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Gluten Free Girl Now Joining The Widow Slam

Shauna Ahern, the “Gluten Free Girl“, apparently feels she is being mistreated due to the Widow Donation ruckus. She is using her facebook page to air her hurt feelings and absolve herself of full blame. She even claims she is being singled out for abuse:

Unfortunately, there has been so much nastiness with this. Some of the same people who have attacked me for years, which I wrote about recently, have seem to be spearheading this. It’s bullying.

When asked why the widow keeps insisting she had no knowledge despite all evidence to the contrary, Shauna (who was herself responsible for posting that the widow was months from destitution) replied by saying, in nutshell, that she must be a little out of her mind:

We have been trying not to address it because we wanted to protect Jennie. I don’t know why she is saying this. But I can tell you categorically that she was part of all of this. She and I spoke every day during those first weeks. And if she had ever asked us to stop, we would have stopped. All I know is that grief does wild things to people. We wish her peace.

It seems these people are all throwing each other under the bus and it has come down to who you choose to believe. Since I don’t have any side here, I can tell you what I do know: the facts show clearly that the widow knew what was going on and even promoted it on her facebook and twitter, and made no effort to correct the wild dramatic pleas made by Gluten Free Girl. This Gluten Free Girl seemingly only got involved to up her own profile by playing the angelic savior of the popular widow. And Bloggers Without Borders is run by a bunch of incompetent bloggers with no nonprofit administration or public relations experience.

The food blogger community continues to compare notes on where the blame should lie. The bottom line is none of those involved have any claim to innocence at this point, and it’s pretty clear none of them intend to come clean and make it right. What a great “community”!

EDIT: GFG Shauna has now deleted the facebook entry with her comments. Luckily a GOMI commenter had already pasted the thread here if you’re interested.

  1. avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers


    • avatar K_Swizz

      Favorite cinemagraph of all time.

      • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

        I think Jessica Quirk invented it, like color blocking.

      • avatar featherbrained

        Jamie Beck really did great work, there! It’s like words in picture form.

    • avatar AhHello

      LOL! In love with this gif. So perfectly appropriate here.

    • avatar Tranny Sore Ass Rex

      Would be nice if her chef husband cleaned his nails too

      • avatar someproblems

        Disgusting! I would never cook with messy assed hands and nails like that. It’s called FOOD SAFETY!

      • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

        He is a chef, not an auto mechanic, why do his hands look like that??

        • avatar myaddidas

          Did you read to the follow up in the comments?

          Michele August 28, 2007 at 3:22 pm
          “Only one complaint… could you please get him to clean under his fingernails?”

          Shauna August 28, 2007 at 3:48 pm

          “Oh, poor Chef. He’s working for the first hour of the afternoon, rushed because we woke up a little late and the restaurant is already booked out for the evening. He’s made marinade for jerk chicken and cut up fresh herbs and worked with finely ground black pepper to make it into some kind of paste, when his wife comes running in with a camera.

          “Sweetie, can I please just take the photos of you cutting up an onion right now?”

          Sweet as he is, even though he is busy, he wipes his hands and says okay. And then he lets me take photographs, so he can help teach other people.

          That’s why his fingernails were dirty.

          This is the real working of a kitchen.

          He cleans his hands and his fingernails. Frequently. Sometimes, I give him a manicure in the mornings. Catch any chef in the middle of his work, and his hands are likely to be stained. This isn’t tv.”

          Nice try. Thanks for playing, Shauna.

          • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

            Stained, yeah! This isn’t stain, this is build up under his nails and in the nailbeds! I make marinades up and grind pepper all the time, I don’t look like I just got done changing the oil in my car and digging in the dirt afterward. She’s crazy.

          • avatar AhHello

            Ewww, those are disgusting!! And her excuse is ridiculous & false. I have worked in several restaurants & NEVER seen a chef with nails like that. Fuck off, Shauna.

            (And I like how she tries to be poetic with her response… Just blurt out what you’re getting at, dumbass.)

          • avatar someproblems

            Yeah, i call BS on that too. Those hands should be especially clean in a real working kitchen.

            There was someone who made unverified claims that people get sick from eating in Chef’s restaurant a few threads back. Now i know why. Hands are being constantly washed in real working kitchens. No the chef’s hands don’t look like they do on TV, that’s correct. But they do not look THIS FUCKING DIRTY.


      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        I’m watching a cooking show right now (Caprial & John) & gagging because she never takes off her wedding ring & band before mixing w/ her hands, then she only wipes her hands off on a towel, & before the segment is over, she’ll be manhandling different food w/ those nasty rings still on.

