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BlogHer 2014 Open Post Sponsored By Caffeine And Box Wine

Oh glorious day! BlogHer is here again, and bloggers have spent the entire day either hand wringing about what to pack, or scrambling to be the OMG FIRST! to arrive at the venue. The obnoxious hashtag parties have already begun, as has the booth begging (“come by our booth! lots of nice crap you’ll never use and probably won’t even take home!”) and instagram is filling up with sitting-on-a-plane selfies.

So let the mommy Rumspringa begin! Post your Live Action Hamnews in the comments, and of course just discuss BlogHer in general. We’ll be here alternating between alcohol and popcorn, so don’t let us down!






Vlogger Michelle Phan Sued For Using Music, Claims She Had Permission

oh princess

Michelle Phan, allegedly Asian, is apparently being sued by Ultra Records for using music in her beauty vlogs without permission. Ultra wants Phan to disclose how much money the videos have made, and apparently wants all the profits.

But in a truly classy internet counter-offensive, Phan’s lawyers are telling TMZ she totally had permission to use the songs. Her “legal team” also says Phan will be filing “a lawsuit of her own” which should keep generating publicity for her for at least a year.

In other news, I had no idea this chick was now such a big deal that TMZ is covering her. I guess that Dr. Pepper commercial really shot her to the A List.


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Ashlee Wells Jackson Supports Mothers If They Do Things Her Way

Ashlee Wells Jackson, has a legal team, has spent the last few weeks screeching about how social media should stop censoring images of mothers. But it seems a new dust up over her “Stop Censoring Motherhood” project has made it clear what she really meant was ‘only I am allowed to censor images of mothers’.

A young woman recently lost her baby at a few days old. In an effort to help herself heal and to show support for the “4th Trimester Bodies” project, she posted the standard black and white picture of a woman in black underwear shot used in the project.

Please go follow and support @the4thtribodies , and share share share.
This post isn’t for me, it’s for all the mothers in the world and the right to honor and appreciate all women’s bodies.

Unfortunately, Ashlee didn’t appreciate the show of support enough to let the image be. She promptly told the young woman to remove the post because it violated her trademarked hashtag and basically telling her if she wanted to participate in the project, she’d need to book a photo shoot through Ashlee.

I greatly appreciate your support and would love to share your story but this image violates my copyright and trademark and is taken VERY seriously. If you’d like to participate in @the4thtribodies PLEASE go to my website and find how to do so properly.

When other mommies and support groups called Ashlee out on this, she began claiming she reached out privately first, and said that instead of removing the photo the woman “sent hundreds of people to attack me”. She then began banning people and deleting comments disagreeing with her actions.


So…which is it? Is this a project to support real images of mothers and eradicate the shame of postpartum bodies? Or is it a trademarked, copyrighted business venture designed to increase Ashlee’s photography clientele and bring her some personal glory?


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Forum Hall Of Fame: Beverly And The Haunting Of GOMI Manor

Mondays are usually annoying, so I thought it would be fun to give you something to wtf over. Presenting a thread that refuses to die – Halfway to Fearless.

It all started when some n00b opened a thread about an unknown blog called Halfway to Fearless. It was pretty easy to spot a self-pimp, and the thread would have petered out had the blogger in question not posted a response on her blog basically within hours of the thread appearing. Another n00b showed up out of nowhere claiming the thread was not started by the blogger herself, and then yet another sockpuppet appeared in order to respond to some questions.

Finally the blogger herself came onto the thread, at first claiming none of the accounts were hers until I pointed out the magic of ip addresses. She then moved on to saying oh well, her husband had mentioned creating an account. At this point I began to be bombarded with email demands from Bev that I give her a list of the ips and registration information so she could prove she was not the one creating sockpuppets – demands which came through a variety of proxy servers and various ips. Since I no longer publicly post such information for security reasons she decided I was a liar, sent me more messages announcing victory, at which point I began sending her craygrams to the trash because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Suddenly a few on the ball hams noticed a curious thing about Beverly’s blog – her recipe posts and photos were  directly lifted from other blogs. She even went so far as to add her own watermark to the stolen images. Soon after, her social media accounts and blog were suddenly all deleted and we were informed that the reason for this was a tragic car crash that resulted in Beverly’s death.

That’s right, folks – the classic “They’re Dead And I Hope You’re Happy” fake death routine. You’d think that would be the end of it, until her baby daddy’s fiance came in the thread to let us all know that Beverly was in fact still alive, and an ‘anonymous’ fan jumped in to yell at us some more.

So if you have an afternoon to kill you now have a fun bag of board on boards dafuqery to dig through and discuss. Enjoy!


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Mother(Bleep) Can Totally Force Instagram To Change Their TOS


By now you’ve probably heard (lol probably not) and become outraged (rofl no you haven’t) over the Instagram Mama Drama – Instagram is now deleting child nudity, and the internet mommy mafia is furious.

The drama began when some “courtneybabyccino” account was suspended and “inappropriate” pics of her toddler removed. Internet mommies rushed to create a hashtag and posted naked child pics of their own in support, which of course caused widespread account suspensions and pic deletions by Instagram. Internet mommies love bandwagons and drama, and almost seemed eager to get their own accounts suspended because hello, attention.

Enter “Amerikaw” who, determined to Make A Thing out of all of this, got her account suspended and promptly stirred up a publicity play by jumping on the “Stop Censoring Motherhood” campaign, claiming Instagram is anti-breastfeeding and anti-mothers. Saying Instagram’s TOS constitute “bullying” she then began a petition to make Instagram change their TOS. The wahvalanche thundered down the mountain, picking up drama mamas like Ashlee who has now had 8 accounts terminated and created her own petition and posted announcements that she is getting lawyers involved:

Our legal team has been in contact with FB/IG and we are giving them one more day to respond before we make our media push.

“Amerikaw” and a pal have now founded “Mother(Bleep)“, claiming there has “been a recent trend in censorship and bullying of mothers in social media” and had that Instagram account shut down after a week.

I’m obviously at a loss. I don’t understand what kind of human being it takes to be a part of such an evil conspiracy. These people give me and other moms so much grief for the way we parent our children yet they take time out of their day (away from their own children) to maliciously attack our accounts. Mother(bleep) is something @woolful and I have poured our hearts into over the last week and a half and for you people to come in and try to destroy what we’ve created is sick and twisted on a whole other level. You know damn well this is no longer about “protecting our children from pedophiles.” This is personal and so disturbing. Imagine what your own mothers would think if they knew what obsessive hobby you had. She would be devastated to know she raised such a pathetic excuse for a human. #bringbackmotherbleep

Now the Mommy Mafia has taken to harassing CEO Kevin on his own account by spewing their vitriol on every single picture in his feed and encouraging each other to go flag pictures until accounts THEY find offensive are removed. Which isn’t hypocritical or anything.


I can’t wait to see how this whole omg getting legal team involved trainwreck plays out. I’m not a lolyer but I’m pretty sure a private company deciding their terms of use for their free service isn’t some civil rights issue. But good luck with that, Drama Mamas! Maybe you can get a #wefailed hashtag out of it.