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Bleubird Will Also SWF Other Bloggers

Miss James of Bleubirdblog, unoriginal, loves to single white female others. Most recently she copied Drew Barrymore’s instagram down to background and pose. Now she’s at it again.

Just two weeks after Taza posted about her son cutting his sister’s hair while unsupervised:


Miss James pops up with a practically identical post:


Oh James. This is just getting sad now.


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Luxury Lifestyle Blogger Charged With Identity Theft, Grand Larceny


David Tripp, the effete fraud behind the blog “The General Aesthete“, was arrested for using stolen credit cards to make large purchases of luxury goods at such stores as Jil Sander, Marni, and Marc Jacobs.

Using the name ‘Kelly’ and saying he was a ‘stylist’ for various celebrities, Tripp would select thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and then pay using stolen American Express cards. He was arrested when the general manager of the Marc Jacobs store noticed the name on the credit card was ‘Kelli’, not ‘Kelly’. After googling the cardholder’s name he found a business phone number, and quickly verified that the card was stolen. Tripp was then arrested at the store and later released on bail. His facebook and Instagram appear to be deleted as well.

So I guess now we know how at least one of these luxury lifestyle bloggers made ends meet. If this were normal practice it would certainly answer a lot of questions as to how these seeming nobodies from nowhere manage to blast onto the scene (seriously, this guy was everywhere back in 2012) with blogs full of thousand dollar geodes and 50 pairs of $500 shoes.


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Bleubird Will SWF Celebrities

James McCoy, desperately trying to make MOTHER happen, is apparently moving on from social climbing in Nashville. She’s setting her starhumping sights higher by trying to buddy up to Drew Barrymore via social  media.

In what is clearly a bid for Barrymore’s attention, James and her mothermag cohort Katie donned identical tees and assumed identical poses for instagram while arm waving at Barrymore about “playing twins”.

Image by ill-fitting onesie

Barrymore posted her original instagram a month ago in support of Foster LA. James and Katie made no mention of the original reason behind the shirt, preferring instead to hashtag their posts with “#sillyrabbits” and “#beingsilly” after @ing Barrymore in an apparent effort to get an acknowledgement from the celebrity.

Is this what we’re doing now to get celebrity traction for our blogs? Because it seems not only transparent, but sadsack. Or as one ham put it, “Drew used her fame to promote a good cause. Lames used a good cause to promote her fame.”


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Clare Will Use Your Child In A Sponsored Instagram

Clare, over at “Fitting It All In”, started a new nanny job this week. Despite the long day she had, she managed to fit in an instagram post featuring one of her charges.


In case you’re wondering, that “#ad” hastag denotes exactly what you think it does – Clare used this picture as an instagram ad.

So in case finding a good nanny wasn’t hard enough, I guess now there’s another thing for parents to worry about when hiring childcare – whether their kids will be plastered all over the internet without parental knowledge as part of some sponsor campaign.


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Nat Reveals Tat, Internet Goes “I’ve Already Seen That”

In a pretty transparent bid to attention grab away from Taza’s pregnancy announcement, Hey Natalie Jean finally revealed the over-hyped rebellion tattoo she’s been talking about getting since recorded time began. Unfortunately all she did was make the internet go “wait…that looks familiar”.


Yep, in typical unoriginal Bratalie fashion, she got a design from a decorative pillow permanently placed on her shoulder. Of course she added her own ‘hipster arrow’ touch, because…yeah.

Years of planning and talking and wanting and hyping it up on twitter and instagram, and this is what it was all about? Womp womp. What a failure of a thunder steal, because I’d rather talk about how Taza is going to fit three kids in that apartment.