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Hungry Runner Girl Files For Divorce

Janae, of Hungry Runner Girl, has filed for divorce from her husband. Speculation began when it was noticed she was last seen wearing her ring on July 29th. The divorce petition was filed just two days later.

There has so far been no mention of the situation on Janae’s blog, but on the day of filing she mentioned a sad event:

I ran 8 miles Monday morning (7:45 pace) and the saddest thing happened. My hair tie BROKE.  I had to run with my hair down for a few miles and it was not fun.

Her husband has apparently now deleted all his social media accounts. Mention of her husband has also been removed from her about page. The news has come as a shock to many, since as recently as July 20th she posted about having a family date night.

  1. avatar The 10 Things Blog

    I don’t even know who she is. Mayhaps my lack of emotional involvement makes me think this isn’t crossing any line? Whether she’s liked, or disliked, or popular or unpopular, or a giant, green ogre or a wilting flower…this is a website that talks about bloggers. Soooo…that’s what happened. Am I just too new here to “get” why this is a big deal?


    • avatar FlounceCat

      I only remember her because when KERF did her horrible Bread Baby Announcement, and HTP videotaped herself telling her husband, people then pointed out how nice and low key HRG’s announcement was (a pair of tiny sneakers)

    • avatar lilmissunshine

      Love the GIF and I feel the same way….
      There was speculation in the forums that brought people here so PP investigated what was going on and reported it.
      End. Of. Story.
      From reading above post and HRG blog it seems there is this curtain of ‘happiness’ that might not be 100% real. I think readers put certain bloggers on pedestals. Readers imagine the bloggers life as they want to see it, and the blogger will paint their life’s as they want you to see it. That doesn’t mean that’s how it is.
      And for real, bloggers are humans with real human issues…..well most of them anyway.

      • avatar Wait...What???

        Agreed. Although I’d like to add, the curtain of happiness may have been genuine for some time.

    • avatar Sweetie Darling


    • avatar Willy Onecat

      I just find her pretty boring, so I’m fairly neutral. This post was fine, imo. It doesn’t gloat or snark, just tells the truth about a widely-read blogger who’s dropped obvious clues that her marriage is ending.

  2. avatar runningforcupcakes

    I’ve read her blog a few times and she doesn’t bug me (and I’m a runner). I’ve been through divorce and it totally sucks so I feel for her. But, when you decide to have a blog that is not anonymous and you open the door and put your family out there for public consumption (and financial gain) then you are stuck with whatever comes through that door. If you talk about your marriage then conspicuously stop and remove traces of your spouse from your blog, people are going to wonder why. I don’t think she’s obligated address it but she certainly cannot have any reasonable expectation that no one would be curious about it or discuss it online – the very medium that she put herself onto in the first place. If you want privacy, you need to live your life privately.

    • And from what I’m reading, it isn’t like anyone here is shooting her down or demonizing her. Sounds like she actually has a lot of love coming out of this. In a way, it might be kind of nice if she knew she had so many people thinking good thoughts of her?

    • avatar Korren


  3. avatar musket of wine

    I feel bad for her, her husband, and her daughter. I haven’t really read her blog at all, but divorce sucks. However, I imagine it is what is best for them, so hopefully they will pick up the pieces and move on.

    In other news, when I search for my comments, all I type is “musk.” It makes me chortle.


  4. avatar Big Bootie Judge Joodie

    Shouldn’t all you runner girls be running instead of trolling and complaining? When you are a blogger, you put your whole life out there. There is no bashing going on. There is no disrespect.

    If someone starts removing content all over their blog the speculation becomes quite obvious.