        • avatar Ashley

          Wearing rings or even bracelets/watches when cooking is one of my biggest pet peeves. Paula Deen does it all the time!

    • avatar Jellopuddingpop

      That gif —-> me. Course, I know GFG, JP, and BWOB will probably escaped unscathed in the end (they will still retain their core of bootlickers), I’m gonna enjoy it right now!

    • avatar screenshot of dumb


      • avatar quicklikeabunny

        right below that is where it started to get fun, right before she deleted it

        • avatar KAS

          What did people say what did people say?

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            Awesome stuff, like “Maybe Target didn’t get your email” and “Karma!” and “The grifter has become the griftee.” It was fantastic.

          • avatar quicklikeabunny

            Maybe you missed Target’s email was me

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            A genius is you, quicklikeabunny. That was so funny, I am bummed they deleted it!

          • avatar quicklikeabunny

            Me too Albie. Me too.

  2. avatar I Bray for Pay

    So they’re all assholes.

    Got it.

    • avatar Cindy McCain's Medicine Cabinet


      I would think there would be some email correspondence over this whole fundraiser. Not saying they should post the emails publically, but as as way to deal with it amongst themselves instead of badmouth blogging about each other.

  3. avatar Cindy McCain's Medicine Cabinet

    Yes. Imagine.

    Gluten. No.


    • avatar featherbrained

      Just imagine.

      A life.

      Consumed by.

      Psychosomatic food allergies.

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        I doubt the gluten thing is psychosomatic, because it’s hard to somatize endless pooping.

        I do think she’s hypochondriac about it, even though it’s a real issue.

        (Yes, I have read way too much of her fucking shit because I am allergic to wheat and it’s hard to find recipes so I have to read all of these idiot self-indulgent bloggers just to find info.

        Also, her recipes are generally crappy.)

        • avatar featherbrained

          I was hoping that at least her recipes were good!

          Actually, endless pooping is very common. I totally have a nervous stomach.

          However, I do think she’s gluten insensitive and that she did have symptoms etc. It’s just that she dramatizes them, and makes them the center of her existence.

        • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

          I have a friend who has Celiac but she doesn’t cook, so she started a blog just about which restaurants where she lives have gluten free options, what they are, if they’re good, etc. etc. I imagine if you have Celiac, something like that can be way more valuable than a self indulgent blogger’s drivel about Yes, and her husband, and contra dancing by the moonlight or whatever (oh and here’s how I made these green beans at the end).

        • avatar Lisey

          I have celiacs but I don’t go on about it, there could be worse things. What annoys me is the people who try it because they saw in Mary claire.

          They say to the sample woman no bread for me “I’m off gluten” but yet they try the sample of macaroni salad(that has GLUTEN in it). So obviously you are NOT off gluten.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            It’s crazy-making because people who pretend to have allergies and food sensitivities just make things more difficult for the people who really do. AARGH.

          • avatar NC

            Yes, I had a very good friend in college that with celiac. If my chop sticks even TOUCHED her wasabi after being dipped in my soy sauce she would get sick. She didn’t fuck around.

  4. avatar featherbrained

    For some reason, I fee like Shauna is the worst of them all. She is, without a doubt, the most annoying and disordered (read: mentally unhinged). While I do think JP could have corrected things a lot sooner, I also feel that JP must have been stunned by her husbands unexpected death and that her behaviors exhibited in the first month after his death are not accurate reflections of her character. I know there are many people on GOMI who disagree with me. And I absolutely can see the counter arguments. But, while I can feel empathy for JP, I just can’t with the others.

    • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

      I can excuse JP’s INITIAL behavior. Fuck knows I’d be a GD mess if my husband unexpectedly passed away and God forbid he ever does, I’m thankful that I’m not addicted to Twitter/blogging and won’t put my grief-clouded thoughts out into the internet for public consumption. I don’t think her whitewashing and Tweet-leting is very cool of her and it shows she has an even share of the blame, but her initial behavior… I get.

      I also get wanting to help out a friend in need and in those first few weeks, your natural impulse is to do whatever you can to help them. So I get BWoB’s urge to start up a fundraiser as well and don’t blame them for that.

      But SOMEWHERE, things went off the rails, and I’m inclined to think the ones NOT stumbling through grief, i.e. the BWoBers were the ones who should have really called a time out and discussed what was going to be done with such a HUGE sum of money and really started to put things together more professionally. They didn’t raise enough money for a dinner out at Pizza Hut and a month’s electric bill; they raised a staggering amount of money. So, for the MOST part, I lay the blame for the outcome of the fundraiser on them.

