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“Fitting It All In” Is Not Like Obese People

Clare, some healthy living blogger, posted today about her struggle with emotional eating.

After being called out in the comments, Clare then edited her post to say:

As I work through my emotional eating, I’ve been steering clear of the word binge. It just seems too drastic – something that only very sick, very overweight people do. (Which is totally wrong and rude, but I think often the stigma.) Not something that I, a functioning, fit, thin person does. What I was doing was just emotional eating. Just eating too much sometimes.

She explains in her comments that her edit is “more appropriate and pc this way”. Because obviously changing the word from “obese” to merely “overweight” and stating that it’s “often the stigma” totally excuses the implication she’s making – which is, only fatties binge eat. Clare then goes on to say that even if you’re not overweight, eating just two cookies fits the definition of a binge if you eat them because you are having emotions.

So, basically, all emotional eating counts as binge eating? Thank you for the clarification, Dr. Clare!

  1. lol I love the hover text, PP.

    As a fat woman who has had issues with binge eating and depression, Clare can bite me.

    • I’m sorry but she’s not helping her case that she totally gets that she doesn’t believe binge eating is just for fatties when she uses an image of an overweight woman snarfing donuts.

      • avatar Andrea Spivey

        I agree emotional eating is binging. There’s not much difference.

        • avatar Katie C.

          A person can eat an ice cream cone because they’re having a bad day. That’s “emotional eating.”

          Binging is “frequently consuming unusually large amounts of food,” as Fitting It All In says in her post. An ice cream cone wouldn’t be qualified as an unusually large amount of food.

          A person who emotionally eats doesn’t necessarily need to be a binger, though more often than not binging is emotionally motivated.

    • avatar Onion Duke

      Thin women can also have issues with binging, EDNOS, and food in general. This is also insulting and dismissive from the other end. Is this biased, disordered lunatic really going to treat human patients some day? Snake oil doctors sound like a better idea.

      • I never said thin women couldn’t have issues with those things? She said “crazy, obese people”. I am an obese person with mental illness and I function just fine.

        • avatar Onion Duke

          Sorry, herpderp, I meant I found Clare associating eating disorders and food issues strictly with overweight people insulting and dismissive. You can have an ED at any weight. Food issues don’t disappear magically when your BMI drops under 25. She just doesn’t want to go there because then she might have to admit that her own relationship with food is just as fucked.
          It was more of a hear hear, than an eff you. Should’ve been clearer.

          • Oh, okay! Sorry, I misunderstood. :) I often lament that because we are not overly thin, fat people with EDs are often ignored because people think your ED can’t be “that bad” because you’re not 4000 pounds, nor are you emaciated.

  2. avatar SoButteryGood

    Clare is not fit, she is too skinny. Clare is certainly not functioning. I mean, sure she gets up and goes about her day but everything she does revolves around food.

    What scares me about Clare is how tightly her readers hold onto her advice and praise her for everything she says. Thankfully, now and then someone posts about reality but it is usually met with Clare’s signature response “I knew that” or the WK’s all coming to her rescue to tell us how amazing she is for her posts.

    Wonder how many girls will stop eating today after reading her post.

    • avatar WildTurducken (aka notapusy)

      I know, right? Her choice of words was heinous and stupid and reveals just how dumb she is but I almost have a bigger problem with the fact that she refers to herself as functional when she is absolutely not.

    • avatar paiger

      “Clare is not fit, she is too skinny”

      I don’t like the message this girl is sending, but stigmatizing a thin body is just as unhealthy (and dangerous) as shaming a heavier body. There is no accurate way to assess someone’s fitness solely by looking at their picture online. She is thin, but does not look too skinny to me. Surely you would see the damage in your statement if you subsituted the word “fat” for “thin.”

    • avatar paiger

      “Clare is not fit, she is too skinny”

      I don’t like the message this girl is sending, but stigmatizing a thin body is just as unhealthy (and dangerous) as shaming a heavier body. There is no accurate way to assess someone’s fitness solely by looking at their picture online. She is thin, but does not look too skinny to me. Surely you would see the damage in your statement if you subsituted the word “fat” for “thin.”

  3. avatar spoon

    I just don’t understand how she could have read the words “crazy, obese people” and thought it was okay. That would be an awful statement no matter what the context was!

