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Hullosam Can Internet While Driving

Hullosam, safety first, loves summer. She loves driving with the windows open, dancing and singing to music. How do we know this? Hullosam records it for the internet.



Yes, Hullosam enjoys taking selfies while driving – or we should say she’ll enjoy it until her car flies into a ravine and goes up in an A-Team style fireball mid-upload – to share with the interwebs. And it’s not just still selfies; Hullosam also seems to make a habit of filming videos while she drives.

Nothing says “safety” like filming yourself duckface dancing behind the wheel. The only thing that would be more safety aware is filming the road while you drive for no discernible purpose.

Since Cecily Kellogg recently posted (and quickly deleted) a driving selfie of her own, I have to wonder if this is going to be a new acceptable behavior for social media morons. You’d think the fact that it’s illegal in most places and a frequent cause of driving fatalities would make these attention whores rethink this sort of thing, but I suppose the ego monster must be fed no matter what.

  1. avatar GracieJane

    Necka from Ki Ki La Rue is the worst at this.

    I’d pay to see a demolition derby of dipshit bloggers driving while duck face-ing.

  2. avatar Madbadrad

    Let’s just hope it’s only herself that gets taken out, not a car load of innocent people.

    • avatar so i married a dog strangler

      And let’s hope she’s a registered organ donor.

  3. avatar adjustingmymonitor

    I’m waiting for the cops to after mshellll on Instagram. She’s unbelievable! Dancing, singing, videoing and driving. Good combo.

    • There seems to be a whoooole lotta morons doing the driving selfie crap lately. And a whole lotta other morons giving them headpats and omgadorbs for it. It really needs to stop, but it’s probably going to take one of them dying mid-duckface before any of them get a clue.

      • Bower Power posted one earlier tonight showing her son with his hand out the window of the backseat. Most were telling her he needed to be properly buckled in, a few saying don’t IG and drive.

      • avatar QueenBeezy

        Thank you for the work you put into this post, I hope is literally saves lives, those links are scary! I also home her mom sees this..


        • avatar Does Not Tip Waitresses

          My favorite part was actually her mom’s COMMENT on her IG driving pic, with smiley faces and pink hearts. WTF. I would hope if I ever IGed a picture of me driving and my mom saw it, she would call me and read me the riot act, not leave sickly-sweet emoji comments on the post.

      • It already did! This girl was taking selfies & posting to facebook when she crashed & died (probably horribly and gruesomely). AND YET PEOPEL CONTINUE TO DO IT.,,20811288,00.html

      • avatar Chicken Milk

        But if a blogger posted something saying that she refused to use her phone while driving, keeping my babies safe, etc., accompanied by a photo of her phone stored in her purse on a car seat, people would eat it up. “Yer sooo wise!” It’s all about the appearance of support, even if the kinder thing would be to tell someone to stop doing unsafe shit.

      • avatar so i married a dog strangler

        Aren’t a lot of these morons so-called “Christians”?
        They’re just lettin’ Jesus take the wheel y’all.

        • avatar I know why the couched bird snores

          OMG your user name! I just laughed out loud in real life, although the actual story makes me sad.

      • avatar ouch

        THANK YOU thank you thank you PP for posting this. I’ve seen 100s of fatal crashes. Enough is enough. Bloggers stop it already! Everyone who died didn’t think it was going to happen to them …

  4. avatar QueenBeezy

    I love that this made the front page! This girl, her sister, brother in law, mom….ummmm her whole family, are the dumbest most self absorbed people ever! This bitch is risking other people’s safety to internet and then her MOTHER is commenting with big hearts eye emojis….
    but hey, her cult leader at Elevation Church says that it’s OKAY to take selfies for jesus!

    • avatar 500 Dollar Vagina Candle

      But the bible doesn’t mention anything about taking selfies while driving, HOW is she supposed to know it’s bad??!

      • avatar Jesus

        Dear Human!

        Didn’t you know we used to paint selfportraits while riding donkeys? My people have covered that in a few paragraphs in the fine book called the bible. Please read!

        As I say: Relax, selfie while driving is healthy for the ego!

        Love Jesus

    • avatar Selfies for Jesus

      It’s fine for cult members to take duck-face selfies while driving. it’s just not okay for the gayz to do it, because gay iz evil. Hope that clears things up.

      • avatar Jesus

        Dear Human!

        Gay people are awsome! Cult members who duck-face are not.

        Youre Jesus

  5. avatar ExistsAsLaLaLa

    This makes me so ragey I become irrational. I live in NYC and don’t drive, but I take the bus to DC fairly often for work, which means I spend a lot of time looking down into people’s cars. At least 50% (more like 75%) of them are fucking around with their phones behind the wheel. Whenever I start having fantasies about country life, I think about having to be on the road with these idiots on a daily basis, and find myself whimpering and clutching my Metrocard to my bosom.