      Unfortunately, the muckraking is just human nature and in this case, everyone’s got a rake in their hand. All in all, I think nobody went into it with bad intentions, but somewhere along the way, they confused their good intentions for actually doing what was right, when obviously, misleading people into what they are donating to is NOT right.

      • avatar Cindy McCain's Medicine Cabinet

        I too understand the initial impulse to help out somebody when something awful happens, but BWOB is supposed to be a charity. Charities shouldn’t just take the histrionics of some annoying glutenless blogger at face value right away and immediately start raising money for someone without investigating the situation further.

        • avatar New Year New You

          Yeah but that’s exactly it. BWOB is not a proper charity. Any bona fide charitable organization requires serious documentation to prove financial need from anyone they help,

          Dear Charity, I have a Twitter account with a #IFUNDFORME hashtag. Please give me money, need boots. Yeah right.

        • avatar RollsRoyceRockerfellerWashingtonVanderbiltOgslanderStuyvesantMurphyRevenge

          My understanding is that they do not have legal status as a charity.

          My suspicion is that they also have no idea what this would entail.

        • avatar jehoshaphat

          That’s the crux of the whole thing. They aren’t a proper charity. Just a group of popular girls who like to use others to raise funds for their friends. You know they wouldn’t help us. In the end, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the community is about agenda. Everyone has one, and everyone is looking out for their own.

          • avatar Dennis

            And for a group that supposedly doesn’t have borders, they seem to be all about borders.

    • Shauna is awful. I too understand JP’s behavior in the beginning, but she contributed to to letting this spin completely out of control. And I agree that they are hypocrites of the highest order.

  5. avatar meaculpa

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    I saw that on a pillow at Pier One.

  6. avatar colachampagne

    They are all to blame, because they all did it for their own self-interest, and that’s why they are all turning on each other.

    • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

      It’s honestly so humbling to be a human sometimes.

      • avatar colachampagne

        I agree with what you said above, but I did read her tweets freaking out about money publicly. On a smaller scale, most of us would buy our friend lunch if they voiced aloud that they didn’t have enough money.

        An aside, and I hope none of you read this as bragging. When I was in HS, my best friend and I sat down to eat, and she said she didn’t have enough money for lunch. She said she remembers me sliding the plate over to her without a word, so we could share my chicken cutlet and fries. She told me this story a couple of years ago and for the life of me, I cannot remember that I did that. When you do something for someone, you don’t revel in it. You do it and forget about it.

        • Exactly. And that’s a cute story.

        • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

          That’s also true, but for the most part, we here are not a group of bloggers who revel in every opportunity to prove how selfless and kind and giving we are. For normal people, you do whatever you can for grieving friends (bring them foods, watch their kids, distract them with a movie out) and don’t then blog about it so you bask in the comments your adoring readers give you for being so awesome.

          My comment about being a human is humbling was in reference to you saying they all did it in self interest and that’s why they’re turning on each other. It’s humbling to know that someone can call out your behavior for what it is, without personally knowing you, in one clean sentence, because we’re all just humans and our motives and reactions are so… predictable sometimes. They might like to try and talk their way out of it and twist it to suit them, but when it comes down to it, they’re all humans who did and are doing what humans do, and anybody can see that.

      • avatar ScuffinTop

        Brilliant! And since GFG kind of fancies herself as a buddhist or some bullshit, perhaps she can take a lesson: selfless deeds done for selfish reasons are not selfless and generate karma. Delicious, gluteney karma!

    • avatar Shrug Bitch

      Yup. They all got covered in shit, so they’re all going to stink.

  7. avatar meaculpa

    So Shauna’s calling her former friend mentally ill. Takes one to know one.

    • avatar snaila

      AND speaking in her name! ‘I just read this blogpost, it’s very clear this is happening to Jennie etc.”
      Again, the sanctimonious tone and aggravating self-importance are horrendous.

  8. avatar Miss Noir

    WIDOW SLAM 2011

  9. avatar Salty

    Shauna Ahern is a narcissistic fame whore, who doesn’t even have celiac disease. She took advantage of personal information a grieving widow gave her and used it to garner attention on herself. All the while pretending that she only had Jenny’s best interest at hand. Little did she know that the food blogger community is also made up of narcissistic fame whores who saw the same opportunities as Shauna. The real losers in this drama are the auction winners who only wanted to help a grieving widow and had nothing to gain from participating. Also those who donated directly to BWOB, without taking to their blogs to brag about it, like me. Jenny is also not without blame as she knew full well her financial situation yet allowed this charade to continue. But how many people say no to free monies!

    • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

      She doesn’t have Celiac?

    • avatar Office Worker

      Just curious, but where did the “she doesn’t even have celiac disease” come from”?

      I used to read her blog and I thought I remember her saying she was “tested” (is there a test?) or something, but I could be making stuff up.

      • avatar Miss Noir

        She was never tested. She self diagnosed.

        • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

          WAIT WAIT WAIT

          So you’re telling me this woman makes a living off of writing a blog and books about a disease she Web MD’d and ASSUMES she has??

        • avatar Office Worker

          Oh, wow. I have no idea why anyone would be like, “I believe I have ABC disease. I will not consult a doctor about this for treatment.”

        • avatar featherbrained

          I think she was tested?

          But she also claims (see link above) that she can tell given a celiac diagnosis based on someone’s face. I KID YOU NOT.

          I think she is the type that gives into her allergy. Makes it her entire life, to the point where she sounds like she’s malingering. It’s what defines her. And it should not.

          • avatar Office Worker

            “I went to a naturopath, who did the blood test. I stopped eating gluten.”

            That’s from her About Me or whatever section. No idea what a naturopath is. No idea why anyone would seek a naturopath to do bloodwork.

          • avatar featherbrained

            Yeah, more on that here

            I also question the appearance of the symptoms following a traumatic accident. Maybe she was also depressed? Anxious? And those things do physically manifest. I don’t know, there is just something going on there.

          • avatar colachampagne

            Honestly, when I saw her before pic, I thought it was lupus.

            What do I know? I have a degree in English, not reading faces.

          • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

            Oh well that link says she was tested and diagnosed with celiac.

            I still don’t get the B&A pictures. Of course she looks happier and better in the after picture, she smiled in that one! That proves nothing!

          • avatar featherbrained

            she looks exactly the same in both pictures. From one fair girl to another; I’d ask her to look into rosacea.

          • avatar RollsRoyceRockerfellerWashingtonVanderbiltOgslanderStuyvesantMurphyRevenge

            That “before” and “after” is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

            Here I am with bag on my head!

            Here I am post-gluten and minus the bag!

          • avatar logs sprinkled with sadz™

            of course. Just as she was tested recently for egg disease. the one that gives you headaches. I say she needs a solid psychoanalytic test.


          • avatar Lucy

            To be officially diagnosed you need a biopsy which she did not have.

          • avatar Cindy McCains Medicine Cabinet

            “egg disease,” gave me lolsies, logs!

            The life-or-death sounding post on the eggs was crazy. She’s not going to die from not eating eggs. Dramatic? Yes. She is. My god, It’s not a toomah!

          • avatar RollsRoyceRockerfellerWashingtonVanderbiltOgslanderStuyvesantMurphyRevenge



          • avatar mjc

            I developed some nasty allergies all of a sudden after a horribly long and bad bout of sore throats and sinus infections. During a convo with my doctor about it, she said that any bodily change that ramps your immune system into high gear for a long period of time (i.e. an accident that leaves a lot of physical trauma, illness, hell, even pregnancy) has the potential to trigger allergies and sensitivities or worsen other intolerances or autoimmune issues that were previously so mild that you probably didn’t notice. That might have had something to do with it.

            (My doc is a GP with an honest-to-god medical degree, not a naturopath.)

          • avatar New Year New You

            You’re right @mjc. Also a lot of medications trigger GI disorders.

          • avatar featherbrained

            Yes, very good points. Stress-immune system-allergens are all interconnected.

          • avatar Dennis

            I read the eggs treatise and would like to know how she went from feeling “a little off” for a few years of eating one or two whole eggs straight up every day to “gasping for air” after eating a little mayo. And now eating a couple of eggs would put her in the hospital (her words) instead of just making her feel a bit off (also her words). O teh dramazzzz….

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            What I’d like to know is how, w/in week #1 of being egg-free, she says in one breath that she had SUPER HUMAN ENERGY & then in the next she blames EXHAUSTION for her oversight that Aioli = eggs?

            Also interesting, martyr that she is, she continues to suffer through desserts made w/ eggs. SO. BRAVE.

            Manufactured Drama = New Content = New Readers = New Advertisers, amirite?

