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Gluten-Free Girl Can Make Flour

Faces of health.

Faces of health.

Shauna Ahern, I keep sort of forgetting about her, created a kickstarter a while back asking for $79,000 to make “the first grain-free flour blend on the market”. Well for those of you interested, she made her goal.

Thanks to the generous support of everyone here, we not only met our goal for this Kickstarter but also exceeded it by 17%! The Gluten-Free Girl Flour Blends will be on the market soon.

The gluten free panhandlers raised $92,612 which, according to my calculations, should finance about 11 bags of flour on a store shelf sometime next year. Of course even 5 bags would make the venture at least as successful as her eating tour.


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Gluten Free Girl Adopts Baby


Shauna Ahern, picture of gluten free health, has finally convinced someone to give her a baby. After complaining last year that adoption was hard because she couldn’t get the exact baby she wanted, Shauna is now posting pics of her new baby all over instagram and, of course, posting about it on her blog.

Last week, on March 19th, we met our son…When I first heard about open adoption…I was scared. I wanted to be the mother, the only mother…But a good friend of ours told me something that changed our minds. She also didn’t want to try open adoption at first. And then she realized this: it’s all about having a story for your child.

Really? That’s what adoption is about? Having a story for your child? Anyway, it seems Shauna wants to blog safely because they are now going back to their comment free policy for the foreseeable future.

…we also want a little more quiet in our public life right now. So we’re going back to the policy we tried last year of no comments. Looking back, it was lovely. What we write and cook is meant to be an offering. If you really want to talk to us, you can reach us by email, on the Facebook page, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Yep, nothing says ‘want to be quiet in our public life’ life like saturating your instagram feed with pictures and videos of an adopted newborn before the ink on the papers is even dry. I just wonder if are they going to take little Des along on their eating tours. Maybe having a newborn will help them with their next fundraiser!


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Internet Trying To Sort Out Story Of The
“Vegan Blogger Beating”

Uh why are they yellow?

VegCharlotte, apparently a blog for vegans in Charlotte, posted Thursday about a vegan blogger who alleges she was “a victim of racism and bigotry” at Dandelion Market, the venue of some holiday party she was attending. The blogger’s story is full of breathless confusion, and essentially makes it sound as if she and her fiance were simply quietly nibbling pita chips before some Dandelion goons forced them out the door. She then claims she was body slammed and dragged out when she attempted to re-enter, and told they were removed “because people were complaining about the Muslim guy being there.”

The blogger concludes by saying the police refuse to do anything and the news media doesn’t care because “hate crimes against Sikhs and Muslims (or people just assumed to be Muslims) aren’t really hot topics” – she claims if her fiance “were black or gay” she “could have gotten some token coverage”. Apparently no lawyers are interested in helping her sue the venue because she says you “can’t get a lot of “damages” for bruises”. She finally says “So, eventually, the only thing left to do is … take it to the people. Take it to the Internet.”

Well Dandelion Market says her version is basically a bunch of crap. In a public response posted to their facebook last night they say the real story is quite different:

Two individuals were observed and identified as extremely inebriated. After being informed that it was our policy that all patrons were to be awake and alert, one of the individuals was found asleep at a table that had been vomited on. At this point, the security staff asked the patrons to leave the premises. The two individuals protested their eviction but left together of their own will. Once outside the premises the individuals continued to protest and the female individual erratically forced her way back in only to be escorted out once more. Once outside the building the manager on duty explained that they were welcomed back at another time but they would not be allowed in again on that evening. The incident was concluded by several members of staff witnessing the intoxicated female stumbling and being held up by her friends while waiting on a taxi.

Days after the incident, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police visited us in regards to that evening. We shared the events as documented in our written incident reports which are recorded following any disturbance that requires the attention of our security staff. After looking into the matter, the police determined that there was no course of action to be taken. We have continued to be honest and forthcoming with the details of the incident. We refuse to get into an argument with individuals because they mistook our motives and actions.

The action taken by the staff and management were in no way motivated by race, gender or religious beliefs. Action was taken in an effort to ensure the safety of patrons and staff of Dandelion Market.

So depending on who you believe, a white woman and her fiance were roughed up and tossed out of a venue for no reason other than her fiance “looks” Muslim; or a couple of drunk people were escorted out and the drunk girl belligerently tried to re-enter after being told she couldn’t and is spinning the humiliation into something less embarrassing.

I’m mainly just confused as to why her being vegan has any relevance to this story at all.


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Gluten Free Girl Will Not Help You With Her Recipes

Shauna Ahern, famous for her recipes, is tired of helping you people with those recipes. After years of publishing perfectly crafted instructions for gluten free food items, she is “done” providing the ungrateful masses with substitutions and clarifications:

I posted the recipe this morning…Within an hour, I had a request from a different person asking how to substitute every single ingredient in the recipe…I am not kidding…So here’s the deal. I’m done. I’ve tried hard for years to figure out the substitutions because I don’t want anyone else to feel left out…I can’t make every substitution for you. I just won’t do it anymore.

Asking readers if they “know how much work it takes to create a grain-free, dairy-free, and egg-free dinner roll that is actually good” she went on to detail the extent of her culinary martyrdom:

In the midst of the time when we are developing five recipes a day, six days a week, for an impending cookbook deadline? (I’ll leave off the rest of our lives, the exciting developments and the daily duties of being parents to a very active five-year-old.) I don’t throw recipes up there lightly.

Don’t you people know how busy she is? For fork’s sake they are drowning in a sea of fundraising their gastrotour and trying to figure out why they can’t find the perfect baby. They can’t be expected to help you sort out how to make their recipes because they “worked hard to make that particular recipe, not the one you need”. OMG people, just use Google!


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Erin Will Use You For Food

Erin W., “a pretty face“, has dating site users in Toronto gathering pitchforks thanks to her blog – which details her strategy to “find a man, any man, even a woman to finance this delectable venture into the maze of Toronto’s hottest resto nabes”:

Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation and to be honest for awhile there I didn’t think I was up for the challenge.

Warning the internet that “Toronto gold diggers exist. Be afraid, be very afraid”, she later wonders “now that I’m internet famous, do you think I can swindle some better looking richer guys to take me out?”

I hope so because ugh dating is a lot of work and sometimes this happens….that moment when you find out your date wants to talk & get to know you before they consent to dinner…Oh yea & that thing you do where you keep “checking in” with me to make sure I’m having a good time…yah, stop that.

This scheme sounds familiar. However, Erin has added a charming new facet to the ‘use people for expensive dinners’ scheme by going so far as to lie about being Christian or Jewish in order to lure wallets on sites like Christian Mingle and JDate:

These guys should feel honoured by this open invitation to date me.


Just what we needed – more proof that online dating is a crock of catfish. Good luck out there folks.