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“Effortless Anthropologie” Thinks You Should Have Invited Her

Today in blogger entitlement, Roxy – self-appointed queen of Anthro-blogging since the departure of “The Antrhoholic” - is bummed out. What horrible catastrophe occurred that has her so upset? Well it seems twee clothing company Anthropologie forgot to send her an invitation to some party or something:

Last night Anthropologie hosted a blogger party in their NYC showroom. Normally this is the part where I talk about how excited I am to share photos and details…except this time around EA didn’t make the cut. Like some high school rumormill I found out about the party while checking my Instagram feed last night.

You know what’s even more “high school” than finding out over social media that you weren’t invited to the party? Whining on your blog that you weren’t invited to the party. But hey, she has a valid reason to be upset – I mean, don’t you people know who she is?

…I’m majorly bummed that at a time when more brands are reaching out to me to get involved with this community, the one brand I care about the most excluded EA from a blogger-targeting event.

In short, Roxy is a big deal on her blog, you guys. Yep,  nothing says maturity like getting on the internet and shaming companies for not recognizing your importance.

Am I the only one who finds this behavior sort of self-important and reeking of teenaged hurt feelings? Seriously this reminded me of high school, when someone would find out at school on Monday that they weren’t invited to so-and-so’s sleepover and then they would spend the next two days moaning about how they USED to be invited before reminding everyone they are a cheerleader and wrapping up with a loud “whatever, I don’t even care!”

Come on, bloggers. Some people have real problems. Get over yourselves.

  1. avatar Betta Fish


    I didn’t know where else to post this, but this image came in my email earlier today and I guffawed!

    • avatar franziabot


    • avatar LaDeeDa

      Somebody needs to insert some ham trays and cats into that picture.

      Also, the pants on the left look like they’re Depends friendly.

  2. avatar The Cabinet of Dr. Bobby

    I do think that’s an oversight on Anthropologie’s par,t, but it’s just so pathetic to whine about it on your blog. If you really are an asset to their brand, don’t worry – they’ll come to you.

    • avatar Snow

      Right. The more appropriate response would be to see if she could have a guest post or collaboration with someone from the event, highlight it, and not whine about not being invited

  3. avatar anonnnnnnn

    I work at Anthropologie too and I know that they don’t view her as an asset. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she wasn’t invited. They are constantly annoyed at how she obtains “insider” information and then leaks it on her blog.

  4. avatar Miss Noir

    Also? ALSO? “Effortless Anthropologie”? How much effort does it take to walk into Antrho, grab shit off of the rack and slap down $400 bucks? Is that hard? I do not get.

  5. avatar Normally a Size 2

    Never heard of her so I went over to see for myself. She is just annoying on every level. She tears an item apart, calls it ridiculous, details exactly what she doesn’t like about it and then ends by saying “but of course I love it”. Why? Either have an honest product review blog ( ha ha ha! I’m so naive ) or flat out shill for the company and be done with it.

  6. avatar Bunny Poo

    I took one look at her about page and knew right away why they didn’t invite her, she looks horrible in their clothes.

  7. avatar Peter

    Here’s a thought! Maybe they think she is an immature psycho and didn’t want her there. Makes Only and immature psycho would write a post like that. She can go have her own pity party because I dont’ give a fuck!

  8. avatar Nope

    HER HAIR. I’m browsing these OOTD posts – -and any outfit that actually flatters her and looks nice is completely ruined by her hair. You can’t wear a 100+ dollar dress and leave your hair a frizzy mess.

    Put down that overpriced Anthro shirt and invest in a hairdresser who will cut off your split ends and help you find products that work with your naturally wavy hair.

  9. avatar VegemiteCat

    She posted how not inviting her is going to ‘hurt the brand in the long run’ or something like that. I think wearing that Sister Wives getup that she just gave 4 out 5 stars to will hurt more – Scoopback Maxi Dress – which looks a cheap nightie, (in the product shots too, not just on Roxy). But anyway, I just don’t get that she thinks that her few hundred or so readers are so influential in what as PP says is a giant brand. Not to mention that she recently posted that it took her FOUR YEARS to save for a $2000 chair. Whether the chair is worth it is beside the point – I think that shows that she is not their core demographic. And her blog readers are people who stay up all night wanting ugly bike print dresses at the fifth cut sale price. Anthropologie sells a whole lot of other things that cost a whole lot more. I go in there, but that is mainly because I like the store displays they make. Oh and how does someone who felt the need to boast about her six figure salary need four years to save for a $2K chair. I guess because when she can’t find enough unflattering dresses to buy she buys herself a diamond ring (yes I was bored last year, recovering from surgery etc, I read her blog a lot). Has she not heard of saving? Why on earth would you NEED to spend your clothes budget on an expensive diamond ring because the store wasn’t offering you enough things you wanted (that was the basic premise she gave, not even that she had some special occasion for the purchase). And why the constant complaints about lack of “work clothes/office wear” etc. No wonder she doesn’t get invited. Buy your clothes somewhere else. Not everyone works in an office and Anthropologie is not going to redesign their clothes just because you complain enough. OK sorry, but she is ridiculous.

