“American Blogger” Viewing And Live Blog Party Tonight


Get your Franzia ready, hams. Your intrepid porklord has purchased and downloaded the OMG HI RES version of “American Blogger“. Tonight at 6pm Eastern Time I will post details for the Google video hangout in chat for the GOMI viewing party. If you are unable to get in chat, send me your gmail address and I’ll invite you in.

I’ll also be liveblogging the viewing with selected sceenshots and commentary, and I’ll post selected screenshots in the the comments for open caption fun.

Stay tuned to this post!

Update: I will stop accepting invite requests to the google hangout tonight at 5pm Eastern Time. At that time I will respond with the invite to join. At 6pm I will open the hangout and we can have video and/or voice chat (you do not need a cam or mic to participate as there is also text chat) and give everyone time to join. At 7pm the viewing party will start. 

Also, a few people have asked me to put the video somewhere for free download so they can participate tonight. I am not going to do that – no matter how stupid I think it is, I am not going to deny them income from something they created. What I have decided to do is purchase five more logins for five hams who would like to watch along tonight but are unable for some reason to join the google hangout. You can then watch along and comment here in the post or in the forum thread. This will be only for hams who cannot participate in the hangout tonight – I’m not rich so please don’t abuse this just to get a free copy. If you would like try for one of the 5 logins email me between 5pm-6pm EASTERN TIME and at 6pm I will choose 5 random hams, purchase logins, and email them to you.

If you would like to purchase it yourself, you can click here.

See you soon!


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“American Blogger” Being Released Tomorrow

Casey Wiegand has announced that her husband’s stunning cinematography project “American Blogger”, also known as “The Movie About The Wiegand’s Friends”, will now be released tomorrow instead of in June.

Originally the plan for the film was that Chris would release the film in June on iTunes only…Because the release of the trailer didn’t go anything like what we expected, Chris has decided to release the movie on Wednesday via a different source.

Chris Wiegand is also issuing a disclaimer with the movie, which is basically a masterpiece of attempted backpedaling:

The way in which these women tell their stories with authenticity does represent the bravery and passion of American Bloggers, but please know: not all categories of American Bloggers are represented in this film. There are still many more stories to be told.

The disclaimer also has Chris saying “This film is not meant to validate blogging as a career”. This is basically the opposite of what he said to Daily Dot just two weeks ago, when he told an interviewer ”I want to validate these bloggers”.

So…viewing party in my basement tomorrow, hams?


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Roundup: Here’s Some Things That Don’t Really Require A Full Post

Young House Love had their baby boy Theodore last Wednesday. Of course with their posting lag time, that could mean he came out back in March.

Jen Loves Kev are evidently going to start fostering kids with the intent of adopting some.

Messica of What I Wore has started complaining about gaining 15 pounds in the past 5 months of pregnancy. I may be wrong, but isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?

The site inspired by The Great XOJane exodus of 2014 is apparently launching today, calling itself The Flounce. Don’t feel obligated to check it out – it’s basically just XOJane, but less user friendly.


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“Sunshine Mary” Closing Blog

Sunshine Mary,  anti-feminism hero and rape culture denier, has announced she is leaving the internet.

I would like to let readers know that I have reached the very difficult decision to stop writing my blog.  This is a sad and hard post for me to write, but I feel that an explanation ought to be given here. I have been the victim of a vicious (and needless) smear campaign; this is not a problem per se, but my children have been brought into it and their safety and security has been compromised.  As a mother, I cannot continue to write this blog if it endangers my family.

Saying “It is not my preference to do this, but my hand has been forced and I am left with no other options” due to “the extreme aggression of two women” Sunshine Mary then went on to detail the alleged harassment, even including the text of an email supposedly sent around containing links to her daughter’s (public) Google+ account.

Well, if nothing else this will probably just confirm for Sunshine Mary that all women except her are evil bitches. As if she needed further nudging towards hating anything with a vagina.



Open Post (And A Programming Note)

It’s finally feeling like spring outside and I’m working a lot, so I haven’t been spending as much time on GOMI as I probably should. To make it up to you hams, I’ve created two new forums to celebrate everyone’s favorite time of year: wedding season.

In the general area there is now a new forum for Wedding Blogs. Wedding blogs and wedding hashtags are so common now that they really need their own forum. And for you GOMI members, there is a new forum for the Bridal Hams. It’s a place for you to discuss your engagement, wedding, get advice, show off your ring, whatever.

And now please enjoy an open discussion post while I take Loliver to the park and enjoy a rare Friday afternoon off. What are you doing today? Are you super jealous that I’m off this afternoon you haters? Isn’t it annoying when bloggers end posts with a comment prompt question?