These New Blogger Confs Will Fill The Void

Blogger conferences may be closing left and right – Camp Mighty and the Healthy Living Summit were both cancelled, and BlissDom is no more – but a few intrepid bloggers are still trying to make them happen. The Feminist Breeder has announced her “First Ever Feminist Breeder Retreat”, and some random blogger is trying to get her own conference, “LadyBlogger 2015″ off the ground.

The Feminist Breeder doesn’t really detail what her “retreat” is about, but claims “interests [sic] is high” and urges you to put down your $30 deposit now before registration opens because “slots are going fast”. The ticket options range from $269 to $699 and vaguely promise a “Diverse Panel of Feminist Speakers”, “Nature Hikes”, and an “Open Bar Dance Party”.

The “LadyBlogger” conference is planning typical blog conference tripe like “Blogging Tips and Tricks” and “Monetizing Your Blog”, as well as “networking”. You can sign up now for some $99 early bird special, but apparently the price is going up in January 2015.

Can someone please explain to me why these need to happen? Where is the market for these conferences anymore? At this point they seem to be put on more for the ego of those throwing them than to fill any specific void in the blogging industry. Most bloggers these days are heading to Alt and SXSW for their “networking”.  What is the point in adding more noise to the blogger conf circuit?



Happy 4th Of July, Hams!

It's a crappy photo, but what do you expect after two martinis?

It’s a crappy photo, but what do you expect after two martinis?

Happy Independence Day from a Brooklyn rooftop, hams! I hope you’re all having a safe and awesome holiday.

To celebrate America’s independence I thought it would be fun to hear how you’ve been freed from the shackles of blogger tyranny. Who have you removed from your reader? Do you feel better not following certain blogs anymore? Are you super duper drunk right now and shouting MURRICA every time your neighbors shoot another bottle rocket dangerously close to your roof? Is partypants doing that? (Yes.) Why haven’t you joined the GOMI chat yet?

Not pictured: Me screaming WOO like a sorority girl at a sports bar.

Not pictured: Me screaming WOO like a sorority girl at a sports bar.



Open Post: How Important Are Looks In Blogging?

which one of these blogs would you read?

By now, everyone knows ladycentric blogging is a business. It’s becoming its own industry with its own rules, standards, and marketing machines. It also comes with the usual pitfalls of being a woman in any kind of entertainment field – namely, having your appearance critiqued by total strangers.

Discussions in the forums regularly debate ‘looks snarking’ – everything from weight to fashion choices to hair are commented on by some, with others declaring such topics should not be up for comment. But in a predominantly visual medium such as the internet, isn’t such commentary par for the course? Celebrities in other fields such as music and acting are regularly picked apart for their appearance. There are even entire websites devoted to how they look. As bloggers more and more become celebrities in their own right, why is similar discussion about them verboten?

Social commentary about ‘shaming’ aside, how important do you think physical presentation is in blogging? Should the focus be on content only? Or, in the age of instagram and personal branding, should bloggers be subject to the same type of appearance commentary common to other types of celebrity?


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Rebeccah Beushausen Returns To Internet As Beccah Tabbert, Has New Sick Child Story

Rebeccah Beushausen, tragedy addict, is back with a new tragic baby story. You may remember Rebeccah from the “Little One April” scam she ran back in 2009, when she falsely claimed she was pregnant with a doomed baby. She became the darling of the pro-life community for her refusal to terminate due to her faith in Jesus or something until she was exposed as a scam and disappeared from the internet.

Well apparently Rebeccah, now known as Beccah Tabbert, gave birth to a daughter in March. The baby was evidently premature and whisked away to the NICU as Beccah and husband David’s church sent prayers and hope. She went home three and a half weeks later, but as David says on their fundraiser page:

…her time at home was short-lived… Just a few weeks after her initial discharge from the NICU, Layla was re-admitted to the hospital; this time she was admitted to a speciality, Children’s Hospital just outside of Chicago.  This admission was due to poor weight gain, seizing, unexplained (skin) color changes and feeding concerns.

Baby Layla was started on a feeding tube and sent home after a week, but once again encountered medical issues once she left the hospital:

Just two days after her release, she was re-admitted to the same Children’s Hospital.  During this subsequent stay, Layla underwent extensive testing to determine what may have caused her from seizing and becoming discolored a few days prior.  Despite a great deal of tests, no concrete answers were found.

Baby Layla went home once again, only to be admitted to the ER a few days later with breathing issues and vomiting. As of June 17th she had been in the hospital for 11 days – somehow magically gaining weight steadily and with no other mention of seizures or vomiting. While no one wants to rush to judgment, some folks around the internet are asking if Beccah’s past should lead to a few more questions – especially in light of this recent story.


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A Quick Sunday LOLWTF For The Recipe Lovers


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a super easy donut cake, The Glitter Guide has your answer. With instructions such as get 24 glazed donuts, place on a tray, and “Repeat until you’ve used all the donuts”, this is surely worth immediately jotting down on a notecard and placing in your Pinstagram worthy recipe box right behind ‘Late Night Bacon’.