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Jen Gotch Tries To Find The Lesson In A Urinating Woman

Jen Gotch, runs some kind of online store or something, was driving down Sunset in her car, which she does not live in, when she saw a moment worthy of instagram.


Some followers were shocked, telling Jen to “offer compassion and empathy, not exploitation”, while others reacted with lols, saying “Are you sure that’s a lady? Haha”. Still others waved their banners of support, telling Jen they see the image as part of her “quest to find what it is to intentionally live your life with grace and gratitude”. Jen basically flipped dissenters the bird, telling them “your rush to judgment and public shaming of me is not welcome here” before posting a picture of a kitten because things “got extremely out of hand in that last post”.

Jen is clearly over the debate, saying it’s been “Such an interesting week. Thanks for all of the really really kind words and for the criticism, too. I don’t know most of you personally so I take both the good and bad with a grain of salt. I love salt.”


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CecilyK Did Her Part To Help The “Brown Boys”, Then Flounced

After smearing her ragefeels all over twitter and facebook for two days, social slacktivist Cecily Kellogg made sure to remind everyone yesterday to go out and participate in the local protest rally.


At the time of the rally, she flooded her instagram stream with pictures of her holding vigil candles, talking to the crowd, and holding her daughter’s hand while she explained why they were there. Oh wait, no she didn’t. She was too busy taking feminist Slurpee selfies at a green light.


After fielding questions about why she wasn’t at the rally she had promoted so vocally and being called out for instagramming while driving, Cecily decided she’d had enough of the internet judging her inactivism. She’s now flounced off her instagram account.


So much for taking responsibility for the “criticism loop”. Why actually change your behavior when you can just hide it so no one can judge you? That sounds like a totally healthy way for a recovered “drunk” to deal with things. Maybe she should have created a hashtag about it instead.


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Julia Allison Is Getting Married

Julia Allison, apparently not getting enough attention lately, has announced her impending wedding.


She says after “years of struggling to love myself and looking outside to my parents, the media and of course – men – for validation” she has discovered she will never be worthy of love until she comes to “love myself wholly”.

Please join me for this exuberant celebration & sacred ritual of self-love,
officiated by Priestess of Love Annie Lalla, with costumes, fire, dance, music & spoken word, as well as a special performance by the Bride herself.

Since I’m pretty sure the only person Julia Allison has ever truly loved is Julia Allison, I think this makes perfect sense. Best wishes to the bride! She finally gets to walk down the aisle with her best friend and soulmate.


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Carly Will Out Negative Commenters

The College Prepster, mature, has apparently found a charming tactic to deal with “negative” commenters – tracking them down and outing them on Facebook.

On August 5, stating that she would “normally brush off these comments because they clearly project insecurities the commenter has about his/herself”, the obviously self-assured Carly decided to track down one commenter who “continues to get under my skin”.


Apparently her lecture about being a positive role model on the internet – which apparently means not leaving negative comments on blogs – didn’t work, because yesterday she had to track down and shame yet another commenter.


Lapping up commenter responses telling her she was “too cool” and “taking the high road”, Carly then attempted to justify outing her blog readers by saying her intent was to “call attention to the public nature of the internet”.

It will be yet another nail in the coffin of blogging if this sort of thing catches on. As a rule, people don’t like being stalked down and having their identity put on blast just for leaving a comment on a website.


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Cupcakes And Cashmere Announces Her Own Bundle Of Pageviews


Emily Schuman, of the million dollar bungalow Schumans, has announced via a twee youtube video that she and husband Geoffrey will be adding a new little content generator to the house that bland built.

Assumed to be around three months along, Cuppy has apparently not yet broken the news on her blog or other social media. She did, however, post this video announcement to her youtube channel tonight.

Discussion will probably now begin over how she will incorporate little Cake Pop into her blog. I can’t wait to see what exciting new ways she can use the word ‘obsessed’!