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“Fitting It All In” Is Not Like Obese People

Clare, some healthy living blogger, posted today about her struggle with emotional eating.

After being called out in the comments, Clare then edited her post to say:

As I work through my emotional eating, I’ve been steering clear of the word binge. It just seems too drastic – something that only very sick, very overweight people do. (Which is totally wrong and rude, but I think often the stigma.) Not something that I, a functioning, fit, thin person does. What I was doing was just emotional eating. Just eating too much sometimes.

She explains in her comments that her edit is “more appropriate and pc this way”. Because obviously changing the word from “obese” to merely “overweight” and stating that it’s “often the stigma” totally excuses the implication she’s making – which is, only fatties binge eat. Clare then goes on to say that even if you’re not overweight, eating just two cookies fits the definition of a binge if you eat them because you are having emotions.

So, basically, all emotional eating counts as binge eating? Thank you for the clarification, Dr. Clare!

  1. avatar Douche Chill

    Hey, she should be a doctor!

  2. avatar Willy Onecat

    I just can’t stand this woman. I hate that I can’t, because she’s so obviously very, very unwell, but she’s nails on a blackboard to me.
    Clare, put down the laptop, put down the judginess, go get a LOT of help, then come back and ‘advise’ people.

  3. avatar Fuck Toad

    In honor of Clare, I think I will stop at the donut shop on my way to work tomorrow, and buy a dozen donuts for the 6 people in my office. Because donuts go so amazingly well with coffee. Which is what people who work hard in a busy office at their job jobs drink throughout the day. Because they have to concentrate on many things, and sometimes, it’s nice to have a sweet little treat when you’re working hard. Unfortunately, under Claaaahrs definition, wouldn’t this be severe overemotional eating? Treating yourself to something nice because you work hard? Does she know what hard work is? Now I have to reconsider my whole donut scenario.

    JUST KIDDING. Eat shit, Clare. Eat two pieces of shit.

    • avatar HLBitch

      Too many calories.

    • avatar SoButteryGood

      Two pieces is a binge. Eat one large piece of shit, Clare.

      • avatar AQNR

        Have one small piece, but roll it in whey powder for that extra protein punch!

        • avatar frumpelstiltskin

          Or have one square of high-quality shit everyday! I like mine with sea salt dusted on top. So decadent.

        • avatar HLBitch

          Whey isn’t good enough for Princess Baby Sensitive Sleep Diva Clare. Maybe Sun Warrior?

          • avatar LOLZZ

            lolz…oh god pls stop Im dying here….one girl two cups…two small cups please, cuz she’s watching her weight NO THAT IS JUST WRONG. SHUT UP.

  4. avatar Already Pantless

    This reminds me that I have a “Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen Free” coupon for my local Krispy Kreme shop.

    Also, that I miss that other ED blogger with the ugly dog. Gwendlface? Popsiclebrain? At least she provided some entertainment value; a pound of raw fish a night (sushi grade!) is a damn site/sight/cite LOLy-er than two cookies.

    • avatar AQNR

      Nicole (and Gwendolyn, her dawg). She has added a team of fellow bloggers, or maybe alternate personalities. Also some weird shit about a fake breakup with her imaginary boyfriend Sir Oliver or whatever the hell his name is.

  5. avatar Snarkastic

    I love how she connects obese with crazy and fit with functioning. Because none of us know any functioning obese people, right? They must all just wallow in bacon all day and never go to work. Geez.

    • avatar Sister friend

      +26 for this.

    • avatar ativan annie

      When I was in my 20s, I took an aerobics class led by an instructor who probably outweighed the lady in the doughnut image by 50 pounds. I was skinny (at the time…3 kids later, not even close), and after 15 minutes or so I would be gasping and taking a “water break” because I couldn’t keep up. The “fat” instructor hadn’t even broken a sweat at that point. And she rocked a leotard/tights combo (early 90s, don’t judge).

    • avatar DoubleEntendre


  6. It’s weird because some people, when they’re emotional, don’t over eat… Some even tend to under eats. We have to stop generalizing.

