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Belle Gibson Goes On 60 Minutes, Claims “I’ve Been Really Transparent”


The schaden-fraud that is the saga of Belle Gibson, cancer faker, now continues on 60 minutes. Gibson gave an interview to the news show which will air this coming Sunday. Why do this? Is it because she wanted to issue an apology? Confess her sins? Nope, it’s because she reportedly got paid upwards of $45,000 dollars for the interview.

Saying “I’m not trying to get away with anything” and “I’ve lost everything”, Gibson’s voice and face remained carefully controlled. Others are not so self-contained – the 60 Minutes facebook post is filling up with comments full of outrage that a cancer faker is being possibly being paid to continue her pity party on television. Nine Network, which will be airing the show, responded to the anger by saying “we suggest they hold their judgment until they see the interview Tara Brown has done”.


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Mama Laughlin Ghosts Herself After Cabogate

Last week the Mama Laughlin bikini train came to an abrupt stop when someone on instagram began accusing her of sleeping with their husband – and it got nasty.

Screenshot of the accusations.

Screenshot of some of the accusations.

The account “championsincabo” has since disappeared but had posted several pictures with various claims, and used the now familiar hashtag takeover method to get the word out. The attack went on for several days apparently, and when asked why they were doing this, the account owner replied “because she f[***]ed my husband. That’s why.”

Mama Laughlin then set her instagram account private – and rapidly began deleting her entire feed. Her account now shows no profile pic and 0 posts, and is still set to private. She has not addressed the attack on her facebook or blog, and there are conflicting rumors as to what is going on with her “Club ML” subscriber only facebook group.

The accusations seem to center on the private sexual activities of Mama Laughlin, a grown woman of legal age of consent, before her divorce, causing many to speculate that “championsincabo” could be anyone from her ex-husband to a disgusted fangirl to the spouse of another man to another woman who jealously wanted the trainer herself.

This is by far the worst example of a hashtag takeover I’ve personally seen, with the most dramatic outcome. But some are saying all is not lost, and that this is the perfect time for ML to rebrand and really start over with a new focus as a true diet and fitness blogger rather than a ‘mom who lost weight’ blogger. Until Mama Laughlin issues a statement it’s hard to know what actually happened or what her plans are, though.

Note: This post was edited to correct a statement that it may have been her trainer’s wife. Apparently her trainer is unmarried.


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Cary Randolph Finally Married


Cary Randolph, getting married in the Hamptons, got married in the Hamptons about an hour ago. Evidently she and her non-Kennedy husband are now at the reception dancing to totes ironic music.

Congratulations, Cary! You got married before 30, just like you always wanted. Sorry nobody bought you that $700 gravy boat though.



Quick Update And Some Things You Can Discuss

Hello hams! First of all, I feel bad about missing book club last Friday, but I’m using some of my vacation to redo my floors – something I’ve wanted to tackle for the past 5 years. I figured, like an idiot who had never done floors before, that it would be a simple 5 hour thing. It has now dragged on for four days. Most of that time has been spent keeping the cats off the floors, which I’ve met with spotty success. But I just finished the final layer and am now having some wine and setting up some posts.

In the meantime, let’s talk about That Wife‘s long planned trip to Europe with her kids. Apparently she was too busy to research passport and visa info, and got all the way to the airport before finding out her kids’ passports weren’t in line. She got up at 6am to hope for a 24 hour turnaround, though no word on how she’s dealing with the plane tickets.

Hey Natalie Jean finally got a bedframe, and it’s not really what I’d expected. She also appears to be doing a lot of ‘is she or isn’t she drinking alcohol’ gram posts featuring what appears to be beer and wine. I say it’s about time, tie one on girl.

The Love Taza crew went out to California and hung out with Oh Joy, of Pippitfail fame. So maybe they’re just pals, or maybe we can look forward to a Pippit 2.0.

And What I Wore seems to have gone 99% mommy blogger despite saying she wouldn’t. Isn’t that always the way, though?

So between coats on the floors I’ve also been doing some work on the site thanks to the suggestions in the new Tech Support forum. Don’t worry if you can’t see it – it’s for hams who have reached forum user Cat rank, because I feel like suggestions should come from those of you who have used the forums enough to have a better idea of what would make it more awesome for you.

So happy Monday afternoon/evening! Baconcat and Pancakes send you a nice disgruntled with DIY projects kiss.

We hate this.

We hate this.


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Matt Walsh Thinks Caitlyn Jenner Pic Is A “Monstrosity”

Matt Walsh, still talking for some reason, has pronounced Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn an “insult to women”. First, he calls Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover a “horrifying” “fiction”.

Indeed, everyone is treating a disturbing Photoshopped picture of a mentally disordered grandfather dressed up as a college girl like it’s mankind’s greatest achievement since spaceflight. Once again, there is a virtually unanimous public agreement that “transgender” people like Bruce Jenner are heroes and saints and and messiahs, and should be worshiped…The truth is, I get so sickened and infuriated by this kind of madness…

He then gadded over to another blog to post another 45 million words about how women should be personally offended by the whole thing. Saying “Bruce Jenner is not a woman in any sense or to any extent”, Matt called the sight “tragic” and thinks “It’s just wrong. Disgusting, frankly.” He then tries to tell feminists that ““transgenderism” is a direct assault on their entire worldview” and claims transgenderism and feminism “cannot coexist”.

You know what else cannot coexist? “Matt Walsh” and “Not Being a Clickbait Douchelord”.