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Aubrey McCoy Will Shame You Hither And Thither My Friend

Aubrey McCoy, the bearded half of the Bleubird blog empire, put on his knightly armor today in order to defend his wife, her friends, and twee hipster bloggers everywhere from the slurs of one woman who would dare question…a swimsuit.

But that was not enough for knightly Sir Flouncelot – he followed poor Page over to her own instagram where he continued to berate her…over her comments about a swimsuit.

And now I’m going to make bathtub bellinis while you folks contemplate the irony of a grown man who follows a girl over to another internet location in order to tell her she’s a bully and acting like a high schooler…because of a swimsuit. Think it over. I’ll wait.

ETA: Looks like the comments are getting deleted already.

  1. avatar Wildcard, Bitches! (aka Jinxy)

    Instagramming while drunk. Never a good idea…

    • avatar Valerie Plame

      He couldn’t have just “stumbled”on the comment (as so many people just “stumble” their way to this site). It seems like he saw Naomi’s photo and was just waiting for someone to comment on Aimee’s sale.

  2. avatar MH

    I’m glad these are the same parents who pulled a kid out of school for being bullied. Bullies who hate bullying.

    • avatar vintage people and fair aisle sweaters

      the McCoys hate bullying so much, they’re willing to inflict damage (via their brand of homeschooling) on their kids to protect them from bullies. That is commitment!

      • avatar FattyMagoo


        I was scrolling quickly and misread McCoys as McPoyle, and with the homeschooling, I can’t get that out of my head.

        • avatar UsedInternetSwimsuit

          Yes. McPoyle Homeschool

        • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

          I adore the McPoyles.

        • avatar JoFro

          My favorite McPoyle moment. I’m transfixed by this.

          Thank you. Thank you.

      • avatar bluesabriel

        I work in two elementary schools and even non-twee-hipster parents love to threaten us with pulling their kids out EVERY time they don’t get their way. We laugh about it, but when it does happen, it is usually incredibly sad. A year later, the parents have to produce an end of the year portfolio documenting their child’s progress, said portfolio is terrible, the kid is forced to re-enroll in public school, and now they’re at least a year behind their peers. Parents need to cut it out with this righteous indignation crap.

  3. avatar Iwanka Frump

    I could give less of a shit about the bathing suit drama; I am thrilled to see that those kids are being homeschooled by individuals with such a firm grasp on the written word.

    • avatar s.berries

      For real.

    • avatar meatcat

      That is all I can think about after reading this.

    • avatar lolyer

      Agreed. The fact that “you’re” still gets used incorrectly by people makes me ragey. It is very hard to look high and mighty on your “adult” non-high school soapbox when elementary school English escapes you.

      • avatar Aggressively Stupid

        Seriously, I have terrible grammar, but even I know “you’re” = “you are”. Just say it. If it doesn’t sound right then you’re (see what I did there) doing in wrong.

    • avatar i ate and then exercised

      Just going to leave this here:

      • avatar Iwanka Frump

        Yes, I know. I understood what it meant when I selected the phrasing. Shockingly I find that there’s always a tiny little bit of curiosity, and thus the dragging body of ” the ability to care less” that clings to my pant leg no matter how damn hard I try to shake it off.

        But way to go with the pedantry.

        • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

          I’m with Iwanka on this one. “I COULD care less” is an ironic inversion of “I couldn’t care less” and should be used accordingly.

        • avatar i ate and then exercised

          Noted. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. I didn’t realize that people used it ironically until I looked it up just now! I just like the graphic and the opportunity presented itself. I

      • avatar MSM

        I love that this exists! The misuse of this phrase, and the fact that people don’t seem to realize they’re speaking nonsense with it, is such a pet peeve of mine.

  4. avatar CookieButter

    What was her original comment?

    • avatar chloe1

      She made a comment on James being gifted that Lauren Moffatt swimsuit and selling it in her IG sale 2 days later.

      • avatar CookieButter

        Ah, okay. Probably true. Methinks her husband doth protest too much.

      • avatar Amanda Hugginkiss

        Wouldn’t she just return it to the store if she bought it?

        • Well that makes no sense. Why would you return something that didn’t fit to the store you purchased it from when you could sell something with your crotch rubbed on it to the internet for $185? Jeez, get with the times.

          • avatar Amanda Hugginkiss

            SSSF. Man, I’d have to wash a used Internet swimsuit eleventy million times before I’d wear it.

  5. avatar Franny5

    Is it actually Aubrey the bully who is causing the downfall of the bleubird empire?

    • avatar Doubblebagger

      Possibly. I’m thinking it’s because any guy named “Aubrey” is perpetually going to be on edge.

      • avatar What he said when he finally met his daddy

        “My name is Aubrey….I’m gonna kill you.”