    • avatar hockeygirl

      A couple of weeks ago I was driving my kid to practice and in my rearview mirror I could see the guy behind be dicking around on his phone at 50mph. I pulled over to let him pass and move a few minutes on down the road because fuck that shit. I should have figured out how to take a picture and send it to the cops but I couldn’t because DRIVING.

      • avatar Just me

        I was recently driving on a fairly busy rural highway and there were 2 motorcycles ahead of me driving erratically, switching lanes etc. the first chance I got, I passed them…one appeared to be taking a selfie while riding a motorcycle, no helmet, going 60+ mph. What are people thinking (guess they’re not).

        • avatar Does Not Tip Waitresses

          Was it Aubrey McCoy? He has been known to selfie while motorcycling.

        • avatar Big Mouth Kerfy Bass

          Darwin Award waiting to happen…

      • avatar FrizzyFryFro

        I’ve thought of that a few times “I really should take a picture of his license plate to report, but I’M DRIVING!”.

      • avatar Chairman Meow

        Sometimes the herd thins itself. As long as these boneheads don’t take anyone with them…

      • avatar ouch

        That’s the best way you can protect yourself. I’ve seen the aftermath of these crashes. They will ram into you at full speed never hitting the brakes. Because they never saw you. You see someone behind you, let them pass. Best thing you can do.

  6. avatar What is ACLU?


  7. avatar franziacatham

    I’m glad this is on the homepage as well–dangerous and boneheaded behavior like this deserves to be publicly shamed. I posted about this in forums already, but there were actually several people who commented on Hullosam’s photo, including someone who pointed out that neither of her hands are on the wheel and a lady who said that her sister died in an accident caused by a distracted driver. Hullosam deleted both of those comments almost immediately, then posted another Instagram picture soon after saying that people need to stop “hating,” “bullying” and “envying” (as if anyone would really want a vapid and immature life like hers).

    Her mother deserves scorn as well for actively encouraging this stupidity. This behavior should OBVIOUSLY be concerning to you as a parent, but giving your daughter hearts and happy face emojis and virtual hugs for her idiocy instead makes you a SHITTY mom and a shitty human being, not a good one.

  8. avatar Mrs. Dr. Michael Rotch


  9. avatar Jelly Fish Bitch née Eyelash Sweater

    This dumb fuck.

  10. avatar Jobin

    Fucking idiots.

  11. avatar PoppingBaubles

    There are so many idiots that do this. Especially on Vine (six second video App). One that comes to mind is a twenty-something female- “Vine famous” among school-age followers for her positive mantras yet and calls herself a role model but regularly videotaping herself talking to/looking directly into a phone while driving. Um.

  12. avatar pfft

    I just don’t even understand the logistics. The few selfies I’ve taken on land (e.g., not driving) take about 1,400 tries before I obtain a semi decent photo. I just …. [insert photo of Jackie Chan shaking his head]

  13. avatar PoppingBaubles

    Also I always think of this UK ad when I am tempted to use my phone while driving (yay effective public health campaigns!).

    Warning: graphic!

    • avatar FrizzyFryFro

      And with that – my cellphone is staying in my purse in the backseat from now on. Thank you for posting that!

    • avatar maude lebowski

      Oh my God. Once that video is seen, it cannot be unseen.

    • avatar Belladonna Took

      Yup. We get horrific adverts about road safety including ones for speeding and drink driving. The worst one I’ve seen was a Northern Irish one about speeding. I almost don’t want to link this because it is so shocking, so it comes with a great big massive warning … But when I think of it I slow right down …

      • avatar maude lebowski

        Oh my God. These videos … I’m trying to process it all … promise that I will always drive at or under the speed limit with both hands on the wheel forever more.

      • avatar Loathelita

        I watched the first 10 seconds. Nope. Not going to watch the rest of it. I can’t watch children getting killed….

      • avatar FrizzyFryFro

        I haven’t watched this one yet, but I can tell you now that I’m going to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN forevermore!

        • avatar FrizzyFryFro

          Replying to myself because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! That video is absolutely heartbreaking, and terrifying.

      • avatar Katie's Petting Zoo and Slaughterhouse

        Horrifying, but so goddamned effective. We need more PSAs like this in the United States that tell it like it is. My husband and I watched a batch of Australian PSAs about speeding and I swear to you, I changed my driving habits that very day, and the changes remain. Horrifying clips, but they got their message across to someone who was a lifelong speeder. Nothing, and nowhere, and no appointment is worth killing myself or an innocent other or others over. I drive the speed limit now, and I stay in the far right lane.

        • avatar Katie's Petting Zoo and Slaughterhouse

          This one is what did it for me. Warning: it’s graphic. And another warning: I’ve seen it a bunch of times and it still makes me cry.

        • avatar ouch

          The Australians have great traffic safety PSAs!

      • avatar Cat Related Projects

        Do you remember this one about not wearing your seatbelt?


      • avatar Affiliate Lynx

        Holy, holy, holy shit.

        Thank you for posting that – I think those PSAs are so well done and I wish we had more in the US.

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