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In Case You Were Wondering What Happened To That Ex-Brother-In-Law Of ‘Hey Natalie Jean’

He’s still around on twitter, being classy.




Has The Jezebel Staff Exodus Begun?

Emma Carmichael, the 25 year old brought on as Jezebel’s new Editor-In-Chief, has barely been at the helm for two weeks and already staffers are leaving.

Lindy West informed everyone via twitter that last Friday was her final day at the ladyblog.


On Friday longtime Jezebel staffer Tracie Egan Morrissey announced she too would be leaving.

I’ve learned in the past eight years is that I actually don’t have to prove myself to anyone as my awesomeness has been so…blatantly obvious this entire time and my only regret is that I ever—even for one moment—gave a flying —- about what some —hole had to say about it.

Rumors are swirling that Dodai Stewart – passed over for the promotion in favor of a young white woman – may be considering her options as well. A tipster writes:

She could so go anywhere now…it will be so confusing to all of us if she stays…

A “wait and see” attitude seems to be the plan for now.


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“Peacock Angel” Thinks The Dove Ads Are Nazi Propoganda

In case the ladysites out there didn’t give you something to faux poutrage over today, “Peacock Angel” offers you proof that the Dove ads are basically pushing the Nazi agenda.

I’m pointing out that valuing natural beauty and trashing artificial beauty is really— eugenics-y and also literally something the Nazis did, and how that ideology kind of plays into this shit.

She then includes a huge paragraph describing Nazi Germany’s “ideal woman” -  a tall, large hipped Teutonic fraulein with naturally blonde hair and perfect skin. To which PA responds that the “whole “healthy and able to birth children easily, but not fat, with no makeup or hair dye or plastic surgery” ideal of womanhood is so eugenics-y and creepy”.

This all sounds like the sort of connections people make when they’re shotgunning Natty Beamers during a boring camping trip. Or the sort of discussion that happens at the Jezebel editorial meetings. Whichever.


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Anna’s Vine Is Something You Might Enjoy


With tips on talking to your kids about drugs and proper discipline techniques – even some helpful dating advice -  there’s a whole lot of WTF to enjoy on the Vine of “a literal potato”. Go get yourself some Franzia and be prepared to say “lol wut” a lot.

And if you have any WTF Vines to share be sure to do so in the comments. I’m sure everyone would appreciate another time suck.


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Women Against Feminism Are Against Feminist Women Who Are Feminist

Somewhat old news, but in case you haven’t seen it yet there is a wonderfully uplifting tumblr called “Women Against Feminism“. It’s full of empowering anti-feminist sentiments such as “I don’t need feminism…because it causes misandry” and “I need feminism because I’m a lesbian so men disgust me”. And the ever supportive signs proclaiming feminism the exclusive domain of dumb whores.


It’s mostly a bunch of the same party lines you’ll hear on any MRA website, just pushed by vaginal citizens instead of angry dudes with nice guy syndrome roid rage. Enjoy!