  7. avatar snittytrigger

    Sadly, obesity is like the last remaining totally 100% socially acceptable prejudice (not saying other prejudices are completely gone – still plenty of racism, sexism, ageism – it’s just generally acknowledged as not PC to do those things any more).

    I’m a med student and we have talked about obesity A LOT in my training. The worst curse of obesity, is that even when you make MAJOR lifestyle changes, the body has crazy ways of maintaining itself at it current state. Not to say weight loss is impossible, but it is MUCH MUCH harder than “eat right and exercise” or “calories in vs. calories out.” I only say this as a way of saying, it is TOTAL SHIT to call people with obesity/overweight “crazy” – and like really and truly offensive to me, although I do not have a weight problem.

    I am not sure she will ever be able to really hear this through the fog of her own disordered thinking. I do believe that way too many of my peers miss out on this part of training, too, perpetuating weight loss/obesity myths even amongst MDs. I was lucky to work with a bariatric surgeon for my surgery rotation, and assisting him with pre- and post-ops for obese patients plus their surgeries has FOREVER changed my thoughts on this.

    Sorry for the long comment + caps attack. I just feel so strongly about this now, and I hate the idea of Post-Bacc Pre-Med Clare portraying herself as speaking on behalf of medical professionals. We aren’t all like her.

    • avatar NotThatKelly

      Thank you so much for saying that, because I am actually working on an improved eating plan/exercise program, and it is so much harder than I imagined it would be. (I mean, I gained and lost fifty pounds in my twenties, but now in my thirties, after a kid, I cannot seem to make forward – rather downward – progress. It is frustrating.)

      • avatar here's the thing

        Thank you for saying this. It is an undisputed FACT in the literature that weight maintenance is extremely hard.

        However, we live in a society that thinks obesity is just “gluttony” and that if you want it bad enough, you can do it, but the truth is, the body will always fight you to regain. Weight loss maintenance is a full time job, ask anyone who has done it. This is why many people remain “semi-fat,” that is they lose the first 20 or 30 pounds, and then stop, stalled forever no matter what approach they take.

        It’s not just calories, it’s also hormones. Leptin, grehlin, etc. Far more calories than CICO, put the cookie down, walk around the block, nonsense.

    • avatar stopandbelieve

      I do wish that in stopping fatshaming, people don’t turn to “thinshaming” either because I’ve seen that a lot lately, too. Maybe we should just be accepting of all body types while recognizing the potential dangers of either extreme….it is sad though that this doesn’t seem to be an easy thing to accomplish

      • avatar great oatsby

        As someone who is currently doing weight watchers and an hour of cardio a day (and zomg eating real food), I can say this is completely true. Losing weight is a bitch. It’s not because I don’t want it Clare. Or because I eat 97 donuts every morning.

  8. avatar JudgementalSnarker




  9. avatar Can't Think of a Name

    American women have such a fucked-up relationship with food. Fat and thin and in between.

    • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

      Have you been to Greece? Let me take you on a sad journey.

      • avatar Can't Think of a Name

        I have not. Is it the same there?

        • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

          It’s a very thin-obsessed country. My cousin who lives there has been anorexic/orthorexic for a decade with no end in sight.

    • avatar DoubleEntendre

      I was in Europe and Australia recently. Nothing but reed-thin women everywhere the eye could see.


  10. avatar Popple

    I thought long and hard about this. And really I can’t say anything other people haven’t already. I’m obese. Actually I hate that word and I just use fat. Straight out, blunt. Someone asks why I am walking so slow “I’m fat..I’ll catch up.” It’s just the way it is. I am attempting a major overhaul of lifestyle changes, and eating habits, but that in itself is a HUGE step for me to even consider it. A lot of my bad eating habits happen because working out hurts, so I do it a little, then give up when I see little results. It’s a big change, a big thought process, and I am trying. BUT to have someone only equate “very unhealthy, very overweight people” with the word binge makes me wanna shove a cheeseburger down her throat. Well no not really.

