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What I Wore Wants You To Focus On What Mom Needs

Jessica Quirk, had a baby, continues the grand tradition of bloggers who want to remind you of all the things you should do for a new mom. In a post titled “10 Ways To Help A New Mom”, Messica lists her expectations of those around her.

Saying “Gifts for baby are great, but gifts for mom (and dad!) are even better” she goes on to tell potential well-wishers that fresh fruits and veggies are preferable to heat and eat dishes, and basically says thank you notes should never be expected.

She also tells visitors that instead of holding the baby or having a chat, they should perform some chores.

Mom doesn’t need you to hold the baby so she can vacuum or do a load of laundry. She needs you to vacuum and do the laundry so she can hold her baby. Period…Other chores might be to take the trash to the curb, take out the kitty litter, take the dog on a walk, shovel the walk (in the winter), rake leaves (in the fall) or water the plants (in the spring/summer).

Messica’s recommended to-do list for visitors is not limited to those close to the family, either.

If you’re a neighbor you could also help by bringing the newspaper or mail up closer to the front door!

And she includes another reminder to stop hogging the baby when he’s happy, because that’s HER time.

I also remember feeling like Felix would get held during all of his “good” moments and then feeding/changing time would creep up and I’d have to jump in again when I really just wanted to cuddle and spend time with my baby when he wasn’t crying.

Ya know, I get being a new mom is hard, and triply so after a c-section. But Messica has an able bodied husband. It’s not like it’s all going to go to hell unless the entire neighborhood drops what they’re doing and mows the lawn. And bring the mail up to the door??? Does she live out on Rural Route BFE where the mailbox is a mile walk each way or something? Why can’t her husband bring the mail in?

And seriously, demanding people only bring you food items that help you adhere to your Whole 30 Paleo Whatever is kind of entitled. Maybe Old Widow Soandso brings new moms c/o noodle caboodle because that’s what people did in her day. Is it so hard to smile, say thank you, let someone hold the new life for a few minutes, toss the offending casserole when they leave, and just say later that it was delicious whether you ate a bite or not?

It’s like bloggers expect to be excused of all basic manners and courtesy for others because they reproduced. Cmon son. Get a grip.


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Mommy Esq. Will Wax Her Kindergartner

Mommy, Esq., recently had a “Girls Day” with her 5 year old daughter. They did all the normal things you do on a mommy-and-me day.


Now you hams know I’m not the judging type, but who on earth takes a 5 year old in for a brow wax? Is that what happened here? I am so confused. Is this normal?


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Aubrey Nelson Demonstrates Medical Emergency Manners


Aubrey Nelson, traumatized mother, spent Saturday taking pictures of her son. Not normal pictures of a child at the park, or playing, or messily eating ravioli – pictures of him having his busted chin stitched up.

I know this is ‘a thing‘ for these mommy grammers, but it looks like homegirl is right up in the middle of the doctors while they try to attend to her child. Maybe go read a Redbook in the waiting room if you’re too traumatized to be of any real use beyond shoving phones in his face?


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Dooce’s Boyfriend Stepping In Since Ex-Mr. Dooce Stepped Off

As the Ex-Mr. Dooce returns to pseudoparenting the two random kids who live with his lady friend, newly single mom Dooce and her daughters spent some time hanging out with the half-nose selfie king she constantly vacations with – and it seems as if her gentleman caller is really enjoying the family time.

Hangin' Tuff! c wut i did there

Hangin’ Tuff! c wut i did there

Though Blurb peaced out to Brooklyn a while back, he has continued his parenting podcast. Meanwhile, it seems Dooce is slowly integrating Tuff into her family. Maybe those girls will eventually have another full-time dad?


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Uppercase Woman Is No More

Cecily Kellogg, dunzo, has finally torpedoed the archive of life fail known as Uppercase Woman.

Thanks for a great ten years…I’ve decided to say goodbye to Uppercase Woman…Thank you, so much, for reading and supporting me.

She has moved over to, where apparently she is attempting to rebrand herself as a picmonkey’d ‘content creator’. There is no mention of her getting any kind of real job. Apparently she intends to cling to the wine and roses cash money days of Babble with a furious grip.