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Blogger Agrees That Hurricane Sandy Is Our Own Fault

Jenny, the mommy behind “Toddlers, Teens and In-Betweens”, is “not only very politically driven, but…also very biblically driven”.  Well it seems she decided to pass along “to those that might be interested” the fact that she agrees with Bill Wilson:

Prophetically, the United States is faced with the reality that its leadership has turned against the one true God, YHVH, in both domestic and foreign policy. There are certain consequences. We face a big storm…Currently, the New York stock markets are closed, transit systems in New York and Washington DC are closed. The Federal government is closed. Train and air travel systems are shut down. Some of the most liberal and YHVH-mocking areas of the nation are threatened by Sandy.

The screed, which Jenny found “very interesting and worth sharing”, goes on to insinuate that accepting the OMGgays – “the president endorsed same-sex marriage in Maryland, Maine and Washington (two of the states are in Sandy’s path)” – means we are all pretty much just asking for natural disasters like this to come down on us.

Though she bravely claims in her post that “Too many Christians don’t speak out for what they believe in…..and it’s time”, her defensive followup post implies the feedback may have chinked her armor a bit:

If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my blog.  I will not be silenced for what I believe.  I would NEVER wish death on anyone, nor do I think that anyone deserves to die for their political beliefs.  I simply believe in what the bible tells us is coming.

Claiming “I don’t care if I OFFEND you” and telling people “Don’t like that? DON’T read here” means Jenny officially joins the ranks of real bloggers who don’t have time to understand why people may have been offended. Let me help you out, Jenny: In a nutshell, by sharing and endorsing the contents of this message you pretty much told millions of people who are dealing with unimaginable loss and tragedy that they deserve it because America is being ruined by a bunch of liberal gay-rights-loving Obama-electing God offenders. If you still can’t figure out why that might result in some negative comments, then I don’t know how else to explain it. Perhaps the GOMI community can clarify it for you further.

  1. avatar Julia'sTooSmallTutu

    If you don’t care that you have offended people, then you shouldn’t care when they tell you that they are offended. Otherwise you are a big, old hypocrite.

    • avatar Allie

      This is not even the *good* material from Jenny. Poke around her blog and you will see lots of whining about “downsizing” to a 4000 square foot house. lmao

  2. avatar Jinxy

    I think I’ve seen the crazies in the subway holding signs that say this sort of shit.

    • avatar Elle

      These people act like these storms are the first ever in history. Storms have been around since …i don’t know forever, have they never picked up a history book or is the bible all the history they need to know? I don’t get these religious freaks who want to say the world is ending and this is the second coming. Please, get over yourself, mother nature doesn’t give a damn where people habitat. If you decide to build a community near the water expect your shit to fugged up when a storm comes. I don’t get it, is it because it’s NY and nobody ever thought NY could be affected by anything?

  3. avatar justeatalready

    Well, if this is what “YHVH” does when we consider accepting the OMGgays, I can’t imagine what’ll happen if we start eliminating aid (in the form of food, medical care, housing, student grants for those poors who totally don’t deserve it).

    This makes me sick, and it makes me more sick that I’m sure I have family that believe this shit.. They don’t think I’m a Christian because I believe in a god that actually cares about people.

    • avatar Seren

      This absolutely. I have friends from church (I’m Catholic) who I’m pretty sure are convinced my immortal soul is bound for the fiery inferno because I think everyone should have equal rights and that God is probably more concerned with how we treat each other than how awesome we are at identifying each other sins.

      • My very Catholic mother was just telling me yesterday that in Bible study they are reading Genesis, and how it’s Noah’s Ark time. She couldn’t believe the timing of Sandy and the Ark in study, and she thought it was a sign that the two correlated. Apparently the flood in the Bible was because all the people started gambling, fornicating, basically doing all the stuff that happens in Atlantic City and NYC. Soooo she thinks this is like that flood and we should take heed! Immediately! I just started talking about how the ancient geometry of the Egyptians still fascinates me.

        • avatar Nom de Plume

          Then definitely don’t tell her about the film set of “Noah”, complete with an ark!, that is now unreachable because of its location in Brooklyn.


        • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

          I teach religious education to 3rd graders (Catholic), and ironically, just about 2 weeks ago I was reading the child-version of Genesis and Noah’s Ark to them. I told the children the rainbow is God’s promise that he will never take the world by water again. I think I’m a burnin’-in-hell Catholic because even though some of the bible stories sound scary, I tell the kids to remember the words in the Bible were written by humans. That God isn’t scary, only people are.

        • avatar Yana

          My huscat teaches college-level religion classes. If you want to blow your mom’s mind go ahead and tell her that the flood narrative is probably an appropriation on an ancient Bablyonian text.

          My huscat has a great job because he blows close-minded religious conservative types’ minds open every semester. There are always a few he can’t reach but the ones he can turn out to be super satisfying.

          • avatar Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan

            Yowsa!! I googled, “noah’s flood narrative and apprporiation of ancient bablyonian text”. Quite the rabbit hole!!

          • avatar Say Rah

            One of the most influential classes for me in college was World Lit and the parallels between biblical stories and stories from early civilizations is truly fascinating.

      • avatar Frankfurter.

        “God is probably more concerned with how we treat each other than how awesome we are at identifying each other sins.”

        I want to put that on a tshirt and hand it out. or on a bumper sticker. or on a billboard.

        • avatar carriout

          Word. I, for one, think Jesus would be the first person to accept and love people as they are.

          • avatar PiperBee

            Agreed. I think these kind of “Christians” make the rest of us look bad.

          • avatar hooray4tacos

            He did, according to The Bible. Lolz for days, because that’s the part these people always skip

        • avatar Erin

          I would buy one.

        • avatar suzipie

          I live in a pretty conservative city. The other day I was driving to work and this was the billboard that was up….

          That love your neighbor thing, I meant it.

    • avatar monkeyduck

      I completely agree, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • avatar nutsandberries

        I think a lot of young, modern day Catholics feel the same way as catlesscatgirl, but not the older generations. My mom goes to mass every day and points to these things as being the end of times. Nope ma, we’re still here!

        • avatar Seren

          I think so too. And I hope these more accepting beliefs eventually reflect back in the church. I am proud to be catholic, just not always proud of the church’s leadership.

          My brother and I were talking today and he made the point that if homosexuality was such a huge offense why did Jesus never mention it? It’s like people skip the part about Jesus generally hanging out with the people everyone else looked down on and commanding us to love each other.

        • avatar DallasAlice

          Checkin in as a young, modern day catholic who feels that way.

  4. avatar the art of making a gayby

    This lady’s God sounds like a huge asshole.

  5. avatar whywhywhywhy

    …so how do these humans explain katrina?

    • avatar GuitarHero

      god hates black people.

    • avatar mjc

      New Orleans was a den of sin and witchcraft, and Katrina totally didn’t affect any other part of the Gulf Coast.

      • avatar tamarin

        Yep. I’ve got a few fanatical relatives who say that “the homosexuals” are the reason why there are earthquakes in California. They believe that god is going to punish Californians by sending a gigantic earthquake that’s going to sink the state into the Pacific.

        • But gay marriage is illegal in CA now, I thought?

          • avatar Boston Brit

            What about the tornadoes in the Bible Belt? Do they just swoop down and pick up only sinners?

          • avatar mjc

            @Boston Brit Nah, that’s just run of the mill weather.

          • avatar tamarin

            Yeah, it’s still illegal…

            These people aren’t so great with logic.

      • avatar Josh

        Except that Katrina spared the most “sinful” part of New Orleans: The French Quarter! It basically only hurt the poor black people.

        • avatar monkeyduck

          They’re probably just poor because they aren’t right with God.

    • avatar Ohmylands

      I was just going to say that. BUTWAIT, Louisiana is an OMG RED STATE. It’s ~almost as if~ this reasoning doesn’t hold up under analysis!

  6. avatar strawlberries

    I’ve wondered for years what this ominous “homosexual agenda” is. Turns out it’s just hurricanes? WTF gays?! I expected you to destroy civilization with way more pizzazz. Also glitter.

    • avatar pkjane

      But there are rainbows!

    • avatar Messica's $3 Burger

      We do it so that we can lock ourselves in boarded up houses with straight men/women and turn them gay. Secretly, God is in on it. God is Good. God is Gay.