    From the tone, this is a person I would not eat around. I don’t like eating at restaurants because I am always so sure that my meal choice is being side-eyed by someone and they are wondering why the fat person is eating that. I hate shopping, if I put one treat in the cart (maybe not even for me) I swear a “well meaning” stranger or the cashier is wondering how many more of those I can stuff in my face. There are people I just won’t snack or eat around. Or I will eat very quickly, which in turn makes me look like a piggy too I guess.

    I hate fat shaming. I hate when it’s masked as “helpful advice” or anything else that falls into the same category. I hate it when someone thinks I don’t REALIZE the ramifications of being overweight. Trust me. I do. I was in the hospital for a stay, and despite me telling the staff, and doctors over and over, that I did not have diabetes, my blood sugar was regularly checked. Something that has never happened to any of my family members staying at the same hospital. My sugars were fine. My cholesterol is not high. I don’t have high blood pressure. What I do have is sore knees, sore back, ankles that ache, and feet that feel flat when I walk too much. All things I know losing weight WILL help. But please don’t explain to me why, because I know why. And I know how. I am getting there. Probably at a slower pace.

    Because I’m fat. Like I said…I’ll catch up.

    Sorry for rambling, and being all over the place, it’s early, or late depending, and I am just all GRRR about it.

    • avatar jmo

      You are awesome.

      • avatar Popple

        Aw thanks! I think the majority of people here are awesome if not all of them…so you are awesome too!

      • avatar Mockingword

        +1 infinity awesome.

        • avatar Popple

          Ooh does that come with a dice modification??

          • avatar DoubleEntendre

            I LOL’d for real even though I don’t know what that means. It just sounds like it would be really funny if I knew what it meant.

    • I could have written this. *hugs*

      • avatar Popple

        And *hugs* back to you! I don’t post here much, anxiety about sounding dumb, but this topic hits a soft spot! I am glad I am de-lurking and finding everyone awesome!

        • avatar ativan annie

          Glad you delurked! You speak for a lot of people, I think!

          • avatar Popple

            I am totally glad I have delurked. Comments here have made my year, the support feels so genuine and thoughtful!

        • avatar SoButteryGood

          I am glad you spoke up. My mom used to be obese. She hated that word too. She hated when people assumed she was diabetic or had high cholesterol. I HATED the way people would look at her. I hated how she would have to ask for a table because she couldn’t sit in a booth. I hated how she didn’t swim for years. I hated how people would look and her, and then me and then her again as if to wonder “how the hell did she create that?” or worse when people would say right to her face “She is sooo tiny” with a hint of “do you feed her?” in their voice. I hate that there is a series of 15 years where I don’t have a single photo of my mom and me.

          Growing up, I sometimes felt guilty for being thin. I felt guilty because I couldn’t help my mom. I felt guilty because I didn’t understand, truly, what she was going through. And every time someone stared and I imagined what they were thinking I wanted to scream at them to stop staring and to stop judging. To me, she was just my amazing, loving and supportive mom.

          She knew what she needed but didn’t know how to get there. One day, she decided to get there. Slowly. Oh, so very slowly. But she got there. I am ridiculously proud of her but to me, she has always been the same amazing, loving and supportive mom. People just stare at her less now.

          Sorry for the rambling, I don’t even know if what I am trying to say makes sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that I believe you will find your way. And that I think you speak for a lot of others.

          • avatar Popple

            You made absolute sense! I am proud of your mother too, changing your life is so difficult and falling back to old habits is so easy to do, so she is awesome!

            There are very few pictures of me around well. None with my nephews at graduations, none at weddings..just. none. A freind told me once that she didn’t care what I looked like, she loved me and wanted photos of me and her kids, my faux neices. I sucked it up. People wanted my photo even if I didn’ want too. I totally know where you mom was at with that.

            I hate that peop le have done the “do you feed her” to you. What an insensitive thing to say. People come in all types and other people need to back the fuck off! Where do people get this awesome sense that they need to doctor people with comments like that. Blarg to them!

            Congrats to your mom, not just for becoming more healthy but for raising an awesome person like you that supported and loved her no matter what!

            • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

              This. I grew up painfully thin. Just plain skinny and I always felt awful so I don’t have the mindset of thin-is-beautiful. Fortunately I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted and there was ALWAYS a comment on how much I would eat. Usually from other women even in my family. I always remember thinking food was such an odd thing to even think about. I’m fat now. Whatever. I also have boobs and feel much healthier with padding. I know I ‘should’ feel ashamed according to society but I don’t. What I DO feel is uncomfortable because too much extra padding IS uncomfortable. But I have NO problem nomnoming a freakin’ hot brownie with vanilla ice-cream when I go out for the rare restaurant dinner! My daughter is built like I was… she’s skinnier than skinny. I make no issue about food. Eat or don’t – this is what I made or find something else. I do NOT focus of fat content or ounces or baby bites or anything like that. It terrifies me to think food and nourishment could become a control issue.

            • avatar Red Swingline Stapler

              I used to exercise a lot so I maintained a rather thin body. Once my husband and I decided to have kids, fertility treatments (and reducing exercise b/c my dr said I was doing too much) helped me put on an extra 80 pounds. I have never felt comfortable taking pictures since, not even on my wedding day. As a result, almost all pictures with me in them show me hiding behind someone or something. I’m trying to fix that attitude but it’s difficult.

              SoButteryGood, my mother is obese and all of her kids were extremely thin as adolescents. She tries to make changes but random strangers are rude and and insensitive and it always derails her efforts to be healthier. It really doesn’t help when a-holes say that she must be taking food from her kids’ mouths.
              Hell, I don’t even know her but I’m proud of your mom.

            • avatar Sobutterygood

              Eat or don’t eat is exactly how my mom treated me when it came to food. I think it saved my life, to be honest.

              Also, I am no longer super thin. But I love my boobs, my hips and my thighs…maybe because I had to wait until I was in my 20′s to get them! I have to work really hard to stay fit- and I do- but I also say yes to dessert almost always.

              Thank you for the compliments about my mom. I feel like I hit the parental jackpot. :)

            • avatar zhnjg

              My mom is a personal trainer and my younger sister (who lives with my dad) is quite heavy…and all I ever get to hear about is how unhealthy she is from my mom. I don’t know what the RIGHT approach is to dealing with unhealthiness in society, but I sure as hell know that it isn’t having that topic dominate your relationship with someone. There is nothing more annoying than my mom’s health diatribes.

              Being fat is a cross to bear, I imagine. And we all have our own crosses. I guess my attitude toward fat shaming is the same as it is toward ppl who tweak about welfare cheaters ruining the country or getting more than they deserve: that person’s life sucks in at least a few ways no matter how much it might look like they’re having more fun than you. You wouldn’t want to be in their shoes so show some grace and let it go. For all you know, they might not want to be in your shoes either. Focus on your own cross and leave others alone.

              Not sure if that’s insensitive.

              I actually think fatness has become such a crime against society nowadays because it’s often so closely associated with socioeconomic status. Fat shaming is just the latest in shoving the underdogs to the edges where they belong. Half a century from now the top and bottom classes will probably bifurcate along weight lines. God, this world is twisted.

    • avatar gomi reader

      I hear you. The amount of crap fat people get from society is ridiculous and hateful.

      The important thing is to be healthy, I think. If you think losing weight will help with the problems you have, then that’s something that should be supported. I know for me, my goal is to eat healthier because fruits and veggies have large quantities of helpful nutrients, and I am starting to exercise because I want to increase my heart health. I am not in it to lose weight, only to be a healthier person.

      • avatar Popple

        It is totally out of control, I agree. I want to be healthy for ME, not because society is telling me too. I have realistic goals now and hope to achieve them to be more active in my LIFE. i wish you all the success in your journey!

        Oh and an add on, the hate is so painful. People don’t even get to know us, and you know what?? They are the ones that are missing out!