    • avatar VegemiteCat

      I don’t mean to offend anyone by implying that $2000 isn’t a large purchase that requires time to save for (and that living in NYC is expensive). It is just that her whole commentary about that chair last week or so was just so patronising (telling readers not to starve themselves etc). Particularly in view of her apparent spending patterns, her obnoxious comment about being in the “top 15% of NYC earners” etc, and a post around the time of the Anthroholic (anthrohamburgler, I love that name :) scandal about her “budgeting”…..

      • avatar Snarky Librarian

        Oh, I agree. She easily spends $1000+ a month on clothes. I can’t imagine spending that much on something as disposable as an outfit you will wear 3-4 times, when you could instead buy a piece of furniture that will last you 10-15 years.

        The thing I never can get over with Roxy is that she has said on her blog that she has credit card debt. How on earth can you justify spending how much she does on clothes while carrying debt? That is mind-boggling to me.

        • avatar x


          Why is a chair even $2000?

          Rich people problems.

    • avatar Say Rah

      That scoopback maxi! I know nothing (nothing!) about fashion, but that just was not a good look! I didn’t know Amish was in? I don’t get the whole Anthro obsession or this blog at all. She does nothing to make me want to buy any of their clothes.

  10. avatar LaDeeDa

    Hey now! I just read on J Crew Aficionada that the store is now cracking down on fitting room pics!! Wonder if this is indicative that stores are trying to quash bloggers??

    • avatar LaDeeDa

      Not gonna lie, as I said before I find the fitting room reviews super helpful, but I can see how some of the major stores would want to regain a handle on their own marketing.

    • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

      ha, good luck with that, jcrew! are they going to confiscate purses before women go into the dressing room? what are they so worried about? oh, right, their declining quality! they might not allow reviews on their website like anthro, but they can’t stop shoppers from posting pictures to their own blogs.

      • avatar LaDeeDa

        I think it shows that yes, indeed, companies do know and follow the big bloggers, and know where they live and shop, and are honing in on them and cracking down.

        • avatar LaDeeDa

          …Sorry, (to continue thought!) because the SA who asked the woman not to take fitting room reviews was asked by corporate to do so.

          • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

            a good reason why these dolts should chop their heads off their fitting room photos. although i don’t think of the chick who got called out as a big blogger. she’s not making money off her blog, anyways (no affiliate links).

            • avatar LaDeeDa

              Good point, the faceless photos would be another loophole.

              In which point, yeah, I don’t know how they’re gonna stop it. An airport scanner system?!!

  11. avatar VegemiteCat

    Let’s see…..major hurricane more than 55 dead, 2 million still without power, gas rationing, whatever. Presidential election, whatever. J.Crew bans fitting room photos OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING RALLY THE TROOPS, they might be prevented or at least thwarted in what seems for some of them (currently in revolt on JCA) to be a 24/7 quest talking about, dissecting, buying, wearing, and returning their five thousandth sequined critter French hen Jenna creation.

  12. avatar Miss Piggy

    I swear she doesn’t zip up half the dresses she tries on or she lies about the sizing, because I can’t fit into some of them and I know what she really can fit in and I find it hard to believe the sizes she says she wears in certain Anthro items.

  13. avatar Too Fat for Anthro

    This blogger does not look good in Anthro’s clothes. She should find clothes that fit her better. I can see why Anthro did not invite her – she does not look the brand and she makes the clothes look unflattering. When I see pictures of her in Anthro’s clothes, I do not want to buy anything from that brand. She can love the brand as much as she wants, but they have no obligation to invite her to their blogger soiree. I’m sure they never asked her to blog about them 24/7. Plus, she sounds sort of entitled – like how dare they not invite me. Funny how girls like that have the biggest egos.

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