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Sparkling Adventures Will Provide You With A “Gayby”


Sparkling Adventures, there are no words, has announced to the world she is once again pregnant. But she’s not regular pregnant, she’s cool pregnant. With a “gayby”!

I’m delighted to share publicly that I’m pregnant again — but the baby isn’t mine. I’m growing a child for close friends of mine who can’t naturally conceive and birth their own child.

Well that sounds wonderful, right? Surrogacy can be a wonderful, selfless act designed to provide people with a family. But Sparky didn’t want to have just any ole baby.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been growing in love for the gay community, and I knew having a baby with a gay couple would be a way I could make a meaningful difference in their lives.

That’s right, she purposely sought out a gay couple so she could have a “gayby”. She’s also thinking of the future for her own children – “I know that what I’m doing will augment our worldwide network of loving friends — my girls will always be welcomed in Ágúst and Ben’s home when they choose to start travelling independently”. And don’t think she’s doing it as a way to supplement her income, either:

I’m not being paid for the pregnancy in any way, although the fathers did offer. Without any contracts, payments or legalities, this isn’t a surrogacy — it’s a love affair! I’ve enjoyed a romance with a married couple, fallen pregnant to them and will birth their baby in their home. The fathers will pay for the home-birth midwife’s services, and I’m covering all our travel costs and living expenses.

I just…ok, look. I 100% in theory support what she’s doing. But the woman can barely provide for her own kids, so this all feels like some kind of stunt for high fives and attention. What do you hams think? Am I being too cynical here?


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BlogHer ’14 Apparently A Huge Womp Womp

Another BlogHer conference has ended, and from behind all the hype and hooplah some very interesting stories emerged. Some highlights:



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BlogHer 2014 Open Post Sponsored By Caffeine And Box Wine

Oh glorious day! BlogHer is here again, and bloggers have spent the entire day either hand wringing about what to pack, or scrambling to be the OMG FIRST! to arrive at the venue. The obnoxious hashtag parties have already begun, as has the booth begging (“come by our booth! lots of nice crap you’ll never use and probably won’t even take home!”) and instagram is filling up with sitting-on-a-plane selfies.

So let the mommy Rumspringa begin! Post your Live Action Hamnews in the comments, and of course just discuss BlogHer in general. We’ll be here alternating between alcohol and popcorn, so don’t let us down!





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Bleubird Will Also SWF Other Bloggers

Miss James of Bleubirdblog, unoriginal, loves to single white female others. Most recently she copied Drew Barrymore’s instagram down to background and pose. Now she’s at it again.

Just two weeks after Taza posted about her son cutting his sister’s hair while unsupervised:


Miss James pops up with a practically identical post:


Oh James. This is just getting sad now.


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Luxury Lifestyle Blogger Charged With Identity Theft, Grand Larceny


David Tripp, the effete fraud behind the blog “The General Aesthete“, was arrested for using stolen credit cards to make large purchases of luxury goods at such stores as Jil Sander, Marni, and Marc Jacobs.

Using the name ‘Kelly’ and saying he was a ‘stylist’ for various celebrities, Tripp would select thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and then pay using stolen American Express cards. He was arrested when the general manager of the Marc Jacobs store noticed the name on the credit card was ‘Kelli’, not ‘Kelly’. After googling the cardholder’s name he found a business phone number, and quickly verified that the card was stolen. Tripp was then arrested at the store and later released on bail. His facebook and Instagram appear to be deleted as well.

So I guess now we know how at least one of these luxury lifestyle bloggers made ends meet. If this were normal practice it would certainly answer a lot of questions as to how these seeming nobodies from nowhere manage to blast onto the scene (seriously, this guy was everywhere back in 2012) with blogs full of thousand dollar geodes and 50 pairs of $500 shoes.