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Taza Introduces Pageviews Davis To His Audience

Taza has finally birthed, and it’s a boy.

It’s a boy! I love him so much already.

Pageviews Davis joins older sister Income and older brother Click$ in the family business known as Love Taza.


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Love Taza Pop Watch Has Begun

Taza, life for sale, announced a couple of days ago that contractions have begun for her third little cash cow. It’s been radio silence since, and her fangirls are frothing at the mouth for an update on little Edith or Mallory or whatever hipster name they throw on this one.

I’m checking out your profile for about 7 times in one hour! So excited about your third baby!

Randomly checking in after 3 in the morning hoping for a baby update from either @taza or @tiesandfries

Seriously, who gets up at 3am to see if some blogger’s baby was born? Anyway, she was probably born Saturday night or something because there have been zero updates from the Derps, and that’s just not normal. I guess you’ll all need to just clear your week because the announcement of the Most Important Birth In Blogging could come at any time, and you’ll want to write down where you were when you heard the news.


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That Wife’s Drunk Humor Is Something Else


I can’t tell if That Wife is trolling or if she really doesn’t remember that thing that just happened. Either way this tweet is one of the best examples of wearing blinders I’ve ever seen. And how often is she going to remind us that she omgdrinks now?


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Cecily Kellogg Is The Great White Story Changer

Cecilyk, race relations justice fighter from her sofa, jumped on yet another hashtag this week. During her train ride to LastStabAtRelevanceville, she tweeted this claim.


If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard this story before, don’t worry – you have. Just not this new version.

One version tells of a young Cecily joy riding with a friend’s car and being forced to apologize.

Pretty quickly we found their liquor stash, and soon we found their car keys, and we were driving their car through town, drunk…It was New Year’s Eve of 1981 when my mom asked me about the car…I was sure she knew everything, and I immediately confessed…I remember sitting in the house when the owners came back, forced to tell them what had happened, my mother rigid at my side. I remember the husband of that family looking stricken, saying, “Even now, I find myself wanting to trust you. How could you do this to us?” I remember feeling shame and yet burning with resentment, thinking that they were rich (they weren’t, the car was actually pretty old), what did it matter that I drank their booze and trashed their car?

In an earlier version she claimed “I got put in jail for a few hours as a kid to try to scare me straight after I stole a car at 13.”  Now via twitter she is evidently claiming she was not arrested – only the black kid involved was - and saying “only white people” don’t believe her story.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t add up; intarwebs reporters are still spreading her dubious tale around in their stories about the hashtag. Cecily whined to her facebook audience ”I’m still getting press requests”, and tweeted this self-important statement:


…as if the press are chasing her down for comment like she’s Kate Middleton walking out of Boots with a pregnancy test.

So it looks like all her couch based hashtag activism has finally paid off by giving her a last stab at notoriety. I can’t wait to see how our new voice of racial justice changes the world, one “brown boy” at a time.


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Mystery Mommy Lying About Miscarriage?

Wait wut?

Wait wut?

Trisha, blogger at Growing The Bell Family, wrote the weirdest of vaguegrams yesterday. According to her, someone she follows on Instagram is “faking” a miscarriage.

…one of my mommy friends just admitted to faking her pregnancy with twins and was in the process of “losing” a twin…I’m sorry but if this is the “attention” you’re looking for than you need to dig deeper to the root cause because losing a baby is no joke.

I don’t even know what to make of this. The post doesn’t say who this mystery miscarriage faker is, but it seems to be striking home for Trisha, who recently suffered the loss of her 7th pregnancy.