    • avatar Nuttzo

      Also, hurricanes in places where hurricanes are likely to form. Show me a hurricane in gay loving Norway and I might start believing you.

    • avatar Zesty

      Is it wrong that I find this really, really funny?

      • avatar bee

        Omg Sandy hates the gays! It all makes so much sense now and I’m glad I got the truth from this blogger that nobody has ever heard of. Also, I had no idea that everyone affected by this storm (lost power, flooded out, etc.) was either gay or a registered Democrat. What an amazing and smart storm to pluck just the right wretched souls. Mother Nature is so awesome.

        What the fuck? I live in a blue bastion where I’m protected from people like this. Sure, we have our own extremos, but reading about this woman is like going to the zoo to see a shocking, horrifying, never-before-seen animal that hurts to look at but I’m just so surprised it actually exists that I just stare. Why is it okay to hide your hate and racism behind a giant overcoat of God and religion? Pretty sure this stuff wasn’t on God’s agenda.

    • avatar Lard Lass

      Oh, you mean you have a copy of the Agenda? They must have lost my address!

      Well, since we are all individuals, we cannot agree on what color of glitter, and some do not like glitter. We had trouble just deciding on whether the potluck should be vegetarian, vegan, or if we should have any kind of nuts. We did co-opt the Noah rainbow, though.

      Yeah, this lady needs to re-read her Bible. Jesus does not say the kind of shit she is spewing; that is Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly, and the rest of the lil dogs @ fox news, too.

      • avatar strawlberries


        This crazy lady got me thinking though, what about the Bisexual Agenda? How will God punish us for that? What, is he going to hit BOTH coasts with hurricanes? Or do these nut cases just pretend bisexual people don’t exist? Let’s hope there’s no Pansexual Agenda or we’re all screwed.

        • avatar MrsG

          Well, there WAS a large earthquake in BC on the same day Sandy made landfall. No tsunami, though, so apparently the Bisexual Agenda involves sparing the left coast.

  7. avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

    ” I would NEVER wish death on anyone, nor do I think that anyone deserves to die for their political beliefs. I simply believe in what the bible tells us is coming.”

    I love these religious types. They talk about death, fire and brimstone, then hide behind their bibles in order to avoid criticism: “Oh I don’t wish death on anyone, God does;” “I don’t hate gay people, God does;” “I’m just trying to save you from God’s wrath.” They’re just looking to rationalize their bigotry; nothing more, nothing less.

    • avatar Normally a Size 2

      That was my first thought too. She would NEVER wish death on anyone. She just wishes god would take care of it for her, like some supernatural mafia hitman.

  8. avatar Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Oh, and next time you want to send me a message God, just call me on the goddamn phone. If you need my number, just friend me on Facebook or send me an email. Let’s stop with the temper tantrums already.

  9. avatar LaDeeDa

    I suppose living under a rock does make one hurricane-proof.

  10. avatar pkjane

    I can’t even…

  11. avatar hampire

    Has anyone told this woman that Maryland and Maine weren’t severely affected by Sandy? (I assume that the more important message, “go fuck yourself,” has already been handed along.)

    • DC legalized gay marriage and we held down fine.

      • avatar Boston Brit

        I live in Cambridge, Mass and we never even lost power. I also volunteered at City Hall the first day that same sex marrige was legalized and I live in sin with my bf so her God should totally be coming for me!

  12. avatar zimm

    Hurricane Sandy affected 13 states and DC*. Two of those states have marriage equality on the ballot. If that was the reason for the hurricane, this blogger’s God has some shitty aim.

    OH and let’s not forget about the Caribbean. What did the people in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, etc do?

    *I’m thinking Virginia through Maine, I guess?

  13. avatar Trixie Wixie

    If this fucking hurricane can be attributed to our mid-Atlantic gay-love, then what gives with all of those tornadoes in the Bible Belt? What did all of those corn-huffing mid-westerners do to incur God’s wrath?

    • avatar kumquat

      They have teh gay marriage disease in Iowa. They deserve those tornadoes and massive floods. Hoooers.

    • When god does bad things to people you hate, he’s punishing them. When god does bad things to his followers, he’s testing them.

      • avatar emsubo

        That is the best summary of wing-nut “thought” I have read. Thank you.

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