you enjoyed making another person hurt?

  1. avatar mypalfatfat

    “only reason the affair ended was because it was causing the mistress pain, which was something the husband simply couldn’t handle”

    Um, I’m so sure. Who would buy a line like that?

    • That sounded like a veiled “I begged him to leave you and he wouldn’t, because I was just his tail on the side, so he left.”

    • Apparently this lady did.

    • avatar KAS

      I know, right? I’m thinking it was more like, I was so damn annoying that he couldn’t bear to spend time with me anymore, because affairs are supposed to be FUN

      • avatar Wee (formerly WWWinkie)

        I think he was having images of this,

    • avatar Truth

      Right up there with “It’s not you! It’s me!”

    • avatar Beverly Hills


  2. avatar You Love Llamas

    “I do believe that I owe it to myself to fall in love and stay in love for as long as is humanly possible. ”

    and, honey, when you’re in that love and he’s schtupping someone else, then you’ll know how it feels.

    • avatar Thunder Thighs McGee

      Exactly! This tramp is going to get her soul crushed one day. She won’t survive it.

  3. avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

    I can’t even with this bitch.

    If my ex-(cheating, scumbag)-husband taught me anything, it’s that men who are going to cheat will use any excuse, tell any lie, go to any length necessary to get the idiot he is banging to believe she is something more than simply an available snatchhole to put his dick in.

    And the whores will give any excuse, tell any lie to make themselves feel better about their whorish fucking nasty behavior.

    And guess what, after all the whores he fucked on the side he came sniveling back to me.

    18 years have passed since I divorced his sorry ass, and I’ve been married to my real husband (that first one wasn’t real, he was lying to me the entire marriage) for 15 years next month.

    And it still makes me RAGEY and STABBY to hear from cunts like this entitled whorebag. The damage you do lasts forever, Leigh Keck.

    • avatar Truth

      Truth right here.

      What a fucking joke these bitches are.

    • avatar Thunder Thighs McGee

      Depositing the term Entitled Whorebag into my big bag of witty comebacks! Stupid fucking cunt will now be on the back burner. Thank you, Fresh.

      • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

        Use it with gleeful abandon, TTM.

    • avatar WHERE'S MY DONUT

      My first 3 boyfriends cheated on me with my “friends” and I know exactly how you feel. They ALWAYS come back and, in my cases at least, they were always mad at me because I wouldn’t give them the time of day. I felt they didn’t earn it, they had their chances where I would have given them the time of day at any given moment–and they chose to schupt it to my “friends”. So they, and my “friends”, get none of my time.

      The damage does last forever, I know my current boyfriend would never do something like that. It’s just not his nature, but at the same time…it’s the women I don’t trust. It sucks because it’s happened to me so many times, all three times were with friends I hung out with regularly and boyfriends I had been with for over a year, that I just can’t not think that it won’t happen again, but yet—my current boyfriend has never once given me ANY reason to think he would ever think about something like that. I wish I could erase the pain they cause as easily as I erased their numbers from my phone. I’ve also become VERY selective about my female friends. To the point where I had no female friends in college simply because I couldn’t bring myself to trust them.

      I’ll say this, it definitely makes you respect a gentleman when you get one and it makes you realize what relationships should be, rather than what you think is standard for dating.

      I don’t think we should stick together because we’re women, I think we should respect boundaries and relationships. She clearly knew this man was married before the affair started, and she should have respected the bonds of marriage. The mistress reads like a sociopath who got hurt because he jumped before she pushed him, so now she’s out for his blood.

      I rambled. I’m sorry.

      • “I don’t think we should stick together because we’re women, I think we should respect boundaries and relationships. ”


        My ex didn’t physically cheat – that I know of, it wouldn’t surprise me – but I did find out about an affair he carried out in emails and phone calls for several months when my youngest was still an infant. I didn’t divorce him right away, but it was the death knell of our marriage. I always felt the adult thing to do was if you knew you wanted to be with someone other than your current relationship, married or not, the right way to handle it would be to end the relationship you are in before beginning one with someone else.

        • avatar Homphgomphinator

          This. We don’t owe each other anything because we’re women, but we do owe each other as human beings to be decent people. And decency involves honesty and integrity – although this woman obviously sacrificed all those things a long time ago.

        • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

          @no compos mentis, ugh. Emotional affairs are just as devastating in some ways.

        • avatar dlamb

          ABSOLUTELY, if it doesn’t work despite trying your best, LEAVE, then you are free to choose your next partner.

          WHERE’S MY DONUT, first, your username just makes me happy (assuming “doughnut” isn’t some euphemism, because that would make me look like a moron). Second, I am so sorry for your painful and disappointing experiences. You are absolutely right though though: makes you appreciate the real “keepers”.

          • avatar WHERE'S MY DONUT

            Haha, no euphemism…it’s a reference to Naomi’s (from Love Taza/Rockstar Diaries) fangirls. But thanks!