    She’s totally going to be an awesome ED specialist after med school… I can see it now “Appointments available for THIN girls with ED ONLY! We don’t help crazy, obese people here!”

    • avatar SoButteryGood

      This is just like HTP. Operation (everyone skinny is) Beautiful.

  4. avatar Jealous Looser

    I don’t like that she insinuates that obese people are non-functioning. Of course there’s a whole debate that can be had about obesity and how healthy or not healthy obese people are, but to say they are non-functioning? How not judgmental of you Claire. You’ll make such a great doctor one day.

    • avatar I think that's healthy!

      That implication really irks me too, especially because Clare is so non-functional herself. She couldn’t handle working 40 hours a week and quit at least two jobs because they interfered with her compulsive exercise schedule and restrictive eating.

      • avatar spoon

        Exactly, I know several obese people who are functioning at a much higher level than Clare!

      • avatar HLBitch

        You are very, very right. She couldn’t handle her retail job (or her advertising job) because it messed with her food/workout schedule (retail) and put her in an environment with tempting snacks that she herself would apparently binge on (yes Clare, I said BINGE!) whereas the other office people had no negative relationship with.

        • avatar Electric Sex Pants

          I’m just wondering how someone couldn’t handle a 40 hour a week job thinks they are going to handle medical school????? We were told that we should plan to spend at least 2-3 hours studying per hour of class(and we took 20-25 hours/semester) each week….so that means 50-75 hours of studying plus 20-25 hours of classes/labs each week. Quite a bit more than 40 hours…..

          • avatar I think that's healthy!

            She’s going to crash and burn. As soon as things get even remotely uncomfortable for Clare, she quits.

          • avatar HLBitch

            She’s “just been dying to do something that she DOESN’T mind easing up on exercise for” or something. So basically, her 45hr/weeks at the retail job were too much for her to handle because it “wasn’t her passion.”

            For the general population, I would say it’s more than fair and legit to return to school because you aren’t passionate about your current line of work. However, the only thing Clare is passionate about is justifying fucked up she is. Sorry Princess Baby Sensitive Clare, but that doesn’t cut it.

            • avatar Electric Sex Pants

              I think it’s admirable when someone leaves a secure job for a complete career/education change(we had several people in my class who were going for their second career in medicine…I can’t imagine taking on that debt load in my 40s though…eek), if that is their passion.

              But, med school is freaking hard. And your life sucks for most of it. Working 6 days/week was much easier on my life/marriage/exercise/diet/ect than med school. Saying you can’t work 40 hours a week because it interferes with your life too much and then saying you are going to med school just doesn’t jive with me.

            • avatar I think that's healthy!

              I really hope she fails. Not because she’s a spoiled brat who can’t handle any sort of work–it’s because of her idiotic commentary on binge-eating in this post, her previous comments about mental health regarding the Notre Dame Manti Te’o scandal, and her refusal to admit being wrong ever. Doctors like Clare are why obese people’s medical problems, especially eating disorders, are often ignored and dismissed. Doctors like Clare shame their patients and call them “crazy” or “hopeless” for not fitting her idea of perfection.

          • avatar meh.

            If she ever finishes med school, I will be very interested to see how she handles her residency. 40 hour work weeks seem like a blessing during residency and you have to work nights/ weekends/ have irregular schedules. Good luck having a set “exercise schedule” and eating healthy all the time.

          • avatar Sal's Copious Nether Locks

            My 4th year MD/PhD combo BF hasn’t worked less than 55 hours a week in four years. NOT GONNA HAPPEN CLARE.

    • avatar The Oats of Wrath

      Or that “crazy” people (i.e. people with mental illness) are non-functioning. Changing “crazy” to “very sick” doesn’t actually help you sound less like a judgmental asshole, lady.

    • avatar sneakybuttons

      Agreed. The thinnest people I know are the least functioning (two cousins with eating disorders.) The whole post is just not ok. cb1TQ.gif

      • avatar HLBitch

        I know functional anorexics. I know non-functional anorexics. I know function overweight people. I know non-functional overweight people.I know functional average-weight people. I know non-functional average-weight people.

        I really don’t think being a functional, contributing member of society is correlated to your body. Sure, mental illness like anorexia can definitely affect how “functional” you are, but overall the symptom (right word?) of being very thin (or very large, or average) does not directly correlate with your “functionality.” In my opinion, at least.

