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Hungry Runner Girl Files For Divorce

Janae, of Hungry Runner Girl, has filed for divorce from her husband. Speculation began when it was noticed she was last seen wearing her ring on July 29th. The divorce petition was filed just two days later.

There has so far been no mention of the situation on Janae’s blog, but on the day of filing she mentioned a sad event:

I ran 8 miles Monday morning (7:45 pace) and the saddest thing happened. My hair tie BROKE.  I had to run with my hair down for a few miles and it was not fun.

Her husband has apparently now deleted all his social media accounts. Mention of her husband has also been removed from her about page. The news has come as a shock to many, since as recently as July 20th she posted about having a family date night.

  1. avatar Princess Tazo Twee

    wow. did not see that coming. i’m not shocked by much and this shocks me.

    Now if this had been SR and jay-mo-ma-bob i wouldn’t have surprised.

  2. avatar anadyne

    Well, I’m sorry for her family.

    Surely her life is different than the shallow bubble headed sparkles and unicorns she posts on her blog, so I’m not totally surprised that she had a “real” life happening in the background. HRG is a GOMI for me – I find her blog shallow and dimwitted, though her daughter is insanely cute. However my interpretation is that she writes like an 8th grader as her schtick, but has a real life as an adult woman that she writes nothing about whatsoever. Clearly the “real” life happening outside the sprinkle donuts and hairbands was as real as anyone else’s. It’s sad to hear of a divorce, but incredibly common. Whoever the real Janae is, I hope she and her family make it through without too much acrimony.

  3. avatar Crapspotter

    I don’t know HRG, but her reporting of her ‘sad event’ reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s girlfriend has unusually emotional reactions to mundane events such as dropping a hot dog on the ground, but doesn’t miss a beat when she finds out her grandmother died.

  4. avatar Ha

    Girlfriend just PRed at this morning’s half-marathon. She’s gonna be fine.

    Suck it, Billy.

    • avatar Maeby Fünke

      This makes my day. Also reminds me I need to get off my butt and exercise. Those endorphins do a body good.

    • avatar anadyne

      So Billy is the bad guy in the divorce? I didn’t realize.

  5. avatar KooKooKachoo

    You know. I almost wish these bloggers would share with us about the not so bright sides of their lives. It seems that when their lives tank, they are all about hiding and pretending. It seems disingenuous. If you’re going to be a blogger, be real. I am tired of all the happy all the time.

    • avatar hatchie

      I happen to 100% agree with you, KooKoo. Anything else comes off as phony. I know there are folks that believe in privacy, and I understand not being an oversharing open book, but this positive image-crafting can be depressing to readers because it seems unobtainable (because only what is germane to show on the blog shall be shown, to paraphrase PeePaw)

      • avatar hatchie

        Just to clarify, I mean in general… I this case I can see why she’d keep it off the blog. I think Grace Bonney from Design Sponge handled hers really well.

        • avatar hatchie

          Here’s how to do it classy. She closed her comments as well.

          • avatar KooKooKachoo

            Yes. I don’t need the gruesome details but we all have ups and downs and if someone is invested in your blog, well, just be honest about the positives and the negatives.
            With that said, I also know divorces are tricky with litigation being involved and all. Many bloggers probably just can’t put their real feelings in writing for fear it will bite them legally in the end.

          • avatar heathersmether

            But she did this well after the fact. And I’m assuming she continued posting. Which is exactly what Janae is doing. If Janae is phoney, then this woman is no different.

            Not trying to WK or anything. It just seems like half the time we’re like “stop over-sharing! Stop bitching about your wonderful life!” And then when someone like Janae creates a positive space sharing only carefully selected moments of her life, then we say “you’re a fake! Be real with your readers!”

            I would rather read HRG “heres some ice cream I ate and it gave me a mormon orgasm” any day over HTP “I still can’t find time to shower cuz babies are so harrrd!”

  6. avatar snarkyrunner

    I’ve been frequenting the HLB forums, but NOT the run blogger forums so this headline on the front page blew my mind! I used to read HRG regularly, up until baby HRG, I’m really surprised. Sorry to hear HRG is going through this. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person to make light of something like divorce and it really seemed like she and Billy were close last year anyway, so I’m sure there has to be a good reason for it.

    • avatar anadyne

      I get the feeling she’s the type to make light of everything, including divorce. I don’t think I’ve ever read one meaningful word from her that wasn’t fluff and rainbows.

  7. avatar Lauren

    I can’t help but think that he cheated on her. It seems so fishy that this all happened so quickly (she even said it was “sudden” on her blog) and she had been gushing about him in recent posts. Poor thing, no matter what happened it’s very sad and surprising.

    • avatar Annette

      Did she post something about it today? Her site seems to be down – I googled HRG and saw this headline! :(

    • avatar HML

      I thought the same thing. I think he is with those law school interns living the high life and either something happened or he just started to realize he wants a different life

  8. avatar ewwwww

    My theory is that he cheated because she leaves him so much to see her family. Poor guy got lonely, and she didn’t keep up her end of the wifely duties. I’m not saying he’s right, but I totally think it’s understandable.

    • avatar Mallory

      what? he’s the one that was always at law school, studying, at his internship etc. if he “got lonely” it was because it was his own choice to do so while she was taking care of Brooke.

  9. avatar Annette

    I just stumbled on this while doing a search for the HRG site because my link was not working. Is her blog down? I thought it was weird he wasn’t in any posts and she made no mention of going back to Cali and her husband wasn’t on the blog much recently – even when her family visited her . . . anyway wish her and her cute baby nothing but the best – hopefully they work things out.

  10. avatar lolyer

    Speaking from professional experience… The kind of anger that comes from that quickly changing status, to photos, to the general scrubbing is almost 100% of the time infidelity because it shows such intense pain and hurt. That doesn’t come from a slow flame out or he was spending too much money or working too hard. I guarantee you she found out something about him being unfaithful which caused the abrupt knee jerk reaction of wiping him away and then filing so soon after family date night or what ever. How sad. However, not sure how Cali or Utah works, but in my state the fact that she supported him through all his schooling financially and otherwise can get her a cut of the earnings that result from it. I hope she has a good lawyer and can think rationally to the long term rather than clouded by emotion now. It is still very sad and that baby is so young. Nobody knows what the true nature of someone else’s relationship is but she is seem to really love him and his family and was quite devoted to them all. I hope whatever he did was worth all this heartache for two huge families to experience such a loss of connectedness.

    • avatar ewwwww

      Yes, exactly my thoughts. Perhaps she wasn’t always happy with him, but I really feel like her religion would have forced her to put up with almost anything except infidelity. So unfortunate :(

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