David Karp Will Tell You How To Run A Company

I know Lancelle has posted about David Karp, check him out he’s David Karp, and how he recently babbled on to Inc. Magazine about how he runs his LiveJournal ripoff, tumblr. But in the interest of fair and balanced snark, let’s not forget he had some good ideas in there too! Sit down and learn something, kids. This is some gold advice.

When I get to the office, I go through my inbox first and try to respond right away. Then I go through my Unsorted folder, but I respond to very few of those. I’ve found that if you’re not responsive to e-mail, it trains people to leave you alone.

Actually, it trains people to think you’re a self-important asshole.

I get most of my news from my Tumblr dashboard. I used to be a 24-hour news consumer, but so much of the reporting is bad these days. I find tech reporting incredibly tedious and dull. And I’ve kind of given up on reading anything that anyone writes about Tumblr. It’s often inaccurate.

If you ever wondered why Billy Blissington up there seems so unaware that tumblr has any problems, it might be because he doesn’t read any email that isn’t from other employees or his girlfriend, and he sticks his head in the dirt and ignores any criticism. Or maybe it’s because he and his hipster accessory girlfriend are busy driving Porsches:

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is take road trips. I just joined the Classic Car Club in Manhattan. You pay an annual fee, which gives you access to all these cool cars. My girlfriend and I took a 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4S up to Montreal one weekend. It was amazing. We’ve also taken trips to Boston and Maine.

Just what Manhattan needs – another rich 24 year old driving around in expensive cars.

And in case you wondered, there won’t be any live webcam sex shows from the hipster king and queen of New York:

We have a rule: no laptops in the bedroom. Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross.

Yes another tl;dr round of insights from David Karp. Ignore your email, get all your news from tumblr, and spend that money!

  1. avatar Lancelle from Paris

    What a fucking tool. What he means is: “I find tech reporting incredibly tedious and dull. And I’ve kind of given up on reading anything that anyone writes about Tumblr because it’s 100% accurate and I hate to be reminded of my own shortcomings. I’d rather focus on the important things in life, like my $15 notebooks and my $7,000 camera.”

  2. avatar Mall Fashion Trend Setter Ann Taylor Limited Zara

    How much runway do they have left? 6 mos?

  3. avatar bitchface

    I don’t even have a retarded sideways tumblr (I know, loser, right?) but this post makes me chuckle sideways

  4. avatar darling dearest

    “so much of the reporting is bad these days”

    He gets news from his tumblr dashboard. And where do tumblr users get the news they post about? It’s not a network of citizen journalists, they are sifting through and aggregating the very bad reporting he says hes avoiding.

    Fuck, who needs the news when you’ve got a bunch of people in their 20s and their GPOYWs.

    • avatar Expert Gay

      I hate Tumblr users who get all their news from their dashboards and malign other users for refusing to reblog every post about Japan or Haiti. Do they not realize that some people read the NY Times? And that being a self-righteous asshole does very little to “raise awareness” about the latest cause célèbre (accent marks copied and pasted to please Lancelle)? Not to mention that SO many of the “facts” floating around Tumblr are dead wrong, because Tumblr users don’t like taking a few extra seconds to check sources. Tumblr can be a useful tool for disseminating information, but who would rely on it for news? Ugh.

  5. avatar Fat Freddys Cat

    Oh wait. I see the problem. Karp claims he uses the Pilot Precise V7 pen to write in his little dotty notebook thingy. All the really cool cats like me use the Uniball Vision Elite and moleskins. Now I understand why Tumblr sucks.

    • avatar Lancelle from Paris

      Moleskines are so 2010.

      • avatar Floppy is too busy being medium to update

        temporary tattoo notepads, gonna be huge in 2012.

  6. I have a stupid question..if Julia Allison is such a good friend of Karp’s why was Julia never hired as a PR person for tumblr?

    Oh wait, Julia would have to be liked by tumblr staff…not in this century..

  7. avatar darling dearest

    I find this stuff way more offensive and ire inducing than Messica’s scarves or LifeLace’s four suitcases

  8. avatar Princess Xanax

    Great advice for entrepreneurs: Ignore any reporting done in your field of work because it’s like “dull” or whatever.

    • avatar Our Lady of Revisionism

      Yeah, they just don’t get it, man.

  9. avatar zandra - maps lover!

    So he doesn’t like tech reporting because it’s dull, doesn’t read tumblr articles because they’re inaccurate, then proceeds to give an interview with a tech mag about his company tumblr and himself.. so if he comes off as a condescending douche in this atricle it’s just another inaccuracy? Sorry, champ.. it’s not the reporters, it’s you.

    Tumblr as a news source? Yeah, maybe for the latest nood pic or developing stories about cats but not much else.

    • avatar Still Hate Jordan More

      Uh, who is this person?

      • avatar whitegirlproblems?

        She’s a volleyball player.

        I realize it’s OT, but I was shocked that someone deals with bad news by buying (two) mercedes. I usually just eat some ice cream or go for a run or hole up with some crappy tv.

    • avatar wonkeye

      Eww. She’s worse than that Hong Kong housewife with the Hermes obsession.

      • avatar Axis II, Cluster B

        What fresh fuckery is this?

      • avatar Bouncing Little Osel

        I have never seen anyone spend so much money on brand-name accessories and still looks so plain. Does not compute.

      • avatar Mini Driver, Intergalactic Bully

        Those “Hermes” key fobs look like they came out of a gumball machine. That stack of orange gift boxes makes spotted owls weep. Couldn’t get past page one.

  10. avatar LG

    “I’ve found that if you’re not responsive to e-mail, it trains people to leave you alone.”

    if i ever read my boss saying something like that, the amount of respect that i would lose for her would be UNFATHOMABLE. who says shit like that? assholes with zero regard or respect for other people, i’d say.

    • avatar Our Lady of Revisionism

      And switching it around, if your boss ever saw you write something like that, you’d probably be sacked.

  11. avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

    “I’ve found that if you’re not responsive to e-mail, it trains people to leave you out of important decisions about your own company, PR and client relations and just plough ahead with whatever asshole foolishness they can think up themselves, which, ironically, is still probably better than your own asshole foolishness unless your name is (THE REAL) Rich Tong, in which case it involves a full bathtub, a girl with no self-worth and the very first clue in an inevitable sexual harrassment lawsuit.”

  12. avatar Dr. Bobby Is Hiring

    Lol my mom showed me this issue the other day. She held open to a full-page photo of him riding a Vespa and said, “Oh, HE’S cute.” I started laughing and tried to explain what I knew about him through GOMI. But she just gave me a blank stare.

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