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            Anyone see this in the comments?

            shauna October 18, 2011 at 2:55 pm
            I had the standard ELISA test. And tell truth, since I wrote this post, I’ve talked with my doctor in Seattle. He’s skeptical of the test too. I’m working with him to see if I am really allergic to eggs. Fingers crossed.

            WHaaa? Didn’t her immediate near-death reactions not confirm her deadly allergy to eggs?

            She’s such a scambag.

          • avatar mjc

            On the OMG I have a headache! Egg allergy! thing – some of these food and health bloggers seem to take every minor ache, pain, or GI problem as a sign of “oh no, I have a chronic problem!” when really, they’re just getting older and not recovering from absolutely everything as quickly as they did in their late teens/early twenties. Sometimes I just want to grab them by the shoulders and say “You’re nearing 30/in your 30s. You are going to start having minor and annoying health problems. You are no longer a teenager, and your body will not bounce back from everything all the time exactly as you expect. Medical science cannot stop aging.”

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            RE: what she needs tested next: Gluten-Free Girl *needs* to take a specimen from under The Chef’s fingernails & send that shit off to CDC for analysis.

        • avatar Star

          You can have celiac-like symptoms without having celiac disease, I’ve recently learned. My best friend, out of nowhere, developed this crazy wheat allergy that is now consuming her life. She can barely eat anything, like I saw her try to eat some tomato soup and she got violently ill from just one bite. So she just went through some extremely rigorous testing (biopsies, colonoscopy, MRI, you name it), and she does NOT have celiac disease. Or colitis. Or anything diagnosable at all. They even gave her an allergy test, and she’s technically not allergic to wheat. Yet she can’t eat anything with wheat/gluten (are those the same thing? sorry, have no idea) AT ALL. I feel so bad for her, and am also concerned that she is going to inadvertently become a reader of GFG.

          • avatar Runningfromthetruthtofoxnews

            tell her to try an anti-candida diet… Seriously

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        There are tests for celiac. It doesn’t seem like she has had them, although it’s possible a naturopath could have ordered some of the blood tests (the most reliable test is an intestinal biopsy).

        Elimination diets are often used as the gold standard tests for food allergies, but not so much for celiac.

        • avatar Lisey

          Sometimes the blood tests are not 100% accurate. I have met celiacs who test negative on the blood test, that is why a biopsy is preformed to see if villi are damage. This is a relatively new disease that goes undiagnosed. The University of Chicago is the leading University studying this disease.

        • avatar jehoshaphat

          Exactly! There are true allergies and just sensitivities. I was experiencing severe stomach cramps and pain and IN ADDITION to consulting my physician, started eliminating and reintroducing foods. Turns out I am gluten sensitive, and lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks. I don’t have any pain, no more cramping and I can now exercise without getting sick. bada boom.

    • avatar Eliza

      I don’t know anything about celiac, but the egg allergy histrionics killed me. You’d think she was just given two weeks to live.

      • avatar Emotional Hooker

        Dear god, woman, seriously. That post was the most alarming, overblown piece of shit I’ve ever read. You get headaches from eggs.

        Headaches. Not even migraines.

        I get migraines usually once every two weeks, and do you know what I do? I take medicine and I find time to lie down for a little while. That’s what my doctor told me to do. And these are blinding, can’t look at light migraines that make me sick to my stomach. I didn’t write some god damn 3,000 word post that makes it seem as though I have acute leukemia. I just take medicine and shut the fuck up about it. Jesus H. What a psycho.

        • avatar featherbrained

          Exactly! But she was “OFF THE CHARTS” Allergic! No, you’re not, bizatch. If you were, you’d be dead. Take an ibprofen and enjoy your eggs once and a while.

        • avatar logs sprinkled with sadz™

          yeah I have a friend who gets these blinding migraines and has to lay down and has to put a blanket where the door lets in the TINIEST bit of light. I mean, I hate headaches, I cannot imagine migraines.

          And this chick is just sick in the head. I like how she started the egg post with
          No, don’t worry. My husband is alive. My child is well, but ME? Wait till I tell you…

          first-world problems at best.

        • avatar floppy

          Ugh I get them most often in the morning, it was so bad driving to school/work in the a.m. was torture and I had to pull over to get a grip and close my eyes for a bit and pray for things to not suck a steaming pile of shit so I can live life. Nothing to do with gluten.

      • avatar meaculpa

        Conversely, eggs are rejoicing at Shauna’s news.

        • avatar RollsRoyceRockerfellerWashingtonVanderbiltOgslanderStuyvesantMurphyRevenge


      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        Does GFG have issues w/ handling raw egg? I don’t read her blog, but I’m assuming that this would come up in the food prep part of it all.

