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Photographer Considering Lawsuit Against Bristling Bride

Andrea Polito, the photographer put on blast by “social media expert” Neely Moldovan over a contract dispute, may be considering legal action. According to a statement her attorney made to NBC 5:

We will seek justice and do what is necessary to protect Andrea, and are in the process of investigating claims for defamation, business disparagement, and tortuous interference.

Her attorney went on to say “Andrea may not ever be able to repair the damage caused by the Moldovans”, and in a formal statement claims “the Moldovans have engaged in a public smear campaign to ruin Andrea Polito’s reputation”.

Neely and Andrew “denied making some online comments that were attributed to them and said someone else wrote them after setting up fake online profiles using their names” and say they never said they hoped the story would ‘go viral’. Andrew stated “Neither of us ever hoped her business is ruined nor do we even want that”. They have apparently hired attorneys of their own.

On Wednesday Andrea informed NBC 5 that she had hired an attorney, saying “The Moldovans’ story and the statements they have made in numerous outlets have caused me great harm, personally and professionally…a follow up story would likely only lead to further coverage of inaccurate and untruthful statements”. She then referred NBC 5 reporters to her attorney.


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Bleubird Knows How To Acknowledge MLK Day

James, the Bleubird blogger behind Mothermag, recently went on a comped vacation at a Mississippi poverty theme park/hotel thing. Seriously, I’m not sure what else to call it. It’s literally old sharecropper shacks sitting by a cotton field, where white hipsters can go play Huckleberry Finn for a few days. Thankfully James and co. were duly respectful of the place’s history and didn’t carry on like a bunch of imperialists come to frolic among the savages. Oh wait.

When we arrived to The Shacks (yes, shacks. That is what they are called because they are literally shacks)…We stayed in “The Rich House”, which is their biggest accommodation…The next morning we explored the cotton field next to our house…

The James clan thoughtfully contemplated their surroundings, the scene of so much past poverty and despair.

We spent the afternoon with our friends and their families, flying kites with the kids and playing in the cotton field. That night everyone gathered at our house and cooked a giant feast…

They spent the evening in their big shack, probably the former home of a brutally poor tenant farmer, gorging on “the most incredible pulled pork, sweet mashed potatoes, corn bread, roasted this and that, salad, and more”. Afterwards, they hopped into the GMC Yukon they were given free, to review, and headed home to their white house, to sleep on their clean white beds.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone!


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Cecily Kellogg Continues To Use Your Artwork

CecilyK, renowned creative, posted a picture of her artistic talents yesterday.


Her fb pals immediately began splooshing themselves over her amazing work. Except it wasn’t her work. It was a copy of someone else’s work. Apparently the image was reported, forcing poor Cess to remove the image and issue a statement.

So I pulled a dick move last night. I shared a painting I did and several people liked it…and I was so happy with it I neglected a big truth: I am NOT the original artist…the image was reported (as it should have been) and I am absolutely furious at myself. I forget, sometimes, how big my following is and that by mimicking another artist’s work I’m being an asshole.

Yes, Cecily forgot she is super famous and that maybe some people in her audience might know she is passing other things off as her things. I mean, this is her excuse? How many times is she going to do this? Her reputation is going to hell in a ham basket with every new piece of filched art she posts.


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That Wife Will Care About You On The Weekends

Jenna Cole, America’s Favorite Parent, continues to make it clear exactly how much time she spends dealing with her kids. In response to a lunch invitation that included her children, Jenna responded:

I only do stuff with the kids on the weekends. Otherwise they are in care or napping.

Jenna may also have hinted that she has a new project in the works:

Oh please let this be “TAHBS, the JennaCast Podshow Thing”! I would happily pay for THAT show. She may be looking for new projects because, according to her, she’s not been feeling her most amazing self this year.

Depression and anxiety have become companions of mine, and it takes a lot of mental energy to keep them at a respectable distance so I can fulfill my responsibilities…I felt rejuvenated like this twice before in 2014, each time when I went to Utah for photography workshops…I think those are the things I need to focus on bringing into my life more often after the New Year in order to avoid the depressive bouts I’ve been dealing with.

She goes on to say her goals for 2015 include spending “less time in front of the computer”, more time chasing light – and even more ‘Jenna time’.

I do enjoy having the time to myself…but a recent therapy session filled with tears helped me discover that it is also about knowing my kids are with another adult who can give them undivided attention and meet their emotional needs…Thanks to my therapist I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed thinking that I am the only person in their life who can give them them what they need to holistically meet their physical and emotional needs.

The solution? Hire back the nanny! Because the heavenly lord of cocktails knows if there’s anything Jenna needs, it’s more people taking over her child rearing responsibilities.

Anyway, Happy New Year, hams! The 2015 GOMI Awards categories are going up soon, and I can’t wait to see who sweeps this year. Let the celebration begin!


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You Don’t Know Hope And You Don’t Know How To Read Her Posts

Hope Kumor, you don’t understand her love, put a charming piece of Livejournalism up on XOJane the other day. It was a long screed about the buttmadness of living with her boyfriend’s parents, those jerks.

But it’s not even her fault, guys. She HAD to move out of her parents’ home and into her boyfriend’s parents’ home instead of some apartment, because money.

…I have student loans to pay for along with my car. All of our money would be going to the apartment instead of living. We wouldn’t be able to go out to eat a good meal or even go on vacation. We were stuck.

No vacations or eating out??? That’s like, SO awful, guys. But living with his parents is even worse. She can’t run around in her thong, or grope her boyfriend in the kitchen, even. How can anyone live in such an oppressed state?

I want to have passionate sex and vocalize as loud as I want. Whenever we’re doing the deed, I must cover my mouth so I don’t make too much noise. I must be respectful, but that part really sucks because I can never truly let myself go.

When commenters began to point out that perhaps Princess Thong was being a bit entitled, she shot back with a post basically telling people they read it all wrong.

…THANK YOU to all those who left us lovely comments. I suppose you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm of our situation. It was a joke, but maybe you aren’t smart enough to decipher the difference.

Evidently that still wasn’t enough venting, because today Hope came back with yet more ‘clarification’, explaining that the unwashed masses will never understand her great Isoldean love story and she and her boyfriend are the nicest most responsible adulting people ever, so there.

Brett & I have a unique relationship that no one will ever understand. Maybe you think that’s immature of me to say, but you’ll never get it and I don’t feel as if I need to explain that. Thanks for your concern though. It’s greatly appreciated.

She continued with the tired old “The thing is, you don’t know me. You don’t know a thing about me. You merely read this article and judged me” crap that all these early 20s, 5 Thought Catalog Posts Means I Am A Writer ‘writers’ spew out when someone on earth dares to tell them they aren’t a Speshul Sneauxflake.

Kids today, amirite??? Someone give these two a free vacation to Jamaica and some Applebee’s gift cards already!