Julia Allison Reblogging Site Experiencing New Problems

The new Julia Allison reblogging site established at appears to be suspended.  No further details on why are available at this time.

  1. avatar Shrug Bitch


  2. avatar Little Orphan Lilly

    Oh, what the fucking fuck. Is this Peter Blaauuuugher’s present for Julia’s 30th?

  3. avatar kenneth parcell's donkey fit

    SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. HOW CAN THIS WOMAN’S POWER EXTEND THIS FAR?!?!?!?!?! i do not understand the world anymore.

  4. avatar Skanks and Trolls

    so annoying!

  5. avatar someproblems

    And just when i was getting so fucking bored with her utter pointlessness again…

  6. avatar AllDayBray

    This had BETTER be a server issue…

    However Julia was in the process of being destroyed (as she always is over there) for tweeting/blogging that her idiot boyfriend Pancakes McFame said, “I love you” to get her crazy ass to STFU th is weekend.

  7. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia


  8. avatar icrayanawfullotlately

    Hai darlings. I highly doubt this has anything to do with our favorite emotionally stunted insult to womenkind / journalism / social media / fashion / basic human decency. And while Panckakes “I Love You” McCashyPants wants to kick our asses, I doubt he or those fake laywers are behind this either. JABa, on her own manager-maintained FB page lists herself as a public figure. I don’t think they can pretend to have a bow-legged leg to stand on any more.

  9. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    Oh yeahhhhhh….
    I came over to GOMI to alert ya PP to a pot-kettle-black sitch w/ Adriend & hate speech.

    • avatar Our Lady of Revisionism

      Is he defending John Galliano or something?

  10. avatar Jacy

    We’re back, Type-A haters. It was a billing thing and one of our “angel investors” came to the rescue. Sorry for any distress!

  11. avatar FortFun

    Hey kids! Anyone else notice that the T Mobil girl is a prettier, thinner, perkier, nicer stylish version of Julia? Look up one of her info Julia commercials. Which unlucky boy is the MAC guy?

  12. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    Uhhh! Now what do I do w/ the foam dribbling out of my mouth?

  13. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    Just saw your remark below & sure enough, the cite / site / sight loads now.

  14. avatar zandra

    I was joking, can’t you take a joke?!

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