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Hey Natalie Jean Knows How To Do Minimalism

Natalie Holbrook, she’s from Brooklyn, has been trying to make a minimalist ‘capsule’ wardrobe thing happen. She apparently thinks a pared down wardrobe collection will…honestly I’m not sure why she’s doing it, other than maybe an excuse to shove some rstyle links up our noses.

But don’t you dare think for one second that it should be easy for a stay at home wife married to a six figure salary of a man to figure out which items should be included in her amazing minimalist hanging-on-display collection.

My problem isn’t in simplifying a look, it’s in simplifying my options. I like this red plaid shirt, but I also like this red plaid shirt! And which one will I want to wear the most? And what would that preference that even say about a person?

Her final list of choices adds up to almost $5,000 and includes a $175 striped tee and a $250 red plaid shirt, which should pair nicely with the free extra pair of boots she received the other day. Because heaven knows you need at least 10 pairs of black boots.

Don’t even get me started on the boots. I love these black boots, but I also love these black boots, and I don’t need both but they’re just sooo different though!

Bored rich white ladies – they’re just like us!


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Bleubird Will Just SWF Everyone

Bleubird, instagram copycat extraordinaire, is still copycatting on instagram.


It looks like after single white female-ing Drew Barrymore and Taza, James has moved on to Denise. Creeper alert! Why can’t she come up with her own instagram ideas already?


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Ramshackle Glam Will Move To California

Jordan Reid, ice cream outfit stylist, has announced she and her Glamily will be moving out to the land of Ebay.

We’re moving to California, to San Francisco’s South Bay. For good, this time.

When Kendrick’s internship ended, his company made him a post-graduation job offer, and last week he accepted. And so next spring he will graduate, and we will pack up everything we own, and then we will pile our dogs and our kids into a rented RV…And when the drive comes to an end, we’ll pull into the driveway of some as-yet-unknown house or apartment, and we’ll start a whole new life in a whole new place.

Though they recently purchased a home in Westchester County – a move rumored to have been based on Jordan’s hopes of an HGTV style renovation/makeover show – she says the decision to move was obvious because the 8 weeks they spent in California this summer were “like magic, like we were living in a bubble of joy and adventure”.

She and Kenny then apparently got tattoos to celebrate the decision, I assume because tats are currently trending in NYC.


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Jordan Reid Knows How To Dress For An Ice Cream Outing


Jordan Reid, the division by zero of lifestyle blogging, has treated us to her latest wtf outfit.

Friday night and the dancing shoes are ON. (Totally kidding; our plans are to go to Coldstone.)

Yes folks, this is how a 33 year old suburban mother of two winds up dressing for October trips to the ice cream shop when she’s balls deep in lifestyle blogging. How delightful.


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Karl’s Daughter Will Not Go To College

Karl Heitman, father of a princess, is tired of getting the “stink eye” when he tells people his daughter will not be going to college. Asking whether it is “wise to expect young women to go to a university and pursue a career”, Karl tries to explain why his girl child will not be needing higher education.

Let’s face it; feminism has so influenced American culture that it has infiltrated the Christian culture just as much in more subtle ways. The average Christian woman is not trained from the home, nor encouraged, to find a husband as an alternative to going to college and starting a career. This is sad and unbiblical.

Karl says he is not opposed to his daughter pursuing a “higher Christian (emphasis on Christian) education” as long as her motive is not “so that she can be independent of a man”. He continues by admitting it can be a grey area if a woman winds up with a husband who is unable to work; but rather than see a woman in the workforce, he suggests some kind of vague community aid to support the family.

He concludes this bizarre post by saying women are not supposed to “leave home at a young, vulnerable age, get a formal education, get a reputable job, and then have a family when she feels like it”, which apparently is his justification for encouraging his daughter to remain dependent on others for the whole of her life. I guess he expects her to bank on good fortune, and should that fail, on the charity of others. Why you would not want your daughter to be able to fend for herself if need be is a mystery to me, but ok.