        I ask, because I have a friend w/ egg allergy ~ raw eggs damn near killed when she was just an itty bitty kid (her mom was making meringue & my friend downed a small glass of egg yolks she found in the fridge that she mistakenly thought was orange juice.

        She didn’t outgrow it, but no drama, she just knows what to avoid eating & handling. When we were teenagers, during a water balloon fight, her BF (who didn’t even know about the allergy, that’s how little of a deal she makes of it), thought he was being sly by adding eggs to the guys ammo, & he pegged her w/ a couple off ‘em ~ she took off screaming, running for our apt, peeling her shirt off at the same time, & I can still remember being astonished at the huge red welts already visible on her back as she was going up the stairs.

        Sorry for the TL;DR build-up, but my point is this: people who don’t outgrow the egg allergy (most do) usually have to keep an Epi-pen on hand due to how extreme the reaction is, & even touching raw eggs during cooking is problematic & results in hives. Usually.*

        *”Egg Allergy” becomes real popular during flu-shot season but you may notice that some of the same co-workers who dodge the shot manage to consume egg-laced products during the rest of the year.

      • avatar Brianna

        “I never thought I’d have to write this post.

        First of all, let me put your concerns at rest. Danny is alive. Lucy is thriving. We all have our health, a home, work we love, and no one is in any real danger. So really, my life is blessed.

        This is what I keep telling myself when I get these tiny waves of mourning lapping at my mind.”

        Over eggs. EGGS. Though, I guess when you ‘live in food’…

      • avatar Eliza

        UPDATE: She’s no longer allergic to eggs! Apparently.

        LizzieEnnever Lizzie P-B
        @glutenfreegirl Can you have eggs again?

        Shauna James Ahern
        @LizzieEnnever it seems so! I am going to write about this soon.

    • avatar meaculpa

      I don’t doubt she has celiac. She just wears her diagnosis like a badge. A big, annoying, wordy, locally-sourced, badge.

      • avatar Eliza

        Locally-sourced my ass. For publicity situations to make herself look good, yes. In real life (blog, twitter, facebook…), no fucking way.

    • avatar Sara

      This whole thing about Shauna not actually having celiac because she only had the blood test is being passed around from Bratfree. Look, Shauna totally works my nerves. I’m a diagnosed celiac and I can’t stand her insistence on speaking for the “community.” (At freakin’ Google! Hire me!) That said, it’s worth noting that the blood test produces false *negatives,* not false positives. The test is for an antibody and you can test negative (if you’re like me and you’re IGA-deficient or for other reasons) and still be celiac (via biopsy). You can’t test positive and not be celiac. It’s not an issue of test error, except in the rarest cases.

      If Shauna had the proper test and she appeared to be celiac, then she has it. That is *so* not the problem with her. The problem is that she’s sanctimonious and, in this instance, a drama queen and, arguably, someone who swindled a lot of people out of cash. Just, you know… eyes on the prize.

      • avatar Salty

        I know for a fact that Shauna has never been given a biopsy. I also know FOR A FACT that she has ingested gluten in my presence and has not gotten sick (to my knowledge) in the 2 hours post meal that we were still in the room together. If you read her blog, she constantly states how her reaction to gluten is instant.

      • avatar featherbrained

        I’ve never been on BRATFREE and have never, ever heard of it. I read her blog for 10 minutes and felt like she had some mental issues, more than anything else.

      • avatar CrabCake

        Yes, it’s passed around on Bratfree, but that doesn’t change the possibility that she might not even have an official diagnosis. Based on everything she has said publicly, she only had a blood test ordered by a naturopath, who is NOT an MD qualified to diagnose celiac disease (or much of anything else), and did not have the required biopsy.

        It’s one thing to go off gluten and say you feel better, but to go around claiming you have Celiac Disease and wearing it like a badge of courage is ridiculous and disingenuous. And if you notice, so much of what she writes is framed in terms of her “diagnosis.” Constant iterations of “before I was diagnosed” and “since my diagnosis” blah blah diagnosis BLAH. She sounds like a damn hypochondriac. Her egg allergy post is even more evidence of that.

        And the drama queening! In one of her books she describes the spiel she uses when going to restaurants, including saying “If I get even a speck of gluten, I will grow very sick in your restaurant. It’s the last part…in your restaurant….that will get the attention of the staff and the chef.” (Or something very close to that.).

        It’s enough to make your eyes roll right out of your head.

