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Flora And Fauna Pregnancy Confirmed

We already knew.

As suspected on GOMI 8 weeks ago, Tatiana of Flora and Fauna is pregnant with number two. She made the announcement with her usual overblown blogger language:

Every night when we climb in bed papa bear is so anxious about feeling the baby move. I tell him it’s too early for him to feel anything yet so he just rubs my blossoming belly instead and asks me how the baby is doing today.

I guess “Mama Bear” was waiting until the professional photo shoot was done before announcing what the GOMI Pregnancy Test already knew. We look forward to seeing what new Pinterest inspired personality she will switch to now.


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“American Blogger” Being Released Tomorrow

Casey Wiegand has announced that her husband’s stunning cinematography project “American Blogger”, also known as “The Movie About The Wiegand’s Friends”, will now be released tomorrow instead of in June.

Originally the plan for the film was that Chris would release the film in June on iTunes only…Because the release of the trailer didn’t go anything like what we expected, Chris has decided to release the movie on Wednesday via a different source.

Chris Wiegand is also issuing a disclaimer with the movie, which is basically a masterpiece of attempted backpedaling:

The way in which these women tell their stories with authenticity does represent the bravery and passion of American Bloggers, but please know: not all categories of American Bloggers are represented in this film. There are still many more stories to be told.

The disclaimer also has Chris saying “This film is not meant to validate blogging as a career”. This is basically the opposite of what he said to Daily Dot just two weeks ago, when he told an interviewer ”I want to validate these bloggers”.

So…viewing party in my basement tomorrow, hams?


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Roundup: Here’s Some Things That Don’t Really Require A Full Post

Young House Love had their baby boy Theodore last Wednesday. Of course with their posting lag time, that could mean he came out back in March.

Jen Loves Kev are evidently going to start fostering kids with the intent of adopting some.

Messica of What I Wore has started complaining about gaining 15 pounds in the past 5 months of pregnancy. I may be wrong, but isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?

The site inspired by The Great XOJane exodus of 2014 is apparently launching today, calling itself The Flounce. Don’t feel obligated to check it out – it’s basically just XOJane, but less user friendly.


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CecilyK Moving For Some Reason

In case you missed it Cecily Kellogg, financial adviser, has “begun to plan, seriously, for moving sometime this summer”.

We know where we want to move – an area of Philly called West Philly/University City – because it’s halfway between my mom’s place and Tori’s school. It will save us tons of commuting time and will also allow us much better access to public transportation if we choose.

Not understanding the fixation on access to public transportation since they supposedly have a van, but ok. She then goes on to set up a back story for this totally voluntary move.

While we’ve been discussing moving for a long time, it finally felt like reality to Tori and she had some tough feelings about it. Luckily, I took her to Ikea to buy her a desk for her room and we talked about what we could do in a new room for her and she got excited about moving. Though she will miss having a nice front yard.

Since Cecily claims she is saving for family vacations and attending weddings on the other side of the country and thus unable to attend any blogger conferences…how exactly are they going to afford to move? They can’t even keep their current home in proper repair as it is. I can’t imagine what they will wind up doing to a rental if they manage to get $10k together to move in the first place.

Blogger finances just baffle the crap out of me.


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Mr. “Love Taza” Apparently Now A “Founder”

um what

Josh Davis, aka Mr. Taza, appears to be reinventing himself. Like every other 20-something who watched David Karp happen, Mr. Taza seems to have dreams of becoming some kind of tech company “founder“. Thus, “Pippit” exists.

From what can be surmised, Pippit is some kind of iPhone app that may or may not basically be Instagram with a reblog feature or some kind of pinterest type app. “Oh Joy” is speculated to be involved somehow, and the Pippit twitter follow list seems to indicate something similar.

Just what New York needs – yet another guy trying to be a tech startup wannabe. Love Taza must be minting money if he can quit his job to play “founder”.