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“Sunshine Mary” Closing Blog

Sunshine Mary,  anti-feminism hero and rape culture denier, has announced she is leaving the internet.

I would like to let readers know that I have reached the very difficult decision to stop writing my blog.  This is a sad and hard post for me to write, but I feel that an explanation ought to be given here. I have been the victim of a vicious (and needless) smear campaign; this is not a problem per se, but my children have been brought into it and their safety and security has been compromised.  As a mother, I cannot continue to write this blog if it endangers my family.

Saying “It is not my preference to do this, but my hand has been forced and I am left with no other options” due to “the extreme aggression of two women” Sunshine Mary then went on to detail the alleged harassment, even including the text of an email supposedly sent around containing links to her daughter’s (public) Google+ account.

Well, if nothing else this will probably just confirm for Sunshine Mary that all women except her are evil bitches. As if she needed further nudging towards hating anything with a vagina.


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Ramshackle Glam Has Second Book Coming Out

gimme a fucking break

All you actual writers who contemplated burning down the internet after Jordan Reid‘s first book deal, please hand over your matches – Shillshackle Sham already has a second book coming out in 2015. After reminding everyone that she’s pregnant, Shilshackle announces “Well, now I have another big project due around that time, too.”

Coming from Running Press in Spring 2015: book No. 2, Carrying On. (The manuscript goes in at the end of the summer.)

Now, don’t you struggling real writers all feel that the money and years spent on education, building credibility, and honing talent were all worth it? Guess you should’ve started a blog instead, right?! Happy Hump Day!


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Mormon In Manhattan Noticed The New Baptism Video


Natalie Hill, man getting expert, spent Sunday ugly crying into her pillow over some Mormon women’s conference. But it seems some of those tears were also salty with confusion. Evidently her sister made the previous baptism video clip – but around the 1:30:00 mark, Natalie and her sister noticed something different:

wait wuh

…wuuuuut? Natalie’s other sister chimed in with her feelings as well:

i wut wut

Well, those Hill girls sure are a swell bunch. Such great representatives of the open minded universal love of the Mormon church. Where do I sign up?


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CheyB Will Tell Single Moms How To Raise A Son

CheyB, “relationship expert”, has already gifted us vaginal citizens with top secret info about men that women “need” to know. Now he is going to help single mothers raise decent man children.

Unfortunately, in many cases, a young male may love his mother to death, but the respect factor isn’t always there simply because you’re a woman. The extent of that respect will be simply because you’re his mother. What he needs is a man who will enforce rules, regulations, standards, requirements and firm consequences for breaking rules.

His advice includes awesome tips like “strategically position him around a man who has power and influence” and finding a man to advise and guide your son because discipline “feels like it’s “nagging”” when it “comes from a woman”.

There you go, single moms of sons – hand your boy over to a man before he turns into a useless hoodlum, because he’s never going to respect a mere woman.


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XOJane Will Make It Easy For Your Abuser

XOJane, where pageviews are apparently more important than people, just published a post called “It Happened To Me: I Live With My Abuser” that details the author’s story of moving back in with the stepfather who she alleges sexually abused her.

When I graduated high school, my only goal was to move away from him, as far as possible. That only ended up being Mississippi. My time in college was miserable…In 2012, I finally left college and moved from Mississippi back to my family home in Texas, where I am today…My plan was to move home and immediately find a “good-paying” job where I could move out and start my own life. I haven’t been so lucky in finding that job. I currently work part-time as a receptionist, and my life is a mess.

In the post, which also features a picture of the author and intense details of her abuse and resulting depression, the author claims “I know that if, given the opportunity, he would abuse me again” before saying the abuse has never been reported.

Do the XOJane editors not wonder for a moment what would happen to this woman if her stepfather found this post, with her picture and all her allegations? Or do they just not care because pageview$?

Update: XOJane commenters have created a fund to help the author get out of her situation. You can donate here. I wish the best of luck to the author, and if anyone else has any resources to recommend please feel to add them in the comments.