        • avatar SoButteryGood

          This. This is so true. I feel like a lot of people missed out over the years by not getting to know my mom past all her layers (pun intended, I guess!). You know who got the best of her though? My Dad and I. And we still get it, because we were there through it all. Her friends that stood by her when she was fat are still her friends now that she isn’t fat. The people who wanted nothing to do with her…now, my mom doesn’t need to have anything to do with them!

          You are a kind person with a thoughtful heart. You will totally reach your goal; one step at a time!

        • avatar gomi reader

          So glad you decided to unlurk! You are such a nice person.

      • avatar here's the thing

        Unpopular opinion, but if you want to improve your health + weight, focus on leisure walking/light exercise (don’t stress your joints or increase cortisol with excess cardio like you see on the biggest loser, it’s totally ineffective, makes you hungry and you will get hurt), and work on your nutrition. Increase protein, reduce starch and sugars and you will feel 1000x better. I have done this and am no longer driven by food like I once was.

        A lot of it is regulating your blood sugar levels so your mood is better and you won’t be compelled to eat whatever looks good. It is a completely effective strategy and a lot of times “emotional” eating is just eating bc you’re super hungry bc you’re restricting too much. If you focus on protein + fats, you will be less hungry and your blood sugar will be stable. Exercise will come later, too many people kill themselves at the gym, get discouraged and then never change their habits. It is totally possible to do this, it just takes time…weight loss on the other hand is slow, especially if you’ve been obese for years and your body is used to being at that weight. Focus on your mood and how you are feeling.

    • avatar crankyoldbitch

      I could have written this from the heart, word for word. (((big fat hugs)))

      • avatar Popple

        It’s amazing how many hearts connect over something like this, imagine if people stopped being judgey idiots how much more connected we’d all be! *BIG FAT HUGS RIGHT ON BACK* That’s right allllll caps. It was totally deserved.

    • avatar Can't Think of a Name

      You are awesome. And you sound like a really kind, thoughtful, sensitive person as well, something this world could use a lot more of.

      • avatar Popple

        Thank you so much! You know I was having a shit morning/afternoon,read over this again and it made me feel worse, which is why I finally commented. But now? I feel so amazingly good because of the flow of awesome coming from these comments and everyone elses before me. So thank you for being just as, if not more awesome!

        • avatar DoubleEntendre


          • avatar Popple

            But…but i can try and hug every cat yes?! At least the ones that look cute and pitiful with the big eyes, and the soft fur, and the little mews! I am gonna go hug one of my kitties haha

    • avatar FunnyShits

      Thank you for sharing this.

      I have to say, a few years ago, I had major preconceptions about size. Then, one day at lunch, a bunch of my more evolved friends ganged up on me after I made a stupid comment. They made me realize that I was being a total idiot. I will never forget that day, and, since then, I’ve always been on the defense when people make insensitive comments about someone’s size.

      • avatar Popple

        Ganged up sounds like it was a bit harsh, but I am glad that your friends knew you well enough that they could talk to you about it. Sometimes we don’t think about stuff when we comment, and that is being human, it’s totally awesome that you are taking time out to realize it might be not cool, welcome to the dark side…we do indeed have cookies.

    • avatar eeee

      So many things that ring bells for me in this.

      For me, the pain came first. I have what we are assuming, for now, is fibromyalgia. My doctor tells me he’s convinced it’s something different, or something else in addition to the fibromyalgia, but it’s taking years to get a diagnosis. I was not skinny, but looked good and felt good when it all started. (And I never got snide remarks from doctors/nurses about my BMI or “my diabetes” – which I don’t have – until at least AFTER they’d weighed me and doublechecked the scale.) With my first flare, I was too ill and in too much pain to feed myself; my mother brought me Ensure-style drinks because lifting a fork was too exhausting. After a month of that, I finally lurched out of bed to find I had… GAINED nearly 50 pounds. My then-doctor didn’t believe me, even after he consulted his own medical records.