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          she only had a blood test ordered by a naturopath, who is NOT an MD qualified to diagnose celiac disease

          This isn’t to defend GFG (she sounds scammy & hypo), but so what if blood work was ordered by a naturopath? Lab results, whether they’re ultimately conclusive or not, are hardly diminished by virtue of the ordering provider’s credentials ~ the outcome is what it is based on standardized testing methods.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            The blood tests aren’t definitive, though. As someone who was an actual MD would probably know.

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            I would expect that an ‘actual’ M.D. would know, & a D.O., etc, but it’s not like it’s privileged info, & naturopaths can order quite a slew of diagnostics, actually, so I see why opting for blood work 1st, when other questions may be answered as well, would be the 1st X to check off.

            I personally don’t see that it’s in my best interest to be a snob towards practitioners not MD’s, as I’d rather educate myself on all my options & pick what best suits me, & I’m especially not a fan of mainstream docs who specialize in: “Take this Rx & come back & see me in six months”.

            /rant before I go off on Big Pharma & western med

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            The thing is that the blood test isn’t definitive, so her saying she has celiac without a biopsy is inaccurate.

            I go to an “integrative medicine” center and I am hardly the tool of Big Pharma, but since there is no licensing program or regulatory agency for naturopaths, I think anyone consulting one is wise to get a second opinion from an MD or DO.

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            Licensed States & Licensing Authorities
            Currently, 16 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States territories of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands have licensing laws for naturopathic doctors. In these states, naturopathic doctors are required to graduate from an accredited four-year residential naturopathic medical school and pass an extensive postdoctoral board examination (NPLEX) in order to receive a license. For information about the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination Board (NPLEX) and the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE), please see our Education page.

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            But I certainly agree w/ you in regards to nailing down a definitive Dx once & for all, no bones about it.

            The one reason I can see for delaying that is if one is currently uninsured & wants to avoid a paper trail that would lock-in a pre-existing condition when insurance coverage is in the immediate future.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            Thanks, IASiD! I appreciate the correction. I was assuming that because none of the states I lived in had naturopathic licensing that it didn’t exist anywhere. Good for those states, and for the professional organizations that supervise the licensing process.


          • avatar Had Enough

            Agreed. I looked it up. Here is the deal: in order to be officially diagnosed as “celiac”, you have to have a bowel biopsy after you get a positive blood test. But, a positive blood test is also sufficient for the diagnosis as “non-celiace gluten intolerance.” Celiac is the auto-immune form of gluten intolerance. Non-celiac is the non-autoimmune form of gluten intolerance. According the the medical (MD) community, non-celiac gluten intolerance is real. And the prescription for both is: don’t eat gluten. Both celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerant people have extreme and unpleasant/painful gastrointenstinal and other symptoms.

            It doesn’t really matter if she is “really” celiac or just “gluten-intolerant”–the symptoms are the same. I’m not sure why people care so much about an official “celiac” diagnosis.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            Because she’s the person who says she has celiac disease. Not an intolerance to celiac, not an allergy to wheat, celiac disease.

            I don’t give a fuck what her actual health status is; it bothers me that she is being inaccurate about it in the context of her public platform. Even if that’s because she’s poorly informed and doesn’t understand how celiac disease is diagnosed, it’s still not OK for her to publicly claim a diagnosis she doesn’t have in order to make connections with support groups and advocacy organizations for people who really have received that diagnosis.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            I mean, I give a fuck insofar as I want everyone to feel well and be healthy, even assholes who write crappy recipes, but it really bugs me that she’s positioning herself as the know-it-all spokesperson for a disease she may not actually have.

          • avatar Miss Noir

            *Golf Clap*

            What also really irritates me about GFG is that she positions herself as a denizen of health and healthy living as a result of her “disease”, and she’s anything but.

            She’s quite a bit over weight, her skin is ruddy and inflamed, (seriously, she looked better before she decided she was celiac, every time she makes a remark about celiac face, I want to scream “WHAT? LIKE YOURS, RUDOLPH!) and she eats like crap. I don’t care if it’s gluten free, organic and from a CSA, it’s still dripping in bacon fat and butter. That’s why it tastes good. It’s like people who think they can overeat because it’s fat free.

            She acts like a teenager a lot of the time– name dropping, vying for attention, and becoming a victim when people don’t agree with her. She seems to have a really difficult time taking responsibility for her role in things. She over embellishes everything, including her “disease.”

          • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

            Ms. Noir: You hit on what I’ve been hesitating to say, but yeah, why would I want to follow her recipes when she looks like what I would very much like to avoid?