        • avatar CraftingWithCatHair

          Your username + comment = pure, solid win.


          Mr. Cash approves.

          • avatar giddypony

            Aubrey is a man’s name from way back, like Dana or Kim.

  6. avatar thatsnotarealpuppy

    He just did an excellent job of making himself an engine driving this train of the rails instead of a guy who’s kinda caught in it. I feel so bad for that girl. These people deserve to be called out. For every one person that stands up to them there are 15 fan girls. Get over yourselves.

  7. avatar sr

    I missed something here…. what was the comment? What did the swimsuit have to do with bluebird vintage, anyway?

    • It was something stupid like Bleubird had or sold the same bathing suit last week, I guess harping on the “BBV sells her c/o” thing. Which of course totally warranted Bleubird’s husband jumping in and then following the girl over to her own instagram to continue bitching her out. Because, adults.

      • avatar CookieButter

        Not to mention she appears to be a high schooler, maybe? What a hero he is.

      • avatar ingenuous wench

        I would be so proud if my husband defended my honor like that. Wait, no, proud isn’t the correct word. Mortified. That’s it.

        • avatar The Old Bailey

          Ugh all the fangirls are going “yay for chivalry!!” in the comments. Sadness.

        • avatar booksnbeats

          Someone’s gotta look out for these “amazing women.”

    • avatar chloe1

      Naomi posted a pic of a swimsuit Lauren Moffatt sent her, the same swim suit James posted a pic of herself in a couple of weeks ago, and sold a few days later. The girl (as most everyone else) assumed James’ suit was gifted as well, and she turned around and made a $185 profit off a free suit.

    • avatar vintage people and fair aisle sweaters

      Naomi of LT/RSD received the same swimsuit and posted a thank-you IG.She’s proclaiming her love for Audrey and Laimees and apologizing to them for shit getting ‘obnxious’

      • avatar Cold Leftovers

        It be pretty awesome if Naomi had carefully orchestrated this whole thing. Sneaky Mormons and all!

        But, no. Hot darn.

  8. avatar graissechatdame

    How quickly he changed his tune! He’s aggressive bully comments have been deleted and now Sir Aubrey is saying “all good. No harm and I appreciate the apology [That I bullied & shamed out of you]. Unfortunately people feed off of those comments and they led to much more serious actions [we could loss money from our sponsors if they find out how we really act]. I know it’s just a comment and an Instagram disagreement of option but I just recently realized how much a few words that we choose to say in the heat of the moment can cause so much more than we think [If i was mature and had any insight I would also apologize for calling you jackass and attacking you on your IG feed but that is not my way]. Thanks again for responding and all the best wishes to you and your family [See sponsors you should keep giving us money]. Please note all thoughts & options in [ ] are not the knights…

    • avatar J's Everyday Freakout

      “an Instagram disagreement of option”

      “Please note all thoughts & options in [ ] are not the knights”

      So much irony, such poor spelling.

      • avatar eeee

        I had to read this four times for it to click.
        Worth it. Well played, graissechatdame.

  9. avatar prillywilly

    Not surprising since their whole little group was sitting around making fun of their fan girls a week or so back. They act just like the people they’re supposedly trying to shield their children from.

  10. avatar a twee twit of a twat

    All hail the screenshot!

  11. avatar WOW GREAT JOB


    • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      What is this gif from? She looks like Sally Carman (Kelly Maguire of the UK version SHAMELESS) …

      • avatar FluffyNuggets

        It’s from “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.” It’s a really funny show…..with James Van Der Beek playing himself (priceless).

        • avatar TheOriginalColorblocker

          And cancelled! I am sad about that. James Van Der Beek was amazing.

          • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

            i miss this show. :-/

            • avatar DrunkKitty

              It was such a great show. But god forbid they show a woman partying and enjoying sex with no consequences. In case you don’t know, they posted the rest of the season on Hulu, it’s definitely worth watching.

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          Oh, okay. Thanks. Had to read p on it, but I think I did see a couple of episodes.

        • avatar Foobs

          That episode…Chloe was amazing!

  12. avatar photoshop your life with better decisions

    I would have thought he was taking his whole “peace and freedom in the USA” versus the that’s-not-even-the-issue-you-stupid-fuckwad situation in Turkey more seriously (jk), but nope, looks like he has time to run his womanly hips over when someone dare question the integrity of his wife.

    Sigh. Glug, glug, franzia.

  13. avatar Fart in a mitten

    No really, if I see one more photo of a kid wearing converse sneakers, peeling a boiled egg like its a artistic subculture educational statement, I’m going to go apeshit.

    • avatar kelly gaura


    • avatar prillywilly

      Do they allow such humdrum shoes? I thought they only owned Freshly picked (you know, like the 30 pairs they were sent for free) or ugly ass Hunter boots.

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