    • avatar Maeby, we're having a family meeting

      I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly.

      As an obese person, I feel pretty functional right now. Would I have more energy and function better if I were at a reasonable weight for my height? Absolutely. But at this weight, I am a million times more functional than I was at the height of my (long-past) battle with anorexia (clearly just a manifestation of general disordered eating in my case). My hair isn’t falling out, I have enough energy to accomplish all of my daily tasks, I’m not a raging bitch, etc, etc, etc.

    • avatar luna

      Excellent point.

      I was overweight or obese for all of my adult life until my late 20s and never felt it kept me from “functioning.” The only thing that’s ever affected my ability to meet my adult responsibilities was being depressed and even then I only took a couple of incompletes for my classes that term because I was too unmotivated to do the work.

    • avatar Christopher Walken

      Wait, WUT? She got into medical school!?

      • avatar I think that's healthy!

        No, she’s enrolling in a post-baccalaureate program to get all of the science pre-requisites. She hasn’t even applied to med school yet, but apparently that doesn’t stop her from being an expert on absolutely everything.

  5. avatar Mrs Gee Effing Whiz

    If Eating Disorders had a version of a dry drunk, Clare would be it.

    Reminds me of my alcoholic uncles. One uncle thought he was a “better” alcoholic than the other one because he only drank beer, while his brother drank “that hard stuff.” Holy shit, Uncle Frank, RIGHT ON.

    • avatar erin

      I’m sorry. This made me snort.

    • avatar MEP

      Real things I have heard:

      – I am not an alcoholic because I never drink at home, even though I black out at bars and have to be carried out every weekend.
      – I am not an alcoholic even though I have blacked in being humped by someone I don’t know.
      – I am not an alcoholic because I never drink during the week, even though I start drinking on Friday night and don’t stop until Sunday night at 7PM.
      – I am not an alcoholic because I never drink alone, even though I am at the bar five out of seven nights a week.
      – I am not an alcoholic because I’ve never had a DUI. Public intox is a misdemeanor.
      – I am not an alcoholic even though I will skip paying my bills if it means I won’t have money for alcohol.
      – I am not an alcoholic even though I just told you I never would have thrown things at you during our fight if I wasn’t drunk, and because of that, you should forgive me.

      • avatar Freybey

        When I was 20, I thought for a hot minute that I was an alcoholic because I would sporadically go out for a drink by myself before meeting my girlfriend/have a glass of wine at home, and all of my friends told me that ‘only alcoholics drink by themselves’
        ….yeah, I was a bit of an idiot.

      • avatar Robin G

        If you lose your job, you’re an alcoholic. If you still drag your hungover ass out of bed every morning so you can bring home a paycheck, you’re just a drunk.

        Family motto there.

  6. avatar stopandbelieve

    I don’t think eating two cookies under emotional stress should constitute as a binge…I would call it out of control, maybe. But I think a binge needs to be an uncharacteristically large amount of calories/food.

    I can ?kind of understand her sentiment but it pisses me off so much when someone calls two cookies a binge when I would think of a binge more of as eating almost everything in my pantry

    • I just said in chat that this whole thing comes off like she’s bending around what ‘binge eating’ means because she wants another ED classification she’s ‘struggling’ with to add to her roster of bog topics.

      • avatar spoon

        Or it’s just another excuse for her to restrict even more. “Oh, those cookies are a binge trigger for me, I can’t have one”

      • avatar stopandbelieve

        I hate people who shop for diagnoses

      • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

        “bog topics.”

        I love you.

    • avatar Onion Duke

      Why is it even out of control? What the hell is the big deal about two cookies? It’s 150 calories. It’s a mile or two walked. No reasonably active person is going to see any kind of difference from eating two cookies here and there.
      Binging is uncontrollable eating past the point of satiety. My cat can eat more than two cookies before hitting satiety. Eating two damn cookies any which way you want for whichever reason you want is a damn snack, not a DSM IV chapter.
      Sorry, stopandbelieve, I don’t mean to come off as ranting at you. It’s all directed towards Dr Clare.

      • avatar ativan annie

        Maybe those were some big fucking cookies.

        • avatar spoon

          Good God, don’t give her any ideas. She’ll write an addendum later saying that her two cookies were actually two cookie cakes.