            @no compos mentis; emotional affairs are often more of a shock and harder to recover from physical affairs. I don’t fault people for falling out of love, etc…but I do fault people for handling those situations in a disrespectful manner. I’m sorry you went through emotional cheating.

            (INRE the below comments)
            @Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay: Thanks, same to you. I often say “I wish I hadn’t dated them”, but then I wouldn’t be where I am. So…I just find positivity in it.

            @Lackluster Lean-to: Thanks!

      • avatar Fresh Manatee Posing as Gay

        @WHERE’S MY DONUT, from one cheated-on girl to another, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

      • avatar Lackluster Lean-To

        + 1,000,000. “Respect boundaries and relationships.” Simple, yet profound. Well said.

    • avatar Wait...What???

      I was 12 years with the scumbag. 13 years with the real husband. I get you!

    • avatar itsallgravy

      I don’t even have TIME to look up an appropriate GIF of people clapping (Read: Don’t know how to post it anyhow), but HELL YES! This is exactly right!

    • avatar musket of wine


  4. avatar ProfessorChaos


  5. avatar playswithfire

    This might be my favorite bit:

    “I wish someone else, in some other circumstances, had said it, but I actually agree with what Woody Allen said to justify schtupping his step-daughter. ‘The heart wants what the heart wants.’”

    Yeah, she’s a real charmer, huh?tumblr_inline_mppbjhoGaj1qz4rgp.gif

    • avatar playswithfire

      Gah, should have put a line break before the GIF. IT WAS MY FIRST IMAGE DON’T HATE ME.


      • avatar dlamb

        Hey you got it done, awesome! We’re flexible with the location of the narrative. Just keep the GIFs coming. It’s what I’m here for.

    • avatar unlurker

      Oh, honey. Ain’t no heart I can see in this one at all. But you sure are sassy! Three snaps in a Z! You’re so REAL, so BRAVE!

      Good luck ever getting a normal real relationship again, Leigh Keck. Oh, I don’t mean the dudes; you’ll get plenty of crotch-sniffers coming around, because you’ve just revealed yourself to be the Happy Slampiece on the Side who just wanders off smugly when she’s used up.

      No, the luck you’re going to need is in ever having a legitimate and decent platonic relationship with a female, ever again. Because sociopath.

    • avatar BrokePeopleShouldAdopt

      I’m just confused at that line because he didn’t even leave his wife for her.

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        He (Woody Allen) said the line, left his partner (Mia Farrow) & is now married to Son-Yi (Mia’s adopted daughter).

        Or are you referring to the husband who cheated w/ Leigh Keck?

  6. avatar Chapeau-gate

    VILE. I’m so depressed that people like her exist, and that they feel like they have a free pass in this world.

    • avatar dlamb

      Chapeau-gate, these people exist but they rarely get a free pass in this world. The Universe has a way of righting these things = karma. Assuming that this is not a fictional story, I am not familiar with too many of these women who are not feeling pretty miserable at all times, except for the few minutes or hrs. when the Irresistible Prince graces them with their presence. Not guilty but lonely, not the least bit special and not commitment material.

      I am not sure if this is a genuine letter or just someone’s idea of making a point or pushing buttons and getting a dialogue started on the subject but it is pretty representative of women who engage in affairs. Most of them, despite the bravado, describe themselves as being emotionally insecure. Some invest 15-20 years waiting for the prince to leave his wife. Sometimes he does leave his wife AND the mistress and marries some 23 year old who can give him a new lease on life. Did I mention KARMA?

      • avatar Late Night Bacon

        You’re so smart. I love this post.

        • avatar dlamb

          Late Night Bacon, thank you so much but if I am so smart, why do I have only 30% success re. attaching GIFs? Could sure use a blushing one but hell, I don’t want to lower your flattering opinion of my IQ.

          • avatar Late Night Bacon


            It might be because you’re finding GIFs that are actually JPGs? It can be hard to tell on google images.

            How is this one?


            • avatar dlamb

              OMG, that is so adorable, Late Night Bacon and a favorite too! Actually, my tough time is due to a young pet who is quite unexpectedly ill. So, how perfect is that? Thank you!
              I wish I could test the GIFs first because I managed to post one today, but then failed at my next attempts. I am a dork but definitely not in a good way.

              • avatar Late Night Bacon

                Oh no! How stressful! Sending healing wishes to your petster.

                A Gif tester is a great idea for a site!

                Though I guess you could just C&P it into a browser to do that.

                Damnit, that was my only big idea.


        Lamby! I love you!

        • avatar dlamb

          MOISTURIZE YOUR SITUATION, I am humbled and touched. I also appreciate the suggestion. Moisturizing situations make things go down easier. Now you KNOW that is not a double entendre, right? because I’d just never! ;) Coy GIF s’il vous plait?

          • avatar Late Night Bacon

            Like this?



            • avatar Late Night Bacon

              Holy Huge Harry.