    If they kiss and make up in the next few days, oh well! GOMI may report that too. More bloggers should use this page as a tutorial for fixing their blogs so they don’t end up here. If a blogger gets a story about them here, it’s usually because the content sucks, they are snobs, or the content is some unrealistic journey of life. Not everyone lives in a 300k home, take perfect blog pics, has the pics of the airbrushed/edited , fake blue eyed baby. Oh, let me add the constant use of “hubbers”, “hubs”, “musings”, “ramblings”, and the constant copycat who makes their blog look like someone else’s. In my opinion, I think some of those scenarios are what make a blog boring. A good blog, in my opinion is one that doesn’t seem snobby and people can relate. Some of the “healthy living” blogs are the worst. There is a fine line between being obsessed with nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Some of these HL blogs are over the top. If you don’t like what is reported here, perhaps find a different website. GOMI revealed the lies of another “mommy blogger” and many clueless supporters of the blogger had no idea until crap hit the fan and was revealed here. I don’t find this website bashing, but a website to reveal and give opinions of the blogger world in a snarky, satirical way. If bloggers don’t like being critiqued and told about their content, then maybe they should find a different hobby or profession. It’s like going into the restaurant business and getting your feelings hurt because a food critic came into your place and then wrote about how terrible the food and service was. Pull the big girl panties up, be unique, be yourself, and don’t be fake. NTyMh.gif

    • avatar zhnjg

      But she doesn’t do/have about 95% of what you just pointed out.

      • avatar zhnjg

        Maybe 99%. I’ll give you 1% because I think Brooke’s newborn photos were probably photoshopped.

      • avatar Big Bootie Judge Joodie

        Did I post anything about her having that type of content? No, I didn’t. I posted why people with blogs end up on GOMI.

        • avatar zhnjg

          Well that’s not why her blog ended up on GOMI. And the front page post isn’t bashing or criticizing her blog. It’s announcing news.

          Just don’t get the point of your so-general-it’s-meaningless observation there. You have opined on GOMI and blogs, but nothing you’ve said is relevant to HRG or the post.

          • avatar Big Bootie Judge Joodie

            No, it’s relevant to the comments being made against GOMI and how GOMI “trashes” blogs.

            READ before you comment.

            • avatar heathersmether

              I’ve read through the comments albeit fairly quickly, and don’t see that here.

            • avatar zhnjg

              Yeah, I did read. Which is why I’m perplexed. Thanks for pointing out everything that everyone already knew–you know, what’s been pointed out a million times before. Caught my eye there for a second…this is such old news, I thought it might be new. Disregard.

    • avatar SURI

      ” A good blog, in my opinion is one that doesn’t seem snobby and people can relate.”

      That’s why people like her. She doesn’t live in a 300k house, but in an apartment with a baby. She eats pizza and candy (or so she says) and seems really down to earth.

      • avatar bitchwaffles

        Being a Californian, I had to lol at 300k house. Carry on.

        • avatar Ellie

          Same here loblt Australian lol. A 300k house here is wayy out of the city on the other side of the yarra, good luck getting one for 300k even lol. Oh man that’s too funny, and sad because a decent house where I live and by decent I mean single story 3 bedroom house costs around 450-500 k
          300 lol man I wish!

        • avatar Affiliate Lynx

          Yeah. That wouldn’t get you much in my market either.

        • avatar Alice Roosevelt

          I know. I was thinking, “If a coastal Californian blogged about living in her $300K house, I’m sure it would be about her fixer upper nightmare. Where’s the envy there?”

          • avatar zhnjg

            More like her 300k condo.

            • avatar snowflakeundies

              Seriously. “Oh you have only 300,000 to spend? Which do you prefer, Richmond or Oakland?”

  5. avatar Kitty2Silly

    I don’t think this is over the line at all to post on this.

    I do enjoy Janea’s blog, but I think it’s disrespectful to her audience to not mention divorce. Obviously she isn’t obligated to, but Billy had a major presence on the blog and to just scrub him out of existence after gushing about him in nearly every mention is just wrong. Writers consider their audiences.

    Also, it makes me sad if Billy was having an enlightening experience in CA and she was missing out and that’s why she wants to return to Mormonland.