        • avatar DoubleEntendre


      • avatar ratherbeinmelbourne

        She’s taking the “two cookies” thing directly from Geneen Roth, who yes, is saying if you eat anything in any quantity emotionally, that can qualify as a binge. However, as much as I like Geneen Roth, she is not a doctor and the DSM used by doctors says:

        1. Recurrent episodes of binge eating are characterized by BOTH of the following:
        a. Eating in a discrete amount of time (within a 2 hour period), an amount that is definitely larger than most people would eat during a similar time period.
        b. Sense of lack of control over eating during an episode.

        I’ve never read this chick’s blog before today, but eeek…really immature. So she mindlessly ate some chocolate chips…who doesn’t mindlessly eat something like chips every once in a while? While I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched the show “LA Shrinks” on Bravo last night, I kind of love the therapist who said, “You don’t have Narcissistic Personality Disorder…you’re an asshole. You don’t have Borderline Personality Disorder…you’re a moody bitch.”

        You don’t have binge eating disorder, you just just get angry/upset and eat instead of doing something that is not eating.

      • avatar stopandbelieve

        no I get it. I’m not trying to defend her because I don’t agree with her definition of binge, but from a disordered perspective I can understand feeling out of control from something as small as two cookies.

        Have you ever read Portia de Rossi’s Unbearable Lightness? I distinctly remember one section where she wrote about eating piece after piece of gum – it ended up being a whole pack of gum, I think around 60 calories? And the whole thing scared her because she had lost the control she had over everything. That’s what I meant. It’s totally normal for someone without eating issues but for her having all that gum was akin to falling apart

        Just don’t call two cookies a binge and admit that this whole thing is disordered (to Clare !!! )!

        • avatar KH

          Haven’t read Unbearable Lightness, but Portia de Rossi has a history of anorexia- the fear of losing control is a hallmark of anorexia. The fact that Clare identifies with that same thought process makes me think she leans more toward anorexia, not the binge/purge side of things. Two cookies is not a binge episode. Two cookies, followed by 20 more, two bags of chips, and a gallon of ice cream, is.

          • avatar Weeona

            Yeah. Unbearable Lightness is actually a memoir about her anorexia. I keep meaning to read it but I’m worried it’ll trip a flare up in my stupid ED crap.

          • avatar eeee

            “Two cookies is not a binge episode. Two cookies, followed by 20 more, two bags of chips, and a gallon of ice cream, is.”

            Oh shit, I’ve been calling it “my bedtime snack” for 15 years!

    • avatar Amaryllis

      I would call eating 2 cookies my standard snack.

      • avatar EinsteinJulia

        I would call it 2 pm. (And maybe 4 pm too… Hey, these Girl Scout cookies aren’t going to ea themselves!)

    • avatar Judgyjudgementaljudger

      Two cookies? I consider a binge two SLEEVES of cookies. Oreos to be exact. And I am not overweight…

      • avatar non-profiteer

        THIS x 1000.

      • avatar NotThatKelly

        Or, you know, an entire box of Thin Mints.

        And I am categorized as obese via BMI. But I am certainly not crazy, at least not that way.

    • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium

      If eating two cookies is a binge, I binge every day.

      I’m a healthy weight, though, even if I’m non-functional.

  7. avatar playswithfire

    You know, as I read the first sentence or two, I thought, “Well, this isn’t so bad,” because I optimistically assumed that she would do some nice introspection and come to the conclusion that her assumptions about “crazy, obese people” were wrong. And maybe she would talk about how binge eating is a complex issue, not just what “crazy” people do, and maybe she’d learn to stop judging so quickly. And maybe she’d even realize that yes, she has an issue with binge eating, and avoiding the word doesn’t change that.

    BUT NO.

    She went the cheap, easy, “FATTIES BE EATIN” route. What a bitch.

    • avatar Crazy Eddie

      BUT YES.

      The rest of her post totally said yes, she has an issue with binge eating and avoiding the word doesn’t change that.

      • No, she’s trying to say that ALL emotional eating = binge eating. I’m sorry but there is no world in which two cookies is a fucking binge, I don’t care how you felt while eating them. She’s either trying to appropriate yet another ED into her blog, or trying to justify why she can’t eat. “I can’t eat right now, I’m upset about an episode of Suits and that would be binge eating!”