            I’m interested in learning more about GF to the extent that I’m interested in reducing inflammatory food from my diet entirely, but yeeps, she isn’t convincing me that she’s doing it right, so I’ll steer clear of her stuff.

          • avatar CrabCake

            Not only are the *official* blood tests not definitive for celiac, GFG has never stated publicly, that I have been able to find, exactly which blood test she supposedly had. There are several that test for the possibility of celiac. Some are more accurate than others. And who knows which “blood tests” a naturopath is able to order? Real ones, or quacky “homeopathic” ones?

            And that’s just for starters. As far as anyone can tell, she has never had the biopsy that is required for a REAL diagnosis.

            The fact that naturopaths have so many years of schooling and can be licensed in several states doesn’t mean squat when it comes to serious health conditions. They may provide benefit through natural treatments such as supplements and acupuncture, but would you go to a naturopath for cancer treatment? I think not.

            For those who question why this whole issue even matters, the problem is that Shauna has created an entire online persona around her “diagnosis.” I’m simply saying that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I think she’s full of crap…..a poseur claiming celiac disease as her “cause.” Of course, I could be wrong, but if I’m right, then wouldn’t that totally negate said persona?

      • avatar lula83

        While it is true that the blood test can give a ‘positive’ result, what it is testing is the level of specific antibodies in the blood. The reason that this is not used for true diagnosis is that antibody levels can vary drastically between individuals (that is why there is usually a ‘normal’ range. Having “high” levels of endomysial and anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies means one has a greater than 95% chance of having celiac disease. Anti-gliadin antibodies are less reliable and have a high false positive rate. So really, unless one has an intestinal biopsy, any doctor worth their salt will not give an official diagnosis of Celiac Disease. You may be labeled as having gluten sensitivity, but the medical ‘gold standard’ for true diagnosis is an intestinal biopsy.

        • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)


          I know I don’t have celiac disease, but I do have an allergy to wheat, and it took me a bunch of expensive and hassleful tests (plus elimination diet) from ACTUAL DOCTORS to pinpoint what my diagnosis was.

          I didn’t just go to one woo-woo doctor and then appoint myself spokesmodel for a community of people with a disease I might not actually have.

  10. avatar frumpymcf

    This is all so stupid and sad. These people need to stop talking. Give the money back or donate it to another organization that helps widows and then move on.

  11. avatar GrumpyRD

    GFG reminds me of the awesome Rachel Dratch/Will Ferrell Lovaaaaaas sketches.


    (not sure if that will imbed. watch here:

  12. avatar Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    Holy shitballs do they all deserve each other.
    GROSSFEST 2011

  13. avatar meems

    Someone mentioned this in one of the first threads on this topic but I think that it’s worth repeating: these people get away with this shit because of the sycophants who buy into their crap. (I’m paraphrasing here)

    If you had thousands upon thousands of people kissing your ass on twitter and hundreds of people leaving comments like “you’re triumph over wheat is such an inspiration Shauna; Jennie, I was lost before your tomato jam recipe but now I see” etc. etc., you’d probably think that you could do no wrong too. And you’d probably be just as as shocked at being called out on your bull as these people are now.

    These bloggers are as phony as a cardboard cutouts of real people. They project an image and make money off of other people buying into it. I didn’t even know about most of these people before this popped up on here but looking through their websites is like flipping through a women’s magazine. Make this pie and you too can be part of this perfect lifestyle where I wear boots worth one month’s rent! Eat these crab cakes I make for my husband and you too can bask in the residual glow of our Disney Movie Love!

    So of course, when a few of them make a plea for money for some heartbroken poverty stricken widow, instead of actually just doing five minutes worth of research to figure out how worthy the cause is, these hangers on allow themselves to get whipped up into a frenzy of giving and throw money at her.

    People need to wake the fuck up to the fact that a lot of these bloggers have turned their whole lives into money making platforms. That’s why we get every single detail of their lives. Thirty pictures of oatmeal a day and people living their grief for a dead spouse out in real time on the internet and posts where an egg allergy is as tragic as cancer.

    • nicely articulated and very interesting. thanks for typing this out.

    • avatar epitomeofintlglamour

      I agree with joiezabel – great points all around.

    • avatar Dennis

      Don’t forget, the egg post came after Jennifer Perillo’s husband died. Jennifer was getting a lot of attention for mourning her husband. But then Shauna lost EGGS. And had the balls to say that she was in mourning. Over eggs.

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