    • avatar berfbarf

      It’s entirely possible that she was/is planning addressing it in some form or fashion at some point in time. She may be trying to think of the best way to present it, keeping in mind that the divorce isn’t final yet and that her daughter may stumble upon this one day…

  6. avatar Big Bootie Judge Joodie


  7. avatar Respect privacy and lies OH MY

    I was looking at her twitter and found this interesting:

    Janae Jacobs ‏@hungryrunnergrl 2 Aug
    Can you get to my blog right now or is it down for you too?
    Janae Jacobs ‏@hungryrunnergrl 2 Aug
    It is back up!! That was a stressful 12 minutes;)

    Wonder if she thought Billy took down her blog? Doesn’t he manage it or something?

    • avatar heathersmether

      Traffic compliments of GOMI

      • avatar heathersmether

        Never mind, that was pre divorce filing revelation. The site is so slow I can’t be bothered to research before posting.

  8. avatar mrsjonstewart

    I guess I’m in the camp of looking at things on a case-by-case basis rather than using the “this is what we do to bloggers” argument. I don’t run the site so it is totally not my call, but my two cents for why I wouldn’t have made this front page:

    *Based on the posts in her forum, Janae is generally SOMI rather than GOMI — if she is liked, why air her dirty laundry for her? Yes the info is out there…but just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

    *Janae is a running blogger, with family and personal stuff on the side. I think most of her readers found her because of her talent and passion for running, not because she blogs to “exploit her family for millions” a la Dooce.

    *For me, this is the biggest reason: based on all of the info dug up by sleuthing hams, this seems EXTREMELY sudden and very, very new. This JUST happened — can’t a girl take a minute to process? It seems her world has been turned upside down, and I imagine she has no fucking clue what to think about it…yet alone how to share it with perfect strangers.

    If she had been keeping up a charade for months without mentioning it, maybe that’s snarkable. But any blogger who would write about a sudden divorce the day it happens is the WORST kind of GOMI blogger there is. We see it all the time! Idiots who seem to have constant verbal diarrhea, constantly sharing/tweeting/blogging too intimate details of the breakups, finances, car accidents (Meghann Ann Anderson) without taking any time to process, and they are awful and we rip them apart for it. I really appreciate a blogger taking a little time to recover, process, and craft a statement that has some thought behind it.

    tl/dr — some bloggers overshare, but we don’t need to overshare for them; why not give a seemingly decent person a little time to handle one of the worst moments of their life with a little grace and dignity?

    • avatar Wonton Disregard

      I don’t see anyone snarking. She is divorcing. Many are showing support. Many are commenting on how she is scrubbing her blog. I don’t see a wall of text worthy post on snarking

      • avatar My name's...fuck, never mind.

        Calm the eff down, Wonton. You’ve made your point.

    • avatar Religious Nut Butters

      “seems very sudden” to her readers does not mean it is sudden for her. Janae herself filed. It is not like Billy is the one that filed and surprised her with the papers. She filed through a lawyer. So, I am very comfortable saying she did not just find out about something on July 30 and had her lawyer file on July 31. Given her faith and so on, I am going to guess she did have some time to “process” before she actually filed, as well as to meet with her lawyer. PP also waited 9 days after the filing, and waited until after Janae herself scrubbed her blog, including her “about me” section. We have no idea how long she has known or what has been happening. Should we just not say anything at all for months or years if she never says anything?

      I don’t see why her being “SOMI” for many means she is not subject to criticism. She is SOMI only because of the way she portrays herself on her blog. There are plenty who see YHL firmly as SOMI as well, but that does not mean they are above criticism or there aren’t people who think they are GOMI. She may be a running blog with “family and personal on the side” but that family and personal is still a frequent part of her blog and I would say given how many comments on the forums about how “perfect” her and Billy were, how cute Brooke is, and that her thread on GOMI is about her former pregnancy, readers are interested in those aspects as well AND she portrays them. She frequently makes comments or posts videos or images of Brooke, or talks about Billy, or whatever. This is just part of being on the internet. She had a choice. She still has a choice. She can taken down her blog entirely if she wants at any time. A blogger cannot choose to only get positive feedback, cuddly comments, and to be treated with kid gloves.

      • avatar Big Bootie Judge Joodie

        AMEN to Nut Butters!

