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Caroline McCarthy Leaves Quartz Surrounded By Gossip

It’s been a long, long while since GOMI mentioned Caroline McCarthy, OMG BEARS, internet fixture, blogger, and writer person. Since that time she has joined and left Google, and then joined Quartz, “a new kind of global business news outlet” (translation: yet another blog talking about tech and business because the internet doesn’t have enough of those).

Now, amid rumors in the NYC media underground of what one source called “an office outburst”, Caro has announced her departure from the company:

As of last week, I’m no longer there. The reason: After a lot of conversations with our leadership, the consensus among all of us was that it didn’t make sense for Quartz yet to have someone in the role I was hired for.

Though she went on to say “I think it speaks very highly of them that they understand when and why something isn’t working” another source claims the real problem is “jackassery at the executive level”, primarily consisting of management being “way too full of themselves” in “many areas”. Why anyone would be surprised by that from executive leadership at a startup tech website is beyond me.

Caroline McCarthy declined when asked to comment on this story.

  1. avatar DoubleEntendre

    But…bears really do eat children. You act like she’s some kind of nutcase.


    • avatar Douche Chill

      I want this. Do you think my gentleman callers will like it?

    • Loliver, the official dog of GOMI sponsored by HOLY SHIT IS THAT CHICKEN OR BACON OR CHEESE dot com, would like to know where that bed is from. Seriously, pretty sure my dog would lose his shit over this to sleep in. His chihuahua ass is super into things he can burrow into.

      • avatar DoubleEntendre

        They’re called Incredibeds.

        Available on Amazon, also in Dinosaur and Hello Kitty.


      • avatar ratherbeinmelbourne

        If I ever got this for my German Shepherd/Hound mix, my husband would divorce me and I would become a pathetic, GOMI-worthy blogger:


        • avatar DoubleEntendre

          I’m getting mixed signals here–so that’s a “yes” on the purchase?

        • avatar S

          Wow, that would solve so many problems in my house.

          • avatar eeee

            Mine too. I wish there was a link so I could price it and thereby decide whether it’s “omg awesome, and looks so well-made – and storage underneath so no wasted space? Where’s my credit card?” or more “omg, can you BELIEVE the things some people who have more money than sense will pay for so they can clutter up their lives with more useless crap?”

            I suspect it’d ultimately fall under the “more money than sense” umbrella, because it looks really well-made, so it’s not likely to be cheap enough for me and my credit card.

  2. avatar Heather Hamilton-Tuff

    I love Caro. Has always been a class act in my presence over the years.

    • Bummed she refused to give me any kind of statement, but I respect that as part of her being, as you said, ‘a class act’. She seems nice from my interactions with her, and seriously, tech blogging industry can be pretty full of ass. I hope she finds tons of work after this.

  3. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    I like Caro ~ I hope this is, or eventually works out to be, a change for the better for her sake.

    • Same. She has always seemed very smart and decent. I hope she moves on to less mancentric bs work.

  4. avatar Sad Rat In Sidewalk

    Sounds like a messy place, but maybe that’s just because it’s new and the parent company doesn’t really know what it wants yet. A lot of the original management is not there anymore either…Chris Batty, Taylor Gray, Michael Cascio were all senior management who joined with a lot of fanfare and somehow are no longer with the company.

  5. avatar afghani

    I wouldn’t call Quartz a start up, they’re part of The Atlantic.

    Caro will land on her feet. Smart, likable person.

    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      Whether or not a startup has backers or partners w/ a parent company isn’t even relevant — in essence, a startup is a business designed to grow fast, which Quartz has done thus far by having 1.4 million unique visitors as of the end of 2012, after launching on 09-24-2012.

    • avatar Heather Hamilton-Tuff

      Except nobody called it a startup to begin with. You know jack shit about startups and I guarantee you know nothing about the lovely Caro, so please fuck off. We’ll call you if we need input on which internet hanger-on’s family is white trash.

      • avatar New Year New You

        By “lovely” do you mean “two-faced famewhore”?

        I mean why does a complete nobody have a Google alert on themselves set up?

        Have at it nutterbutter. Me no care what you think.

      • avatar Smooshed Macaroons


        Did AFF write something in invisible ink that only you can see? Or, do you massively overreact?

        • avatar Heather Hamilton-Tuff

          He comments on another blog where he is constantly making obnoxious remarks about “white trash” – a blog frequented by many other GOMI participants. Sorry you didn’t get the reference, but the comment was directed at Afghani.

          • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

            I feel so out of the loop.

          • avatar Smooshed Macaroons

            I actually did get the reference.

            But, since all he did was say OMGBears is a nice person and that the site wasn’t a start-up you end up looking like a fucking lunatic since you went apeshit on him. Calm the fuck down. You can hate him, but holding a grudge makes you look like a child and him look like an adult. Not really what you were going for, eh?

            • avatar Commes des Chats

              It’s incredibly annoying when Afghani puts on his expert hat in areas he knows absolutely nothing about. YMMV, but it’s not so superior and mature to be arguing with what other people find annoying.

          • avatar Whimsical Whackjob

            I got the reference as well, but I’ve only recently started reading here again, so I was sitting here thinking he was trashing other people’s families over here, too! Haha, glad Smooshed cleared that up.

    • avatar ILoveDavidTennentSoMuch

      Well that escalated quickly.

      • avatar eeee

        Took the words right out of my mouth. Not sure if HHT is simply staying in (her nickname’s) character or what, but that was… ooof.

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