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Keiko Lynn’s Sponsors Really Getting Their Money’s Worth

Keiko Lynn, the neutron star of tweesmug, and her “fellow” Bobby got new ink recently, revealed on their instagrams.


Awww how totes presh. And perfectly timed, too – the glasses they have now permanently branded on their bodies are part of longtime sponsor Bonlook’s Keiko collection.

I’ve been waiting to share this news for what seems like forever: I designed a pair of cat-eye glasses for Bonlook…I designed a retro cat-eye with subtle embellishments and more modern proportions – they’re a little on the larger size, without being overwhelming.

So…I mean, I guess you could spin it as Keiko being really proud of her “design” launching, but essentially she and her “bespoke” bartender dude are now walking billboards for Bonlook. But hey, at least they didn’t get inspirational pillow tats, right?


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Pink Peonies Can Inflate Her Follower Count

Rachel Parcell, the owner of more white decor than Zeus, is being accused of buying followers for her instagram account.

On Wednesday her follower count shot up to 191,000; by yesterday it was up to 197,000. At the time of this post it had increased to 199,585 and is still steadily increasing.  A series of screenshots throughout last night shows the followers increasing rapidly. It seems they are showing up at a rate of about 30-40 an hour.

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Pink Peonies obviously isn’t the first or only blogger to purchase followers in order to seem more popular, and thus more appealing to major sponsors. It’s all part of the blogging land grab system, where numbers – real or fake – seem to matter more than content or engagement.

Since these follower buys always seem to happen right before a blogger gears up to pursue some kind of big publicity or sponsor I wouldn’t be surprised if we see ole Rachel in a television commercial or Vogue mention soon.


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Jessica Quirk Taking A Break, Feels Free

Messica, FMLA slacktivist and donut connoisseur, has apparently begun her ‘maternity leave’ from her blog. The overworked blogtrepreneurial mom-to-be has spent the last few weeks trying to make her leave about all the mothers in America.

I think it’s really unfair to say that because I create my own schedule, it’s any less challenging or “easy” than someone who works an office job. I’m sure other people who work from home would agree that there’s some misunderstandings about work/life balance. Further, while blogging (or working from home) may be more flexible, the bigger issue for me is that women in America have many unspoken expectations to bounce back, return to work quickly and “do it all” which is what I’m working through for myself.

Deciding to live as an example Messica announced she’s going to take another one of her breathers. Saying she’s “feeling a little shy in front of the camera and have been struggling with fatigue, so I’ve decided it’s best to let myself have a break from the blog until after the baby is born and we’ve gotten to spend time together as a family”, she went on to show how much she will miss blogging by posting a squealing tweet declaring her freedom from the grueling task of posting outfits and sponsored posts.


As mothers everywhere prepare a parade for her brave stand against forcing women to produce blog posts after giving birth, Messica assures the internets that she will still be producing pageview generators.

I’ve been working on some posts that I’ll publish between now and then, so there will be fresh stuff on the site each week – just not outfit photos.

Anyone want to place money on how long she’s able to tolerate her dropping pageviews before she starts posting pics of “What My Baby Wore”?


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The Sartorialist And Garance Have Separated


Scott Schuman, the self-important “fashion photographer” running The Sartorialist, and his longtime girlfriend Garance Dore have decided to split. In basically identical statements they released today on their respective blogs, the couple said:

We’ve shared so much of our creative life (and more) with you, our readers, that we thought it was right to let you know.

Once called “one of fashion’s most precious modern-day love stories”, for the past 7 years they were considered the quiet royal couple of fashion and street style blogging. Both couples have closed comments on their announcements.


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Luxury Lifestyle Blogger Charged With Identity Theft, Grand Larceny


David Tripp, the effete fraud behind the blog “The General Aesthete“, was arrested for using stolen credit cards to make large purchases of luxury goods at such stores as Jil Sander, Marni, and Marc Jacobs.

Using the name ‘Kelly’ and saying he was a ‘stylist’ for various celebrities, Tripp would select thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and then pay using stolen American Express cards. He was arrested when the general manager of the Marc Jacobs store noticed the name on the credit card was ‘Kelli’, not ‘Kelly’. After googling the cardholder’s name he found a business phone number, and quickly verified that the card was stolen. Tripp was then arrested at the store and later released on bail. His facebook and Instagram appear to be deleted as well.

So I guess now we know how at least one of these luxury lifestyle bloggers made ends meet. If this were normal practice it would certainly answer a lot of questions as to how these seeming nobodies from nowhere manage to blast onto the scene (seriously, this guy was everywhere back in 2012) with blogs full of thousand dollar geodes and 50 pairs of $500 shoes.