      Each subsequent flare would add 15-30 pounds, and I’d never be able to lose the last 5 pounds of each gain. I pretty much doubled my weight in ~7 years, simply because any amount of exercise – even a leisurely stroll window-shopping around the mall – can trigger a flare. People see me struggle with chronic daily pain and assume it’s the weight – and I’m sure it is, to an extent. But it wasn’t the weight when it *started,* because the weight wasn’t there. I have a few new pains now, 10+ years down the road, that are probably related to my weight, but the pains that incapacitate me are exactly the same as they were when it all started, half my body weight and a decade ago.

      My mother describes the same things you mention – worry that strangers are judging her, criticizing her. I tried for years to bite my tongue on the fact that she probably thinks that because SHE judges and criticizes strangers that SHE sees. I had to listen to her rail about an overweight, wheelchair bound woman eating an ice cream sundae, how “even after she’s in a wheelchair with diabetes she can’t control her eating.” Due to confidentiality issues I couldn’t tell her that the woman was in a wheelchair because her knees and ankles were demolished in a roll-over accident that had killed her husband a little over a year ago. (I eventually DID tell her, even though I shouldn’t have, because it bothered me so much. My mother’s response: “Well, she’ll never find another husband if she doesn’t do something about her weight.”)

      You can imagine the stress brought to our relationship by MY weight gain… and my mother herself has been overweight to obese for the last 40+ years of her life. It’s not like she has no understanding of the cruelty of those types of comments. (I doubt I will ever forget the day she laughed until I thought she was going to have a heart attack, because I shared that a friend suggested I join her in a belly-dancing class. When she could finally catch a breath, she wheezed, “Oh, I’d pay money to see you out there jiggling around and making your butt wobble on purpose.” You may be surprised to hear that I still, to this day, have not completely learned that she can’t be trusted that way.)

      They check my blood sugar too, obsessively. Give me booklets on how to lower it, when it’s actually at the lower end of normal. Same for blood pressure and cholesterol. My cholesterol has been creeping up, true, but (a) it runs in my family, my rail-thin brother’s levels are well over twice what mine are, and (b) I can lower my cholesterol by 25-40 points over a month’s period just by getting better/more sleep. My last visit, the nurse had me have lipids drawn before the appointment. She glowed at me when she saw that they were lowered, and asked me to tell her what I’ve done with my diet and exercise to get such good results, “so I can congratulate you properly.” I told her the truth: I didn’t change a single damned thing about my diet or exercise; I just paid closer attention to my sleep. She rolled her eyes.

      I hope I’ll catch up too, some day. I used to be pretty – no, I used to be beautiful. Now I’m just “…not ugly.” (A coworker’s verbatim assessment.) But even more than I hope *I* will catch up, I hope someday society (and, in my particular case, medicine) will catch up, so other people don’t have to suffer with the kind of bullshit we’ve had to.

      Hang in there.

      • avatar Popple

        I am so sorry for the pain that you have had to go through, both physically and emotionally . Some of the things that have been said to you almost made me tear up. I was teased in school, but I think I would just crawl into a hole and never come out if my family said things. They are worried, concerned, honest when something doesn’t look good on me clothes wise, but never go out of their way to hurt me. I am so very sorry that someone so close to you has made it their job to be hypocritical and oh so judgey of you.

        As for a co-worker that said something like that to you…if I had been there, I would have been completely aghast. Where do people get off saying things like that? The world is blunt yes, but keep your damn opinions to yourself! Everyone’s definition of beauty is different, and really, people that act like that are the ugly ones. It shows through them. Cruel smiles are not pretty. They are frozen menacing icy glares that should mean nothing. Look for the warm smiles, the true ones that see you for who you are, a wonderful person that doesn’t deserve abuse like that.

        I hope that you get an actual diagnosis soon, so that your pain can be better managed. the hoops someone has to go through to prove their pain anymore can be so trying. Every time they checked my blood sugar in the hospital and it was in the normal range, they always acted so surprised. As if a fat person couldn’t possibly be like that. And I ATE while I was there. Chicken strips, french fries, etc. I was bad. Or and breakfast of cheese and grapes. I didn’t eat all that healthy, I ate what appealed and they should be happy I did that. I hate eating at the hospital.