              I am so sorry. (not sorry)

          • avatar DoubleEntendre

            I see what you did there, dlamb. Call me Cassandra or don’t call me at all :D


            • avatar Late Night Bacon


              • avatar dlamb

                Late Night Bacon, DoubleEntendre, I’ve just had a really horrendous 48 hr. period and I came here today to distract myself. You guys are so sweet and kind and funny and gentle now I am going to cry for a GOOD reason.
                Thank you so much for what you did for this technically challenged hammie.
                What a site! How did I get so lucky right at the right time?Hugs!

              • avatar dlamb

                The GIF and LNB’s reactions are giving me a stomach ache. Laughing today was such an unexpected delight.
                The awesomeness of you guys!

            • avatar dlamb

              I just can’t stop laughing at this thing. It is just so wrong but made so right by Late Night Bacon’s horrified exclamations!

              • avatar Late Night Bacon

                It’s hard to type with your hands over your eyes. That gif is legitimately wrongity wrong wrong wrong.


                I’m sorry you’ve had a tough day! I hope things look up soon. I adore GOMI too though it can eat whole days. It’s an addiction. I’m not proud.

              • avatar dlamb

                Thank you Late Night Bacon! :) Our little “Thumper” may recover after all. See how intuitive your GIF was?
                Hoping you are also in the process of recovering from your own trauma. You are so right, there may be some things that are fun to do with your hands over your eyes, but typing is probably not among them.
                GIFs….I give up ’cause you know, I do have SOME sort of threshold for humiliation and I believe I’ve reached it.
                GOMI time: I think of it as an investment in my mental health :):):) The members? Pure bonus!

            • avatar sonotamused

              I am the last human being!

              ..wait that is totally not appropiate to this blogger.

  7. avatar KAS

    I love her spin! Yes, he couldn’t bear to keep hurting you, that’s why he cut things off with you.

  8. Blogging. The perfect way to announce to the entire internet just how much of a flaming asshole you are.

    • avatar lilmissunshine

      It seem to be a ‘trend’ lately.
      Wonder if they’ll have a session at Blogher to help build these people’s ‘brands’

      • avatar lilmissunshine

        I know- ‘Blogging for the entitled Asshole generation.”

  9. avatar SluttyHamTattoo

    Maybe she needs to get together with the Generous Husband so he can raise her properly.

  10. avatar EyePullOut

    Who the
    What the

    • avatar dlamb

      Totally enjoyed all of the above, including your username.

  11. avatar Kitty Likes to Scratch

    In addition to my previous comment (see: Entitled Little Cunt), the over-the-top nature of the post also makes me wonder if somebody has been feeling lonely and neglected lately and was just craving a little attention.

    • avatar Kitty Likes to Scratch


      (Gif fail. SSSF)

      • avatar The Old Bailey

        “I’m so interesting and different! No one has ever done what I have done!”
        Lies. There are psychopath cheaters throughout history.

        • avatar The Old Bailey

          Geez King Hal, Y U so huge?!

          • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

            Those Whole Cowe Whoppers One scarfs daily whilst ruling Faire Englande taketh a Toll upon Thy Waiste.

          • avatar tell that bitch to chill

            Maybe he ate her, too.

      • avatar lilmissunshine

        Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste………

  12. avatar JuliasTooSmallTutu


    We need to find a way to put shame in our drinking water.

  13. avatar scary monkey cute lamp

    This letter in GIFS:

    “He must have reeked of my scent when he walked in your bedroom door. I took pleasure in knowing that.”


    “It all started at the exact moment you think it did: the night we double-dated. Remember the way he made me laugh that night, how that made you feel? Your instincts were right.”


    “Most of my married friends who are women had the same indignant take. Funny, my married friends who are men were all for it. They envied me.”


    “I wish someone else, in some other circumstances, had said it, but I actually agree with what Woody Allen said to justify schtupping his step-daughter. “The heart wants what the heart wants.”


    “Cheating on you, he could live with. Hurting me, he couldn’t bear.”


    “I would tell you this story because it might give you some comfort or satisfaction or sense of vengeance or, most likely, a combination of all three to hear it.”


    “I looked through the window of the restaurant and you were at the window table.”


    “What I saw that night caused me as much pain as I could ever cause you. I saw that he loves us both.”


    • avatar scary monkey cute lamp

      Ah, the one with Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell (“Why? Because you talk too much”) didn’t load. I think it’s from SCREAM 4?

      • avatar Butch Boots

        It’s a little bit disturbing how much I like that gif of Veronica Mars stabbing Sookie Stackhouse. I just really hate Sookie, okay?

    • avatar S

      This comment is a thing of beauty. Bonus points for the RDJ gif.

      • avatar Loves Dogs

        is this the beginning of the RDJ gif thread?


        • avatar sonotamused

          I wouldn’t respond with the Iron Man dildo, but that might be a bit too much, yes?

          • avatar Loves Dogs

            Maybe that would keep Leigh Keck busy and off someone else’s husband for a while…(I know in poor taste)

    • avatar dlamb

      How wonderfully creative and witty!

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