      • avatar whitecoat

        I feel a little like I’m stalking your comments but I agree with basically everything you’ve had to say on the topic. So, ditto again.

        Also, like has been pointed out, she’s a running blogger who also posts often about her family. I have serious doubts that she would be as popular as she is without all the non-running stuff she talks about.

      • avatar aslan

        Also, I don’t think the fact that her thread is mainly SOMI means that everybody likes her. I find Janae pretty annoying but I mostly stay out of her thread because a) I don’t read her unless something big happens and b) I have no interest in ruining other people’s fun if they do like her. A mostly SOMI thread doesn’t necessarily mean that most people like her; it means that most people that post like her. Those are not the same things.

    • avatar GetMePizzaYouOldTroll


    • avatar Ms. Quips-a-Lot

      Goodness gracious. I do not understand how so many of you have your panties in such a twist over this article.

      The front page post is not snarky. It’s not pointing fingers and laughing about how hysterical and awesome it is that HRG is getting a divorce. It’s an informational post which, by the way, is not some crazy uncommon occurrence on GOMI.

      As for “sleuthing hams”…it didn’t take much sleuthing to see the picture that SHE posted of her without her rings. Doesn’t take sleuthing to see she removed all info about her spouse from her AM page. Those things happened on her BLOG, and -omgsoshocking-, it was then reported on a site that revolves around BLOGGERS.

      I must have missed the policy GOMI has on not ever posting anything about bloggers that some people like on the front page.

    • avatar Fawn

      I’m with you FWIW, mrsjonstewart. The “case-by-case basis” makes a lot of sense to me, and I actually believe it is what GOMI actually does, despite the outcry (PP doesn’t snark to the same degree on all bloggers she posts about, obviously, and no one expects her to. To say that GOMI treats all bloggers the same is, to me, a dumb and nonsensical argument). Ultimately I just don’t see the need for making this front page, and it makes me sad.

      Anyway, right, we don’t run this site and this will blow over soon. I just wanted to add my voice to yours in minority opinion solidarity.

  9. avatar lex

    As I re-read this front page post…gotta love it. Concise, but makes some interesting commentary on the situation and sums it up pretty well without exploiting anything.

  10. avatar Miss Noir

    Why are the merits of this post even being debated? A popular blogger filed for divorce. A blogger with a 90+ page thread in the forums. It’s news, deal with it and STFU. God, you bitches are unbearable sometimes.

    • avatar heathersmether


      • avatar Miss Noir

        I AM NOT WEAK.


        • avatar kissmygrits

          Sorry to interrupt regularly scheduled programming but have you seen shark kitty on roomba? I am enchanted.

          When he/she? bangs into the walls, oh my. In love.

          • avatar Sweetie Darling

            Too lazy to click right now. Is it the shark kitty chasing the duckling and then hammerhead dog cruises in? I love that one. Posted the version with the JAWS theme song to my FB in honor of Shark Week.

    • avatar mrsjonstewart

      Cecily, is that you? I guess we don’t get a fucking say, huh?

  11. avatar Sweetie Darling

    I don’t know who she is but I am sads that she is hungry. Maybe we should send a nonthreatening pizza?

  12. avatar RecreationalSnarker

    She’s a blogger. In public. By removing instances of her husband and her wedding ring, she did announce it.

    I hate that she’s divorcing, but she’s a public figure, in certain respects. The double standard is strange.


  13. avatar NoThanks


    Me, both here and in the HRG forum. All day.

    • I refuse to tread near the forum. LOLOLOLOLOL God only knows the amount of crazy going down over that’a'way.

      • avatar heathersmether

        It’s actually just a lot of tears, speculation, and chugging of Baileys. With multiple shots of espresso. Maybe a little logic sprinkled in. And then more tears. And then beer. Also hookers.

        • avatar Mizz Case

          And atheism. Don’t forget the atheism.

        • avatar zhnjg

          It’s generally Team Janae. I don’t mind the HRG thread…it’s no Katie Bower thread, which seems to attract GOMI dumbfucks like flies. I always regret visiting that one whenever I forget to avoid it.

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