        I don’t know you all that well, but please, NEVER think of yourself as used to be pretty, or used to be beautiful. You are YOU. That is what made you beautiful. Physical beauty fades, it can disappear, but the true inner part never goes away, let that shine!

      • avatar Semi Ho

        eeee, thanks for sharing your story. Because I think people in general should hear stories like yours to become less judgmental. Is that even possible? I like how you said you hope society will catch up.
        One thing that makes me so insanely angry is when I hear people judge people who are mobility impaired and overweight.. They just assume that people are riding around in wheelchairs because they ate too much.

        I like to reserve judgement for people who freely admit to their own assholery on public blogs.

        (this comment is not displaying right as I type it, so there’s a chance it’s going to come put garbled. apologies in advance)

    • avatar Nicki

      I just found this site today and was reading the articles just for entertainment, but your comment really touched me. I weighed myself yesterday for the first time in a very long time because I’m about to start a new job and it’s going to be very physical, so I was just looking to see what I weigh now to compare to what I weigh in a month or two, and it just made me feel bad. I’m not actually that upset about being fat other than just the trouble I have with clothes shopping (lol). The thing that makes me feel the shittiest is how I know the world looks at me because of my weight. Looking at that number on the scale just made me think, “Oh… I guess that’s why people look.”

      Anyways, I just wanted to say you really made this random internet stranger feel better about themselves and I sincerely wish you all the best.

  11. avatar Mockingword

    This woman is an asshole.

  12. avatar SoButteryGood

    We need less Clare’s in this world and more Popple’s.

    • avatar MeggerstheCruel


    • avatar Popple

      You guys have totally made my entire year! You ever wonder if Clare might read this and actually feel a bit ashamed that what she said could be taken as hurtful rather than helpful? I gotta hope!

      • God I hope so!

        Do you have a blog? I like your way of thinking.

        • avatar Popple

          I really hope so too, and that maybe next time she thinks for a moment and goes “did I leave the gas on” and doesn’t type it up like that.

          I don’t actually, but I checked out yours this morning! Your most recent post with the little “Do not reward yourself with food” Ugh. I so do this. It started with getting a treat that not everyone liked, because it would be JUST mine, for doing something, like making it through school week or something. I have to stop doing that. Set aside the money or something, save for something that I really want, rather then cookies, or creamsicles.

        • avatar Popple

          Oh and by the way not to sound stalkerish or weird..but you have realllly pretty hair, and you rock thick frame glasses! I’ve never been able to pull off those kind of glasses!

          • *blush* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Glasses are a huge vice of mine. I was literally JUST looking at ordering five more (!!) pairs, haha.

            • avatar Popple

              You wear them well! You totally own them, rather then them owning you, which I have seen on a few people. Ooh when you get some totally update your blog, as I have bookmarked you and plan on continuing my stalker ways. *Nods very solemnly.* Yes indeed.

              Where do you order them from??? I now want new glasses haha!

            • avatar Popple

              Oh and if you haven’t ever been here, check out this cute little owl that really cares about us!


            • Popple, it won’t let me reply to you!!

              I get most of my glasses from Zenni Optical, but Coastal also regularly runs some awesome specials (first pair FREE!) that I take advantage of.

            • avatar Popple

              Ahh see! I am not the only one that has lost the reply button! I think after a few comments back and forth there must be a limit! First pair free..hrmmm. nice!

  13. avatar Red Swingline Stapler

    I have to agree that what Clare is doing is more mindless, emotional eating than actual binge eating. I just feel like binge eating would have a more destructive quality than eating two bowls of chocolate chips because you’re upset.

    BTW, I’ve eaten a box a day of GS cookies because they are there. I don’t know if that counts as bingeing (after all it is more than two cookies) because I think they are not cookies at all but some sort of legal magical crack peddled by the Girl Scout organization.

    • avatar DoubleEntendre


    • avatar Popple

      I do that too! Eat it cause it’s there! I dunno if it’s binging, but i don’t go out of my way to go out and by a treat if there aren’t any.
      By the way..Keebler makes an almost EXACT copy of the GSC Samoa’s. No longer must I wait for cookie season!!

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