        • avatar HLBitch

          LOL @ “I can’t eat right now, I’m upset about an episode of Suits and that would be binge eating!”

    • Yeah, this was definitely the HLB version of a “scroll-down fug” as far as the text goes. I was on the defensive the minute I saw that first photo, though; I knew Clare could not be going anywhere good.

      • avatar playswithfire

        I didn’t actually notice on the first pass that the picture was a screen shot…I stupidly assumed it was a picture PP chose for effect. Nope, she actually used that shit. What a flippin moron.

  8. avatar Miss Noir

    These ladies are so knee deep in self loathing and eating disorders, they just don’t have a clue. Sure, a 800 pound person is very, very sick, but so are you, dear.

  9. avatar butterluv

    Ugh. I’m not sure how someone could write that and not realize it would come across as offensive. I think that if you have that little self awareness you’re probably better off having an honest friends read your posts before they go live. The way she sets it up it basically read to me as her thinking she is vastly superior to obese people so of course she is not the one who is binging.

    I’m also uncomfortable about a blogger – and especially one whose eating patterns seem especially restrictive – to be debating what constitutes binge eating in the first place. This seems like something better left to mental health professionals who know what they are talking about. Not to say laypeople are’t allowed to have an opinion, but I do think when you have a soapbox in the form of a blog it can do more harm than good.

    • But she’s going to go to medical school someday! And she had an eating disorder (HAD, she recovered)! And her mom treats eating disorders, so she’s totally qualified.

    • avatar champagne

      Sadly, she seems too dense and/or disordered to realize she is being offensive. Instead, she brings up the dismissive notion of “political correctness.” By her own admission, that’s what’s stopping Clare Brady, M.D. from speaking the medical truth about “crazy [non-functioning] obese people”–not her own sense of what’s right. If she is serious about medical school and a career as a physician, I hope she rethinks her Internet presence.

  10. avatar Asher

    God, this chick needs help. I can’t even hate-read her stuff most of the time. It’s sad and hits way too close to home. My 58-year-old mom has struggled with disordered eating for most of her adult life, and so many of Claire’s thoughts and behaviors are EXACTLY LIKE HERS. I feel like I need to go to therapy after reading anything about this chick.

  11. avatar JalamityCane

    Healthy living bloggers are worse than reformed smokers.

    • avatar Sister Friend


    • avatar AQNR

      90% of them seem to be “active ED bloggers” which is not healthy living (have been there myself).

      • avatar Miss Noir

        I’ve been in recovery for ED for over ten years now, and I still have a hard time reading HLBs. They tweak every ED thread in my being. They’re very messed up.

  12. avatar sassycow

    wth did she have to google to come up with that picture??

    • avatar misshedwig

      i think just “binge.” i just tried it. it’s pretty upsetting because it’s like ALL pics of fat women eating. jesus.

      • avatar Semi Ho

        That picture doesn’t even say, “binge” to me. Oh, look, an attractive woman who has some extra weight on her just took one delicious-looking doughnut off of a plate–>OMG BINGE?

        Also, this chick sounds like Cher from Clueless, “OMG, I’m such a heifer I ate like 2 cookies today.”

        • avatar SugarBombs

          Agreed that this picture doesn’t say “binge” to me, either. My first thought was that I liked the colors — cool how the color of her top picks up some of the sprinkles on top of the donuts, plus I’ve always liked white kitchen cabinets. My second thought is that those donuts look totally awesome, and I don’t even like donuts with sprinkles. I WANT TO BE THE WOMAN IN THE PICTURE.

    • avatar spoon

      It’s actually the first picture when you google “binge eating”. However, more than half of the image results from that search are actually of thinner/average people binge eating… which would have been WAYYYY more appropriate.

    • avatar Onion Duke

      “fridge magnet ideas” on

      • avatar Falkor

        Oh dear god that tumblr actually exists. I thought you were making a (very funny) joke and right-clicked not actually expecting that.

        I feel … naive.

  13. avatar ativan annie

    She’s reading some author who recommends finding a way to “plunge into oblivion” without falling prey to overeating. Obvious answer=gin.

    • avatar Foobs

      Also acceptable – Tequila. (Jose and I are not friends right now.)

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